In the queen's private room late at night.

His Majesty Aynlana asks me with perseverance.

"I never thought I'd admit this lightly either... If you're a demon, why did you leave the empire? If left unattended, wouldn't it be in the interest of the Tenebrae demonic nation"

"Why are you so sure? Because it seemed like fun, Your Majesty. For you guys, the Mira blood tide incident 500 years ago and the current terminal Shizukuishi incident must be an abomination. For me, it was just a leisurely pastime. Besides, I enjoyed it."

When I grinned and said to him, His Majesty the Servant Queen also frowned between her brows.

"You say you enjoyed that case... Think how many elves have been damaged."

"I'm not really interested in what kind of elves people are. I suppose that's the same for you guys. I don't care what happens to the Demons, if it's none of our business, right? That's all there is to it."

I said to Her Majesty the Queen, who turns her gaze to seep faint anger.

"If you think only of what did happen, I may be the benefactor of your lives. But I'm not on the side of the Empire or Zephte Aria. I just gave him a hand because it was funny. It's not like you'd appreciate it."


Her Majesty has looked into my eyes.

- You know what I mean. I'm not interested in being treated like a hero of the Redemption.

His Majesty Aynlana said in a tone of striving and anger as he wrinkled between his brows.

"... no, just the theory of results. Thou hast helped our kingdom and empire. That doesn't make any difference."

"I didn't help you with good intentions?

"Don't make me say it again. I said I don't mind."

With that said, His Majesty Aynlana exhales.

Slightly, then I mouthed what she would have really liked to hear.

"The Demons do not give (kumi) to the Empire or to our country. But at the same time, it's not hostile. I guess so, Theodore. No, if you have a name as a demon, you better call it that, demon king."

"That sort of thing. It would help if you took it easy. - I don't know how to call it. I wonder why you thought you were the Demon King? Because I wasn't going to reveal it that far at the moment."

"That I just sickled. There is no way that such a wretched and honorable person would be a low-level demon tribe. Whatever it is, I know it would be superior just to look at its strength... how is your squire, the maid of silver hair?

"You're going to be bored in the room I gave you. I didn't bring you here, do you want to talk about it?

"No... of course you were taken care of by that maid. If you don't say a word of thanks, you'll be questioned about our country's integrity."

"I'll tell you from me. Why don't you get to the bottom of this? There's something I'd like to talk to you about, but first I want you to tell me what Her Majesty the Queen thought and rode my invitation."

That's what I'll tell you, and then I'll push it even harder.

"While I knew I was a powerful demonic superior species, I responded to a one-for-one discussion. That's a funny story for you, isn't it?

His Majesty Aynlana said without changing his harsh expression.

"There is' corrosion 'happening in this land"

"Corrosion? That's... oh"

I remember visiting Dark Elves once.

"I wonder if we can talk about connecting to the Twin Evil Gods that once struck this land."

…… You know... "

"Yeah. I wonder how many years ago that was... Anyway, a double evil god with the power of corrosion suddenly appeared in the land, causing enormous damage to the elves and the nature of this country"

Indeed, that event would have happened nearly 1800 years ago now.

Still not my name and position as Lucifer, but when my predecessors Lucifer ruled the Tenebrae demonic kingdom.

The present empire of Elberia was born from the former Kingdom of Rutgaria, but it was an event even more before that country was born, a story so long ago that neither the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, a magical power, nor the Kingdom of Rugal, where the Beasts live, still existed.

Since that time this kingdom of Zephte Aria, the kingdom of the elves, has flourished. And I know the name of the existence that struck that country.

"Twin Evil Gods - one is' Grios'. The other is' Blastoma '. Together they were evil gods with the power of corrosion, and with that power they raided the kingdom of the elves. That's a nostalgic story."

"Hey, how far do you know...? Only a limited number of people in this country no longer know, such as the name of the Twin Evil God..."

"I did some digging. In the opinion of our demons at the time, Zephte Aria would be destroyed by the hands of the Twin Evil Gods. It seems like it would be fun to deal with someone with so much power..."

... That was the opinion of my predecessor Lucifer.

I was neither in tune nor against it, but no one disagreed with it.

"... well, anyway. That was like the whole demon thing. Actually, I'm visiting the land at that time."

"Oh my..."

The powerful one chosen for the look of things was Levy, one of our pillars by the Demon King. I went to Zephte Aria with her as an assistant. [M]

And me and my girlfriend were based inside the dark elves. First name for sure, yes.

"'Futhalia'. It must have been the name in the dark elf back then, but is that still the same?

"... oh, even if it hasn't changed. Dark Elves are alive and well again, and it is no exaggeration to say that they are now more prosperous than they used to be."

The area of Futoharia, where Dark Elves live, was an interesting place.

Strangely enough, they all had the power of darkness in their bodies. You can say that he was extremely close to us demons. [M]

I remained a demon god at the time. [M] So the magic that sprang from this body was enough to kill a human being nearby... but I remember very well that they flinched young and old and were not affected by my murderous magic.

That's why I got some information from them. Most of the time, I left that negotiation to Levy and I just kept my mouth shut.

Everyone in the dark elves had guessed that me and Levy were strangers and had the power to draw a line with the rest.

Some of them asked us for help.

I feel like Levy remembered something like sympathy while I was in touch with them, but I didn't give him any advice.... Should I say I couldn't? She had no respect for her predecessor, Lucifer, but she had a strong sense of vigilance and fear.

Not only Futhalia, but the entire kingdom of Zephte Aria advised me nothing, even in critical situations. My interest wasn't there, I was just looking at the twin evil gods that emit a different presence in the distance...

The sight at the time filled my brain little by little.

From the cliffs of Futhalia, I was examining the state of corruption that eroded the kingdom of Zephte Aria.

And even in distant lands, a few days went by exploring to what extent there was the power of an ugly double-evil god who boasted such a huge body that it was easy to see its appearance.

The girl who came near me looked unique: white and scarlet.

"■ ■ ■ ■ ■, how long are you going to keep an eye on it?"

Levi calls me by my former name in a slightly frightened mood.

I left the majority of the information gathered to her, so it must have been tough. At the time, I didn't turn my mind around like that.

Standing next to me answering nothing, she says as she sees a distant double evil god.

"They say they're called Grios and Blastoma. Everyone said that if you leave it, this country will perish... but what about the no-show view?

'As it is, we shall be playing in this land after the Elves have perished. Though it won't be enough for the man to be satisfied.'

"Hmm. Will this beautiful Great Forest perish... It's not sad."

Once upon a time I answered this when I heard Levi say so, who had a calm and gentle personality if not even swallowed by an impulse to destroy.

'But the elves seem to be fighting well, too. You'll feel it, too, this immense stream of divinity.'

"... Anything Dark Elf says, God's given bow is weakening the Evil God, but the results aren't fragrant."

"What the elves worship should have been the goddess of mercy. I don't even think the god bow created by that goddess will kill the target.... It doesn't even look like those ugly evil spirits are deeply in charge of healing and shiatsu. Those guys aren't normal to see, but they're not like the dead (undead) you miss, are they?

'That's not true. The body is corrupt, but not dead. In other words, we're not divine. The very concept of death would be different from ordinary creatures. Rather, it may resemble our demon god'

Levi broke off that the Twin Evil Gods were not the dead, but it didn't even reach the root of the Evil Gods.

... that was all the more puzzling.

I didn't know much about this country or the elves. [M] I can just say that I only had a degree of knowledge that Goddess protection was being given to hate (say) hurting the other person.

The power of grace given to the elves by the Lord God of Zephte Aria is certain. But not to mention the price. They couldn't use the technique of attacking others directly.

The Lord God was merciful and did not like strife, but he put such constraints on the Elves... and that was in conflict with what happened in front of us at the time.

In the end, I recall that the goddess of charity could only easily conclude that she felt the crisis in the country and made the power to dwell in it turn into something aggressive.

The elves then gained momentum in their attack. Seeing the collapse of the body of the Double Evil God at its end, I was surprised that I had missed my prior expectations.

How dare a fragile army of elves carry it? Inspired but determined so, me and Levy went back to Tenebrae.

To tell my predecessor Lucifer that the twin evil gods who raided that land were destroyed...

- Theodore.

"Yeah... I'm listening"

As I was drawn back from my nostalgic memory, I was thinking about what Her Majesty Queen Aynlana had said.

"Maybe the Resurrection of the Twin Evil Gods is Near"

"It was sealed by the power of the royal family, but the suppression seems ineffective"

The spirit was like that.

I ask.

"I saw firsthand the collapse of the body of the Double Evil God. But you couldn't defeat him completely?

"It was too long ago. The inheritance of the Twin Evil Gods is inherited from generation to generation by the royal ones, but with time the truth distorts and changes shape. My concubine's parents didn't know the details."

Even if they teach in oral biography and education, they will all be blind to the truth.

Does it mean that the truth will gradually be lost if you talk to the person in front of you, but no matter how boring you try to convey the truth to future generations so that you don't fully understand what that person has experienced?

Says His Majesty Aynlana.

"The concubine also thought of all possible measures. But there can't be so many options… I ended up thinking that I had no choice but to use the power of oblivion"

"Dark Elves, huh?

"That's right. Although we elves and dark elves are unlimited and of the same race, there are two differences: one is that each one must be equipped with dark powers. And the other one - Dark Elf has not been given the protection of our Lord God, Mysteria Tisti."

I have not been given the power of the goddess of mercy, that is.

"Dark Elves have no constraint from the Goddess. I mean, can I assume that some people are good at attacking others?

"That's right. In addition to concubines, some of the best Kingsguards can handle aggressive manoeuvres, but once you wield this power, you will have a tremendous load on your body. Although there are individual differences, those who are forced to deal with aggressive tactics will die if they do poorly... not infrequently."

The imposed constraints of the goddess of charity. Is that no longer synonymous with a curse?

But I do know of a being that would not be bound by that constraint at all.

"Your Majesty. Do you know why Dean Ludio has the gift of a misdigit magic guide? You can call his powers unusual."

"It's only a matter of possibility, but I guess it's because that man is not a pureblooded elf. You may consider the power of the goddess of mercy, and hence its constraints, to be ineffective. No matter, there's no dark elf blood on that man."

By interacting with other races, that half-elf dean gained a mighty power… rather than being born with a tremendous talent, I might say.

"Have you ever been a queen in this Zephte Aria royal family except for a pureblooded elf?

"No, because the power given to the royal family is inherited only by pureblooded elves. There's no way anyone else can be king."

"... the way you put it, I can also feel in the wind that whoever the royal family deserves has taken over the power of the goddess of mercy, and that nothing has to be a pureblood elf?

"Yes, you might say..."

Her Majesty the Queen of Elves muttered toothlessly.

I thought it was something that would be denied...

His Majesty Aynlana said after giving him a distressing look at something, breaking the posture he had been right until then and also slamming him on the back of the chair.

"After the incident in Mirdiana, the" King of the Dark Elves ”visited the land without setting it aside."

"... I visited the dark elves, but I didn't really talk to them. That's why I don't know more about them. Though I just thought that the king of Zefte Aria was only His Majesty Aynlana?

"Originally they were also under this royal authority, but Dark Elves gradually began to distance themselves from the Elves since one of the earlier Twin Evil Gods. And now Futoharia prospered greatly, and needed a king to rule there. I don't even know my concubine for any further details. Dark Elves were given the throne of king more than a thousand years ago."

"Huh. But with two kings, there will be confusion in the rule, won't there? How's it going around there?

We demons also have more than one king, but the council system is only named and essentially like ruling by my power alone.

Nor is it comparable to other countries.

"It is only my royal family that is ruling the whole Zephte Aria. Connect with the rest of the story. The point is that the king inherits the power of the goddess of mercy, which is revealed in the Lord God of Zephte Aria, or not."

I see......

It is no stranger to contend with His Majesty Aynlana than that the forces of the dark elves have increased and those who hold the throne of kings have appeared, but it is the absolute authority that does not allow it that is the power of the goddess of charity or not?

I wonder if it is the current situation that Dark Elves also have to follow, beyond being a nation that originally flourished with the power of its goddess.

"Elves and dark elves. It turns out there's a king in both. So I wonder what their king came to this land to do."

"Regardless, we are discussing corrosion. It definitely leads to the resurrection of the Double Evil God as it is. Perhaps we can't stop it already."

... Strange story.

Why did you leave such an important thing behind until now? If the Twin Evil Gods were resurrected, you'd know enough to bring more tragedy than the once Mira's blood tide incident.

Those with royal blood muscles in the first place have this Sire Aynlana and his daughter Liz. Nonetheless, what is it that we cannot suppress the seal of the Double Evil God?

You can inquire, but now I'm curious to be ahead of her story. I dared not touch that. [M]

"You got the conversation going on assuming the resurrection of the Twin Evil Gods. So?"

"Dark Elves said they would spare no cooperation. Unlike us who are not good at war, many of them have powerful powers. Now it's time to destroy the Double Evil God, 'the man' said."

Is the king of dark elves a man?

Is the situation different from this land of elves, where only the female system will be king?

"It would have been nice if you would have cooperated. It's more comforting than just standing up to an elf."

"... that's true."

His Majesty Aynlana said with a face that would delay the idea.

The impending resurrection to the Double Evil God was originally like that, with other major problems.

After a while, Her Majesty shrugs.

"The King of Dark Elves has demanded consideration"

"What was that like?

After deciding that the elves alone won't solve it?

In front of Her Majesty the Queen of Zefte Aria, Aynlana, how can you demand consideration? Even though it would be the realm of dark elves together to suffer the damage of the Twin Evil Gods.

With a little silence, His Majesty Aynlana says, looking terribly worried.

"At dawn when I buried the Twin Evil Gods from this Zephte Aria, I asked you to give Rezemelia as your bride"