Hand Liz over as a bride, huh?

It's a lot of boldness to say in front of this queen.

Perhaps I have considerable confidence in my power. I was also interested in the king of the dark elves.

"Does Liz know about that?

"... I haven't told him yet. In the first place, it should not have been in itself to bring Liesemelia to this land"

"How could that be?

Says His Majesty Aynlana.

"The case of Mirdiana in the example was targeted by the elves. There is no doubt that what is behind the scenes was intended to create a terminal Shizuku.... but was that why you did it? And the suspicions were endless. After discussing the matter with Ludio, we concluded that another purpose of the mastermind would be the murder of our royal family."

"... sure, then I wonder if it would be a bad idea for Liz and Her Majesty to be together"

"But I couldn't say that more than I did to Dark Elf's request. First of all, if it wasn't for the bridesmaid of the day, we wouldn't be talking about it."

The monsters who danced in the Mirdiana sky had a strong obsession with the elves.

That was the same 500 years ago.

The story that 500 years ago this herd of celestial devils raided this Zephte aria is the murder of the royal family of elves will not be deniable either.

I just don't see why you would do that. What does it have to do with the twin evil gods that royalty is sealing?

Was Gislan in the terminal Shizukuishi case and the 'goddess' behind it trying to revive the Twin Evil Gods......

"Your Majesty, I ask you frankly, can you Elves crusade you for the resurrection of the Double Evil God? That creature I saw was quite strong together."

"I can.... regardless, if I can get the help of Dark Elves"

"Conversely, you say you can't do it if you don't get help?


Her Majesty, the queen of the elves, devoured her teeth and bowed her gaze.

I was under the impression that I regretted my weakness.

I cut out the existence of the bow that was once used in that battle.

"Can't I use the Divine Bow?

"I can't use that."

It was a quick answer.

That's surprising...... For an elf who lacks pure combat power, it would not be an exaggeration to say that that divine bow is truly a weapon given to him by God and protects his country.

"Why can't I use it?

"It's up to you to answer whether you want to go ahead or not."

"What do you mean?

Her Majesty bites her lower lip and says with a painful seeping look.

"You can't give Liesemelia to them."

"That's not why parent-child affection is so good, is it?

"... As I said earlier, the basis for Zefte Aria's substantial kingship will be whether or not he continues the protection of Mistiglia Tisti. If Liesemelia and Dark Elf interact, the protection of mercy will disappear from the child born in the meantime"

I thought you said the power of the goddess of mercy can only be taken over by a pureblooded elf.

If Liz and Dark Elf interact, I guess we'll have a half-elf child.

I don't know which power my child will take over stronger, but either way, the patronage of the goddess of charity disappears.

That doesn't just mean that the royal family will no longer be granted protection, but it can also be said that she is pregnant with another problem.

"If Liz interacts with Dark Elves, the power of the Goddess of Mercy will not be taken over by the child. That will not only lead to the current power of the royal family declining, but directly to your loss of authenticity as the Zephte Aria royal family.... Sounds like an interesting result. Soon this country will be ruled by Dark Elves."

"That's not all. If we lose the power of the Goddess of Mercy, this rich nature will also wither away. The richness of our country today is due to the protection of our goddess."

"Yeah? Thinking about it, I wonder if it's a little odd. Didn't Dark Elves want to maintain the grace of nature?

"Oh. The man said, 'Put this country back where it was'..."

Assuming I was a dark elf, I would definitely be aiming to take over the throne.

In today's system, Liz, who becomes his wife, becomes queen, but her children do not inherit the power of a goddess directly linked to the royal orthodoxy, making it difficult to maintain the current system to go.

As long as Liz's alive, okay? Then, even after I have no children, she will kill me, and I will be king.

But you'd be tempted to think you'd lose this nature like you would in exchange for that.

The resources of this country are extremely useful. There is no doubt that it has to be in national relations with other countries or in moving the economy.

But the king of the dark elves and they denied nature. Despite the fact that if this country loses its abundant grace from nature, it inevitably leads directly to the loss of its national power.

I can still understand if you want Liz to live as a puppet (tease) while making yourself a substantial king to flourish this country...

Are you trying to accomplish something by dramatically altering this rich land? Why, for what? Do you have a purpose to accomplish that much?

I can only say that I don't know how much I think at the moment.

Whatever it takes to force you to marry Liz, because the purpose that lies ahead should lead to a major weakening of the power of the nation that you have to maintain as king of this country.

Says His Majesty Aynlana.

"It's Theodore. I am very grateful to you. Let us also be respectful as demons of immeasurable power. I'd like to ask for it on top of that. Crusade the Twin Evil Gods and help Reese Meliá."

"... well, it sounds interesting"

I said after I left. [M]

"What are you going to do if I ask Liz for it, too?


"Like I said, I'm not on the side of the empire or the elves or anything, am I? Naturally, you should have asked for consideration, right?

Her Majesty the Queen - remained unanswered.

"I guess I'd rather have a pretty girl like her than gold and silver treasures and precious resources for me. Because, as His Majesty said, I like color."


"You've known me since I met you in Mirdiana. The Demons are mean. Sometimes you stick it in your opponent like this. Maybe you shouldn't have trusted me cheaply. And..."

I rose from my chair and lifted His Majesty Aynlana's jaw with my finger.

"Liz and you can do it together and be adorable. I don't care what you think of your late husband."

Close your face to Her Majesty the Queen, who can't say anything.

"Even if they say this, I wonder if they still rely on me more than the dark elves. Maybe he will abuse and kill the elves and dark elves who live in this land without being able to contain his destructive urge as a demon clan. That's what demons are for, isn't it? Queen."

"... you also have a strong purpose"


I can stare with sincere eyes. Those thin green eyes felt more beautiful than any treasure ball, as they could see through the depths of my heart.

"I wanted a dialogue with my concubine until I got rid of the others. Thou hast come all this way unto this land, even though thou hast no interest whatsoever in the kingdom, nor in the royal family. - Now it's your turn. Tell me why you wanted a dialogue with your concubine."

"Rin expression and perseverance. That is Her Majesty the Queen. But..."

I grabbed her shoulders lightly with both hands.

"Your body is trembling, Your Majesty?


"You seem to be able to read the other person's mind, but I can understand your mind to some extent, too. You're scared, really. Because I'm a demon. Are you sure you're okay with leaking issues involving the royal family and secrets with dark elves to someone you don't know? Uncomfortable with anxiety. That's what he looks like."

She still looked straight at me as a young girl.

"But the situation is so pressing that we can only compare ourselves to someone who doesn't know such a trait."

I say, staring at a round of white flowers decorated by the window.

"As your late husband was the only one who made his own decision and gave you those flowers. Now you have also decided to tell me your true intentions, which no one has ever understood. I have a strong anxiety that my choices will determine the future of something called this Zefte Aria kingdom. You called your husband delicate, but from what I can tell, you seem very delicate again. Lovely queen, Your Majesty."


"If it's true, I defeated the Twin Evil Gods, and if it gets in my way, I kicked Dark Elves too, and later I got Liz and you to like this country. How much? Unfortunately, that's not the case. - There's another important thing for me, as you say."

I said softly away from Her Majesty the Queen, sitting in a chair, putting my feet together and poking my cheek wand at my elbow.

"Now, let's say we go back to our reciprocal negotiators. So you don't have to be so elbowed and nervous anymore."

"... ah, oh"

His Majesty Aynlana made a strong fist grip on both knees and exhaled in an attempt to remain calm.

Wait for her to calm down, I cut out.

"Your Majesty. Do you have any idea what a 'goddess' is? Of course I'm not talking about the goddess of mercy."

"There are many beings in this world that bear the name of a goddess, supposedly. But what you call a goddess... is making an abominable case and making a scene."

There seems to be no awareness.

So what about this?

"So how far do you know about the astronomical phenomenon 'The Brilliance of the Red Star'?

…… My concubine also lived 500 years ago, so I have seen that phenomenon many times... "

It has something to do with the brilliance of the Goddess and the Red Star. That's what Belzebub said.

That's also the direct reason I came to the land.

Her Majesty looks deep into my eyes with a slightly puzzling look on her face.

You decided there was no lie or falsehood in what I wanted to know, and you walked around and opened your mouth.

"That phenomenon is perceived differently by countries. They say opinions are broken in the empire, but Zenan and those of the magical powers see Arre as an auspicious omen. On the other hand, in the Kingdom of Rugal and in our Zephte Aria, we consider it a vicious omen."

"What makes you think it's a vicious sign?

"Shortly after the red stars glorified, some evil struck the land - and the concubine grew up taught. There was famine, there was war, there was plague, and so on, but among other things, it was" when the Elberian Empire was born from the former Kingdom of Portugal ". The brilliance of the red stars at that time was so incomparable... that it was written in an ancient document passed down to the royal family."

"Your Majesty. Is that something that can be easily linked to the birth of an empire? The reason that kingdom turned into an empire was because the kingdom's brave men crusaded the dragon god king who ran wild in the Zenan dragon god realm, right?

Take my word for it, His Majesty shook his head to the side before saying.

"... sorry. Now it sounds like the birth of an empire is a vicious sign."

"Well, maybe it will. I don't care."

form only apologies and pointless responses.

I am not interested in the good or the bad of the birth of an empire. [M] More, I made Her Majesty change her mind because she was thinking of another possibility.

"I don't even know the concubine in detail. But it is also convincing to think that it is only a vicious omen that the Dragon God King has stormed out. You too..."

"It's not. I wonder if you know how it goes."

"... what are you talking about?

"It may be a little irritating for His Majesty, but I just want you to listen a little"

Before I was surprised, Your Majesty, I decided to tell you about another incident that happened at the same time.

"When the former Kingdom of Lutgaria was transformed into the Elberian Empire, the great army of angels invaded Tenebrae to crusade us demons."

"... be..."

I said as I thought about what happened 1,000 years ago. [M]

"At the time, we lacked one pillar of our compatriot, which could be regarded as a battle force. At the time, the demons were not a single rock, nor were they constant. That's when those white-wing flocks covered the sky over Tenebrae"


His Majesty Aynlana groaned and put his hands on his chest with a bitter look on his face as if he were nauseating.

I know it's a tough situation for her with white wing phobia, but I don't mind continuing.

"As His Majesty imagines... no, it's become more of a sight than that. It was the real angel who attacked us. Because every single one of them was equal to the top species of the Demon race."

"... does that mean to the same extent as you?

"Uh-huh. Whatever the body of the demon god, this human body is going to be tough if we're going to fight it according to a one-by-one positive-attack method. Once or twice, we're going to be ready to die and bring it in for discussion."

"Such absurd beings have covered the sky...?

"Yeah. I don't remember the exact number, but I think I was 2,000. Besides, angels naturally have both reason and intelligence. It was different from being like a demon."

I go on remembering the sights of the day.

"It was terrible. Because all the angels are insensitive. Especially the powerful were enough to annihilate the weak demons just to be there"

The damage of Belfe's subordinations, such as goblins and oaks, which hit lower levels among the demonic tribes, as well as Asmo's subordination, which is made up of lecherous demons with less combat skills, was particularly severe.

The main forces of the angels pushed in large numbers, and Belfe and Asmo themselves would come to the battle, making it such a fierce battle that they both did not know how many times they were killed.

Especially Asmo had significant wear and tear. Later, if she had been killed even a few times, maybe she wouldn't have been here now.

Later, Belfe escaped the ordeal with the help of an army of warcraft led by Mammon, but only because almost all of the main forces on the angel's side were raiding Asmo.

It must have been an operation to cut the power of Tenebrae as a base there by seizing the area she protects.

- Without even knowing that would be behind it.

I can tell you that the angels fought well. Because I ran that Asmo over there.

As I turned to the defense of the Dawn Palace and watched it go, the fate of the angels ran out just before I pushed my squire Carla's strong opposition into the middle of the battlefield.

Speaking only of the consequences, the army of angels died shortly after I intervened.

By the liberation of the true power that Asmo himself hated the most, that elite army of white wings was destroyed.

But by the time its power was unleashed, no one said the angel's main power was lacking.

At the same time, the destructive impulse in me hurts.

It would have been nice if you had raided me, not Asmo.

… but in that case, I may never have married my beloved wife.

Lumiel was around the Dawn Palace as the main force of a separate task force, so he didn't have to be exposed to the astonishing attack of Asmo.

If things were different, Lumiel and Asmo would have fought, and I might not have seen that lovely angel.

I briefed His Majesty Aynlana on the situation at the time.

His Majesty was stunned and exposed to the devastating damage caused to the Demon Clan by the Angel's raid, but what I wanted to tell her was not the content of that battle.

How could that have happened?

"- Something like that. I would like to hear His Majesty's opinion for your information."

"Wait a minute. It's easy for me to say, but what you're saying isn't even in the history books. I just can't believe that the angel of things has descended on this earth."

His Majesty closes his lid and roars, as if he had preceded the difficult question.

Well, I can't help it. Because few, if any, will know that angels have raided the Demons.

Even if some knew the facts of the raid, those who knew what had happened since would be limited.

Except for the holy kingdom of Lestaflora, which is a neighbor of Tenebrae and worships angels...

Zenan and the Empire would not have been the place to be due to the rampage of the Dragon God King and all the events that followed. But it's likely that that holy kingdom would have kept track of things.

Eventually, His Majesty Aynlana opened his lid and sighed.

"... why did the angels raid Tenebrae in the first place?

"Orphelia's guide, apparently."

Lumiel, the only surviving angel in that battle, said he had never seen the Great Goddess of Genesis.

And even though it was superior to itself that planned to invade Tenebrae.

At the time, she seemed to think that the Demons were to be convicted, even in the light of the predecessors Lucifer's ravages of Western countries on this continent.

The angel went solemnly for the reason that if the demonic tribe was also involved in the civil conflict that ensued in the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna and in the runoff of King Dragon God of Zenan, it could no longer be abandoned -. I was saying that.

Regardless of the barbarism of our predecessors, the Demons are not involved in any other matter.

A thousand years ago, I was more restrictive than I am now. [M] So there's no such thing as unsolicited behavior, and it's a lot of misunderstanding.

Even after marrying Lumiel, it's something he hasn't believed in for a while...

No other angel has appeared since that invasion.

And in the Mira bloodtide 500 years ago, the angels attacked the Empire and Zephte Aria by turning them into aliens by a human summoning ceremony...

At this point, it's already weird. I've been thinking about it for a long time.

"I wonder if I can interpret being said to be the Great Goddess of Genesis as nowhere else."

"... Isn't that strange? If Orphelia doesn't exist, how do you explain the existence of the great hero of the Empire?

"It's a troubling place because I don't know where it is. General Duras' power was real, and his daughter Charlotte also had a strong power as an angel of God."

"No way, Orphelia, do you think we are hosting the power of other gods, not the power of you?

"That doesn't seem like it either. Because the divinity I felt from the Divine Sword Revistra was amazing. I don't know anything about a being that powerful."

Those who saw Orphelia are not among the demons. That is as was said at the seat of the Royal Council earlier.

And even the former angel Lumiel, to the extent that at best he knows how to touch you. I didn't see that look......

But if that great goddess still exists, it's also true that there's often no explanation.

Regardless of Mira's blood tide 500 years ago, you can say that the angels were humiliated even in the late Shizuku incident in modern times.

Did Orphelia see it and feel nothing? Couldn't you use that mighty power to protect your own men? No matter how whimsical the gods were, are they not even interested in their own subordination?

The fact that General Duras, who is not royal, holds the Divine Sword Revistra is also a mystery.

Why did Orphelia choose General Duras as a user of the Divine Sword when he had only given power to the Imperial family for 1,000 years?

And I'm also concerned about Dean Ludio's attitude towards Julian, who asked about this matter.

It would certainly be scandalous that the royal family was rejected by the divine sword. The words Julian asked meant it correctly.

The dean said there would be no life if he leaked it outside... but from his point of view, he should naturally have the same doubts as Julian. And he is more familiar with the information of the Empire than anyone else. There's no way I know anything.

You don't know what's going on, but you can't move on to action? If there's anything wrong with this matter, we should be able to convince the royal family to get on board with the investigation.

Or is it more convenient to leave it alone?

There are other questions.

The presence of unusual signs that I felt when I first returned to Mirdiana in a long time.

I hear they were everywhere in the city... but what does it have to do with Dean Ludio? I don't think he's on his side because he was flirting with the presence of those creeps in his conversation with me.

So the dean was under surveillance? So, do those people have anything to do with the Empire?

- No, you can't. It goes into the trail of thought.

I don't have enough information, even to make a guess.

There's just one thing I can say… at least that something happened to Orphelia.

The brilliance of the Red Star, which arose about a thousand years ago, that His Majesty Aynlana had learned in history books. I remember that very well because I saw it too. Although it was only the perception that the red stars were shining brightly, may I assume that it represents the gravity of what happened later?

I accidentally delayed my thinking. Damn, you have a headache. How easy is it if you can solve it by force alone?

When I rubbed my eyebrows and then focused my consciousness on Her Majesty the Queen in front of me, she laughed.

"You look like that too."

"... it looks like this and there's quite a lot to worry about. I'm stuck thinking about Orphelia. That's why I asked Her Majesty if she knew anything about the brilliance of the Red Star."

"Many people are interested in astronomical phenomena in this Zefte aria, but we do not know that concubines are familiar with them because they are not of such a nature as to immerse themselves in research. But if it means you're in trouble, I want to help you."

"I'm relieved to hear that. I wonder if I can help His Majesty Aynlana. I know exactly what it's like not to give Liz to a dark elf, and most importantly, me too... because I want to take her away from you if the blood of an elf is enough to stop."

Her Majesty says with a bitter smile.

"Damn, Liesemelia's a disaster, too. I thought Dark Elves had asked me to get engaged, and I didn't know the Demons were up to anything next. … how would I explain to that girl what would swallow the situation"

"Well, it's not going to be even eighty-nine. 'Cause nothing seems to piss that kid off more than being able to decide things on your own where you don't know."

I realized I had been talking for quite some time. [M]

I still want to talk to His Majesty, but it's not strange in the morning if I'm telling you everything.

So I said.

"Bye, Your Grace. Can we interpret it as confirming each other's intentions for once?

"... right. It would be a lie if I told you that there was no part of me that was anxious to see if you would cooperate."

"I'll keep my word. Kick the Twin Evil Gods and protect Liz from dark elves. Yeah, 'cause it sounds pretty funny. Can I help you - so let me finish what you just said?

I ask as I correct my posture and look to Her Majesty the Queen.

"I wonder what it means to be unable to use the divine bow transmitted to the royal family"

"You're right. The divine bow that once wore the Twin Evil Gods and collapsed their bodies... is nowhere to be found anymore"

"I see. Again, I wonder if I can get the goddess of mercy to create it."

"If I could do that, maybe I wouldn't have a hard time."

His Majesty Aynlana still felt like saying something.

But I can see a bare gesture of being lost. It could be counterproductive to ask here.

"Your Majesty. Is the resurrection of the Twin Evil Gods likely to happen now?

"No... the power of sealing is still uninterrupted. There's got to be a respite for a while now."

"Then I'll give this to His Majesty."

That's what I said, and I gave a letter to Her Majesty.

She takes it and sees the wax. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

"... is that what Ludio did for you? Also, it's not a good story."

"Well, maybe something less pleasant for His Majesty. I'm not in such a hurry, and I want you to read the letter slowly even after you tell Liz what's going on."

"I didn't expect you to go further this period.... it's going to blow my head off with too much thinking"

On the sidelines of His Majesty, who says with a melancholy expression with a letter, I left the room with a light farewell greeting.

Well, even tomorrow morning, this palace could be a lot of noise.