After spending the night at the Promethera Crystal Palace, all of us, treated as guests, were summoned among the queens.

Just like the first time we saw it, there are elf guards around His Majesty.

I thought you might be somewhat welcome at the dinner party last night, but from the look on their faces, that doesn't seem like it either.

Liz, the princess of this country, came forward just a little more than we did and face-to-face with His Majesty Aynlana...... while stretching out and yawning greatly.

Seeing how it goes, His Majesty leaks his sigh.

"Why don't you just try to be aware of how you can see it from around you for a second now"

"Wow... haha. Nice morning... so? What?"

Liz said it didn't sound like anything. But I responded. It's her way of saying it.

Sounds like the usual exchange, but maybe in a little while, this place will make a fuss -

"It's Liesemelia. Your marriage has been decided."

"... Huh?

Too abrupt. I can't help but be surprised Liz raises her weird voice.

It's rare that Her Majesty the Queen would say it without any preconditions.

"Delight. He's the king of dark elves."

"Become... Huh? Huh? Duh, what do you mean?

"It means the way it is. Thou shalt marry Dark Elf."

It takes an instant to see if Liz, who had not been able to swallow the situation, finally understood the meaning of the word.

"What's that!? Suddenly I have my daughter on the lookout and the emotion of the reunion is about to suddenly report the marriage!? I don't believe it, you aunt!

"... whether there was such a thing as the emotion of a reunion or not, the other guy is enough to be worthy of you? Rather, I have found someone who will marry a daughter like you."

"Ily-ma-sun! He still hasn't even thought about getting married! Because I'm not a daughter who could have decided on her own and said yes!

"My concubine and I were pushed from around. If you get used to it, you can say you were a good opponent out of the blue."

"Huh? Talking about your father? What do you mean," I could say I was a good opponent "? Don't be ridiculous about what you told my father in front of me! You're glad you died early, right? It would be easier if I lived on my own now and looked great on the throne."

The words, which I thought would touch Her Majesty's scales, were also flushed lightly.

"Where is the woman who wishes such a thing to a good partner? Liesemelia, you know them first."

Liz suddenly looked backwards and ran to the entrance between the queens at first sight.

The Kingsguard elves there immediately block the entrance, but the jumping Liz kicks the Kingsguard's head in the air and rolls out in that recoil.

The Kingsguards rushed after Liz.

It's a great athletic ability.

I once remembered her running through from Mirdiana to Granden at a rate that seemed scattered but somehow unbeatable to the others.

Julian, who was silently watching the sights until then, says, scratching his head with a groan.

"Isn't this palace sweet to protect? You expected this to happen anyway, didn't you?

His Majesty Aynlana says in a sigh as the surrounding Kingsguards give a complex look.

"I don't mind. It doesn't change whether you leave or not."

"The Kingsguards were chasing us, but if he sucks, why don't we go outside this prometera?

"It doesn't. Rezemelia and I already know what's going on in our country. There's no way I'm going anywhere without you.... well, in case you try to get outside, you'll wander through the woods of fantasy"

Forest of fantasy. Once created by the spirits to protect themselves from other races, perhaps His Majesty is free to manipulate it?

Does that also mean the power given only to the royal family of elves?

And then the blonde girl, who was standing with a blurry look, shrugged.

"... will Liz be okay..."

I see Clarice with vain eyes where Liz left off.

Julian said.

"Hey, you're one of the Dukes of Frestier's daughters."

"... Yes"

"I don't know the details because I'm just a poor man, but if I wasn't a nobleman's daughter, I'd already be here with one or two of my friends."

Clarice's house is home to the Duke of Frestier, also famous in the Empire.

I'm also oblivious to the circumstances of the Imperial nobility, but I thought General Duras had said it before. He said that if he was as old as Clarice, it would be about time we had a relationship.

Clarice said in a fine tone.

"There have been many stories of friendship since I was young...... But I chose my path as a soldier... and my parents told me that I didn't have to accept it yet..."

"Huh, ahhh. Well, it's not time to accept it. At that rate, you can't go back to the battlefield. If you ever go back, you'll be dead soon."


It was a tough way to put it, but what Julian is saying is shooting at the target.

He continued.

"If you don't want to grieve your parents, that's the best way. I don't really know what parent-child love is because I don't even know the face of a real parent... but I feel like I don't want to see the crying side of someone I care about. But if you die, you won't even see your face like that."

Julian, usually with a chilled attitude, said as if he was just seeping a little emotion.

The last one was close to talking to himself, but Clarice reacted to it.

"... yes, maybe it is... But you might as well not have a daughter-in-law or something as disgraceful as wiped out your men...... For the House of the Duke of Frestier, there is also a great scandal..."

Julian scratched her head when she saw Clarice with her word-ass getting smaller.

"So is it like that with all the nobility and royalty?


Says Clarice, who is unable to swallow his words, and Julian, who alternately watched His Majesty Aynlana while sitting on the throne, wrinkled between his eyebrows.

"It's a scandal about the identity of the house, but I don't know what it feels like to be a blood-connected fruit child. I don't know how that feels because I'm noble or anything and I don't have any real parents, and I don't even want to know... seriously, if that's what you think, I'm crazy. You're gonna throw up."

The words were addressed not only to Clarice, but also to Her Majesty the Queen.

The Kingsguards' killing will shoot Julian through, but he didn't show how frightened he was by such a thing.

I laugh and say. [M]

"Julian, you're hot today. Not only does Clarice care a little bit about Liz, too?

"There's no way. I don't care what happens to that fucking elf. This way. It's just that he always looks like an asshole when he's tied up."

A Kingsguard who was beside Her Majesty tried to say something, but Her Majesty blocks it.

She opened her mouth slowly.

"Right. Maybe you're right. Everything is ridiculous and I can't help but look like an idiot"

"But," Her Majesty added Aynlana when Julian gave her a slightly flattering look, wondering if she was going to be furious.

"Such are the lords of a nation, and the powerful aristocrats. When there was strong power, it was attached to the family, not its own. If we lose the back shield of a country or house, there will be nothing left for that person."

"Bullshit, seriously"

"Oh, it's crap. But, dragon people. That's how countries and societies are made. Perhaps the future will last forever. That won't change. There is no escape from those who are like concubines to civilians like you, more than they were born in a boxyard called this world."

"Don't go too far, my queen. You're trying to tell me that people don't get out of the way, right?

His Majesty Aynlana immediately grinned, wondering if he had clouded his expression just a little.

"Ruri. Do not turn that slackening to royalty or nobility other than concubines. If that life is spared,"

"Ha, I don't know. I'll let you do whatever I want."

"Hmm. Deadly young dragon. There is nothing more to say... but thou shalt have another loved one. Let the concubine at least pray that they will not grieve."

"Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh."

So all the talk went away, and Her Majesty said, "Well," and turned his thin green eyes to me.

"It's hard to have a natural disaster. The storm passed instantly."

Liz feels like a storm itself. Perhaps it is so odd to say that it is a natural disaster.

"I thought the tranquility would return after the disaster, and I don't think so. I have to tell you about the king of dark elves who said he would marry Liesemelia."

I was wondering about the information, too.

Futoharia, inside the dark elves that me and Levi once visited. What kind of masterpiece is it to rule there?

His Majesty first spoke about how Liz was seen by Dark Elves.

That was exactly what I and His Majesty discussed last night, but you can't possibly be enlightened by anyone else because that was something you went to top secret.

Julian, who had heard the story for the first time, gave a serious look and expressed an interest in corrosion. Clarice, on the other hand, just shut up and listen to the story.

Then, after a brief history has been told, the topic moves to King of Dark Elves.

"The king's name is called 'Ludovine Sergesta Futohalia XVII'. That man, with a power out of the ordinary track among the dark elves with many excellence in power, gave no one the seat of King of Futoharia for 200 years."

...... yeah? "Sergesta"?

Surely the dark elf named Amir, Dean Ludio's master, should have the same last name.

Julian, who was listening to that, asked His Majesty.

"I knew Elf and Dark Elf each had a king. What do you mean you didn't give up the king's throne? I'm not burning my hands on my successor like you."

"... Dark Elves have a strong power supremacy side. Therefore it shall be the most mighty of the races that shall be king. There will be occasional battles over the right to inherit the throne in the form of a martial arts tournament, but no one has been able to defeat Ludwain Sergesta since he took the position of Futoharia XVII."

And whosoever is recognised as the strongest of the races shall be king?

You feel just like us demons. It may also be similar to the Beastman of the Kingdom of Rugal.

"I see. It's a chance to fall off the throne for 200 years. You think you've bounced it all?"

"Mm-hmm. Let's just say the real strong guy. Once, as part of the national relations between the Kingdom of Rugal and our country, a venue was set for the match between Ludwain and the then king of the beast god, Bofort Ladite..."

Her Majesty shakes her head to the side and says in a sigh.

"When we realize that each other's power is antagonistic, we have both killed each other without restraint. A fist that also crushes the earth of the Beast God King struck Ludwain directly in the face, and a blow by the Great Sword that slashes and throws away nothing of him penetrated the body of the Beast God King deeply, but the game didn't end with that"

"Damn, we got all kinds of monsters around here. I've seen a lot of monsters before, so I don't want to be disgusted..."

Lieutenant General Ludio Lambert, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Southern Army.

Admiral Claude Duras, also guardian of the land of the Imperial Orient and hailed as a great hero.

Julian has seen literal monsters in a short period of time.

And that's the same for me again.

I may be disgusted by him, but I can't help but be curious and intrigued.

"The game lasted three days and three nights and drew to a quote that destroyed the perimeter. I didn't run out of power to fight. No matter how long it took, it turned out like this by the reckoning of the King of the Beast, whose thoughts had finally inclined towards the destruction of the surrounding area."

"Fighting freaks curse each other, but hey, isn't that a curtain?... it feels like the Dark Elf King still wanted to fight?

"Indeed, Ludwain is an unparalleled war lover. I don't think I would spare my life to fight the strong. But he's still restrained. If this battle were a pure one-on-one battle, we would have just finished the game as a draw somewhere where we fought"

"What are you talking about?

His Majesty Aynlana told him with a bitter face.

"'Black Wings' put on Ludwain. We'll keep fighting each other till we die."

"Black Wings......? What the hell?

I felt a faint fright intersect in His Majesty's terribly worrying expression.

- Black wings. Is that the same thing that Dean Ludio said existed?

South of the kingdom of Zefte Aria, the land of Futharia.

Among the areas inhabited by the Dark Elves was an eye-catching structure.

A giant black tower that just pokes through the sky.

Strangely, I don't see any entrance or exit in that tower. Wherever I looked, it seemed impossible to break into the inside of the tower.

And there was a girl at the top of the tower, which was high in heaven.

There without walls is a blow, and the girl's long dark hair soars in the wind, stirring up the skirt of her purple dress.

The girl with the black wings on her back was grumbling in a very good mood.

"Humph. Humph. Fun, Fun, Fun Time"

The girl, who tells her to sing in a clear voice as she walks on the stone floor, stares at the brown-skinned people sitting in the center of the room with a gleaming look.

The appearance leaned in with a dark elf man and woman who looked young, and a toddler girl who would still be a few years after birth between them, looking at the black-winged girl with frightened eyes.

The girl, who didn't even care how those dark elves were doing, was just walking around that perimeter staring at them.

Shaking her head gently, the girl stares at the brown-skinned elves to lick (nebula) carefully with her black eyes. Such time had lasted for more than 10 minutes now.

At that time, a dark elf man who remained silent until then tells him to plead.

"La," Ranakiel, "forgive me..."


Ranakiel. The black-winged girl, so called, asks with a grin on her adorable face.

A dark elf man shook his voice.

"Yes, indeed, my brother escaped from His Majesty the King's holy place of battle...... I am aware that it is an unacceptable act. So, but how could we..."

"Pfft. Ha ha. Yes, your brother gave up fighting, he gave up! He ruined the sacred ceremony of Ludovine Sergesta Futohalia XVII, Lord of Futohalia Black Crystal Palace."

The black-winged girl turns to dance on the spot, saying in a voice that sounds like fun on the back with words.

"The sins of the clan shall be atonement in the clan, redemption! That's the Futhalia code. I've lived a long time not in this dark elf realm, so you know about that?"

"We are well aware of that. So, but my brother won the martial arts competition... Wouldn't that be nice?"

"Winner...? They were so weak, they tried so hard to kill each other, they just stayed until the end. It's not worth it."

"Oh, you're such a loser... He who wins will be rewarded."

"That's a story if you kill Rude. No. Your brother fled, fled, fled just before he fought Rude after winning. Scared, fleeing coward. The king himself fled with sand on his hind legs before waving his sword, and his sin deserves to die."

When the girl shudders, she talks and leaks a laugh.

"At least if you had been killed fighting Rude, you wouldn't have had to do this. Oh, my God, your brother's bad. Hey, isn't it? Isn't that right?

"... what happened to my brother"

"I don't. I don't know. That's so interesting. The only thing I'm intrigued by is the color of your blood and meat. That's all!"

Ranakiel instantly created a purple sickle.

I say the sickle, which is about the height created by immense magic, twirls with one hand.

"Do you have something to say at the end of the day?"

"Wow, I don't care what happens. At least just my wife and this kid."

The neck of the dark elf man was instantly snapped.

Blood sprays up like a fountain, descending on the dark elf's parent and son and the black-wing angel himself.

The dark elf woman, whose eyes couldn't keep up with the move too quickly, exclaimed feeling her instinctive fear.

"Shut up. Come on."

The sickle the girl waved cleaves the dark elf woman's face in two.

Blood flew from a section of his face that bounded his jaw and split up and down.

The Dark Elf toddler, who saw her father and mother killed instantly, looked like she didn't understand what had happened.

He shook the body of his beloved father, who was strangled and breathless, and said, "Dad, Dad?," he mutters.

Ranakiel approaches the left dark elf toddler.

I didn't mind my shoes getting wet in the blood, and I spoke to the child.

"Your mom and dad are dead."

"... Dad. Mom......?

"Your mom and dad. Ha, I went to hell. Because I committed an unforgivable felony. Heh, I did it, I did it!"

"Daddy... Mommy..."

Lanakiel grins petitely as she watches the toddler squeal in tears.

"Do you want to see Mom and Dad? Want to see me?"

"... higu... gu... yeah"

"Well, let me see you soon... I won't give it to you, I'll give it to you. Haha!!

Ranakiel eagles Dark Elf's son's head with one hand and rubs it against the floor.

"If my throat dries, I drink a lot of blood. Very, very much! Here! It tastes like Mom and Dad! Yummy. Yummy, huh?

"Higu... Egu"

The face of a young dark elf toddler rubs against the floor so young that she cannot understand the situation.

Her face became bloody when she was pressed around the floor, and the toddler did not smell too raw.

"Look, lick it? Drink it, or it'll dry."

"Ugh... ugh..."

"Disgusting? Tastes like Mom and Dad, disgusting? Poor thing ~"

Ranakiel stood up with his hands off the dark elf toddler.

And wave the sickle.

The body was shredded, and the blood chipped on itself and the child of the dark elf.

"You eat it when you're hungry. I eat my mom and dad's flesh and organs (ha) so I drink them up... I chew up my bones and shave them and lick them around. Repeat it until you starve to death. Fun Fun ~"

Lanakiel looks up to heaven and closes his lid and takes a deep breath as the toddler weeps out into a situation he doesn't understand.

Blood-soaked body and blood-soaking air. All of that made her feel at ease.

"Ha...... this cute scent is my tranquility. Boring, boring... a temporary moisture that makes me forget that... ahhh, ahhh..."

Ranakiel dropped a sickle on the spot and embraced his body with both arms.

I feel strong comfort and my body jumps. Eventually my whole body shivered when I blurted.

Keep trembling in small pieces as if your body had learned to rejoice. He shuddered as he wandered up to his legs and was likely to sit on the spot.

The black-winged girl had a full taste of the sensation for a while, with a red cheek and a tranced look on her face, not even realizing that saliva dripped off her mouth.

But the expression of pleasure gradually faded and Ranakiel became faceless.

"... boring boring boring... Somebody give me pleasure... pleasure... euphoria (hard),... ahhh..."

Ranakiel walked flutterly as he leaned down and threw himself from the tower.

On the verge of hitting his body hard on the ground, his body danced through the universe again, and only one piece of black blade fell out of the black wing.

Leaving a dark elf toddler at the top of the tower, Lanakiel flew away without him.

It had no longer disappeared from her head, such as about the atrocities she had committed until earlier.