Among the queens I inquired.

"What are the details of that existence called Black Wings?

"... his name is Ranakiel. A woman with black wings on her back. Speaking of human age, what about the appearance of 14 or 5 years old"

"Huh. Is that an angel, is it?

"I don't know. If you call all those with wings on their backs angels, or maybe they are too..."

Her Majesty said in a worrying tone.

"As we talked about earlier, Ranakiel is a very dangerous being powerful enough to intervene in the battle between the beast god King Bofort Ladite and Ludwain. I know you have strong powers, but it's hard to guess how much true power you have."

"You don't seem to measure up in the dimension that you simply like to fight. I guess you mean a battle freak out of the ordinary orbit, or a pleasure killer."

"If you mean it in a nutshell, then yes. In any case, the generations of kings of Futoharia had received the protection of their power from their black wings. I don't know when it started."

"Does that existence of Ranakiel mean that Her Majesty was in this land before she was born?

"That's right. I rarely show up, so I can only count what I see… Either way, it's inevitable that those black wings will show up before my daughter more than Ludwain wants Leezemeria"

Her Majesty makes a bitter face.

"When I was a child, my concubine was taught not to just buy black-wing anger. But even though I wondered what to be so vigilant against a being who was empowering those who crowned the throne of kings - I was unimaginable."

His Majesty continues.

"Ranakiel is not only hungry for war and blood, he is delighted to abuse (mistreat) the weak. It's like chopping up and laughing (like this) at those who made themselves a little uncomfortable, not just the sinners..."

You remembered the sight of the time, His Majesty clouded his expression and stuck in words.

... hungry for war and blood, huh? Then it's as if, of the devil clan...

Julian, who was listening in silence, told me to throw up when my thoughts were about to derail unexpectedly.

"Angel or whatever. Hey, aren't you just a monster? I'm no better than a corrosive double evil god."

"... that woman is the only one with black wings. Theodore, Julian, and Clarice. If you encounter Lanakiel, never imitate him touching the scales backwards. The land of Promethera is so peaceful, I don't think those black wings will ever visit..."

A Kingsguard, who saw how His Majesty had frowned, prompted him to take a break.

His Majesty stares at me after showing a slightly lost gesture.

When he nodded lightly and showed it, His Majesty informed him that he would once terminate the discussion on this occasion.

After a visit with Her Majesty at the Promethera Crystal Palace, me and Julian and Clarice headed all over the city.

Julian just says quickly.

"I'm going to this city's library. I wonder what's going on with the history books."

What he showed a particularly strong interest in was the matter of the double evil gods of corrosion.

The story of the mighty two-pillar evil god, Grios and Blastoma, is now said to be left in books, inscriptions, etc. in a form close to mythology.

"Julian, if you see Liz, will you tell me?

"I don't know. You think that fucking elf's gonna get into the library in the first place?

Well, that's certainly true, too.

Even though he looked like he was taking classes seriously in military school, he made me seem bored with yawning and rubbing my eyes from time to time.

Don't you want to go ahead and ask for knowledge?

Julian just started walking straight to the library.

Some of the elves traveling to and from the streets pulled themselves away softly just by looking at him.

That's probably the primary cause of his rough tone, but the elves are sensitive to magical currents.

I fear the tremendous magic that resides in Julian's body. I felt that way.

After the little boy is completely invisible, I speak to the blonde girl next door.

"Does Clarice want to do something?

"... no..."

If she was a regular girlfriend, she would still have headed to the library, just like Julian.

Because of his enthusiasm for study, he must have been very interested in the difference between what he could learn in the Empire and Zephte Aria.

Such is how she is now, like a candle fire. I feel weak and shaky, and I feel like I just got exhaled and it's going to disappear.

The number of platoons she leads is known.

It's not even a great deal of damage where it's all destroyed......

How long are you going to be depressed, it's easy to say.

But I guess all those words put a crack in my brittle heart more than Clarice's glass does today.

I know it's strange in itself to compare a demon like me to the feeling of just a human girl.

I'd like to see her again, highly disciplined and sociable. I want her to do something to cheer me up, but I don't know what she needs right now.

... Is this an easy thing for a normal person to come up with?

Last night, after informing Lena after a secret meeting with Her Majesty the Queen, I also asked her about Clarice.

But Lena couldn't answer instantly. After a while of thinking, she said this in a cool way.

"My surroundings in military school are full of enemies. I don't know when they will scratch my sleeping neck, and I have left no one alone, such as enough to trust. There is no way that I can deduce how you feel right now, Clarice, when there was a lot of trust in you and your people."

He said Lena's only important presence was her own parents and the main old couple in the former mansion.

Its important presence was also taken away by the hands of those who looked down on Lena's status and were jealous of her power.

Now I seem to remember less of what used to be......

Shortly after he was married to me, his sorrowful feelings for his loved ones and his anger and unwillingness to kill those who took them were exchanged, and many days wet his pillows with tears.

... Me and Lena were definitely bonded, and now we have a good relationship, but at the time, I couldn't absorb that complicated mood for you.

It can be said that all those around him were demons, and that there were few beings who could understand the human heart deeply.

Gisele, the closest of them all to her, took all of Lena's misery and grief and gently enveloped her. That's how Lena loves Giselle from the bottom of her heart.

And the only reason I've come to understand the human mind is because of the "information" I get from limited beings like Gisele and Lena.

Many of them were emotions that were difficult to understand, even though they knew the reason. It would mean that a creature called a human being is that complicated.

Gisele once told me that people's hearts are like snow crystals. It is complicated, delicate, and easily broken -.

I stare at Clarice again.

Even if I keep my mouth shut like this, I'm just blurry tending to lean over while standing up on the spot.

Well, what's the matter? After the tour, I said.

"Clarice. Can you help me find Liz with this?

"... I have no idea about this city..."

"I'm with you on that. But take a look at the sights of this city. Isn't it very fresh?"

This land of prometheras is made of silver crystals.

The Empire is a sight that you will not see first when you are elsewhere.

I guess walking around a city like that will change your mood a little bit.

"Let's take a look at the landscape of this city while we search for Liz. Come on, come."


I took Clarice's hand and walked, speaking to the elf woman who was nearby for now.

"Hey, I need to ask you something"

"... something?

I said without fright, though my vigilance would also be exposed.

"Liz...... didn't you see His Highness Liesemelia?

"Come on. I don't know"

The elves, who said with a look like they didn't want to be involved, walked away as they were.

Oh, boy. You don't have an island to catch. Okay, next. Next.

- But.

"I don't know."

"You know your lords better."

Everyone in the elves who came and went answered in such an unscrupulous manner.

Sometimes it's the end of an elf who walks away unresponsive even when I speak up.

When you get here, you're abnormal with boulders. What do you mean...? Why are you so indifferent to Liz?

Or are you trying to get through pretending you don't know us because we're outsiders and humans?... even though many of you would know that we are with Liz?

I feel so puzzled.

It also seemed to pass to Clarice, who was just following me, and she shrugged.

"... avoiding Liz's topic, is it"

"I think so. - As much as I'd like the elves walking around the corner to tell me how to avoid it."

When I dared to put it in my mouth, the elf walking down the road turned a blatantly alarming glance and then followed the scene.

As we walk straight down the main street, the elves walk away as if they saw nothing.

You don't look like you can count on gathering information.

It just hasn't been that long since Liz ran away.

I'm pretty sure he's still somewhere in this city...

In the meantime, let's think about where we're going to look after this city square.

As I was walking hand in hand with Clarice, I was hooded softly from my head back and forth, and the man who weaved his robe walked in.

Are you like an adventurer? Don't worry too much. When I was wrong, a woman's voice sounded.

"Your Highness Liesemelia will be in the chapel on the high ground in this city."

Looking back in haste at the words, the man in the robe turned to us at the same time.

The skin peeking slightly from the hood was brown and the pointed ear area over the fabric showed to be an elf.

The brown elf says, staring at me with golden eyes.

"Everyone in this city is smoking dark elves. The trend became more pronounced after their king and His Highness Liesemelia decided to engage. Everyone hates and fears Ludwain and the Black Wings"

"Who are you like that?

"It's just a passing dark elf. I am not protected by the goddess of mercy, but I am not a stranger to this city. I'm going to leave right away, so keep it a secret about me."

The hooded dark elf woman said with her fingers against her lips, she just walked away.

She was a woman with a strange atmosphere, but a slight dark force was felt from within her body.

I was wondering a little bit about her, but is it more important to look for Liz now?

Looking around the streets lined with buildings formed of silver crystals, high plateaus were seen in the distance.

"When it comes to high ground, I wonder if it's that way. Come on, let's go, Clarice. The same goes for Liz, but maybe we can worship a spectacular view from the high ground"

"... Yes"

Clarice was not interested in the dark elf woman either, and she followed me in silence with her gaze.

When I reached the high ground, this again popped into my eyes a chapel shaped by silver crystals.

There was no one in front of a building similar to the temple we see in the Empire and elsewhere.

I thought you were assigned an elf for protection, but that's not how they do it.

What looks mysterious and harsh is the same in any building in this city.

It does look good, but there is little difference between a private house, a chapel or even a palace inhabited by Her Majesty the Queen other than the size of the building.

I go inside with Clarice. [M]

At the end of the long hallway was the Great Hall.

Inside, a beautiful statue of a woman sits about 10 meters away.

And before that I could see an elf girl with dark green hair kneeling (kneeling first), clapping hands and praying.

You know we've come to the room, but she keeps praying without even showing a bare gesture that bothers her her at all.

I see Clarice wondering what's wrong. [M] And she also looked up at me with her blurred eyes.

... should I wait until the prayer is over? When I thought about it that way.

"Damn, who taught you how to get here?"

The elf who was praying - Liz stood up and turned to us.

And the colour of the shadow floats on that look.

"How long have you been holding hands? This isn't the place to come to do that. How much?

"There's nothing else to be offended about. More than that, what about here?

Liz flaunts her shoulders.

"As you can see, it's a chapel... it's also a place made to offer offerings to Mystiglia Tisti, who is revealed in the Lord God of Zefte Aria"

"An offering, even an elf's biological daughter?

"Hey, don't be disrespectful to our goddess of mercy? Only people like Evil God and Theo-kun would be happy to be offered something like that."

Words are backwards, and she seems to make a joke of it when she smiles all the time.

"Why are you here? Only you, you weren't seriously praying to God, were you?

"Damn, you're being rude.... you're right. Almost nobody's coming here, so it happens a lot when you want to think about it."

"Is it a chapel that isn't used anymore now?

"Oh, my God, the goddess who lost her faith is abandoned like this."

Lost faith? The goddess of mercy?

Still, isn't it the power of that goddess that sustains this nature?

"What is it about the royal family and those who are very close to their blood muscles who already believe in you, Mysteria Tisti? I wonder if I'd marry the King of Dark Elves and they wouldn't have taken me seriously."

Liz scratched her cheek with a bitter laugh.

"For once, I'm a royal blood muscle too. It's not the nature of prayer or anything, but I feel sorry for anyone who stops believing..."

"Is Liz talking on the premise of dowry to a dark elf?

"... because that's all you have, isn't it? How to Crusade Twin Evil Gods. We can't defeat such a monster with pureblood elves alone, and I knew we had to use the help of dark elves."

Liz seems to be trying to embrace reality, wondering if she'll resist in front of things she can't help herself.

... but of course that won't be from the bottom of my heart. After giving up, I wonder if it feels like the status quo is what I have to accept.

Second, Liz said as she stared at me and Clarice.

"Theo-kun and Clarice are good at aggressive techniques, aren't they?

"Sort of. I'm no match for Dean Ludio on a boulder."

"... I, too, have been learning mostly lately how to handle demon guided guns... if it's about magic"

"That's right, I'm a privileged student. Rocha and Chaura, who from the beginning have no connection with magic, are good at both Keith and Julian, as an exception. I'm the only one who can't handle an aggressive technique without the aid of a cane."

"I wonder if that's something I can't help but do because of the properties of the elves. You're constrained by the goddess of mercy, aren't you?

Liz looked a little difficult when I asked. [M]

"... I don't know if Theo-kun remembers, but my mother and I were forced to move underground at the same time in the Ghislan ban, right?"

I remember that much, but thinking... Liz kept going.

"At that time, my mother tried to unleash an aggressive surgical ceremony towards the anti-elfists. Turns out, I couldn't do it because I was bound by the power of the junction that weakens the elves."

Speaking of which, that happened.

Even during secret talks since coming to the land, Her Majesty said something like, "If you can't do it, you can let go of the offensive technique."

"My mother is genuine, a royal blood muscle, the most benevolent and constrained being. - There's no way you can really use it, like an aggressive technique."

"That... I was interpreting it in a way that if the surgeon was strong, he could shake off the constraints of the goddess and deal with aggressive surgical ceremonies forcefully, right?

"If you can do that, isn't it a big deal to constrain the goddess? That's the story. In the first place, is that really because of the constraints of the goddess? I mean."

... Sure, if you ask me, is it?

Even though the constraints are imposed as a price for the power we are gaining from the goddess of charity, it may be odd that, in fact, we can ignore the influence and deal with aggressive surgical ceremonies if we do some imposing.

His Majesty also said that there was a heavy load on the body when the constraints were broken, and the dead came out.

"Besides. The effects of corrosion are gradually emerging, showing signs of the resurrection of the Twin Evil Gods. Despite the fact that my mother and I remain royal elves. What comes out here is that you idiots who have the power to preserve the order of nature and the power to seal the twin evil gods are only 'the power of the royal family itself and not by the patronage of the goddess' or something like that. No, you can't end up with a troubled guy like this coming out in every country."

After Liz ran out of words, she leaked her sigh.

"But, well, I don't know if I really doubt the power of the goddess of mercy. But I don't know. I haven't been given such a special favor by the original, and the presence of Dark Elves is making things worse again - especially since Ludwain became king."

"Does Liz know the king?

"I guess I just remember it unilaterally. When I was a little girl, I saw her talking to my mother for a while. Somewhat unsure guy who feels difficult and doesn't open his mind to the other guy. My mother also has such a place to be my mother, so in a way, they are similar to each other. I don't know if you feel comfortable with me."

"Were there any beings called black wings then?

"Mr. Ranakiel, is that it? I've never seen it. It hardly seems to show up on the promethera... and I'm pretty sure he's empowering Ludwyne."

Liz didn't seem to know much about a black-wing angel named Ranakiel.

If you're certain of what Dean Lyudio or Her Majesty the Queen is saying, you should give this elf girl some pretty strong vigilance... but I guess she hasn't been taught that.

- Nevertheless.

I looked up at the statue of Mysteria Tisti.

I thought it was made of silver crystal, and it still doesn't look like it's losing its shine.

At that time, Futoclaris asks Liz.

"... Liz. You've never heard of the goddess of mercy, have you?

"What? No, I don't. I've never even spoken to my mother like that."

"I'm the same,...... Only at a very young age did I hear what your voice sounded like, Metio Logie, who gave me this protection. Now I think it might have been my fault."

"Mm-hmm. All the gods say it's a whim. Compared to those people, I still think I'm a perfectly good kid. You won't even admit it."

Liz jokes and says.

"Really, I wonder what God made of being an angel of God. You know, empowering at random and observing what you do? If so, I feel like an evil hobby."

The gods exist.

I have also encountered such beings several times, and although only for a few moments, it was also his divine beast king, Rugal, who was intimate with me, and also an indisputable sacred body.

But as I said in secret with Her Majesty the Queen, I couldn't help but wonder if something had happened to Orphelia, the Great Goddess of Genesis.

That too, a long time ago. For me, too, Orphelia has had so many things for so long that I can't say it's recent that its very existence seems suspicious.

Only vague speculation that Orphelia should also exist because there is still a great hero, General Claude Duras, in the Divine Sword Revistra that still exists in the Elberian Empire to use it...

And whether it's a coincidence or something, Mystiglia Tisti, the Lord God of this Zephte Aria, is also being questioned about its existence.

... In the battle between the Elves and the Twin Evil Gods that I once saw with Levi, even though the awesome divinity was protecting the land from the threat of the Twin Evil Gods.

That's not all we're talking about.

When I was in the land of Granden, did I not hear that the power of another great God had been lost?

Yes, the protection of the 'Holy Flame', which was supposedly passed down from generation to generation by the Count Lermit family. There is no power of holy flame in Keith, who is now the son of his Earl family.

Alongside Orphelia, the sacred flames, worshipped as the two great gods, are also now dubious in their very existence.

Are these series of streams really just coincidences?

I've been thinking about that for a while, looking up at the statue of the Goddess of Mercy.