Tenebrae Demonic Nation.

There's the realm of the Necromancer.

The Second Lady of the Most Powerful Demon King, Gisele, proceeded to pacify the occasional dead.

In the heart of the realm, where the dead groaned, raised their voices of resentment, and was overshadowed by tremendous indignation, was the place.

At the end of the forest, where the increasingly black air swirls, the cobblestone path surrounding the clean air continues.

The road led to a stone staircase, and at the end of the long ascent the number of steps saw something like a bright red gate.

That seems to be 'Tori'.

No matter how much literature Gisele fished for, she could not find the object for which such a substitution was described.

However, according to the Lord of the realm of the dead ahead, we must not go through the middle of this gate.

Gisele avoided the middle and dived modestly into the birdhouse.

That is the most important land in the realm of the dead, the Palace of the Necromancer, where the beings that bind them spend long moments.

Going down the cobblestone path, I lost so much I could see the little girl.

The girl, dressed in a unique costume with long dark hair and white clothes, was in the middle of cleaning with a twist.

I thought it would disturb me, but soon the little girl - the Demon King of the Tenebrae Demonic Nation, one of our pillars. Leviathan looked at this one with his lively thin eyes and smiled.

Giselle, what's going on?

"I was hoping to talk to Levi for a moment. Am I interrupting?

The ghosts floating around Leviathan surrounded her as if they had shown interest in Gisele.

"No, that's not true. The mourning spirits also prefer the atmosphere and signs of invisibility..."

Leviathan, who stopped his hand sweeping, said, staring at those behind Gisele.

"I'm glad I didn't bring the noisy porn demon over there"

Seeing, Asmodeus, who came up the stairs troublesome, was surrounded by the ghosts and tried to pay them off with a fed up face, but still turned to the ghosts who surrounded him and said, "Don't come near me!? Oh, I don't know if they say 'grudgingly grudgingly' in my ear anymore! Sweet and sweet words of love are all you need to whisper in a lady's ear! I'm in trouble if you don't get it right around there!," he exclaimed.

"When I told you I was going to see Levi, you didn't ask me to take you too. But it's okay, Asmo is just a little busy and doesn't harm the ghosts."

"Noisy is the problem.... In the first place, shouldn't I be plunging back to the throne without the Lord now? What do you think this place is?"

Gisele, who once again apologized "sorry" to the worried Leviathan, said as she turned to Asmodeus.

"Asmo? Could you just be a little grown-up?

"We shouldn't have these haunted ghosts! In the first place, I..."

"Asmo, please. Right?"

"~ ~! Please be brief..."

Gisele gently told me that Asmodeus leaned against a tree that stood nearby as he did so willingly.

Leviathan, who was watching it, gives a complex look.

"Who the hell is superior..."

"Asmo just asked me a favor. Now that His Majesty is absent, Asmo, who was immediately ordered to guard the throne, is headed by the Demon King. Though Lumiel sits on the throne now."

Gisele says with a tickle of laughter.

The sight of that fallen angel sitting on the throne looking boring immediately occurred to me.

"I don't mind that, but isn't there majesty as one pillar of the Demon King... Fair enough. Yes, Gisele. What do you want to talk about?"

Gisele explained to Leviathan the different sights in Mirdiana that she saw in the space art ceremony.

"- Hmm. I see, there is such a thing in the Empire"

"Yeah, I was hoping I'd make a report. Does Levy have any idea?

"No. And when they fought against our empire, they saw none of them. Although, at the time, the sole purpose was to bring Granden down, so I didn't even know what was going on in the south of his country..."

"Those kids I saw were wrapped up in an advanced covert ritual. It's just because it was obviously an extra force on me... even if I'm good at hiding myself, it might not be the right thing to do to attack others"

"How about a scourge? When it comes to people and lizards, the first thing that comes to mind is still the magical guiding creatures of the magical powers."

"... you have a few questions, don't you? I don't think it would have been necessary to be lurking in such a large crowd if we were just doing reconnaissance. There's Lieutenant General Ludio Lambert, one of the five heroes."

"The man that Lucifer, who turned into a human, is mentoring what went tochi crazy? Isn't that what he's doing?

"I don't think that's likely because those kids disappeared from Mirdiana at the same time. I wish I could have made it up to you, but I couldn't chase you with a spatial technique because it wasn't long."

Leviathan puts an expression of thought on his young face.

"The great hero I confronted retained approximately as a human being an incredible power. If that man was trying to fit in with Lucifer's play, he might have suffered a scratch or scratch. … something so powerful as to shoulder to shoulder with such a man that he would not notice the strange one crawling around the city"

"His Majesty values Lieutenant General Lambert very highly. Its power can neither be considered nor questioned by analyzing the Summoning Ceremony of the Celestial Demon and performing the Surgical Destruction. I don't think such a powerful person can possibly fail to notice them."

"That's a strange story. I didn't know that I would let anyone who wasn't under my own command do as I please in the realm I protect..."

"Though I can even be considered to have dared to leave those children alone because they were not as harmful to the people... His Majesty said that Lieutenant General Lambert seemed to have no idea what he was thinking in the back, so it seemed difficult to read the thoughts. If you're a Demon, you'd feel the same way about Belze."

Gisele giggles when she remembers the demon king who looked like an awesome, exasperating old man.

Leviathan sighed.

"Damn, the girl named Noshi (stomach)...... So far, it seems good to think they're harmless...?

"Yeah. Actually, I need to talk to you one more time. Levy went to Zefte Aria with His Majesty before, didn't he? I wanted to hear what you said back then."

Before Gisele finished, "I miss you ~" it was the Succubus Queen who put in the cross spear.

"At the time, you and Levy were close together, sneaking in the eyes of the others."

…… It was a long time ago. Good morning. "

"Ugh. When Levy left for Futhalia, it was your request that you accompany him, wasn't it?

Gisele asked Asmodeus as he leaned his neck over his remarks.

"Oh, really? Your Majesty and Levy didn't tell us much about the old days, so I was wondering, could it have been compassion? Like, you wanted to be alone?


"Oh? What's the difference? I still remember, don't I? The swinging eyes of Levi as he stares at you."

"... I told you to forget the woes."

It was an angry pregnant voice, but I don't have a penetration right now.

Asmodeus laughed delightfully.

"You're getting old when you're so frustrated already, aren't you? You're gonna ruin Levi's pretty face."

"It doesn't matter what happens to your provisional first appearance. And the womb, and the servant, even though he was not like Shih."

Asmodeus frowned when he heard the words.

"Levi? I hope you don't remind me too much of that. Me and you aren't happier looking cute as you are?

"I'm not interested in the ugliness of my appearance... well, I'm a frivolous servant."

"So! Don't remind me...... that look was the last 1000 years ago. Such a creepy monster is already dead. Now you're a beautiful girl who's reborn and everyone envies you."

"… 1,000 years ago. What did the great armies of the angels perish with in mind, seeing that they were going to perish? I don't think it's easy to flirt once in a while. Their souls remain one of them. I can't even listen."

"Hmm. It's not like I knew what the savages who wanted to stop by so much and slap such a pretty girl would think! I've been pounded and stabbed all the time and stopped counting how many times I've died on the way. Damn, you pissed me off that far, so I think it's better from the bottom of my heart! Pump!"

Asmodeus spitting evil and tongue-in-cheek.

Gisele was listening to the words of the two-pillar Demon King in an intriguing manner.

"Maybe Lumiel, who wasn't involved, was lucky in a way. If I'd been there, I wouldn't have leaked. I'd have seen the same thing as the other angels."

"That kid was a separate team.... If you do think so, what would have happened to Tenebrae had it not been for that kid? If you don't mind, you're lying."

"Not that I could say, but Lucifer also has a brittle part. Lumiel has to be that guy again."

Gisele shrugged after nodding yeah.

"Lumiel is a must for me too. Because she's always been nice to me - yeah, she's still kind enough to envelop me."

"It certainly could have been that way back in the day. Now it looks like you've completely reversed your position, too?

"That's not true. Lumiel is on my edge. I can stay calm because I have that child..."

"It must have been well for that kid once that Gisele, who was just a human being, could have been such a grand being... That fallen angel doesn't seem conscious."

I'd like him to have some majesty as Lucifer's First Lady.

"Because Lumiel is the best in nature"

Lucifer's Second Lady said to miss the time.

"Is the nature of an angel something atrocious?"

"... well, whatever it is about that kid. Let's get back to this, Levi. My lord, you have strangely returned to that land. [M] To get a clue about those called goddesses."

"Uhm. Wasabi and Lucifer were based in a fute-harrier land. Where the dark elves live. In the land where they are, you may see what the brilliance of the Red Star is. Many are diligent, so many are familiar with our unknowns."

Looking up at the sky, Gisele asked, seeing Leviathan with a nostalgic look somewhere.

"How many years ago would that be?

"It's been over 1800 years. Since then, the situation in the surrounding countries and everything seems to have changed their appearance, but what happened to the land..."

Asmodeus says as he puts his finger on his jaw.

"I still can't believe the impotent elves just crusaded the Twin Evil Gods, though. A place with little to no fighting technique and just a stretch of technique by the spirits to prevent intruders from the outside world who are at least a threat. My predecessors Lucifer was not at all interested in it as enough land to take it either...... There are so many things in the world that I can't figure out."

"When I reported the crusade of the Twin Evil Gods, my liver felt cold. I wonder if the spearhead of the destructive impulse of our predecessors could be directed towards that land."

"Even though we gained an unexpected crusade, the elf side also suffered tremendous damage. Where you've dealt with a country like that, your predecessors and mamons will soon be in the wilderness just a little rampant. Well, most of all..."

Asmodeus sighs.

"If you dare crush such a country, how will the Dragon God King of Zenan move? Though the militants were putting their heads around that. I'm so sick and tired of all those savage men who are so full of destruction impulses."

"I don't really want to think about what's going on..."

"Yes, yes," Asmodeus said when the shadow cast on Leviathan's expression.

"I almost forgot why I visited this hard land this time."

"... if I still had a scratch on my head, I might have skipped my neck. Why not?"

"Levi. You know what" Black Winged Angel "is?

To the words of Asmodeus, Leviathan looks puzzled.

"Black Winged Angel...? Or would an angel be one with pure white wings?

"You don't seem to know how it is. He didn't seem to know Lumiel or Giselle, so I thought you might know something if you visited the land once before."

"I can't see the story. What are you talking about?

"I have a report from my family. You think when you got your hands on it because it was something that rarely had a dark elf man in the empire, you heard the story that there was such a presence in Futoharia? He said he was strong enough to empower the king of dark elves."

"... I don't know any wrinkles. Lucifer didn't say he saw it again. Besides, you told Dark Elf you were king? Isn't it the Queen of Zephte Aria who is ruling the land?"

"Now the north of the kingdom of Zefte Aria, the Lord of the Promethera Crystal Palace, Einlana Kilfiniska. They say the King of the Dark Elves, Lord of Futoharia Black Crystal Palace, ruled the South."

"When I went to his country with my Lucifer, it wasn't much wider than the realm of dark elves... but I didn't know it had changed enough to divide the land."

Asmodeus continues by approximating Leviathan, who looks baffled.

"You think that black-wing angel has a very vicious personality? They get comfortable killing Dark Elves and bathing their flesh while they're beside the King of Dark Elves... and he seems very frightened who gave that information to my family."

"The thought is very similar to the destructive impulse that threatens our demons. I don't even think angels will be ruled by such things..."

Leviathan frowned.

"… may be in danger if the person is an angel"

"Right. That's where I'm concerned."

To the words of Leviathan and Asmodeus, Gisele cast doubt.

"Oh? Why?

"Sushi will only know about Lumiel when it comes to angels... but they have the power that each individual should be afraid of. Originally intelligent and rational, there's no problem if you're not hostile, but if you prefer killing, the story will change."

"You may not win with me right now. Even Lena is suspicious."

"Sure Lumiel is stronger than Lena, but is that something we need to be so vigilant about?

"Lumiel, when it comes to the sequence of angelic powers, is about the top of the inside. Even that girl won't have teeth in Lucifer right now."

"He said he died just because he was lightly slapped by that kid. Though there will be no alternative to being a human vessel."

Having heard it, Gisele stares into the void and is delayed in her thoughts.

Lucifer was adjusted to provide even stronger force, even as a human figure. No matter how much God's angels trained, they can no longer defeat Him as a human being. Unless you're also the top five non-standard heroes.

But an unexpected element of a black-wing angel was involved. Wanting blood also means preferring war.

Lucifer and the black-wing angel, destined for Futhalia, will surely meet.

Maybe it's no wonder we've already met.

"- Giselle? What's wrong? … hello, this is the usual…"

"- That's the usual array. Whatever you say for a while, you won't be able to react."

I get anxiety.

Even though Lena refrains beside Lucifer, it can be said that in the earlier battle with Claude Duras, we were both dying dangerously.

As a result of Gisele's surgical destruction, Lucifer became a demon god and tried to overwhelm and ravage his great hero, but as Theodore was, it was also irresistible.

Even if killed in a human condition, it recovers over time.

Assuming the crisis reaches a critical point, he automatically returns to the figure of the demon god. But if it did, it was clear that there would be a lot of damage around.

Then all the achievements he has ever acted as a human will be in vain.

"- Look, I'm unresponsive to waving in front of you like this. Maybe even a kiss would notice. So hurry up - I want to!? What do you do, Levi!?

"- This bastard. Don't play with Gisele."

If you leave him alone, he may end up moaning like he loves you from the bottom of his heart.

I saw it when I was asleep deep underground in the Dawn Palace, a dream of the gradual disappearance of the presence of Lucifer. That still leaves me with strong anxiety and loneliness just to remember.

No matter what happens, there's nothing like a real crisis looming for him, it shouldn't. No matter how much you think so, the imagination that once passed the back of your brain must not disappear from your head forever.

"- You have no choice. I'll take it home."

"- Hmm. Are you okay?

"- I'm sure you don't care too much about other things to think about my you. I think if we go back to the Dawn Palace, we'll go back to our usual Gisele."

"- I hope so. This one is a girl who says she can't even clap. Keep an eye out for anything too weird."

"- Dude, dude. I can't do anything like hold a princess. Come on, I'm leaving. Giselle?

Is there anything I can do for him that I love?

I can't help myself right now. Because I wish I could expand my range of magic detection more, but that's also annoying.

Even now, I want to go next to Lucifer. I want to look up at his unchanging side and feel the same serenity as usual.

- Even though Gisele was returned to the Dawn Palace, she kept thinking about it.