Leaving the chapel, I look far from the land on this high ground.

As the abundance of nature filled my vision, I realized that there was an elongated, giant building in a distant land.

Talk to Liz who was out there as well.

"Liz, what's that building over there? It looks like a tower, though."

"Mm-hmm? I hear I've been in Futohalia for a long time, but... it seems a little strange."


"Yeah. Everywhere I look, I can't see the entrance to the inside of the tower. I don't know more than that because I've heard rumors."

"Heh. Looks like it would be fun to see the Great Forest from a place like that"

"Wouldn't Teo-kun be able to get to the top using a wind speed ceremony or something? Oh, if you're going, go alone, okay? I don't like it, it's so high."

Listening to Liz, I kept looking in that direction.

Me and Levi once visited, Futhalia. There was no tower as prominent as that at the time, nor was there a king of dark elves.

Hard to say that Futhalia itself flourishes that much, though I was wondering if that is the difference in power and authority between elves and dark elves......

Speaking of which, one more important thing happened.

I'm also interested in Julian's research in the library.

"Her Majesty also said that corrosion is beginning, isn't it? Where's the exact location?

Then Liz roared uh-huh.

It's like you don't know what to explain.

"It's hard to be specific... They see the phenomenon of corrosion all over Zephte Aria, but they don't even know how it happened there because it only happens sporadically..."

"How about that, hasn't it led to massive corrosion?

Liz flaunted her shoulders.

"So far, yeah. However, it turns out that corrosion itself is stranger than my mother and I are alive. Besides, it seems like there are a lot of places that are slowly corrosing... so I guess it's true that the resurrection of the Double Evil God is close. Honestly, I don't really feel like it."

"If there's a corroded spot near this promether, I'd like to see it."

When I said that, Liz raised her voice a lot weirder.

"I like it, Theo. I just don't want to... What, well, I have to go check it out. Oh, no. There's no such thing as royalty. I want to live free and relaxed."

"If the royal family is not firm, it cannot be a country where the people can live free and relaxed. Some people are struggling behind your escape."

"Wow, it's good. Teo-kun is mean today......"

Liz points to the eastern lands of Zephte Aria.

"There's a sanctuary over there called 'Kirafa Lisitel'. It's quite large, and there are schools where elves go... and the Kingsguards said they can see corrosion near the sanctuary."

"How far is it from here?

"Uh-huh, about two days? It's not that far away, is it?... Oh, yeah. The school, Lulu Ku... Lu Dio Shisei used to go there when he was little."

"Dean Ludio? Yeah, that sounds interesting. I just want to find out what kind of education he got and grew up like that."

"I don't think Theo-kun will be able to take classes because he said he was in a kindergarten class."

"That's too bad. I'd like to just take a tour."

Well, it's about that dean, so I guess he took the lead seat early and graduated as-is.

When I thought so, Liz said.

"Ludio Seisei said, 'It was a boring and boring day'? Teo-kun won't be bored in half a day."

"Then that's fine. The original purpose was to explore the reality of corrosion. You can always see what's going on at school."

"Well, I guess I'm just a little interested too. Until I went to military school in Mirdiana, I was given only an education in the Crystal Palace all along. I've been to see about your mother's inspection."

"Then I would ask Her Majesty the Queen to do the same with a letter of introduction. All of a sudden, they're going to pay you in advance."

"... well, yes"

Liz squeals like she doesn't seem very funny.

I knew immediately what she was thinking.

"Is it awkward to see His Majesty?

"You ran away this morning in the middle of your mother's story, but you can't go say 'write me a reference' or something in the course of that day..."

"Then I'll tell him. Liz... right, you can date Clarice till night."

Clarice, who had not participated in the conversation before, looked far with blurred eyes leaning against the pillars supporting the chapel.

Together, they look so grumpy that it's not strange to sit on the spot.

Liz asked me in a whisper when she saw that.

"... I wonder how Clarice will get better"

"I don't have a hard time figuring that out, but I don't know if you can think of one either"

"I don't know. At a time like this, I think if Rocha and Shaura were here, it would be fun enough to make me forget about what happened in the Granden..."

Liz seems free to run, attentive and sensitive to emotional finesse in some places.

If she doesn't even know, maybe there's nothing we can do for her.

Is the wound Clarice suffered in his heart something that will block him over time?

Or if you leave that wound alone, it will eventually rot and become irretrievable?

With that in mind, we left the chapel behind.

I left Liz with Clarice, and I headed to the Crystal Palace.

Enter the Crystal Palace without being disturbed, especially by the gatekeeper, and head among the queens.

I couldn't go straight into the boulder, so I spoke to the elf standing in front of the room.

I'm sure I've calmed down already, and I'm allowed to see Her Majesty without setting aside time.

Though the queen of the elves sitting on the throne had a worried look on her young face, when she looked at me - its neat face distorted as if she had learned to be slightly irritated.

Without knowing why, His Majesty speaks to me with his cheekstick on his elbow.

- Amir Sergesta.


"Normally, a warm concubine has never wanted to kill a person without thinking about it in the course of the past 500 years, and that would be a lie."

"Ugh, yeah?

"Whether a man behaves disrespectfully towards a concubine, my daughter who has transcended the realm of freedom, or his half-elf on the throne of commander-in-chief of the southern realm of the empire... even if it may make the concubine remember some frustration, the intrusion is to that extent. Something to settle my anger right away. But."

Her Majesty frowned and glanced at me with eyes that seemed terribly uncomfortable.

"Exceptions to everything are attached. The concubine, who values peace from day to day, is also very troubled by the existence of such an exception that it can be said that it is the only one. To put it bluntly, the more I want to destroy you with this hand if I'm in front of you right now...!

"Duh, what do you mean?

The anger emanating from Her Majesty Queen Aynlana becomes tremendous.

Sensitive to such an atmosphere, the Kingsguards had a uniform frightening gaze at His Majesty.

"He said how much spicy acid his concubine made him lick because of that woman... Kuh... my bowels boil back even if I remember now!

"Sounds like some kind of causal opponent, doesn't it?

"Bumpy, greedy, shady, lazy, impolite, shameless and the ultimate in foolishness! Woohoo, already! I can't think of a word to judge that woman in a nutshell!

His Majesty the Queen, standing up from the throne, says as she turns her gaze to me that even the Demons could kill him just to see.

"... you will no longer be associated with Arre. To the arrow tip I thought so......!!

You can't ask because there are Kingsguards, but you probably read that letter I gave you.

Speaking of which, the dean said it. If Her Majesty asks the name of that dark elf, it will be interesting.

Different shapes, but now His Majesty Aynlana is filled with unparalleled anger.

It did turn out to be funny, but I wonder if you're okay with this.

If there was President Ludio next door now, His Majesty the Queen shook her fist as she exposed her anger so much that she seemed to bust her fist without hesitation.

"It seems like the time has come to rely on the advice of that woman, although it is highly unprovoked. This is exactly what water is for sleeping ears. Don't you think so, Theodore?"

"... it has been conveyed that His Majesty has been through a lot of hard work and yes?

When I said that, Her Majesty hummed her nose and revealed her discomfort as well.

"That woman is still spending some time in the sanctuary of the woods not so far from this promethera. There's nothing I can do about it, like getting kicked out of Dark Elf space. There's more to it than a bastard fool who rarely gets out of a mess and never responds to a concubine's summons."

"'Sergesta' is the same last name as the King of Dark Elves, isn't it? I wonder what it means to be kicked out."

"... I don't know that stuff! Because it's about that woman, it's up to me to do something that's not even Rokuro! If you want to know, you'll hear it right away!

Tell him to throw up. His Majesty Aynlana sat back on the throne softly.

... At first glance, you seem to have forgotten me with anger, but I can tell you that now I have the privilege of going to see that dark elf woman.

His Majesty remains the same gaze that is about to shoot me, but he says, "Is this good?" It doesn't even look like he's asking...... maybe.

Let's just say I'll be honest with you here.

"Yeah. I wonder if I care about that woman named Amir too. I'm not always interested in the existence that angers His Majesty so much."

"She's such a crappy bitch that she only thinks about matters of interest to herself while she's lazy. Knowledge or accumulation that doesn't matter for a long time should come to your attention. Perhaps you should look into your painful eyes."

I wonder if the knowledge of a woman named Amir is tattooed by His Majesty.

By the way, Your Majesty, does that sanctuary mean a place called Kirafa Lisitel?

"What, you know what? Exactly. Whether this promethera or not is the most benevolent blessing in this Zephte aria, his land also benefits from it...... no, should I say it was. It's also where the corrosion we talked about earlier is happening."

"That's more and more interesting. The same goes for a woman named Amir, but I'd like to see the scene of corrosion with this eye. Does anyone have jurisdiction there?

"Oh. It's managed by an elf woman named 'Marisha'. There's a school there, and she's a talented woman who also holds the dean's seat. I'm a relative of that Ludio..."

His Majesty continued by strengthening his frightening emotions more than his anger.

"... how could Marisha be such a bottomless woman? Unlike a dark elf who just remembers that name makes me nauseous, I have no particular problem with my attitude toward concubines... well, she's a tough bitch. If you're going to talk to them, don't get too swallowed up by the atmosphere."

"I have more than enough time to observe His Majesty's hardship. You mean trouble because you're good only for people of that character, right?

"Let's just say yes. Because he's so good, he's having trouble dealing with it. I wish I was mediocre... but sometimes I really need their help."

Amir and Marisha, huh?

What kind of elves are you to tell His Majesty so far? Looking forward to seeing you.

"Well, can I go see those elves?

"I don't mind. Amir Sergesta, I'm not going to take the trouble out of you, but Marisha is another one. Let's get a letter of introduction from the concubine. … but there is only one condition"

Her Majesty corrected her residence and smiled.

If you look at that calm face, you might be able to relieve the tension, but I feel a little chilly the other way around.

"Theodore. The present queen of the kingdom of Zefte Aria gives her immediate life"

"That's the one you can say no to?

"If only your neck and torso could be separated forever."

I hate that because it takes a lot of time to recover...

If you look like a demon god, you can regenerate it as soon as your head has been wiped out, but not with the human body.

"It's the Savior. It's terrible while you hold on to what, already."

"Bring Amir Sergesta to this Promethera Crystal Palace."

"Does Your Majesty want to talk to you too? But you're not one of them, are you? I don't think you can take it from me."

His Majesty Aynlana says with a smile.

"In that case, take him. Pull over. But bring him here. It doesn't matter if you have one or two broken arms and legs, or nothing. At this point, I don't care if it's decent from the neck to the top so I can talk."

"How long has Elf been like a barbarian?

"Shut up. Anyway, bring that lunatic this far. Good? That's the condition for a letter of introduction."

I've never found out anything about His Majesty Aynlana.

The queen of this elf seems as difficult as usual, and she is more adorable with an invisible atmosphere with just a little wrinkle between her brows.

He looks so adorable laughing at me right now, but he just seems like a monster in a small animal skin.

I said, scratching my head behind my back.

"I get it. I'll do something to bring him in."

"For once, it is no exaggeration to say that Amir Sergesta is one of the most exorcising of Zephte arias. Yum, don't forget that. If you're bad, there's a good chance that you won't come back looking for her."

"I feel like I'm having a hard time just seeing you, but I'll see what I can do. But I don't know if Liz and the others can take me to a place like that."

I don't care if I'm the only one, except for the other privileged students.

Liz, Julian and Clarice both have strong powers at our disposal, but many are still immature.

But His Majesty returned it like this.

"Oh, it was. I have one more condition. Leeze, let Meliá accompany you."

"Is it okay to take me to a place like that?

"... perhaps the time will come for my daughter's help. Besides, it would be convenient if that selfish daughter got into one or two of her painful eyes again and got a little grown up."

I felt like they were saying I wouldn't see a woman named Amir without Liz in the dark.

I know there's something going on, but well, if I go, you know what I mean.

"Understood, Your Majesty. By the way, can I accompany Julian and Clarice?

"Whatever you want. Either way, you or Liesemelia will leave the land for a while. They won't be comfortable here alone."

Thus, by Her Majesty's reckoning, we went to Kirafa Lisitel, the eastern sanctuary of the kingdom of Zephte Aria.