Chirafa Lisitel, called the sanctuary of the kingdom of Zephte Aria.

When we got to the land, it was evening time.

Unlike Promethera, the sanctuary, illuminated by sunset, looks like a very natural city.

The houses are made of wood and the ground is peeled out.

The weeds were removed clean, and the flowers that grew from the land of the houses bloomed brightly in colour.

Somehow, should I call it pastoral?

While the elves are tidy and habitable, they maintain their natural richness.

My first impression was like that.

Julian, overlooking the streets, said all clapped up.

"I thought the sanctuary was so much of a city that I wouldn't take a pull on that promethera... it just looks rural"

Liz sighs at the statement.

"That's just special over there, and that's pretty much what's in the elves. Yikes. If you don't mind, you can just go home.

"No? For me, I'd rather find this view much more familiar than a different city like the crystal itself."

It was a slightly unexpected statement.

I thought Julian would be bored with these seemingly seemingly nothing sights, but apparently not.

Although Liz also looks surprised, she whines as if she agrees.

"Well, the Wang du feels all sorts of inward-looking and arrogant. Do you call it inorganic? I guess I prefer places like this, too."

My thoughts on the sanctuary were there, and Liz said, "Well," as if she had regained her mind.

"Was there two purposes here? Going to military school and some lover going to see the scene of corrosion"

"Liz. I thought you said you were going to see me as a future queen candidate, too?

"What... don't remind me... Disgusting......"

Liz said there are two purposes, but the truth is, there are three.

I hadn't let everyone know about the woman named Amir yet.

Perhaps Liz knows about the dark elf woman.

If you also think that's the other sister you're going to marry, it's not strange to have to do something again if you teach them poorly.

So for now, I was going to let you know that I'm going to go see Dark Elf again after I get to this sanctuary.

Regardless of whether we were going to see the scene of the corrosion, neither Julian nor Clarice seemed to disagree.

Clarice still remains silent, so I probably won't say anything in favor or against it, though.

Huh, Liz roars as she watches the West Day.

"Inn, I might have to look for it. The school dorm will be full, so they won't let me use it."

Julian says after laughing with his nose.

"You must be a princess. Get in the dorm and say, 'We'll use this place ourselves, so you guys sleep outside.'"

"Uh hey! I'm not going to behave in such a tyrannical manner as to exaggerate my power! Kids like you may not know."

I don't even want to know what the royal family thinks.

Damn, this is it as soon as these two are left alone.

It seemed interesting to watch, but I'll undo the subject.

"But Liz. Do you have an inn Ate?

"Hmm. For once, this is a sanctuary. There are pilgrims, there are inns. Sometimes I stay at the temple in some cases. I'm looking for a little something, so why don't you guys go to school first? I'll be there later."

"We don't even have a land survey. Please."

"Yeah. Well, let's get going.... Oh, the school will be there as soon as you walk down the other street. Look, even from here, you can see the building, right?

Liz pointed out that there was a building that was quite sized.

Let's go there first.

After waving our hands off and dropping off Liz, we turn to school.

As Julian walked in the lead, I took her hand as Clarice walked.

Walk down the street without being particularly resistant.

The commute is full of elves and no other species is found.

That's why our presence seems so conspicuous, and even if it's not as prometerial, we can stare at it with eyes that are just a little alert.

There was also the appearance of the elves in uniform who would be home from school.

The white based uniform makes you remember the unique proximity that is also different from the black uniform of the Imperial military school.

Should I say that I weigh in on discipline and seem to persevere?

Eventually, when the main entrance to the school was visible, there was a presence there that entailed a slightly different atmosphere than the surrounding area.

It's an elf woman in white military uniform.

Blue treasure-like eyes and elongated ears on a neat nose beam.

He knits and drips his long, light purple hair behind him, dropping the students out of school in a rough stand-up.

Age only looks a little higher than Liz's, but it's extremely difficult to guess the actual age of the elves from the outside.

And the atmosphere she wrapped up in didn't seem like a strict military man.

Though wearing military uniforms exactly, my eyes are blurry somewhere, and I'm just waving silently and answering in an empty way even when the students say goodbye.

The elf keeps his body on the wall near the main entrance and is carefree.

None of the elves I have seen on Zefte Aria's previous journeys felt extraordinary, either he was reluctant to come near them, or he was just badly impressed by the fact that most of them seemed serene and quiet but therefore demanding.

If I were to be a serviceman, I would be close to the Kingsguards serving beside Her Majesty Queen Aynlana, but I can't even feel that atmosphere from her.

Julian said.

"You're meeting a dean like Marisha, right? Wouldn't you know if you asked that elf?

"Right. Let's just ask."

I told Clarice to wait a little while before heading to the woman's elf on an early foot.

She should also know what we're talking about because of the elf-specific ear goodness...

The elf woman with the light purple hair stared at me with her blue eyes.

But I won't say anything. I'm just staring.

... This doesn't make any sense. I shall communicate the requirements as soon as possible.

"Er, the dean of this school's -"

"Anything for 'Marisha Celiers'?

With a carefree look on her face, she told in an unchallenged voice.

Those blue eyes do reflect me, but I was so confused that I thought I might be staring at a different place.

But it's not that you're not as lively as Clarice is today, and you don't look as if you're stunned.

I just can't help but get that impression that I'm not interested in anyone around me, including myself.

I asked as I was not used to talking to people like this.

"I'm here to see that elf named Marisha. This is a letter of introduction from Her Majesty the Queen."

When I handed him the letter, the military elf checked the wax before opening the contents.

After reading the letter, Elf returns it to me and then says:

"I don't see His Highness, Liesemelia."

"She would have just gone looking for a place to stay today. Maybe I'll be here in a little while."

"Really? Let me show you to the dean's office."

In a tasteless, dry voice, the elf just walks into the school grounds.

We went after her a little early.

The school building was wooden, and plants and spreads were involved all over the building.

Is the hallway in the building due to aging or does it sound giddy every time you walk?

It felt like the floor was about to fall out.

Elves headed to the dean's office on the top floor of the school building and we followed her there without any particular obstacles.

Most students seem to have left school, and I can't see the other teachers.

When a woman from a military elf put her hand on the knob at the door, she smelled just a little mildew with the squeaky noise.

Elves go in first, me and Julian, Clarice go through.

The interior of the room runs out of killing scenery words.

There is no other furniture or conditioning in the room illuminated by the western sun that shoots in through a small window just with a butler desk and chair.

There is something on the desk that looks like weed served on a small plate, but nothing else stands out and makes me wonder if anyone is really using this room.

It's like I just carried my desk and chair to use this room from now on - can I just say it's such an atmospheric room?

When the door of the room closed with a loud, deafening noise, the elf woman sat “on the desk” and put her feet together.

Surprised by the unexpected sight, the elf woman says softly.

"... welcome. Kirafa Lisitel, to the military school directly under the sanctuary."

With his untouched blue eyes pointed at him, Julian muttered, "What the hell is this guy?" with his eyebrow-roots raised.

While I was having trouble with the words, I noticed who she was when I saw her way too grandiose.

"Well, I wonder if you're Marisha Celiers."



The woman, who affirmed herself to be Marisha, carried one leaf from the plate placed on the desk to her mouth.

Keep it up, sneeze and chew.

Shh, and while the sound of chewing the leaves quietly only sounded, I inquired.

"... can I ask you something? What are you doing?

Dean Marisha said after swallowing what he chewed.

"I'm eating leaves"

... What the hell is this elf?

I was also confused by the boulder, and Dean Marisha turned to me with another leaf in his hand.

"Do you eat too?

"Yes, no, I won't."


Squeeze. Shabby shabby shabby.

Thank you.

Julian, who looked blatantly disgusted when she saw how it was going, whispers in a whisper after she elbowed my flank.

"Hey, isn't this the guy or the bitch...? Do something."

"Do something, even if they say so."

Dean Marisha, eating the leaves, watched our interaction in silence, but squealed inadvertently.

"You're out of your mind with 'Yabe Woman'. I'm just eating leaves though. Young dragon boy."

"Huh!... You've noticed very well that I'm a dragon"

"The unique magic that resides in its body belongs exactly to the Dragon Clan. I have felt countless in the battle between the late Elberian Empire and the Xenan dragon kingdom"

I also realized that she wasn't just a weird elf to get here.

"Was Dean Marisha in the battle between the Empire and Zenan?

"With her life from Her Majesty Queen Kilfiniska, she was assisted by the then Commander-in-Chief of the Southern Territories, Marshal Audran"

The military elf, with light purple hair, had nothing to lose in emotion, saying pale, and then another leaf.

While Julian looks surprised, he asks with a slight vigilance.

"That marshal was fighting on the front lines, wasn't he? You fought the Dragons, too."

"Ngugu...... thank you. I killed many."

"Heh... You don't look that strong."

"Is that an introduction?

"Am I...?

"You only look like a poor, weak dragon"

"Then why don't you give it a try?

It was released from Julian's entire body.

That was like running a scare if you were a normal person or an elf - but there's no way Dean Marisha is going to move.

"I don't care, but it's not strange that they call me sooner or later when I seem to be provoking like that. The world is bigger than you think, and there are more than you - couldn't Ludio tell you that?"

Just when Dean Ludio's name came out, Julian said whether he had been cut off his temper or a little calm back.

"You know that half-elf?"

"That kid is my sister's son. It's my nephew."

His Majesty Aynlana said Dean Ludio and Dean Marisha were relatives to each other, but I see. On second thought, the two may be alike.

Especially around treating people who don't seem to care for themselves.

However, because Dean Ludio is superficially calm and flamboyant, ordinary students don't realize that... I can't feel anything like that takeover from this elf woman named Marisha.

In the meantime, I took control of the murderous Julian as "sort of" before asking Dean Marisha.

"I hear Dean Ludio used to encourage you to study here at a young age... but he wasn't mentoring you, was he?

"Because I wasn't the dean yet at the time. And there's nothing I can teach that gifted child."

"I feel like I threw it off a little bit, but you and Dean Ludio weren't very close or anything?

"I've talked to him a few times, but I wonder what that would be because he's a relative. Neither I nor that kid are interested in each other's existence."

... Is that what it is?

Though I thought it was somewhat of a concern if you were someone with blood connections.

Julian tells me to throw up.

"That half elf and you are pretty crazy. Naturally, you fought with Lieutenant General Lambert."

"There were a few times, but that's what it is"

"... how did it feel to be with my nephew on the battlefield?"

"Is it a question of whether people with blood connections can feel special by standing on the same battlefield (if any)?"

"... no, if you don't know. I'm not gonna talk about it."

I understand very well His Majesty Aynlana's words: 'Don't be swallowed by the atmosphere'.

Apart from this elf named Marisha, he has different emotions than any other race, and I guess that's the same way of thinking.

I decided to ask a few questions.

"Does Dean Marisha like to fight?

"No special emotions"

"So you joined the Imperial Army because you had a life from Her Majesty the Queen, without which you would have left it?


"What do you think would have happened if Dean Ludio had died in that battle?

"I would have attended the funeral."

"Are there feelings of sadness or anger there?


I've talked to those who have low emotions many times before, but this is the first time I've seen someone so pale.

If you're not interested in fighting, that means you don't want to fight or hate to fight.

Julian had eyes as if he had already seen even an obscure monster.

But as far as I'm concerned, it's interesting.

What makes her enthusiastic?

"So what is Dean Marisha into?

"It's the truth of the world."

"Again, that's a big one...? What does that look like? No, let's just say I ask specifically because I have trouble being told that the truth is the truth or something. Is that referring to the logic of the world itself?


"... so I wonder if any results have been achieved in pursuit of that truth"

"The elves, the humans, the beasts, the dragons, you can see the thread on their backs."

Does rolling yarn mean literally?

That means what Dean Marisha wants to say -.

"Does it mean that everyone who lives on this continent, regardless of race, is being manipulated to someone's will?

In response to those words, President Marisha was silent for the first time in response to previous inquiries.

Her expression remains the same.

I felt myself looking at me with those blue eyes and exploring what I was thinking in the depths of my heart.

After a long silence, the dean of the elf said.

"What do you think"

"Conspiracy theory and other crap - and I just want to laugh. Unfortunately, I can't say that either. I believe President Marisha's words are undeniable. [M] I'd rather say it represents this world today."

He stares at me when he says what Julian means. [M]

Clarice could no longer talk about it, or she was only silent.

And then Dean Marisha stays seated at the executive desk as usual, but says after taking a sigh of Phew for the first time with some seemingly emotional trick.

"I've never heard the truth I pursued, never laughed, never denied, and on the contrary, I've never seen anyone like me in tune"

It was an uncharted tone as the same blur, but Dean Marisha continues.

"Can you tell me your name again"

"Theodore, I don't have a last name, I'm not a nobleman."

"Theodore, is it? Nice. Interesting. I like it. Let me thank you for the good fortune of meeting someone like you. I welcome you with all my heart, including His Royal Highness Liesemelia."

Dean Marisha stepped out of the desk and grabbed one leaf and offered it to me.

"Would you like one?"

"No, I guess I'd rather not"

"Really? Too bad."

When the dean of the elf with the strange atmosphere groaned so, he clasped the leaves.

I chew it in the first place and then swallow it and say it as if I remembered something.

"You just named your name yet. My name is Marsha Celiers. He also serves as president of this Sanctuary Kirafa Lisitel Sanctuary Direct Military School and as patron director."

"Something like a gatekeeper here?

"There's no difference in that perception."

When she said that, there was a noise of someone running from the hallway.

Someone stopped in front of this room, knocked on the door and opened it without asking for a reply.

"Sorry, I'm late. In the meantime, I've been looking for candidates for the inn."

"His Royal Highness Liesemelia. Long time no see."

"Ah... Marisha Shinsen -? Long time no see! You're still blurry."

"It's often said"

Liz seems to have been taken on a school tour by Her Majesty the Queen, so I wonder if she looks familiar.

Dean Marisha said I thought so.

"Your Highness is interested in this school."

"Yeah, yeah. I wonder what kind of class you're in."

"It's a normal boring class. It won't be enough for His Highness, who has spent time with Ludio in the land of Mirdiana."

"Hmm, I'm fine with that..."

Listening to Liz's words, the dean slapped Pong's hand like he flashed something.

"Let me propose a special class from you"

"... yes, no, I don't mind that"

You had a bad feeling early, Liz waved her hands and refused, but Dean Marisha said it was okay.

"Go to the corrosive land that is occurring in the vicinity of Kirafa Lisitel and use the royal power of your body to purify corrosion."

"Um... I thought I was going to go see it someday, but from the beginning, that--?

"There is danger in his land. Don't worry, I'll accompany you."

"... well, you should do the first thing you don't like. When are we leaving? Tomorrow?

"No problem. Theodore, I ask you to accompany me."

"I just don't even wish. I'm looking forward to Liz's work."

"Theo-kun is really, really mean when he's mean... yes, I get it. That's okay, yeah."

At the end of the day, Liz's words, which she said to the throwing in a tone that she did not think was very princess, were dissolved.

says the dean.

"My dorm is full, I'm sorry I couldn't give you all the hospitality."

"It's not convincing to be told with such a blurry face."

"Yeah. Well, at least to apologize"

Dean Marisha said with one leaf.

"Will Your Highness eat leaves, too?

"... I don't need it. It looks bitter."

"The bitterness is good, but if you want sweetness too, you can wrap it up and eat it -"

"Yes, okay! I don't need any more words after that, Marisha. Have all of them! Go ahead!!"

"Really? Too bad."

Dean Marisha blushed the leaves with a less unfortunate look -.