The next day, we headed from Dean Marisha to the place designated for the rendezvous.

There stood an elf woman, wrapped in white military uniform, knitted with light purple hair and draped behind her, in a blurry manner.

"Well, shall we go?"

Dean Marisha sees us and then walks out.

Liz, who was next to me, sighed heavily. [M]

"Uh, dull..."

He walked rubbing his eyes as Liz fell asleep, clashing his butt sticky with a frontal collision on Dean Marisha's back that suddenly stopped.

"Yikes!? What are you doing already? Marisha, don't stop all of a sudden!

"Excuse me. I remember forgetting to mention one important thing."

Dean Marisha turns here and speaks to the blonde girl standing behind me.

"You there blonde...... did you call me Clarice"


As never before, Clarice looked gloomy.

Dean Marisha says to her that she has enough power to follow us, but nothing else is going to happen.

"You're a handful. Stand by at the inn."


Liz was the first to argue with the dean's words that he didn't give a shit about, such as how Claris was doing.

"Hey, I'm not terrible at saying foot clumps!? Even Clarice is so strong when she's healthy, isn't she?

"You don't seem well, though."

"Marisha Shisei wouldn't know, but in the Empire... there was a bit of a lot going on. I had a really hard time mentally."


Dean Marisha said instantly, letting him snort.

Okay, wait at the inn.

Liz was about to say something, and I suppressed her.

I say straight to the dean.

"Dean Marisha is not interested in our circumstances, is she? I don't care if Clarice is supposed to follow me. But the reason we put her in the inn is because it's dangerous, right?


It was Dean Marisha who just replied, but in a way it may be easy to understand.

I guess something called personal affection is horribly rare.

I just can't take Clarice in her current state any more than there's probably danger where we're headed.

The dean himself should not be interested in Clarice's life or death.

Still, the reason I keep you waiting at the inn to keep you away from danger is because Clarice is also another guest of Her Majesty Queen Aynlana. That's all we're talking about.

"Clarice. There seems to be some danger, so will you stay at the inn today?

"... Yes"

Say it like Liz panicked.

"Are you okay? Can you go home alone?

Clarice nodded and went straight to the inn.

Julian says he watched it in silence.

"I wonder how long it's been in that state"

"I guess that depends on who you are. I hope it's also an incentive to get back on your feet."

Dean Marisha says in a pale manner as Liz still worries about dropping off Clarice's hindsight.

"Then follow me"

Julian followed the dean, and Liz followed after a slight delay.

I decided to whine like this while I followed it. [M]

"Sure, you're a little worried. I hope someone distracts you."

No one obeys that word.

I just don't see him...

Through the city of the sanctuary Kirafa Lisitel, a fantastic forest emerged.

Interesting sights continue to be seen, such as the trees that change into various colors and the crystals that grew from there.

But I guess there's nothing special about it for Dean Marisha, who lives in the land. Keep walking as if you have no emotion whatsoever.

From time to time, she took the leaves out of her nose and twisted them.

Occasionally I walk repeatedly through things like crouching in front of the weeds growing around it - and picking them out.

I felt as though I had come to take some herb collection or something in class. There was something called pharmacology in the military school.

And then, after about two hours?

Liz, who had been complaining about "tired -" "sloppy" and other bumps from earlier, groaned disgustingly after humming her nose.

"Ugh... you smell something weird... don't you?

I hear that elves also have a better sense of smell than humans.

I breathed deeply into my lungs and felt a slight mixture of strange odors.

Says Dean Marisha, who was walking in front of us.

"Before this, the land of corrosion. Naturally, it reeks of corruption."

"Uh-oh, no, this smells weird, huh? Something about... animal carcasses or something rotten."

"If you look at the state on the ground, you'll know what's going on"

Dean Marisha keeps moving forward.

And there were two military elves ahead of her on her way.

In a pair of men and women, a female elf says more like a surprise.

"Marshal Celiers!? How was it done?

"We have brought His Royal Highness Liesemelia to the scene of the corrosion"

"My lord Liesemelia!? It's very dangerous. We're just trying to maintain the status quo by putting multiple boundaries together, so we can go any further."

"This is a special class I imposed on His Highness."

Liz passes behind Dean Marisha, who shakes off the suppression of a military elf, looking sorry "sorry......"

We followed them, too.

And soon I realized that a huge junction was being put up in front of me.

Its technique, which covers an open area of the forest, is quite strong. Perhaps there will be a median staircase of prohibition.

Dean Marisha snapped her fingers. Moments later, the junction ceremony was easily destroyed along with the sound of the glass smashing.

... It's an awesome surgical destruction.

I didn't even need chanting, I just didn't know I could send enough magic to destroy a strong junction by just ringing my fingers.

Regardless of what the demon god looks like in my case, it would take a little time to destroy this level of manipulation in a human figure.

Dean Ludio and his relatives say that he is one another, but is this how he and all those close to him excel in the treatment of magical guidance?

Julian, who was next to me, was whispering, "Wow..."

And the moment the junction completely disappeared, the scene was filled with a tremendous stench of sniffles.

After Liz couldn't help herself, she coughed up her cheeks.

This smells terrible. My nose is about to bend.

Some of the dead Levi serves have a rotten odor, but it stinked so bad that it didn't take a pull compared to it.

But this is the undisputed smell of the creature's carcass releasing. Isn't it the forest where the corrosion is going...?

Following Dean Marisha moving on, there was a different sight there.

It looked like something grew out of the ground like a hunk of brown meat.

That's as if it enlarged one human arm as it was, and at first glance would it be more than 10 meters?

From the joints and thoughts of the arms something like bone protrudes, dripping the bumps and fluid onto the ground, emitting a tremendous stench.

Liz screamed when she saw it.

"Uh-huh. Huh!? Creepy!? It's disgusting and stinky!! What is this?

"I am one scale of the power of the Twin Evil Gods."

"Ugh... duh, what do you mean...?

"We're trying to manifest a part of our body like that from a corroded earth. Because of the narrow range of corrosion, it's about that size, but if corrosion goes on, things like that arm will get even bigger."

I was called the arm of a double evil god. I looked at it and raised my mouth just a little bit.

- I feel a tremendous obsession with raw. If there's a gap, it won't be strange when you're back.

Nevertheless, is it still only this magnitude?

The figure of the Double Evil God I once saw from the land of Futoharia was enough to rush through heaven.

I want to fight the Twin Evil Gods who completely regained their power at the time.

... but to boulders. That would be tough on this body.

Those who approached the former Twin Evil Gods without dealing with anything were left breathless by rotting their bodies under the influence of their corrosion.

Don't let your head be dominated by a destructive urge that doesn't suit your length any more than you can fight with your natural strength.

I was only a little disgusted by the current situation and sighed. [M]

Julian says he was watching it.

"Am I right? Did you feel bad about this stench, too?

"... well, maybe that's the place"

"Heh, that's what you have there, too. - So, what do you think about that?

"I wonder to what extent it might seem so if they say that the Twin Evil Gods are about to manifest themselves. I'm not familiar with the existence of those evil gods, either."

It's true that I don't know that much about the Twin Evil Gods.

Levi, who once went with me to this Zephte Aria, was flourishing with the dark elves to gather information, but no one said that anyone could answer about why the twin evil gods appeared in the land and what kind of monster it was difficult to say with that different god in the first place.

I'm not exhausted about its origins... but the Dark Elves didn't even know it at the time.

Finding out the truth may in some ways be more difficult than destroying its existence.

As I thought about it, Julian shrugged in a voice that seemed to be feeling sick again.

"It stinks of corruption... can't you burn it down with an industrial flame technique?

"This is what happens when you do that."


Dean Marisha cast a tremendous magic on his right hand and waved his arms silently to some of the twin evil gods.

Moments, the arms of the evil gods flashly burn up with ear-busting roars.

Liz, who was watching the sight, screamed as small as she was frightened, and Julian, who was next to me, was hardened with her eyes open because she felt a magic beyond her imagination.

It won't even be possible.

The industrial inflammatory ceremony unleashed by Dean Marisha is not forbidden. This is magic.

The flame she unleashes has become a giant firepillar of more than 100 meters, wrapping a giant evil god around her whirlpool, releasing a fever that just burns down her surroundings.

Constraint of the goddess of charity. It's a restraint that doesn't let go of a technique that hurts others.

The magic power of Marisha Celiers, who holds the rank of Marshal, was so devastating that she did not even let the elves feel the fine dust of that commandment, which was supposed to be imposed equally.

The flaming manoeuvres she handled go beyond even the icy manoeuvres that would freeze all of Dean Ludio, who once destroyed so many celestial demons in Mirdiana.

- Dean Marisha said as he looked down at Liz, who had gotten into the spot.

"Your Highness, please stand."

"Huh... ahhh..."

"It's not my job to destroy that array. It's what you have to exchange."

The moment Dean Marisha's magic scratched out, the firepillar, which was burning with tremendous momentum, disappeared as if nothing had happened, and he couldn't even feel the heat that burned his skin.

And speaking of the arms of the Double Evil God burned by the Fire Column......

"Hey, are you serious..."

With all that magic in his body, the ugly giant arms of the Twin Evil Gods remained grown from the earth without burning.

Dean Marisha said unchanged and without breaking his blurry attitude.

"Even if magic hits you directly like this, it doesn't work for you."

I was curious about this unexpectedly powerful elf, but I asked him not to understand it.

"Do you mean the Magic Resistance of the Twin Evil Gods is strong?

"It will be extremely difficult to destroy with magic."

"What about physical attacks?

"We were granted God's protection and attempted attacks with holy swords and holy spears, but it was pointless."

The Twin Evil Gods have not regained their original power.

What a terrible thing to gain so much resistance with just that degree of manifestation.

said Dean Marisha.

"Being scratched by an array is an attack by divinity. Or only the power of charity granted to the royal family of the kingdom of Zephte Aria"

"Ah... I can't do that... I can't do that..."

Liz says with a trembling voice, completely frightened and constricted, but Dean Marisha doesn't even show such a bare gesture of caring for an elf princess.

"I should be able to be you"

"Oh, no... how...?

"With royal power"

I don't have any advice.

The dean just tells me to show the royal power.

Will the royal power of dwelling in Liz really work against that double-evil god who doesn't even make sense of magic?

I turned to Liz, still unable to move, and reached out to her.

Liz made her frightened look stronger, but when I laughed and called her by her name, she grabbed her forehead and her hand.

"Dean Marisha says, let's try it first"

"So, but..."

"If you can't, I say you can't. This dean."

Dean Marisha snorts at the leaves removed from her nostrils as if she had finished her job and said she no longer had anything to do with it.

I don't see how Julian notices how obviously alarmed I am about her like that - she looks like she does, but she must probably be guessing something.

Dean Ludio made me feel a power I couldn't bottom-up, but it's hard to feel anything special from this woman's elf named Marisha.

It's as if you're in the same world as us, but you're actually somewhere else, so different from the rest of us.

"Liz. What is it like to unleash royal power?

"Mmm...... Feels similar to releasing magic, I guess. It's just that the power vested in the royal family enriches nature or maintains it, that's all. It's not meant to hurt anything."

Liz glanced at Dean Marisha like she was in trouble.

The elf with light purple hair squeaks with a blurry face.

"I cut the leaves I eat"

"... Theo-kun, I don't really know what I'm talking about."

"It's okay. I'm not sure, either, because she's just not interested in anything other than the truth of the world."

"I really don't know if it's okay. Well, if you say you need royal power, I'll use it..."

Liz lifted some power in his hand, as if he'd gotten back on track a little bit.

I thought that was the power to live in the royal family, for a moment.

I wondered if the arms of the Twin Evil Gods were frightened and spasmodic, and my fingers and thoughts burst into the ground and approached Liz in a straight line.

I grab Liz and jump back. [M] Shortly afterwards, a brown, corroded finger protruded from where Liz was standing, as if it were an old tree.


Liz screamed, creating an impromptu sword of magic with my empty hands, painting some sort of maneuver in the way Julian panicked.

When the pointy fingertip of the evil god became like a whip and struck Liz, a junction appeared before our eyes to prevent a hardened blow like that spear.

Dean Marisha did not seem to have made any particular moves and seemed to have created an advanced juncture with ease.

Is this what you said was at stake?

I said, "Liz, hold on" in Liz's ear, confused because I don't know why, and then I went on.

"I'll do your part here and now."

"... Ugh, yeah, I know...!

Liz releases a warm light wrapped around both of those hands towards the fingers of the Twin Evil Gods.

Moment after moment, my fingertips, which were sharp as spears, collapsed and became like dirt to me.

Liz stayed put and let the light shine toward the twin evil gods in the distance.

The momentum was still weak, but as soon as it was wrapped in a pale green light, the arms of the Twin Evil Gods beyond 10 meters cramped as if they were going to suffer, eventually shaping apart.

The rotten odor that had been emitted from its rotten arms also disappeared, and later all that remained was the scorch marks left by the industry-inflammatory ceremony unleashed by Dean Marisha.

"... ha. This is it?

"Yes, good job"

That's what the elf dean said, shrugging his nostrils... remembering that he had already cut off his leaves, and now he groaned in a blurry tone without even showing how sorry he seemed to be... "Leaves..."

From what I've seen, Liz's unleashed power certainly seemed like something I'd never felt before, but it didn't seem to have the same level of destructiveness as Dean Marisha's unleashed advanced magic.

Does that mean the arms of the Twin Evil Gods can't even stand the slightest royal power...?

Julian asked the dean in a tone that seemed puzzling.

"Did that alone make the Twin Evil Gods disappear?

"I just lost my power temporarily."

"You mean that arm will grow again?"

"Yeah. I don't know where it is."

Dean Marisha turned back her heels immediately wondering if she was any more interested in the occasion.

"Your Highness, we're going to the next place."

"What!? Still yours!?

"There are other corroded places in this land."

In a pale tone, the dean just walked out.

Liz blurs with a fed up face.

"Ha ha... Teo-kun, I'm tired"

"Fair enough. Let's just try harder."

I go after Dean Marisha, trying to get past Liz, who is disappointed.

Julian still had the look of seeing something incredible, followed.

The land of Futhalia was vibrant.

In the realm of dark elves, many inhabitants still walk today, and their feet are uninterrupted from the numerous dewstores on the edge of the street.

In the liquor store, which has been open since daylight, the men of the early quarreling dark elves show a punching look when they bother with trivial things, but no one blames them. Instead, they were just those who stood up.

Cursing and laughing.

The cheer that springs to the triumph of the fight echoes, as does the whining voice of those who were betting on which wins unexpectedly.

He's frantically bickering, he's watching with a demeaning look at the money he earned from winning a bet, and the guy who was immersed in the aftermath of the victory in a tavern fight is still on the spot with that momentum. The dinner bill for the guy is busy saying I'll have it.

- The air of the place, which was full of its clutter and bustle, froze in an instant.

Everyone looked up at the sky.

In its eyes, the black wings.

A girl with black wings on her back descends into the street.

The black-winged girl in a purple dress grins as someone screams like she was frightened.

"What's up, guys? I've been having so much fun. Let's have more fun, shall we? Shall we laugh?

The Dark Elves take that word and they all smile.

Its making smile was nothing short of something that would make anyone uncomfortable to see.

But no one can turn against this girl.

"Yes, yes. Everyone's smiling is important. Have fun laughing and laughing.... oh?

There was a dark elf child with a frightened look as he sat on the ground as a dry laugh echoed.

Lanakiel, the black-winged girl, approaches the child.

"Hey, how come you don't laugh? Why?"


The child was raised in a slum outside the King's Capital.

I didn't know the face of my real parents, and I lived desperately, even though I felt poor every day.

It was only recently that I came to this King's Capital of Futhalia. In this big city, I had just left the slums where I was used to thinking that I might be able to find a place to work, and that I could live if I even worked for stealing.

Therefore I do not know the child of the dark elf.

That there is an insanity in this land of Futeharia which must not be broken.

"Never defy the Black Wings"

That's all I know, this dark elf kid didn't know.

Everyone knows about the people of Futhalia. I didn't know that.

Lanakiel crouched and gazed in front of the sitting child, tilting her little neck wonderfully.

"Don't you laugh? Isn't that fun? Hey, why not?

"Hih... ugh...!!

The Dark Elf child only knew about Ranakiel in rumors.

This is the first time we have actually met, and we do not even know the end of those who defied her.

But that instinct was alarming. At first sight alone, I made him feel more vigilant than ever when his life was imminent.

"Don't you laugh? Because it's boring? Don't you deserve to hear my words? Tell me, tell me?

"... eh"

Seeing the child as he remained frightened, Ranakiel changed his serene expression until then to a starkless expression.

It's like, all of a sudden, I get a freezing atmosphere from her like I'm someone else.

"Boring, boring boring. How can I be funny? Yeah, it might be interesting if I slapped your head. Yeah, yeah, let's do that. Let's do that! Let's kick some rolling heads and play together."

Ranakiel instantly created the Great Sickle.

The Dark Elf child sees it and finally comes to the limit and cries out.

"... Shut up, Ulu Come on"

Ranakiel, groaning in a terrible mood, lowered his hand slowly as he tried to wave the sickle.

She closes her eyelids as she looks up to heaven.

Put it away for a while, I said.

"... Kirafa Lisitel...? This is royal power...?

Ranakiel groans with bumps.

"But it's not the power of Einlana. That kid's not so weak. All that remains, then, Liesemelia. Liesemelia. Liesemelia Kilfiniska. Daughter of Aynlana. Yes, a child to be Rude's daughter-in-law. Who will be the wife of the Lord of Futoharia Black Crystal Palace. Daughter who draws the filthy blood of the royal family Zefte Aria. You have to turn that off in exchange for Rude..."

The solo talk of the black-winged girl continues.

"But, but I can't match Rude with this kind of power. I do not deserve to be the companion of Ludovine Sergesta Futohalia XVII. Same women Rude has ever married. It's not worth it..."

The girl says there much like she returned to me.

"Oh...... no, no, no, no. I have to see for myself. Maybe they have qualities. Maybe he's holding back his powers. Don't make up your mind, don't make up your mind, don't think“ this time it didn't work ". Don't sooner. Don't sooner."

Ranakiel spread the black wings on his back.

"I'll see you, I'll see you. Let's meet with me and talk. Liesemelia Kilfiniska. I want you to show me what kind of delicacy you are"

The black-winged girl flew off the spot.

Not even a few minutes have passed since she stepped down into the land.

Nonetheless, the streets of Futoharia, which were so busy, were filled with tranquillity as if everyone had died instantly.