His Highness Theon managed to braid his fingers to a good point.

After properly processing it, pull it out of your finger, put a cute button on one end and a hole through the button on the opposite end.

So the bracelet is complete.

With a light light light blue yarn on his arm, His Highness Theon was delighted.

"Yes! Now that I know how to make it, I can make it by myself. Thank you!"

You're welcome.

It's not a hassle at all after I've told you stories like heartburn.

When I heard it, my chest was slightly calmed down.

I guess you wanted someone to sympathize with this Moya Moya. And since His Highness Theon has something similar to me, the calculation is that he will sneak up on me as well...

I'm glad I have a cute button on hand.

If you don't know the time, it's time for a snack.

The door of the room was knocked modestly.

I heard Angela's voice and said, "Oh, my God!".

Shall we go?

"Oh, my brother will get better again."

When the two of them get up, they open the door.

Standing there was Angela, dressed as Kikunoi's maid, who had her eyes wide open, and she bowed to the Highness behind me.

It was a good greeting to the prince, and when I looked back, I was surprised to see that the prince was also surprised. Because Angel-chan is still small.

"Angel, you were right. It's been a long time, show me your face."

It's my first time!

Angel looked up at the words of His Highness.

From that time on, it was very sparkling and full of pure kindness.

After the imperial performance of the Kikunoi Opera Troupe, I and His Highness the Ruler had a conversation, but on the back side, His Highness Theon and Lady Zofie served tea with Regulus, Playkun, Spin, Brother Anje and Utsunomiya-san.

That's why Lord Theon and Angel are fighting.

There were other reasons why Angela was so kind to Lord Theon, but I didn't want to tell him.

"Snooze, do you want to talk to me?" What do you say?, come here! "

"Yes, you said 'get ready' very well."

I'm drenched!

She stroked Angela's head, her face shining. Angela then led us to the reception room, as Lottenmeyer did with a sense of enthusiasm.

In the room, there were already Her Highness the Ruler, Her Highness the Regulus, and Captain Rietberg, but Her Highness the Ruler took off his coat completely and felt relaxed.

His Highness Theon also had a bitter smile on his face.

Brother, you're totally generous, aren't you?

"No, this place is very cozy." And even though you're going to be training, I can't dress like that in such a fussy way. "

Did you put it on your training?

Yeah. They said it was a good sword.

When I saw Reggles in the conversation, I nodded with a thick blonde hair.

Then he sat down with me, and His Highness Theon sat beside His Highness the Ruler in his spare time.

”You've trained so well, Gentlemen”

I see.

"Yeah. But... nnnh, can I have a look at you?"


Reggulus-kun stands on his knees and puts his mouth to my ear.

I told you that I was too accustomed to playing one-on-one battles from Genzo-san. There were many one-on-one attacks. The basics of battle are many to one. I feel that it lacks a sense of practice. "

I put my ears to your ears because Genzo-san was worried about whether it was okay to say it to him face to face.

Hmm, I have to tell you this.

"Your Highness, and Captain Rietberg." Please listen to the words of the teacher of "Unequal Body Style". "

"Yeah? What's wrong?"

In my stiff voice, Her Royal Highness the Reichstag, His Royal Highness Theon, and Captain Rietberg straightened their spine.

I saw those three people, so I stretched my spine on my own.

After correcting his residence and passing on Genzo's rating, His Highness the Ruler took a breath away.

"I just made up a little bit, do you even know that..."

Indeed, I am in charge of your Highness' swordsmanship training, but it is a one-on-one exercise.

Hmm, this is it.

I think I'm probably special.

Somehow, Romanov-sensei, Viktor-san, Lara-san, and Genzo-san all feel like combat training personnel are always on the battlefield...

Otherwise, "Two hours of endurance, bows and arrows will fly, and magic will fly!" or something like that.

With distant eyes, His Highness Theon's mouth twitched.

"Huh? Even though it's sneaky, magic flies at the bow and arrow...?" Is that a trick? "

"The tip of the arrow is crushed, and when it gets close, the mud is fired." If you are captured, it will be muddy. "


It's not "wow."

Those people, they know I'm an athletic idiot, and they're coming after me in the middle of nowhere.

How much mud did you put on at first?

"But, nnhh, I'm going to do it again!"

"I'm trying... Lord Romanov, Lord Shostakovich, Lord Rubinsky!?"

That's right. I've recently fought back and got better, so I'm using magic to bombard the fired mud with pushkins.

I don't have a lot of mud on me.

If you laugh "Ufufufufu" in a low voice like you don't know where it came from, the chick will be nicked, and the prince and Captain Rietberg will have a twitching face.

After that, was your Highness studying sorcery?

I can't come to play raw hatred or spinning today.

My dad needs to sit down and help her with her farming.

In that case, the six of us, your brothers, Angel and Rasheed, will be studying together.

At that time, the demon said to me, "Don't do it!” he whispered.

Your Highness, do you want to sneak around too?



"I'm not saying it all of a sudden today, but I think it's better to have fun if you study anyway. Hey, Regulus-kun?"

With such a nice smile, I asked Reggulus for his consent, and Chick suddenly smiled and said, "I like you! It gives me a boost."

After all, the chick and player are enjoying themselves.

If you laugh again in a crawling voice, Knock and I will say, "You're talking funny stuff, right? I can hear you."

Lara-san was standing when she looked at the entrance where she heard a shivering voice.

That look feels very interesting.

“I'm sorry to bother you,” Lara sat down on the spacious sofa as she walked into the room.

Regulus raised his hands cheerfully and appealed to Lara-san.

"Lara, I want to play with you!"

"Oh, I was listening. Well, then let's do it the day Kana and Tsum come together. Difficulty is different when there are two of them and when there are none of them.

"Oh, play and spin...!" Theon told me. Looks like they're good boys. "

His Ritual Highness rejoiced at the names of Lara-san's players and Spin.

That's a good thing, Your Highness, but did you hear the saying "Difficulty is different"?

His Highness Theon asked me, "Your difficulty... will increase...?" I'm muttering. "

"Well, I'll tell Alyosha and Veecha as well." Why don't you join Konoe's team? "

"Is that okay...?"

"Isn't that a good idea? It will be a guide to measure your strength right now."

That's true, too.

By the way, when I talked to Sensei Romanov about training the guards at Kikunoi Fort, he was biting off a bitter smile and jumping to the Imperial Capital with his magic.

I don't feel like it's getting important, but how did this happen?

Unexpectedly, when I looked at you, you looked excited. The expression on his face was the same as when Regulus was excited.

His Highness Theon next to him has the eyes of a dead fish.

Lara-san gently raised the edge of her mouth to His Highness Theon.

"What's the matter, Your Highness Theon?" Mamaru-chan often has those eyes, too. "

"I didn't want to hear it, that's..."