I plant a field in the last days

Chapter One Foreseeing the End Times

Lu Yuan sat in the room and looked at a black hexahedral spar in his hand, which he had brought from his dream.

That's right, Lu Yuan had a terrifying dream in his dream.

In his dream, he encountered the earth stopping, and then a series of disasters came to the world, the never-setting sun, the dayless night, floods, tsunamis, plagues, Antarctic glaciers hitting the continental plates, 12-magnitude super earthquakes...

After surviving all the disasters, Lu Yuan lost all his relatives. He did not expect that he would eventually die in his overflowing sympathy, and was killed by his most trusted brother, just because of this stone...

When he persisted in the last seven years, Lu Yuan accidentally obtained a stone, the black hexahedral spar in his hand. It was not so much a stone, but rather a key to unlock the dimensional space. Lu Yuan discovered Among the secrets, there is a treasure land in it, a treasure land that belongs to him and can not be attacked by disasters.

It's just a pity that various disasters and pests in the last days caused the food to be consumed and the seeds were eaten up. Fortunately, Lu Yuan dug out a tuber of sweet potato under the bedroom floor, saving the lives of his family.

Lu Yuan’s childhood playmates, Chen Han, were always carefree. They grew up with bare buttocks. However, after they grew up, they ran away and rarely contacted each other. Some were caused by the earth’s stalling. The disasters caused everyone's food and clothing to become a problem. After Lu Yuan accidentally obtained the hexahedral spar, he didn't have to worry about eating and drinking for the time being, so he kindly helped Chen Han.

However, he underestimated the ambitions of the people in the last days. The family relationship between relatives had already vanished in hunger and disaster, let alone the lack of blood relationship between children.

Parents are also honest migrant workers. If others treat them better, they will be devoted to others. In addition, Lu Yuan's hexahedron dimension has sweet potatoes, and his food and clothing have only just been solved, and they want to help others.

In the words of the old father Lu Changhe, "Others helped us a lot before the disaster. We can't be guilty white-eyed wolves. After that, how will the people who go out look at us? Then we must not poke our backbone!"

Just because of this, Lu Yuan said several times that his parents were severely reprimanded back, and he simply took out all the food he planted.

It's said that you will rise up and fight against your enemies. This is true, especially in the last days when you are hungry.

Lu Yuan’s dimensional space was exposed on a whim. Later, the people in Murakami found his parents several times and asked Lu Yuan to hand over the dimensional space. Of course, he stopped doing it and he could help. But this time, the dimensional space is his own. Going out, so a series of contradictions arose.

Two months later, when Lu Yuan drove away the people from the village, another wave of uninvited guests came to the house. Chen Han and Lu Yuan’s playmates when they were young, but this time their purpose was very clear, not only for food, There was still a dimensional space, and there was a quarrel at that time.

"Xiao Yuan, I haven't asked you anything, so I won't be long-winded today. As long as you hand over the dimension space, we will be good brothers in the future! Your parents are my parents! I didn't say anything, I will be your brother from now on! "Chen Han took a sip of the leaf-wrapped cigarette, choked with tears.

"Okay, Chen Han, don't talk about nonsense, I will raise my parents, don't worry about it! These sweet potatoes are the last bit of food I save, you take it away! Don't come here anymore!" Lu Yuan pulled out from under the bed A bag of sweet potatoes was thrown in front of Chen Han. Forty to fifty kilograms of sweet potatoes are definitely a huge sum of money in the last days.

The old man on the side took a breath of smoky leaves and coughed, and murmured: "It's far away, it's useless to keep any space for you. It's better to contribute. The village chief has connections, maybe he can do it. To the seed! Besides, when you bought a house in the provincial capital, Chen Han's family also borrowed one hundred thousand yuan!"

Lu Yuan glared at his father, who realized that he had said the wrong thing again and simply shut up.

Chen Han's father is the village head, a well-known iron rooster. This time Yuan Space gave them absolutely nothing to hear.

What Lu Yuan didn’t expect was that a few days later, seven or eight masked men rushed into his house and beaten and robbed him. Lu Yuan watched his parents fall in a pool of blood, and how much he was caught. The individuals pressed on the ground together and took away the six-sided spar.

With a "bang" gunshot, the bullet penetrated Lu Yuan's chest.

A second before he woke up, Lu Yuan saw a familiar face, Chen Han.


Chen Han shook his head and thought this was a dream. How could the end of the world come? It must be that he has read too many eschatological novels recently.

Holding the hexahedral spar, Lu Yuan started to get up to brush his teeth and wash his face. He will continue to work today. The tasks assigned by the leader must be completed today. After all, he is still working alone in the provincial capital. Losing his job means returning to his hometown to work as a farmer. Up.

Suddenly, Lu Yuan was stunned when he looked at himself in the mirror. There was a scar in the corner of his eye that was not obvious. It seemed to have existed for a long time without looking carefully. He didn't remember when he injured his face.

wrong!It's a dream thing!During the big earthquake, the glass cut the scar left on the corner of my eye.

I took another look at the time on the phone, November 3, 2025, and the time when my parents were killed in the dream is 2032, which is seven years later.

"That...isn't it a dream?" Lu Yuan tremblingly touched the scar on the corner of his brow.

Lu Yuan quickly ran to the supermarket downstairs. The electronic clock was still November 3rd. He stood in front of the counter in a daze without saying a word, the shock in his heart could not be added.

At this time, a piece of news was broadcast on the TV on the wall.

"According to the information observed by the astronomical observatory, a planetary belt has been discovered at a distance of two trillion kilometers from the solar system. According to the moving trajectory, this planetary belt will pass through the solar system. It may be observed during the Lantern Festival. The largest meteor shower ever..."

Next is the forecast of some bricks.

"This group of planetary belts will carry a lot of debris. The duration and scope of the meteor shower will be unprecedented. There will be various meteorites falling to the surface. The expert group reminds the general public that there may be some in the meteorites. Viruses or radioactive substances, I hope that the general public will not take them home. It is safest to report to relevant departments in time..."

Huh, meteorite?It's not as simple as dropping a few meteorites!

Lu Yuan remained motionless as if struck by lightning, and murmured: "It turns out... it's all true!"

After speaking, he hurriedly rode on the electric bike and ran to a forest in the outskirts. As for the constantly ringing phone, Lu Yuan chose to ignore it.

Taking a deep breath, Lu Yuan gritted his teeth and tore off a barb from his fingernail, and suddenly a drop of blood appeared.

Gently dripping onto the spar, Lu Yuan felt dizzy in his head, and then the small forest in front of him became hazy.