I plant a field in the last days

Chapter 988, Riskless

When I heard Xu Changbing, Lu Yuan deeply felt that the other party's helplessness.

Xu Changbing is not the same as other players, it is what he is still a public officer in the entire camp.

So he must pay attention to his behavior, if it is too radical, then your job may not be guaranteed.

And Lu Yuan himself knows that he can go to make another company, but it is only a short term.

If Lu Yuan is able to give him a long time, Xu Changbing may still be more dead to himself.

Now that Xu Changbang feels like to be like ordinary workers, when the day and still hit a day, there is no meaning that I want to work forward.

"Well, I didn't expect that there are so many people, you don't do anything! I am very disappointed with you!"

If the Lu Yuan has pointed to see Xu Changbing, the other party seems to feel that Lu Yuan is buried.

Low head does not dare to look at each other, but the heart is constantly imposing, don't continue to find your own trouble, he can really don't live.

Then, after Lu Yuan's mind, Xu Changbing came to his office.

Xu Changbing worried that he lost this job, saying that this work is really distressed.

Although it is much more than a public office, it is not very long.

He is indeed quite a job. After all, it can make the home to open an open, it is a very good thing.

"Boss, what indication do you have?"

Lu Yuan refers to the chair of the side.

"I am now a few very loyal people, I see you still more good, so I am going to promote some people, but these people need only one job, I see you, I don't know if you are willing willing?"

Xu Changbing suddenly became a wide eye.

He didn't dare to believe his ear, Lu Yuan actually put forward this opinion.

If promised, then life after their future may have changed.

But when I want Lu Yuan, I have already boycotted the object in the entire camp, and I don't seem to have any benefits.

However, he knew that Lu Yuan was absolutely unlike the surface as simple as it appeared, he definitely had a lot of backhand, otherwise, he would not be able to lead millions of people at once.

Looking at Xu Chengbing did not answer, Lu Yuan did not urge it, took out a cigarette from the drawer, ignited a quiet smoke.

After a cigarette is drawn, Lu Yuan will annihilate the cigarette.

At this time, Xu Changbing finally looked up, his eyes stared at Lu Yuan, and he took a deep breath.

"Boss, I am willing, but I have a small condition. I want to give my family. If you promise, I will follow you with you, no matter what you die, as long as I don't die, I must protect it. Your security! "

I heard Xu Changbing's guarantee, and Lu Yuan's mouth raised a smile.

What he wants is this effect, the other party is willing to follow himself, then he has the right to be obliged to help the other party to get the family.

"No problem, now you organize a hundred players, remember that privately secretly recruit, don't let too many people know that we will have a very important thing to give you!"

"Okay, I will tell my work tomorrow morning!"

In order to show your loyalty, Xu Changbing also made this decision.

Lu Yuan, of course, knowing his meaning and nodding.

"Don't worry, I can't give you a guarantee of writing here, even if you take it out, you feel that it is not used.

But I can give you here, as long as you follow me, when you do it, you will come to your family! "

Xu Changba gratefully stood up, rushing to Lu Yuan, and then be busy after leaving the office.

And Lu Yuan is gently point to the desktop, turn on the computer, watch the content on the computer screen.

He put the information collected during this time to the computer, and he is also a clear.

When his mouse is constantly divided in a few forces, a familiar name appears in his mind.

"Qi Zi? This will not be this guy, he has hundreds of people under his hand, I remember that one place is his person, if he really wants to rob, the most likely!"

I was thinking, I suddenly came downstairs on the floor.

The Xu Changbing, who hadn't got out yet, returned again, and the opponent was sweating, and there was a gun in his hand.

"Bad boss, Zheng Qi, Qi send someone to sign up, they have to crush us!"

Lu Yuan after listening to suddenly frowned, he asked, staring at each other.

"Specifically how the case ah, you know all the things related to me again!"

After listening to Xuchang Bing he had swallowed.

"I said, yes, yes they are men who kidnapped the brother of our family, he threatened to tell our secret, no way, saying that the brothers had to.

So Qi Zheng took advantage of the time we do not pay attention to attack the camp, and then stole our crops, they feel unsatisfied may have to come! Now they have a collection of numbers over five hundred people, here we are going to push the level, you see how to do? "

Lu Yuan after listening to his eyes, which flashed a coldness.

"500 people? This guy's energy is relatively big ah, damn it, since this is the case, then blame me polite, immediately notify all brothers, bullets loaded, go out with me, if you dare hands, then they shot directly Do not give them face! "

Xu Changping immediately and with his legs, landing far red nodded, turned around and left the office.

And this is far from land and never stops came downstairs and found the brothers a trust.

"Immediately go home and get these messages to inform my family, let them stay at home, do not go out to shut the door, you send another twenty brothers keep in there, understand?"

The soldier immediately after listening nodded, flying in general out there.

Lu Yuan looked away little star vessel, is slowly coming closer, hundreds of boats out of the entire building will be surrounded by a full opt.

Far from his house growing areas seemed once again burst into flames.

"It seems today to be a decision!"

Lu Yuan eyes which flashed a coldness.

Then he went downstairs a few minutes later, Zheng Qi has been surrounded with people round the company.

Zheng Qi saw the face with a playful look while digging the nose, while watching Lu Yuan.

"Land owner, long time no see, come today is to give you borrow some food, you take it easy ah!"