Summer Palace.

Tai Chi Hall.

Xia Huang Ye Wuxi was sitting in the upper position, his expression stern, and he was not angry with himself, "Where did Ye Jun's rebellious son go."


A middle-aged man in armor showed a panic, "Your Majesty, the third princes go...go..."

Seeing the Jin Longwei commander hesitating, Emperor Xia slapped the case with a palm, "Say, where is this rebellious son."

The man said: "Back to your majesty, the third prince went to Baihualou."


Although Emperor Xia has lived in the deep palace for a long time, the name of Baihua Tower is still very strong.

The most famous place of wind and moon in Jinling City, a sensual place.

Drunk gold fans, spend big money.

Jinling sells the golden nests and throws tens of thousands of dollars, which means Baihualou.

Emperor Xia had explicitly prohibited it in the court hall, and Fan Xia state officials were strictly prohibited from going to the fireworks field.

Now Ye Jun went out of the palace and went privately to Baihualou. Isn't this the face of the Emperor Xia?

this moment.

Xia Huang's face was hard to see the extreme, and angrily said: "Meng Zhan, you immediately go to Baihualou and bring the three princes back."

Meng Zhan's face was embarrassed, and he wanted to say something. Huang Huang glanced at him and continued: "You take me to tell me, if this rebellious son dares to make trouble, take it down and bring it back to the Taiji Hall."

"Weichen understands!"


Meng Zhan took his orders and left. For a time, Emperor Xia seemed to be much older.

He glanced sideways at the old eunuch, "Did I do something wrong?"

The old eunuch said: "Your Majesty, the third prince has recovered from a serious illness, and his personality is a bit stubborn than before, but he will definitely understand your majesty's good intentions."

Xia Huangdao: "Chu country and the pros and cons have arrived, Jun'er must marry the Chu country princess, otherwise how can he survive in such a chaotic situation?"


He got up and walked outside the Tai Chi Palace, frowning his eyebrows and sadness on his face as he walked forward.

Gothe chased after him.



Located on the most prosperous long street in Jinling City.

The area is quite large, like a palace, magnificent and dazzling.

It is one of the landmark buildings in Jinling City.

At this time.

Inside Baihua Building.

In a box, Ye Jun sat upright, surrounded by Yingying and Yanyan on the left and right sides, music around the beam, and the fragrance of wine overflowing.

In the open space in front, the dancers danced gracefully, enchanting and graceful, making people overwhelmed.

With a smile on his angular face, he took a sip of the wine from time to time, as if he was enjoying himself very much.

The beauty is in her arms, anger is like Lanxin.

At this moment, Ye Jun was completely like a dude.

If Xia Huang sees it, he will definitely be overwhelmed with anger.

Just then.

With a bang, the box door was pushed open, and Meng Zhan led people in.

The two teams of Golden Dragon Guards entered, and their terrifying murderous aura filled the boxes.

Seeing the appearance of Jin Longwei, the dancing girl fled in fright.

See this scene.

Ye Jun put down the wine glass in his hand, and his eyes fell on Meng Zhan, "Commander Meng, what are you doing? Are you here for a drink with my king?"

Meng Zhan bowed and said in a deep voice: "His Royal Highness, what day is today? Did your Highness forget?"

"His Royal Highness, please go back with the end."

Ye Jun glanced at Meng Zhan, "What day is there today?"

Meng Zhan saw Ye Jun pretending to be confused, his face sank, and he said coldly: "His Royal Highness, don't embarrass the general."

With Xia Huang's oral statement, Meng Zhan could completely take Ye Jun back.

But he did not do so.

Because he knew that Emperor Xia loved the three princes very much, and he didn't need to offend Ye Jun.


If Ye Jun deliberately embarrassed him and didn't go back with him, then the emperor's order cannot be violated, he can only use special methods.

There was a moment of silence.

Ye Jun smiled and said: "The commander of Mengda is really reckless. You seem to scare these beauties."


He waved his hand, and the woman in the box rushed out quickly as if she was a new student.

At this time.

Meng Zhan bowed, "Your Highness, please."

Ye Jundao: "This king said he wants to go back?"

Meng Zhan nodded, "Golden Longwei listened to the order and took the third majesty back."

Give an order.

Jin Longwei deceived him and walked towards Ye Jun.

at this time.

A big man appeared on Ye Jun's side, his eyes were like a knife, and he swept across Jin Longwei.

"You dare!"

The sound is loud like a bell, ear-sounding.

Meng Zhan glanced at the big man, his heart was extremely shocked, the blood evil spirit on this person was so terrifying.

Even if it was him, he felt extremely dangerous aura in the man.


He looked towards Ye Jun, who said solemnly, "Fengxian, step back."

The voice fell.

The man retired. He was no one else, but the Wushuang ghost general Lu Bu.

Now Ye Jun's personal guard.

Seeing that Ye Jun drank Lu Bu back, Meng Zhan said: "His Majesty, Your Majesty is still waiting in the palace."

Ye Jun sighed softly and stood up slowly, "This king only likes fireworks, but dreams can't come true, alas, I'm too difficult."


He got up and walked outside the box.

in fact.

Ye Jun knew very well what would happen next.

After three months, he knew Xia Guo and his own situation very well.

As the three princes of Xia Guo, Emperor Xia was the only favorite. As for the reason, Ye Jun knew it was Aiwu and Wu.

But the more so, the more dangerous he is.

The eldest prince, the second prince always regarded him as a thorn in the eye, a thorn in the flesh, and he wanted to get rid of it.

Although Xia Guo is one of the four great powers, there are strong enemies outside and private parties inside.

Chaos in the courts, Flies Ying Gougou, Chao Chinese does not think about politics, and Wu does not think about war. They are all busy in the battle to win the grandfather.

Ye Jun knew his situation very well in his heart, and he definitely couldn't be too sharp.

So right now, I can only develop wretchedly and cultivate my own strength in secret.

Fortunately, the help of the system allowed Lu Bu to appear beside him.

With Lu Bu there, he was not worried about who would bite him.

But Emperor Xia let him marry the Princess of Chu, which undoubtedly pushed him to the forefront.

Let the eyes of all parties converge on him.

Ye Jun didn't like the feeling of being noticed, so he wanted to be a happy prince quietly.


It's really hard.

a long time.

Under the leadership of Meng Zhan, Ye Jun appeared in the Tai Chi Hall.

at this time.

Inside the hall.

All the civil and military officials are there, Xia Huang sits in the top position, not angry and prestigious, the emperor's majesty, shocking the crowd.


Headed by prince Ye Changqing and Wei Wang Yeyan, hundreds of officials stood behind them.


Several figures appeared in Ye Jun's eyes. These people were Chu's peace mission.

Chu Qingcheng, the princess of the Kingdom of Chu, followed by three others, an old man in plain clothes and two young men in brocade clothes.

this moment.

The eyes of the two Jinyi teenagers fell on Ye Jun, with fierce killing intent in their eyes.

Ye Jun glanced at the two calmly, completely ignoring them.


Xia Huangdao: "Jun'er, Chu Kingdom and the princess have arrived. I have set a good date for you. You will have a wedding in two days."

"and many more."

Both voices remembered at the same time that the speakers were Ye Jun and Chu Qingcheng.