I really didn't want to be emperor

Chapter 1262, Snow People, Hezhong (this book)

Yongchang fifteen years.

It is also known as the first year of opening.

Ye Angngji fifteen years, fulfilled his duties, large-scale development of workers and agricultural business, and the business of Job Chamber of Commerce have been overseas, and now Jinling and Changan two city pools, everywhere can be seen everywately.

The vigorous development of agriculture, let the lives of the people have achieved unprecedented rich.

The overseas business team entered the land of the big summer, and was shocked by the prosperity of Summer, called the human paradise.

The industry has also developed to the peak, military factories, vessels, refining mines, there should be, although these things have appeared in the summer when they are in Ye Jun.

But at that time just a small size, or only the royal family can be used, but now promoted to the world, the people also master these industrial means.

Ye An is the 19th year of the emperor, Feng Yejun is the Emperor, and Han is a wife, which is the master of the hometown, the Korean non-family disciple, is just a general woman, Ye An is in Yongchang eight years, micro-service private visits, encounter Han, will be born with each other, bring her back to the palace, and stand as the queen.

If the other dynasties, it must be a family, the woman's woman can be, because there is interest, it can consolidate his strength.

Now the big summer empire, Ye An doesn't need this, because all rights are all in his hand, the family, the zone is small, did not form a climate.

When Ye An is still a prince, Ye Jun told him that the empire wants to develop rapidly, requires the rise of the family, the relief, but absolutely cannot be treated by them.

I can't let the world, the development is too fast, never threaten the foundation of the country, so in the past fifteen years, Ye An supports the people very much, as for the family and the conno, there is no deliberate pressure, and there is not much support. .

The imperial economy is almost all controlled in the hands of Jibao Chamber of Commerce. He Johbao Chamber of Commerce is also a national standard, so the family's business will always be crushed by the gathering chamber.

Today, Ye An Ban, I caught overseas, they caught out of thousands of miles away, braving cold winter winds, I have made the group, I have been laid, but when they step into Jinling City, they are smashed in front of them. The palace, and the bustling of the eyes.

Especially in the summer palace, Ye An called them in the group of Hall, overseas, finally known the power of Xia Gu, because they saw a few newest red cannons outside the group, and I don't know if Ye An is. Deliberately let go.

Let the group send a gift, as a return, Ye An unique seed, the weapon, to make the minister, let them take back.

Nowadays, all overseas countries are almost attached to the summer, their economy is rising by summer, but there is a saying, not my class, his heart must be

Ye An has never relaxed to overseas, and these years have increased investment in the navigation area, especially in the land of Fusan, let Zhou Yu trained the Navy that has been tent5 million.

This navy is equipped with the most advanced warships, artillery, bulletproof clothes, and the entire sea area have been completely controlled. Zhou Yu naturally became the naval commander.

From the Fusan Island Navy to the overseas port, only the last ten days of time, from a sense, it has been shocked at overseas children.

Have to say, Ye Jun will choose to give Summer to Ye An, and there is no problem, he is still very means.


Dusk time points.

After leaving the palace.

Ye An, with the queen, two emperors went to Xishan, and immediately closed, they were going to accompany their self-employment, and they were so many months, so many years, they did not go to the year of Ye'an to come to Xishan.

Other princes, the princess will return to Xishan at the same time.

Too Huang has already sat in a wheelchair, and the body is getting worse, and I don't know how long it can.

Enter the night.

After Ye An came to the dinner with everyone, he got up to the palace's foreign gallery, and the cold wind slammed from his figure. When a movie came to him, it was not someone else, it was a Terrace.

"After the mother, how did you come out?"

"I will come out every day, I don't know when your father will come back."

"After the mother, the father is powerful, will definitely be alive."

These years have never stopped looking for Ye Jun. Whether it is Jin Yiwei or Long Wei, the end is nothing, Ye Jun seems to have disappeared from the big summer.

No traces left.

"For fifteen years, your father should come back."

The night is as ink, shrouded in the mountains.

The ancient trees in the wind in the cold wind, the ground on the ground, the sand is loud, and the Territory is turned to the eye. "" Night is deep, go back! "

How many nights, they will all wait for Ye Jun from outside the palace. This persistence is fifteen years, and the people in the heart never have appeared.

Time passed every day, and the year is getting closer and closer.

Xishan people have begun to prepare for the annual items, lively, and a peace of heaven and earth.

Ye'an will stay in Xishan to accompany the Territory, and you will have a New Year, the emperor, the princess has returned to Xishan, and the entire palace arrangement is very grand.

Every year, they will pass this, and Ye An is busy with government affairs. Other emperors are also in their own seals, or they must learn in schools, only when the year is, can they together.

Ye An has been remembering the words of Ye Jun. In the past few years, he has never shot on his brother. It is also very strict for their management. Several princes are also righteous, and they are in full swing in their respective seals.

Driven the economic and local things in summer, they will be responsible for processing.

I don't know when, the palace, the goose, the snow covers the heavens and the earth, the snow, a piece of vast.

The snow fog is filled in the world, and the allowance is covered by snow, just a beautiful picture.

At dusk, Xishan smoke, the people have begun to prepare for the new year, the fire red lantern is hung in the door, shining on the snow.

A group of children played, they were happy in the snow, enjoy the joy of the year.

Spa Water fog is lingering on the palace, after the end of the year, Ye An is going to return to the palace, because he wants to enter the palace to give a hundred officials, the annual festival must have a link.

Inside the palace, self-cultivation, , Tang Wei, Qing Yu, Qing Qi, Chen Mun, a few people are ready to send Ye An, just then, a child ran back from the outside, "Emperor, someone let me Give you this product. "

The girl looked at the snow lotus in the hand of the Emperor, and she didn't seem to think about it. They stepped out to the palace, and the wind and snow were filled, and they were dancing.

A vast film is going to snow, like a cactus from the painting ...

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