- Oh, this, dies.

Young I realized that. At the same time, "I remember".

- Oh, I've seen this event.

A sharp fang of demons approaching the present. Chop the tympanic membrane, the voice of a young boy.

"Laura - heh!

That was my name. And at the same time - it was the name of the losing heroine, of the role-playing game I played in my previous life.

Okay, now that I'm the one suddenly faced with the danger of death from the beginning, but I know I'm not going to die from the memory of my previous life, let's settle down and introduce myself first. My name is Laura. Laura Ampere, from a small, closed village called Emme's Village.

Currently, “Laura” is 8 years old. But the mental age of "I” is roughly over 20. What do you mean, it's a simple story. I brought back memories of my previous life. That too, just now.

In my previous life, I was an ordinary student who had completed a short life in an extremely unlucky accident. Born in Japan, grew up in Japan and died in Japan.

- Previous life. In that short life, I have met a girl named “Laura”.

Where we met, in front of the TV. Over the screen. Yes, Laura was a character in a role-playing game, played in a previous life.

The name of the game is "Last Brave". It was rare at the time that the hero, awakened by the power of the brave, defeated the Demon King in the middle RPG, so much so that he had received criticism from some that it was too stale. But I became obsessed with the "last brave" where the blue-smelling but hot development unfolded from next to next.

A lost but growing protagonist. A young man who meets during his journey and becomes his only best friend. A mature man leading the protagonist. A genius magic girl with enormous magic in her little body. Treasure Hunter girl, a party member moodmaker. And an ancient breed of girl who meets the protagonist destined.

Every character was attractive, every character had their own drama, and not only the party members but also the side characters. That was similar.

A story in the middle of King's Road that doesn't betray expectations, for better or worse. Charming characters. A simple and easy to understand combat system. Magnificent music to colour the story. All the elements meshed together, pulling each other together, a work worthy of being called a masterpiece. That wasn't my personal assessment, and I think it was generally well received by the public.

- But most of the admiring players were dissatisfied with the treatment of one person.

The person is Laura. Laura Ampere. Yes, it's me in this world.

Laura is, in short, a childhood tame to the "Last Brave" protagonist. Born in the same village as the protagonist, he spent time with him from an early age, and as a brave man, he dropped off the protagonist traveling through the village, a childhood taming character like he painted.

- But it was hard to say it was just a childhood tame character.

The night before the hero leaves the village, Laura is confessing to the hero. And tell them in tears. "I'm waiting for your return," he said. The protagonist did not give a clear answer to that thought - but Laura herself refused not to need a reply - he had an attitude that neither refused nor was more than satisfactory, I think.

When I hear this explanation, I wonder if a few people feel that Laura has a way of being drawn closer to that of heroin. In fact, when I was playing "Last Brave," too, I just thought Laura was the heroine until around the middle.

- Let's conclude.

Laura was not a heroine.

Heroin was an ancient breed of girl we met on our journey.

Laura did confess. And neither did the protagonist reject the thought. But since I met the girl of the ancient species, it seemed as if Laura's presence had been obliterated from the world.

The protagonist and the ancient breed of girl who is sure to step in and get closer. The mystery and darkness of a world that is gradually revealed. Girls of ancient species are closely involved in them, and the protagonists are caught up in various events in such a way as to protect her.

The girl who gets caught. Protagonist to help. Girl brainwashed and made an enemy. The protagonist solves that brainwashing with a desperate call. The demon king has finally woken up. In despair, the protagonist and girl joining hands and hands. Sprouts in it, thoughts. The thought eventually becomes the light that illuminates this world -!

King's Road. King's Road RPG. Emotional to the protagonist who paves the way as a brave man, familiar with his companions saving the world with him, favoring the protagonist and the girl of the ancient species who overlaps his thoughts - the heroine.

After meeting the heroine, the fury unfolds from next to next. Players sweat in their hands and run to save the world. Find hope in heroes and heroines who let their thoughts go through in despair.

- So you forget. I finished my turn in the first hour, the presence of childhood taming, etc.

I forgot too in my previous life. I remember her presence in the midst of an inspiring ending and full of fulfillment. No, I can be forcefully reminded. Because Laura's illustrations flow on staff rolls.

Speaking of which, what happened to this childhood tamer?

Once that question came to mind, it was no good. The next question came to mind.

Speaking of which, you've been confessing, haven't you?

Are you still waiting for the main character to come home in the village?

But the hero thinks both heroines, doesn't he?

What are you going to do, hero?

What did the staff want to do with this character in the first place?

- Etc.

Few players had similar doubts, and discussions were being held online. That being said, the conclusions are the same.

An ancient breed of girl is heroin.

The protagonist stuck with an ancient species of girl.

Laura broke her heart.

At the same time, however, most players admitted that the protagonist's attitude seemed less than full when he received Laura's confession. And there were voices that blamed me for that attitude, as well as slamming attitudes that had no hesitation at all in reducing distance from other girls while keeping them awaiting childhood tampering. More than that, the staff had a lot of dissatisfaction with the producer's side about what they wanted to do with Laura and sympathy for Laura.

- Still, the players' conclusions were never wavering.

Heroin is an ancient species of girl. Laura was heartbroken - so to speak, a losing heroine.

I also agreed with that opinion. And in the same way, I sympathized with Laura.

We've been growing up together since we were young, and even though we were treated like half-authorised couples in the village. I waited healthy for the protagonist, and there was a destiny opponent next to him when I had to wait for him to return, how would it feel?

No, not really. Besides, the hero has the power of a brave man.

At a young age, he said he woke up at an event where he tried to help Laura, who was attacked by demons.

- Laura!

When I managed to open my heavy eyelids, there, my childhood tame - the future brave man was peeking into this one. He has tears full of blue eyes.

Oh, brave man of the future, I'm sorry to cry about this! - Oh, my God, this would be more of a natural expression because childhood tampering nearly got eaten and killed by demons in front of me.


I spoke of the childhood taming name I had called without thinking until yesterday.

The name of the brave man of the future is Lukersch. Lukersh Kamil. Laura said - I'm Luka, what a nickname.

A gold crest floats in the left eye pointed straight at this one. This is a testament to bravery. The power to save this world, lost in the woods and woke up to help tame a child unluckily attacked by demons.

"Laura, you're awake! I'll get you a doctor!

My current mother told me so in a voice similar to a scream, leaving the room and saying:

I don't know exactly what's going on because it was full of memories of “me", but this is my home to look at from the familiar ceiling. Has Lukersch brought me this far after defeating demons with the power of awakened braves?

The earlier Brave Awakening event occurred as a retrospective event around the beginning to the middle of the story. At the time, I still thought Laura was a heroine, and I thought, "Awakening ability to protect heroin, this is another royal road."

- Childhood tampering, which I wake up to the power of the brave, a few years later, leaves me.

It's unclear what the whole principle has reincarnated me into the world of role-playing games I played in my previous life, but I can't help but say what has now become. Instead, isn't it a strong, new game state in the game that you know in detail what will happen in the future?

Yes, losing heroin is not enough to take the facts. If I'm not in love with the protagonist in the first place in this world - Lukersch, the grand premise covers it.

Shall I marry the other boys in the village? No, why don't you just leave this village? Encourage your studies now to hone yourself and look for a job in Wangdu. I should be able to live a fuller life than living my whole life in this small, closed village. Information would come in even if Lukersch had traveled if he were in the Wang capital.


The brave man of the future has spoken to me as I toured the realistic thoughts of a seriously - nothing more than 20 - in an 8-year-old girl. Turning his gaze toward you, he meets the blue eyes that shine a strong light.

The memory of the “I” of my previous life that I remember interrupts me somewhat, but still, Lukersch is, to me, a childhood tame I've spent nearly eight years with. The memory of “me” is, of course, an unshakeable fact and reality of the last eight years I have spent as a laura.

Lukersch was sweet. Weak, weak people were rarely tempted by other boys in the village, but they can think of others, very good kids.

Only the brave men of the future, and their faces are very neat. Now I have a neutral face with the adjective cute, which suits me well, but I know "I" will grow to be a beautiful youth by the time I get older and travel through this village. How many times did you think "protagonist hair is sassy" during the movie of the game, with sassy hair with the perfect expression that its blonde hair is also like silk thread.

Lukersch squeezed my hand, still feeling the memory of me. And

I'll protect Laura.

- Oh, poor thing.

In the in-game event, the movie was over on a scene where Lukersch's abilities woke up. So the player, “I," didn't know the interaction that followed - that is, now.

I can't believe Laura had me say this with such a serious look.

The heart that carved a loud heartbeat on its own must belong to Laura. It doesn't belong to “me”. But, Laura - no, I know how I feel painfully.

A look of strong determination that I have never seen before. There's a gold crest floating in my blue eyes staring at this one. In an unmistakable tone, he told me he would protect me.

Oh, this, if I hadn't reminded you of “me," I'm sure right now, I'd be in love with Lukersch.

- But, you know, I'm not going to imitate how stupid you can still be in love, knowing you can break it. I will soon change jobs from the profession of childhood training for brave men. I'll try.

Yes, I'm - I'm not going to be a sad losing heroine!