The concoction room door is knocked on. When I stopped my hand and replied "Please," a brown-haired woman came in.

Her name is Mira. This is the city's concoctionist who works for the Floria branch.

― ― Two years after the Demon King's Crusade. Having become a regular King's Concoctionist, I have been working for the Florian branch since the spring of this year.

I asked to be transferred to the regional branch in order to give shape to the dream I found during my journey: "support for the city's conciliators". Last year, I worked in the capital, and Iris and Basilio, my junior, were completely in the public domain. This spring, I received a transfer request.

I have been talking to my superiors, including Caspere, about how I want to support the city's concoctions, and I have received that the result is the transfer to the Floria branch from this fiscal year, so in this city close to the capital - that is, in a place that is easy to reach and monitor - I want to start for now. Anyway, if we don't get some results here, we won't make it.

Mira gave me several letters.

Mr. Laura, I have a letter for you.

Thank you very much.

I received four envelopes and one postcard.

Turn around and check the sender's name.

(Chelsea and... this is Rina-senpai.)

Senpai Lina was promoted to a regular King Concoctionist at the same time as me and was transferred to a local branch. Now that the demon king hasn't healed his wounds all over the place, he's traveling more to the Royal Concoction branch. There is still a high demand for healing drugs.

Chelsea passed the promotion exams in the spring of this year and is looking after her juniors in the capital. From the time of Iris's generation, the recruiting slots remain expanded, surrounded by many juniors, and they seem to have busy and fulfilling days.

I had regular exchanges of letters with them. This happened today, I found a recipe like this, and I'll have tea with you again - and so on and so forth.

(This is Basilio and Iris....)

The immediate juniors, Basilio and Iris, were now in the capital, and both of them seemed to have been appointed junior educators.

I heard that Basilio's knowledge of the poison was treasured among the royal concoctions. Meanwhile, Iris seems to be doing it as freely as ever, and she doesn't intend to take the promotion test for a while. I don't want to be a regular king's concoctionist and have less free time than I have now.

After work, I'll read the four letters slowly in the dormitory and write a reply.

Finally, reach for the picture postcard. The name of the sender was not seen in the landscape painting, which was painted with a pale touch like watercolor.

(It's Luca!)

- I haven't seen Lukash in two years. But on his way to the world, he sends me a small postcard depicting the landscape of the destination.

How are you? Take care of yourself.

All that was attached was such a short message. But that was enough. If childhood is doing well, there is nothing happier. However, because Lukash was changing his location, I couldn't answer him.

The postcard depicts an unfamiliar cityscape. It's a little old-fashioned, with a sense of harmony. Probably not in Austria.

"It's a nice postcard, isn't it? Who is it from?"

Asked from behind, I brought a postcard beside my face to brag, and I laughed.

"A proud childhood friend"

The moment Mira tilted her neck, "Childhood friendly?", the clock in the room told her on time.

Three o'clock in the afternoon. It's not snack time, it's study time.

I hurry to put the material on my desk in my bag.

"I'm going to a study group."

The concoction room I was given is upstairs. A study group is held in the concoction room closest to the entrance on the first floor. I leave the room in a hurry.

― ― A study group. It might be closer to a regular class that brings together the city's conciliators. One of my dreams was to come to the Floria branch and work on it.

We started by visiting nearby towns and villages to attract participants. At first, there were many conciliators with strange faces, but as a result of frequent visits, there are now about four or five conciliators attending the study group at all times. Today, I plan to learn about how to distinguish medicinal herbs mainly through classroom studies.

She runs down the stairs and enters a room that serves as a study venue. Then the five conciliators greeted me. Four of them were familiar faces, while the other one was the first.

Carmen from Vezzi, the oldest stock, came to greet the new girl.

"Thank you very much, Laura." So, today, a new child is arriving..... "

"I'm a concoctionist in Boumara Village. My name is Aina."

The girl named Aina smiled softly.

Reputation is not always a reputation, but it seems that the existence of this study group is slowly beginning to spread among the conciliators in neighboring cities and villages. Nowadays, some people come from distant villages.

"I'm Laura. Thank you for coming today, Aina. Whether it's something you don't know or a consultation, I'll do my best to help you."

If I offered my right hand as a handshake, I was gripped back with a strong force. Her eyes were shining brightly, and she seemed to be quite motivated.

After seeing that they had taken their seats, I began today's study group.

The study group is still only counting. Therefore, the content is very preliminary. Basic knowledge of preparation from how to identify medicinal herbs. Having learned everything on their own, they are skewed in their knowledge and craft their own recipes. Interacting with them, who are not bound by knowledge but have flexible ideas, has also been a great stimulus for me.

Based on the materials I created, I will conduct classroom studies, observe the actual medicinal herbs in the herb garden, and answer questions. --Only then, two hours would have passed in no time.

Phew, just as I took a breath, the end-of-hours bell rings. Five o'clock. Let them return before the sun goes down.

It's already this time. Let's go here today and disband it.

Thank you, and the conciliators lowered their heads and began to dress up for their return. I hope that today's study group will help me a little, but I will also start cleaning up after myself.

Papapa, and Aina, the first concoctionist to arrive today, rushed over.

"Um, Mr. Laura, I have a question--"

When I tried to answer, "What?" The concoction room door opens,

"I heard Lord Laura Ampère was here."

A deafening voice shook the tympanic membrane.

I look back at the door in a hurry. There was a dark-haired man...


I rushed over unexpectedly. Then he relieves his expression a little.

― ― Arnold Loco, a talented conciliator, was now in a position to bind young conciliators like Casper in the capital. I wonder why he is in Floria.

Why, why did you go to Floria?

"There was a study session at the branch manager's office, but I heard it at the reception."

In other words, she came to see how she was doing.

Floria and the capital of the king. We're not that far apart, but it's been a long time since we've been busy working together. We met before when I visited the royal capital for business - that was about three months ago.

At that time, Arnold and his friends in the capital celebrated his eighteenth birthday. Eighteen years old is a grown-up in this world, who rushed to Diona, Elvira, and Malta. Lukash couldn't even see his face, but he sent me a three-piece celebration letter. It was a very memorable day.

Calm your heart that is about to jump and rejoice at your reunion for the first time in three months. The study group is not over yet.

You don't mind if I clean up after you?


After receiving permission, I look back at Aina, who had come to ask me a question earlier. Then she blushed and shook her head.

No, no! Don't worry about yourself!

"I just came of my own accord." You should be the priority. "

Don't frighten me, Arnold says in a slightly higher tone than usual.

He is already a fine adult man, having recently reached the age of twenty. The fineness of the line two years ago is completely gone, and I even feel the penetration. I think it looks superfluous because I raise my forehead on one side. When I was in a position to bind a young concoctionist, it seemed like I had to change my hairstyle for some reason so I wouldn't be able to lick him, but it didn't seem necessary.

I finished my explanation by asking Aina some questions about how to do this after she shut her mouth so much that I was sorry. Then she leaves the concoction room with a thank-you gesture. It's like you're scared of Arnold.

Even though I was trying not to frighten her, I was still laughing at her thoughts. I mean, I've never heard Arnold use a second person like you!


"What are you laughing at?"

Arnold said, "You're crazy."

Arnold sighs. Then I put my arms together and rhythmically slapped my arm with my right index finger.

"... my figure was quite atrophied." I just thought that if I called you "you", I might start crying. "

There was a wrinkle between his eyebrows. It is no longer his habit.

When I met you three months ago, I was blurry to the effect that "I have had a bad headache lately", but I think it is also because of this habit. I know that it often bothers my mind from a positional point of view.

Tap your brow several times with your fingertips, as shown in Arnold.

"The wrinkles between your eyebrows can't be removed forever, can they?"

"That's the kind of personality. I was told by your synchrony that the wrinkles had faded."

"If Chelsea says so, then so be it."

Chelsea didn't seem to be able to speak to Arnold well in the past. I don't know if it was out of respect or simply frightened, but Arnold was round enough to be able to say it face to face.

From the standpoint, he was greatly feared by the newcomers, and Senpai Lina wrote to me. Demon boss or demon instructor, they said they liked it in the shadows. However, in the same letter, Senpai Lina wrote, "He's become so much softer, too." Everyone who knows his past says so.

I laughed and closed the conversation, and I resumed cleaning up after the study group. That said, today I was a student without concoction, so I had a few things to clean up.

Overlay the literature and lift it accordingly. At that moment, Arnold took it from the side.

Ah, but for a moment, he turned a blind eye to the literature he had taken from me and crushed it.

"... I heard that the guidance to the city's conciliators is going well."

“Not yet. I'm just getting started, I'm on the other side, and if I don't do it right here, I won't get official clearance. Honestly, my outlook was pretty sweet."

Since I came to the Floria branch, I have been distressed by the sweetness of my outlook.

The circle of study groups is expanding smoothly, but honestly, five people are full of it. It takes time to prepare for the study group, compresses sleep time, and if you don't set up an environment where you can quickly hold a study group between city mixers, you may break your own body. Although I am thinking of proposing one study session after another to provide a place, we must prepare a task for everyone to work on it.

That's what I said to myself. I can't throw up a weak sound. But from time to time, my backward heart looks out.

But it's definitely moving forward.

In that case, Arnold will always give you a powerful word.

"... yeah, maybe we'll just have to spend the rest of our lives doing it."

Phew, I breathed and laughed. However, Arnold never laughed back, but rather dropped his gaze.

I could've helped if I was in a more casual position, too.

As depressed as I was earlier, I laughed unexpectedly because of what I said as a real shame.

I'm sure he thinks so from the bottom of his heart. Because I'm a serious and kind person.

"It's impossible because I've emerged." I need you to put together a proper mixologist for the capital. "

Speaking of which, a wrinkle stood between his eyebrows. The mouth is also tied.

Arnold is not angry when he looks like this, but stubbornly. That's why I opened my mouth again with the help of the followers.

"I'm just glad you feel that way."

Then Arnold finally loosened his mouth.

― ― After that, Arnold carried the literature to the front of the concoction room. He says he needs to contact the Branch Manager, so he receives the documents in front of the door and sends Arnold to the Branch Manager's office. After I finished my errands, he said he would visit me again in the concoction room.

If we don't clean up by then, and I'll rush into the concoction room. Mira was standing by to help, so today she was reluctant to accept her favor and started cleaning up after herself.

Laura-san, are you in a good mood?

Is that so?

She pointed out the symptoms and her cheeks blushed unexpectedly.

I wonder if he had such a revealing look on his face. It's embarrassing. But Mira's right, I'm in a good mood now.

Deceive appropriately and resume cleaning up after yourself. And then, after a long time, I heard the door opening behind me.


You'll be called in before you can turn around. It was Arnold's voice.

I didn't stop to ask you, just your face.

Are you done already?


Almost too soon. Arnold came all the way out here, so I thought it would be a little longer.

It was obvious to her that she had not yet finished cleaning up, so Arnold called out to her, "Can I help you?" Rejecting that, I gazed at Arnold to tell him to wait a little longer - and immediately beside that, I noticed that Mira's eyes were shining.

Before she could ask, Mira shook her voice and asked.

"Oh, you're that Arnold!?"


Arnold had a strange look on his face.

He is a celebrity. As a good conciliator and one of the brave men in the party. I hear that some women go out of their way to visit Arnold to visit the King's City. Don't worry, because I haven't dealt with her at all. "Lina-senpai wrote to me immediately after she came to the Floria Branch.

Mira, who is older than me and usually very calm, is still excited when she comes to celebrities. If you smile,

It was true that you were dating Laura-san!

A terrible bomb has been dropped.

"Hey!? Laura!"

Arnold turns his face to us in a hurry.

I waved my hands wide in front of my face.

"Eh, I didn't say anything! I didn't even give you a name!"

"... how about that?"

Arnold's name is too famous. If you say it badly -- if you know that I'm calling it even more kindly -- it's going to be a lot of trouble. That is why I tried not to give his name. Senpai, there are many ways to express yourself, such as being an acquaintance.

That's why I hardly ever say I'm dating Arnold from my mouth. That was Chelsea, Senpai Lina, and Diona. And yet, why does Mira know our relationship?

“No, it's a famous story amongst us! A couple of geniuses and geniuses!"

Genius and genius. I smiled bitterly at Arnold's face at the nostalgic words.

"...... Mr. Casper?"

Mr. Caspere used to mistake me for Arnold's girlfriend. At that time, I really thought why I made such a mistake, but... I can't believe the day will come when that mistake will really happen.

Our boss, Mr. Casper, was supposed to tell Arnold about it. It's not such a hard place to work, so I don't have to get permission to socialize, but I'm kind of worried about keeping it hidden.

In the first place, we are not hiding from each other. It's just that we're not actively speaking openly from ourselves, and there's nothing particularly difficult about being known by others - it's just embarrassing. That's it. That's all.

We finished cleaning up Mira's glittering eyes in a hurry, leaving the two of us behind Floria's branch.

"Every time I name Laura, I finally understand what it means to be seen with strange eyes..."

”Ahahah... I can't stand it.”

Agree with Arnold to drop his shoulders. Being seen with “strange eyes” means that our relationship with the people around us is probably revealed.

The people in the Floria Branch also knew about it, and it was a bit itchy. How far have the talks between the genius and the genius spread?

Diona visited the capital the other day, did you see her?

I nodded for a moment to Arnold, who had spoken of a new topic to get rid of this air.

A few weeks ago, Diona and Malta came all the way to see me. Now they both travel at will. There seemed to be no particular rush, so I stayed in Floria for a few days at my leisure and had a busy and fun day.

“Yes, I stayed for a few days. Marta's coming with us."

”... you were alone with Diona when you came to see me.”

Arnold says vaguely. In Floria, Marta said, "I heard rumors of a good treasure," so I'm sure he didn't come to the King's City, but rushed to the treasure.

With a bitter smile, I ask about the people in the capital.

Is Mr. Vake still the same?

"Ah, Lord Oliver lamented that I was the Commander of the Knights, but there was no sign of settling down."

Sounds like Mr. Vake.

Vake's journey through the country seems to have ended in two years, but he's been to various places between missions. In fact, some cities still take time to rebuild. In this way, if the leader of the Knights of the country visits us directly, the morale of the people will also increase.

As a nation, it's a pleasure, but from the perspective of Deputy Commander Oliver, it would be difficult for the assistant Commander to disappear on his own. The effort is beyond comprehension.

“Yes,” Arnold suddenly spoke up as if he remembered something.

"Vake heard rumors about Julius in the city." It looks like you're working there as a mercenary. "

Julius. I'll roll my eyes on that name.

I haven't seen him since that day. After the homeworld mourning, they seem to be turning around. Marta, who had been to Floria the other day, had said that she had met face-to-face a lot since she had stumbled upon the trip, but Diona had said that she hadn't met. I wonder if he's busy as a mercenary.

No matter what, it would be nice if you were doing well.

"Is that so!" Marta seemed to see each other sometimes..... "

"Maybe the wavelength fits."

"I think so."

It seemed like a relationship like a bad friend, a relationship where we could lightly pat each other on the mouth. For Julius, who lost his home, such a presence would be enormous.

Well, I was relieved, and the next thing that came to my mind was a girl like Arnold walking next door, Elvira. The last time I saw her was three months ago. It was the last time that I attended my birthday party. At that time, while she was still young, she could see that she was growing into a beautiful woman.

Is Elvira still the same?

"Ahh, I'm still flying around for spirit research." You said you were in the city of Megana... I heard you had acorns on you lately. "

The colour of anxiety in Arnold's eyes. No matter how powerful a hero is, Arnold's younger sister is cute. That was still before adulthood. I was against travelling alone until the end, but now that I've been pushed away, I don't seem to worry.

But Elvira wasn't exactly alone. It has a very reassuring presence. --That's right, the water spirit, Acari.

“Yes, I'm much better at chatting.”

Now I can speak smoothly to about ten-year-olds. Floria, the home of the acarids, still comes to visit from time to time through the entrance of the Spirit's residence.

"It was written in the letter that I would come to the capital again next time. If the timing is right, show me your face.”

"Fufu, I'm looking forward to it."

Just after the conversation, I arrived at the dormitory where I was sleeping in Floria.

Arnold was invited to a room similar to the one used in the capital. I called out to you to sit down because I could make tea, and I put the letter that was sent today on my desk.

When Arnold sat on the sofa as I told him, he found it in a letter on his desk. I asked my back to prepare tea.

"This postcard is Lukash."

I nodded my eyes in a cup of tea, without even checking. At the time of the postcard and Arnold's expression, the answer was decided.

Grab two steaming cups and approach Arnold sitting on the sofa. As you can imagine, he had a postcard in his hand that Lukash had sent him.

Sit next to him and give him the cup.

"I wonder... where is this place?" I think it's outside of Austria. "

"It's a beautiful painting. As usual, they send me graffiti."

― ― Yes, it seems that Lukash also regularly sends postcards to Arnold, but it seems that they are not painted in beautiful landscapes, but in graffiti. They showed it to me once when I went to the capital, but it was probably painted like an animal. After all, I don't know what it really was that was painted messily around with black ink.

Arnold said he had a quarrel the day before he left, when he asked if there was anything in his mind that would send him such graffiti. He didn't tell me what caused the fight, but it seems he hasn't made up yet.

Haven't you made up yet?

It's just scratching on its own.

Arnold had a stunned look on his face.

He and his childhood friend are supposed to be best friends of each other, but they don't mesh very well. The buttons are not hung correctly. It's obvious from the side that you care - it's just them, isn't it?

"...... I haven't seen you in two years"

Arnold leaves the cup on his desk and looks at me.

"Did we meet before we left?"

"Yes, I still miss you." I never imagined I'd never see you again. "

We haven't seen each other in two years. I'm sure Lukash has grown tremendously.

I'm lonely. But if your childhood is familiar and you can walk the path you want, it's best.

Arnold laid his eyelids down. My long eyelashes are shaking.

That's right. I miss you... too.

"... honestly"

I spilled it by surprise.

Arnold glances at us, then a mocking smile.

”My mother recently threatened me that I'd run away if I didn't be honest with you.”

Twitch, twitch. I twisted my neck a few times.

I can't see the story.

Who told you we could get away with this?

"There will be no one but you."

If I'm not honest, can I escape?

― ― Surely, even now, especially from Senpai Lina, is it really okay with Arnold? What a joke. Unconscious, careless, clumsy. I see. It may indeed be far from the ideal statue of a lover that the general public would call it.

However, in the past two years, I have never had strong dissatisfaction with Arnold, either as a lover or as a person. I have wondered several times if things would go smoothly if I made things a little better, but it is not a problem that will be solved immediately when I say it. Besides, I think I'm aware of it. Like the care shown to Aina earlier, little by little, but I think it's really improving.

I mean, I've never been disgusted with Arnold in the last two years, and it's not a very good expression, but it doesn't seem like it would cross anyone else's eyes. The idea of running didn't even come to mind.

For me, he remains the only one.

"Why don't you run away?" I already knew long ago that Arnold wasn't honest.... "

When I looked into her eyes, Arnold's cheeks turned a little red. From the shadows, or diagonally downward, Arnold continued.

"Still, I was told not to spoil Laura's kindness."

Honestly, I didn't get a pin, but I was glad that you thought of me. He just bothered his head that he wouldn't be convinced by the seriousness of the strange place when he told him as it was.

Now, thinking about how to get through it, an idea came to my mind. It seemed like a good idea.

Well then, do you want to practice being honest?


Now Arnold leans his head.

I continued nodding, "Yes".

Once a day, anyone can be honest with me, so I'll try to be honest with you.

In response to the suggestion, Arnold closed his mouth and his eyes widened.

When I said it, I thought it was a good idea, but I was very worried about him who seemed to have completely lost his emotions from his expression. Are you too shocked to speak?

Were you childish?

He lowered his eyebrows and looked up at Arnold. ─ ─ and suddenly took his right hand.

Arnold's fingertips put the horizontal hair on his mouth and put it on his ears. And I stroked my cheek gently once and twice.

Your face is close. You're breathing. Black pupils shoot through the lens of the glasses.

"-l like it."

Words spoken at a distance where lips touch each other. Ah, when I thought about it, my lips touched with heat and I immediately left.

I was told I liked it, and I was kissed.

If you realize what happened to you, your cheeks will blush. I hated Arnold, who raised his mouth somewhere in front of me.

"The destructive power is dangerous, so please let me know in advance..."

As I said myself, Arnold's honest destructive power is tremendous. Normally, the moment when the tightened expression melts into a sweet melt, it won't last forever.

--But I wasn't the only one who took the damage. Arnold's face, which is just around the corner, is also red. You set yourself up to blow yourself up! Oh, that's funny. Love is funny.


He calls out his name to blame me for accidentally laughing. I'm not scared anymore of being strangled at such a close range.

I smiled as I pushed my forehead together with a head-butt.

I like you, too.

By the way, Arnold and I both dye our ears bright red, so we are not suited to love or love.

I wonder when you'll get used to it. But don't hurry, we want to proceed slowly as us. You don't have to be in a hurry. Because we have a lot of time.

Spin your arms around your neck and forcefully cling to your body in front of you. Arnold, who was accustomed to being held by me completely, turned his arms around his back as usual and gave me a strong hug.

It was a sunny day.

Before the starting bell rang, Mira hesitated to call out to me, who was preparing in the concoction room.

"Mr. Laura, the Essen Village concoctionist wants to see you." I'm waiting for you at the reception. ”

When Mira told me, I rushed to the reception. And there I was waiting for a girl with hair of a color very similar to mine.

When she saw me, her red eyes glowed.

"I'm a mixologist in Essen Village!" Here, I heard that the royal concoctionist would teach you about concoction..... "

Her hand gripped in front of her chest. You must be nervous.

To reassure, I tried to smile softly.

Offer your right hand with the intention of shaking hands. But the girl bowed her head wide before she could shake my hand.

"Please, make me a disciple!"

― ― Overlapping his former self with that figure.

This is how I joined the master as a disciple. I'm sure she must be as nervous as I used to be.

Please be a disciple. I noticed it for the first time when I was on the side of being told. I don't have any other bad feelings about being pleaded so directly. I wonder if your master was a bit happy at that time.

She put a smile on her mouth and gently accepted the girl's words, just like she had done for herself.

"Come on in. Let's talk in my concoction room first."

The girl raised her face in a daze. And he cried out:


- Master.

I can't believe the day is coming when I'm called that.

It's kind of strange, ticklish, and makes me laugh unintentionally.

"Ahahah! Master, that's not a big deal..."

I turn to the girl again. And I asked.

"What's your name?"

“My name is Laura. Um, um...

Seeing that she was stubborn, she remembers that she hadn't introduced herself yet.

I took a small, deep breath and opened my mouth.

"I 'm--"

- My name is Laura. Laura Ampère, from the small, closed but warm village of Eme.

Age, 18 years old. Profession, King Concoctionist. The dream for the future is to support the conciliators everywhere.

Born in this world, living in this world, and dying in this world due to the luck of the brave childhood.

The starting bell rings. I hope that this bell will be a blessing bell for her in front of her.

- Here's the start of a new day.

This is how Laura Ampere's life will continue.

With lots of new encounters.