"Master Eliza, a servant of the Junior College of Deans asked for mediation." Shall I take care of you? "

"Again. What happens when the lecture ends?"

"Come on...... until you can help me with something"

Leaning my neck, Leca also leaned her neck as if she had been strangled.

What the hell is going on today, a housekeeper who hasn't been aware of it since the first thing in the morning is coming to ask for a visit.

"Junior uncle... no, I don't have time for this, so please tell me to write to you."

Are you sure?

"No, not really..."

Usually, even a junior colleague would listen to the story of the chamberlain directly, but I can't afford to spend a few days from today.

When Emilia's song was completed, yesterday she officially designated an accompaniment in the presence of a guru. Rachel, who is in charge of the arrangement, is scheduled to give guidance for a refreshing performance for three days after school today.

The spectrum itself was lightly read last night, but as expected, it was quite difficult to accompany. Your right hand is constantly moving, and your left hand jumps sideways repeatedly. And it was made to pull in with a prelude... and it felt like the density of the orchestra's songs was fixed for the keyboard.

“I really don't have the time. I'm sorry, but please apologize politely."

Very well. Ah, and I have a letter from the Farinacea Boundaries House.

"Aren't you getting more and more titles?" Read and summarize by the end of the next lecture. I'll take a look at it later if I have to. "

Is this the sixth case? Farinacea is a territory on the southwestern edge, and I don't even remember interacting with the nobility house. I finally have a troublesome feeling that there is contact from a house that has no edge.

"If there's nothing else, we'll go to the next lecture."... by the way, what happened to Vanita? "

After I walked out, I noticed that there was no small shadow behind Leca. I thought I left it in the waiting room, but Leca shook her head that it was okay. If you ask me, I'm planning my next lecture with Ratka.

"How's it going?"

"It's a great first day move!" I am looking at the learning academy with interest, but it seems that I am not nervous and unable to move because I am used to the place. Besides, I seemed to know a lot of interesting stories, and I caught the interest of other people in the drawing room. ”

Well, I nodded, and then I focused on moving the hallway quickly. Next, lectures will be given throughout the class in various foreign histories. In other words, it takes a long time from the edge of the left wing to the central lecture room. I had to pick up Emilia on the way and take her with me, and I couldn't help but feel like I was about to enter the last minute and call out to the prince to find a vacant seat.

Meet Emilia in the lounge near the center wing and finally slow down.


"I'm sorry to keep you waiting." Let's head to the lecture room. "

Yes, and when Emilia took my hand and stood up from the chair, she saw that several students around her turned their gaze so that they could resist the movement.

Emilia's work was becoming more sophisticated, as the results of special training in sorcerer-daughter selection seemed to be bearing fruit. Suitable for the status of a grand duchess, it is a way of behaving that can attract people's attention and keep them silent in a single move.

“What will be the content of today's lecture? I'm looking forward to it."

Without worrying about what was going on around her, Emilia walked out with a fluffy smile.

History of foreign countries is basically a subject that deals with the history of Lindar, and it is a subject that she specializes in. Because of the large number of students, they don't stand out as badly as other lectures, and they seem to be their favorite discipline.

"What kind of books have you prepared, Master Cardia?" On the theme of the exchange of archery and lindar culture through trade, I made it into the book "Trade History" by Fobbio Theresia and two books about the history of culture. ”

It was a little heavy, but Aslan had it for me... and I remembered Emilia's last lecture for a moment.

Oh, by the way, the teacher told me to borrow about three books from the library to decide on the theme of my thesis. Sure enough, I've asked Reca to prepare for the technological advances of warfare. Oh, so Leca left it to Vanita. "If I let you pick a book, I might bring you something interesting..."

“It's a boring theme about technological development. Emilia-sama's might be good. We need to be familiar with Lindar's culture. It's unique to you."

Until now, the nobility of this country may have been too disinterested in the culture of other countries, but it is something I hardly remember hearing about, and it is in tense times. If you have── papers on cultural exchanges, that is, common cultures and cultures that can be shared, there is a good chance that they will be used as a reference for diplomacy with Linder.

"Really? I thought it would be interesting just to compare trading histories, but the commercial itself is too remote..."

“Greetings, Count Cardia. I'm sorry to interrupt your lecture, may I have your attention?”

Suddenly, a voice hung from behind cracked into Emilia's story.

In retrospect, the red-haired daughter-in-law looks straight at us without even thinking about Lecca, who is in a state of alert.

Who is it? I feel familiar, but I don't remember. Probably not even in the same grade. Is that a third grade student? In terms of appearance, I think she's the daughter of a senior nobleman, but I don't know anyone like that. Is it just a perceived feeling when passing by?

Before I knew what to say, my daughter quickly called herself.

"My name is Stefania, and I am the Marquis of Szczelroye."

Indeed, the Marquis of Szczelroye was the Commander of the Kingsguard. It is a famous nobleman who produces many Kingsguard knights, but they don't come to the nobility house very often. There is no such thing as face recognition.

It is not a violation of manners to speak directly to an aristocrat who has no connection at all in a social setting, but it is a little poorly behaved. Usually they pass chamberlains or send letters first.

"... I'm sorry, Marquis Szczelroye." I am now the escort of Grand Duchess Lindar. I have to take you to the next lecture room, so I can't talk about it here. The greeting will be given again later in the phase (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) place (...) (...) (...). Now, if you'll excuse me. "

I turned Emilia down as my shield for now.

As expected, this place will retract when I notice the dislike of blending openly. I── thought that.

Well then, Grand Duchess Linda Le and Her Highness Emilia. I wonder if I could speak to your highness' bodyguard. "

Stefania didn't put her hair in her hair and switched the tip of her spear to Emilia.