1. Party of braves banished

My name is Ariake. Ariake Mihama, 18 years old.

I'm an adventurer in this Granheim kingdom.

No, I think I should have been annoyed.

There may be differences of opinion. Fu, and I lifted the edge of my lips.

This is the tip of the Adventurer Alliance. And there are so-called party members around. You always look at me like my parents hate me. This is the difference of opinion. Now I've been banished from the party with a letter labeled useless.

But that doesn't bother me. Because,

Idiot, that's my line.

I mouthed it as if it was stupid.

No, because I really made a fool of myself, it would be better if I told you my honest feelings.

I'm not good at telling lies. False.

But to say the truth, it would be more appropriate to say a party... no, an ex-party. I no longer recognize them as party members... Anyway, in my truthful words, they said,


In addition to being stunned, I turned my attention to what should be called grievances.

Even if I do it again, I'll keep my lips shut.


I smiled slightly. I mean, now you don't know which one of them was declared deported. He smiled at the ridiculousness.

"What are you laughing at? Ariake! Do you know what's going on? You're banished. You've been banished from this glorious Vivian Warrior Party! This kingdom is named by me, Vivian Harnoa!

That's what I was screaming about, Vivian, the same guy I was when I was my age. It is said to be the man closest to the demon king crusade because of being recognized by the Holy Sword Langris.

"Yes, yes! Apologize to Vivia-sama! Ariake! Just our childhood friend, the man who carried the luggage on the spill!!

The next one screamed was the red-haired woman, Delia. Female fighter. It is renowned as an invincible fighter who strengthens his body with magic and has an Unblockable Attack skill with the "Blessed Fist".

He's about the same age as me. I mean, there are three more people at the party, but they're all the same age. Anyway, everyone is familiar with the same village.

The other three said the same thing.

"Indeed, your presence has significantly undermined our party collaboration. The brave Vivian was right."

Elgar the Shield. Fighter type that strengthens and fights tough flesh. Regardless, it has an inexhaustible health and steel defense. It is said that magic resistance will not allow other followers, and the Kingdom's shield and praise are also high.

"Well, it doesn't matter. I can't use this kind of guy. Let's say goodbye here soon, don't you, brave man ♡"

Wizard Prara. Featuring golden curly hair. I am good at magic arrangements and have over 10,000 magic amounts. It is rumored that even the Demon King does not possess such a powerful amount of magic, and it is said that it is a trump card for mankind.

And finally,

"Finally, the time has come. It's been a long time... how much I've been waiting for this time... This is God's will, too."

"Ha, I didn't even expect Alicia to tell me that!

"That's God's message, Ariake!

Dressed in the words of the Virgin, the brave Vivian and the fighter Delia shouted loudly.

... Grand Virgin Alicia.

Beautiful long blonde hair and blue eyes. The divine beauty and the exact gospel of God's blessings have usual aura that cannot be held by ordinary people. In this era, where most recovery magic was otherwise legendary, she even used resuscitation magic in the middle of the year. It is said that she is truly a legendary Virgin. Not only in this country, but also in the world.

Even such a virgin seems happy with my party banishment. I'm even smiling slightly. I'm sure you're so glad you could banish me.

And as soon as my eyes met, Puy and I lost sight of each other's laughter.

Oh, my God, they hate you. Delia and Prara's attitude, in particular, seemed to be that of a brave and powerful man, Vivian and Zokkon.

But it's kind of, yeah?

I tilted my neck a little. Instead, I felt a subtle discomfort in Alicia's dialogue.

Somehow, only one person had a different colour...

Well, I don't care about that.

I sigh inside. This Grand Virgin Alicia probably hates me the most.

For example, you don't see me like this, and you try to cut the conversation off right away. When I talk, my face turns red and I get angry immediately, and when I try to act, I stop immediately if I don't trust you. And above all, they're always looking at the surveillance that follows me, anytime, anytime. Even when I'm not on an adventure, I feel like I'm watching from time to time. I don't suppose you trust me at all.

Oh, my God, this is the last thing I know.

I don't know why they hate me so much. But I'm sure this Alicia hates me the most. Yes, there is absolutely no mistake. Because my guess is good. [M]