"Don't teach me words. Don't make me talk."

"Huh... what's that supposed to mean?"

"It can be dangerous if you don't make it." Come on, Aristo. "

This is what he was told when he was still alive.

"It's like treating a monster with your hands, isn't it?" I would be proud if this could help with the experiment. "

When I took care of the little baby, my great-grandfather gave me an order not to give the baby unnecessary wisdom.

Don't treat me like a person.

I had no right to refuse it to someone close to the royal family, and since I was the one holding out my hand that I was in trouble, I thought I had to listen to the guardian's wishes in order to keep it.

"Ahh, ahh"

A blonde baby walks up to me.

I told you not to teach words, so I didn't speak in front of this child.

If you put it in your ear, you will learn and understand the words.

I was not used to handling children, so it was easy if I didn't have to be in the mood.

Uhh, uhhh

The baby grabbed the pacifier that had fallen beside her, smelled it, and raised its voice modestly. It was a fuzzy laugh.

Then I fell asleep in a circle, cherished my pacifier, and after a while I didn't move.

Your back moves small every time you breathe.

Always before going to bed.

Did the pacifier have the scent of my mother on it? I slept with it in a deep place.

I borrowed from the Arnold family a postpartum souvenir.

The product stained with the mother's scent also helped to stabilize the baby's physical condition.

I am also a child, so I always keep the room clean for babies to spend time in. Even if it was a dark room with no windows and no light.

No matter how much we are told not to treat people, it should be minimal to prepare the environment for the creature, and it should not be condemned for entering his ears.

I don't know what the degree of human treatment is like in him, but this one allowed me to better observe the condition of the baby.

In the first place, I picked up this babe's babies, pest clive, and magic explosion to do something about it. I hoped that the equipment in the mansion might be useful in solving the problem, so there is no point in being interfered with until that point.

Since breast milk is essential for the growth of babies, I spoon it in the duke's house every morning to see how it goes today.

At first, the resistance was terrible, but after three days, I was used to it. I opened my mouth and started drinking.

After I gave her breast milk, I was taught by the baby's nanny that it would be good to stroke her back and give her a gap. However, since this baby had her own gap and had a fine face immediately afterwards, I honestly didn't know what to do. Even though the pesto clive is terrible, it's probably a babe that the public can't reach.

You can already see that I fell asleep on the edge of the room.

While feeling a kind of maneuver, he looks at the baby without letting go of the slosh and the pacifier for a moment.

I frowned at the way I fell asleep happily with my drowsiness.

It's been two months since I took it.

I overslept in the room where the baby was being isolated.

Look at the clock in the room and see if you can still make it to the office.

Looks like we've got some time to spare.

There is a dinner party tonight, so we must take care of it as soon as possible.

Having slept on the floor, I woke up and felt the warmth on my right hand.

I leaned my neck and gazed, and there was a small hand on my right hand.

The pacifier is rolling far away.

A small hand, which was always holding a pacifier, was grabbing my finger.

The babe, lying face down on the ground, laughed in a sleepy voice sometimes, wondering if she was having a good dream.

In time, the time to go to the dinner party had long passed.

I was called to the duke's noon party today.

If the greeting tells him of the condition of his great-grandchildren, he will say, "Thank you."

How's it going?


"I need Norwella to do her best again so as not to produce something bad." For the survival of the house-- "

The eyes that were about to be buried by the candles, glimpsed the glow of a boy.

I lived for a long time and had the status and honor. Even though I felt admiration and respect for the expression on my face, the purity seemed terrifying.

Returning from the castle, she enters a lit room.

As soon as I entered, the baby approached me.

Today, thanks to the placement of magic tools for trial, the interior was not rough. Apparently, the magic device that accumulates magic power is effective in calming down Pesto Clive. Let's arrange for a large purchase to start tomorrow.


When I suddenly looked down, the baby looked at me with a crying face. Would you have looked so scared?

After a while, the baby left.

But he rolls something hard and comes back.

It was a clock with a brown tree, one of the magic tools.

Rolling and pulling, she twisted her neck in desperation.

"Ugh, ahh"

He is playing with the clock.

I knocked him down, got him up, and it was a repetition.

I've been seeing babies a lot since before.

And with a breath, I drove the clock over here and looked up at my face.

While being a baby, I opened my eyes to ask about my condition.

I may be in the mood, but I thought I was angry, and I felt like I was trying to get in the mood for something I liked.

The baby who looked at me with a steep face with her mouth bent, looked like she was about to cry again.


"Hmph, nm..."

"Ugh...... uuu"


I looked away from the baby and stared at the floor, crouching down with my arms holding my face.

My head drooping on my lap was slapping my baby's mouth until just now, crying.

It seemed like they were telling me to hold on.

I raised my face and looked at the baby.

After wiping my eyes, I put my hand under the armpit of the small body and lifted it high.

It was only since the first day that I lifted it like this that I frowned at the weight of the baby, which had become lighter than I had imagined.

Whether you are happy to be lifted or are surprised, your mouth is twitching.

But I immediately smiled.

I'm sure the nanny was a good person.

Lifting and smiling means that there are a lot of people who have been cute.

Dear Alwes...


Listen to me, Master Alwes.

I'm so glad that it was lifted, but now more than ever, the furniture in the room is shaking.

"I will definitely not let you go ahead and become incompetent. I will definitely take you to a healthy and unrestricted world.”

Lowering her arms, she hugged her little warmth.

"There is no one in the world who can restrict you. If you can get out of here, go where you want. You don't have to be at home. If you have a friend, you can go play. If you want to come to me, knock on the gate immediately. When you have a child that you like, you have to like it as much as you want."

You can make as many children as you want to replace them.

If I try to restrict this person's freedom by abandoning the baby, one day I will become a monster and attack him.

Then the baby and I will leave this room together for the first time.

Let's smile.

All this time, lined up like this, until the day when you don't need a clock anymore.