I Want to Be a Receptionist of The Magic World

Until I can be a receptionist - 1

If you look up at the blue sky, the island floats like a puffy and normal.

The view I see from here is nothing different from when I was born.

If you look further afield at that again, you can see islands of different sizes floating in the same way. Of course, that doesn't change either.

And what I want to be in the future won't change since I was little.


Ever since I was born, there has been magic all around me.

If your mother waves her fingers like an arc, the circumstance floats, and if your father casts a spell, a flame will come out of your fingertips and destroy the bad demon. Very well dressed.

Then the old lady who lives next door is quite busy doing magic on flower beds flowers and letting them sing songs every morning. My grandfather, who lives across the street, either fights it or he magics his field of vegetables and makes them sing songs to hit his grandmother every morning.

I haven't personally noticed that it has turned out to be a good chorus against expectations because it has a voice somewhat lower than the flowers in the old lady's house though.

Then, and I'll do everyone's mane and let them wiggle their fingers in their thoughts. Eh, and I'll boom up to the right and down to the left. I'll try to jump. It's worth it. Okay, it looks like the wind is getting up somehow.... because my forehead floated.

But things don't float, and there's no flame. I don't sing flowers, I can't chorus.

Or in the first place, I didn't know the spell properly.

"Nanalie, it's time to leave."


Watching the island floating in the sky through the window of my room, I hear my mother's voice and take my face off the window.

I was in the middle of getting ready for that right now because I have to go to the kingdom's magic school today. I just finished packing, but since it's a dorm school, hey, I can't come home. I'm worried if I forgot something or missed something.

But well, nothing seemed that important to forget, so maybe you don't have to worry about it.

Besides, they have a long vacation to say they can't come back, so it's not like they can't come back once.

If you can find something you need, you can source it at that time.

I'm 12 now. And I have to go to that school for six years until I'm 18.


Thin dirty white walls. It's hard to say that it's beautiful because it's a rattled wooden bookshelf. On the desk near the window, the textbooks taken care of in the village school building are put in a box.

From the top of the simple sleeping table, for me, who used to yearn for a heavenly gate sleeping table like a princess, and the sheets that your father stuck to the ceiling with rusty nails were hanging.

The bear stuffed animal, which was not old on my mother, looks down at me from the top of her brown costume.

Grab the luggage you were packing and walk out of the room, breading the hem of a blue piece made of a piece of cloth.

Then I flipped with Kurli and burned this space in my eyes where the Lord of the room would be gone for a while, and I hurried to my mother.

A small village in a kingdom called Dolan.

Your mother was an archaeologist, and your father was born and raised there about me, Nanary Hell.

It was a very common household, neither aristocratic nor merchant, and it was more or less like that around.

If there's only one unusual thing about it, it's that your mother is an archaeologist. Not lately, but they used to go around all over the place to investigate ruins and such.

On the other hand, your father's profession, Demon Breaker, is a very common profession in this country and in this world, and when asked for demonic exorcism or other miscellaneous work at a magic center called Hare, the main thing is to receive a reward. I had to be able to use more than a certain amount of magic, and it was also that fruitful and dangerous occupation. It can be an easy job or a difficult job by request, but the harder it is, the more rewarding it is.

Once upon a time, I've stuck with your father's work twice, although I've never been better with your mother.

It was a time when I was getting sick of what I was always doing, where I was going, what kind of island that was, what kind of work it was, and what was peculiar to the little one. Something in the world made me want to know, and I think I had a lot of trouble asking the adults nearby to go around. Are you good at hiding it, though your father didn't put it on his face at all. Now that I think of it, I was a pretty good kid, and I think of it myself.

I followed him at a relatively simple time of work, and the reward was when he asked for 20 pegalos or something like that. When he asked me how much 20 pegalos was, the place was about the amount of food I spent a day.

Hare was like a bureau offering jobs, a place where demons came and went every day.

I was excited about my first place and I was obsessed with the interior in the hare. Because I thought it was a serious and cute place, the exact opposite in an atmosphere like a liquor store where your father goes well. Floors and walls are wooden planks, warm scenes. There were some places to eat, and there was also a good smell of meat mixed with the aroma of spices.

While I'm so distracted by all sorts of things, is your father the sister who accepts requests for work? I had them looking for me. It took a long time, but I have to work with a child in my luggage, so I guess it was difficult to choose. And now I think.

And you decided, your father drew my hand, and I smiled and swayed my hand as the receptionist complained of the ordinance, 'Come on, take care'.

The request was definitely an easy one with the help of my aunt's field work.

It ended unexpectedly early and I was a little discouraged to imagine something more amazing.

Because there was no difference between what I do at home and what I do.

'Welcome home, good luck. Nice work, little sister.'

So it was when I came back to Hare with my father who did the request.

The smile of this receptionist, who greeted us clerically but greeted us, somehow objected terribly in me for a moment.

What's wrong?


I'm not sure myself when they tell me to elaborate. I think it was close to something like love at first sight.

Anyway, my little sister looked radiant to me.

I don't care if it's a dangerous request or a chinky one. Rin looking to hand over paperwork without changing his complexion.

'Come on in' when you go, and 'Welcome home, good luck' when you return to report, he greets you with a smile.

And when I saw it, I was looking at your sister with sparkling eyes.

I am not the father who has desperately done what I asked for.

It's not even for the big guy who boasts that he made a difficult request at the counter next door.

It's just an admirable emotion that always sees her sitting there waiting unchanged and boiling in me with the mundane.

My father mistakenly thought you were tired when he pulled me back against the background of the sound effect of cheating, who didn't even pick me up while watching my sister at Hare's counter.

I don't want to admire things like that because I want to.

When I realize it, I admire it, and I think it's something that springs up suddenly.

Even what you want to do is so.

So even if your future dream was a florist, you might want to go for a cook with some clap, or you might choose something different.

That's what I just wanted to happen to be like that receptionist. Nothing to wonder about. I just want to be.

Then I became the 'sister of the receptionist' what I wanted to be in the future. It's not flashy, but it has to be there.

I told your father and mother about it and they desperately stopped me for some reason.

I say the reason is because you have to excel in everything from magic to learning. He said he could fight with magic, he was smart enough to put him at the top of the kingdom's magic school, and only someone who combined everything could be a worker over there.

But when I heard it, I admired it even more.

'Cause such a handsome sister can fight with magic. She's pretty good at being smart.

So I did my best to convince the two of them, even if it was a village school building, to be the best they could be. Just because I have a goal, I feel like I had a very different way of getting into my studies.

Thanks to this, grades were always the best in the school building, and the general upbringing that children had to learn about magic was acquired.

"You don't have a demon yet, so get in this carriage."


"You don't have a cold, do you?

He said, "I know."

To get to school, take an unmanned flying carriage.

That's the only way to get to an island that floats in the sky. Except for the person with the demon, but the person with it can use a certain method to go a little. Although your father has a demon to use, he cannot because his parents are not allowed to send his children to the island.

And this is something your mother magically made for this day.

At first glance, the horse was connected to a box car, a tea-cooked and dirty carriage without any kind of weird iron. But if you feed the horse the paper that wrote the destination, the limbs will send those who rode through the universe to the place, a fine magical carriage.

All you have to do is feed the horse a piece of paper that tells him to go home, so it's convenient.

"I'm coming!

Let the carriage eat the paper and leave.

If I did my gaze downstairs, I could see my waving mother getting smaller and smaller.

Above the kingdom of Dolan floats the king's dwelling island, The King's Island.

The same was true of every kingdom, and the king's castle was on that island and floating over the country was normal.

But I don't know exactly why it's floating.

Ask the adults, they're all vague, and they all disagree.

In a theory I learned in a village school building, I was taught that in a time when demons were raging around as they please in a vaster number than they are now, because the great wizards of the old days flew the castle from earth to air in an attempt to distract the pride of the country at all.

Because it's a theory, I have other theories, but this is more or less what happened.

And now, on the king's island, there is a magic school thing. History is not so shallow, and your father was there. You have to be out of this school to be a demon, and it was only natural for him to go for it.

Besides, people who want to be knights of the kingdom, or who want to learn magic in full, come here. To work in a place like Hare, I'm qualified to graduate from school here.

Although magic can be learned to some extent in ordinary school buildings, its size is completely different. If I tell you, it's like going to learn super first-class fine cuisine instead of learning home cooking.

Among them are the aristocratic children, whose parents were dukes, counts and other people of class.

I hear they'll be sent to magic school semi-compulsorily. Whoever wants to go or doesn't want to.

The nobles have a duty to protect their territory from aggression from others, and if I say so, they have military duties. Economic territorial management is of course a job, but that's what we mainly have to do. There aren't many demons. It seems they have to be strong now that they are kings of territory.

Nobility is a lot.

I'm not just wearing tingly clothes.


I saw the king's island castle from the carriage.

The palace of White Ya was much more beautiful than what I had seen in the painting. I'm just excited to think that there are kings and queens living there.

And in front of it was another building a little smaller than the castle, but much bigger than my own. Perhaps that's the magic school.

According to the map of the island given to me by my mother, this island, centered around the castle, was described as having a structure built to surround it, with a magic school building beside it, beneath the castle inhabited by some of the subordinates in a circle.

I can finally take the first step closer to my sister at the reception.

I shook my hand in front of my chest as I thought about my upcoming school life.