I Want to Be a Receptionist of The Magic World

Until I can be a receptionist - 2

Early week of enrollment in the Dolan Kingdom School of Magic.

Unlike before, of course, studying was not elementary magic like floating things or moving them.

Here they are taught battle-based magic, offensive magic and other miscellaneous. I don't do beginners because they're freshmen. That's a super first-class luxury cooking class.

Oh, no. Magic school.

By the time we get to the magic school here, we all have to learn a certain amount of magic, but I went to an approved school building in the village kingdom, so elementary school is easy to win.

I wouldn't come to this place if I wasn't. If I can't do it first, I won't even be allowed to enroll.

Because they also give you a one-off entrance exam.


When I enrolled in school and was asked how my first impression was, it felt like...... there were so many sparkling students.

Somehow there are more aristocrats than the average family person, and the outfit is not a uniform, so it's not that the discrepancy is severe.

I didn't care much for the look of it because I had chosen a relatively moveable object, although I had brought a lot of clothes from the house.

He is still attending school today in a qualitative blue piece with a brown leather belt wrapped around his waist.

This belt is designed so that you can also hook up props, so it's perfect for practicality.

Yes, this is the normal outfit when you go to school.

I just learn magic, so nobody wears pretentious dresses or expensive shoes to say noble people, I didn't know that. You'll sweat, you'll get dirty, you won't.

No, honestly.

Nobility, I was licking it.

The aristocratic girl is wearing a dress with a long hem and the variety and decoration give a noble vibe to the difference. I can't see a leg like me. Like me.

Besides, the dress ranged from cute things with hooded puff sleeves on my shoulders to more colorful things with my shoulders out, and I was dazzled to see if I'd gotten into some kind of party.

The boy is also a boy, woven with boots on his trousers, a vest on his shirt on the top, a fine coat with a long hem on its top, and more. Men's clothes, that one.

That, I'm at some kind of party...

Wow, this is a classroom, it's just a classroom, Nanary.

The inside of the school building was old in a good way and didn't look brand new. Well, they've been around for a long time, so I can't help it.

The atmosphere is damp though with windows, cool on hot days but likely colder when cold.

Still, the hallways and classroom ceilings were high, kind of like a big rich mansion.

If I told you, the king's bright white castle turned a little light brown, a bit like degraded exterior and interior.

... No, that might be too much to say.

Not so luxurious. But it feels so luxurious.

In a good way, of course.

I'm surrounded by such luxury, but don't forget the existence of other ordinary people like me out there.

I'm not the only one with a twitch.

Good. I saw a boy in a coat, and here's one voice. Let's get over this leftover feeling together, as buddies.

Still, there are only two people in this classroom, including me.

"I didn't know we had to study with ordinary people."

"Oh, but they used to be more, didn't they? Though nobility is the majority now."

"But I'm not a commoner about half of the classroom next door. There are plenty of common people."

"You wanted all this classroom to be aristocratic, anyway."

I could hear the conversation between the noble children at a loud, not near volume. It's clear who knows what they're talking about.

It's a group of men and women diagonally forward to the left.

"Why are there two extras, hey? Gentlemen."

My gaze stings from all over.

Hmm, that's what I think. I wonder why the numbers are so skewed,.

There are only two people in my classroom, including myself, even though there are about half the ordinary people in the classroom next door. What's going on with this? I wish you would have separated the aristocracy from the general public.

What do the teachers think of this classroom splitting?

Thanks to you, he is the object of the aristocrats' slippery disgust.

"Poor thing in those clothes, huh?

"It would be hard to stay, really."

Couscous, I hear a laugh.

Damn, you're making me listen to you on purpose. Damn it.

But that doesn't work for me. My heart doesn't even get sick. Do you feel frustrated in this place?

Besides, you guys get the best grades and say, "Oh, you're noble! Oh, my God. You do worse than me, the common man? Oh, I shouldn't. I'm sorry, so...? 'I'll definitely say it.

It's a good opportunity, though at some point we've got a goal for the best instead of taking the top. I'd be more motivated to go for the best if I wanted to be at the top anyway.

All right. Let's make sure that high laughter is done well by the time we graduate.


With a cheek wand on my desk, I look over to the classroom.

From the diagonal, well nasty, what a voice but ignore, ignore.

The classroom windows are on the right facing each other, and the desk is built to get higher every time you go behind it like a staircase.

In the classroom ceiling you can see the round light lined up well with the pucali. That seems to be the lighting, and at first I thought it would be a lot different. I know some of the magic of lighting, but as far as I can tell, I've never seen anything like it.

Maybe it's one of those magic tools.

My seat in this classroom was a seat with a twentieth desk climbing the stairs. It's quite tall and confusing at first, but I think if you try it now, you can see the classroom and make it a good place to observe. It's inconspicuous.

Or something like that, although noble eyes are pierced because of their qualitative ethnic costumes.

"Dear Alwes, um, would you mind moving the common people there, next door?

"You're going to run out!? How dare you speak to Master Rockman?

"If you say so, Master Maris is less than Mr. Alwes."

"Dear Alwes, would you like to leave Master Maris or Master Nara alone and visit my mansion next time?

"Hey, you too."

Block your ears with the hand of the one with the cheek cane.

'Cause it's time off. Well, it's cah-cah and loud stuff. Even though the school buildings I attended until recently had louder voices about the holidays, the girls there had more cackle and cuteness.

I kind of feel like they're letting me see a carnivorous blood feud.

I wish he'd said or done whatever he wanted around the left diagonal front, like the kids just now, but what a problem because it's next door.

The sparkling dress also stings and hurts in my eyes, and I want to wear a blindfold if I'm allowed.

"Dear Alwes!

The girl brightens her eyes and hands together as she blushes her eyes.

"Would you please put me next door?

"Hey, Master Maris!

Well, have you noticed?

Now they're putting together a boy. It was as if swarming with sweet honey, and I couldn't get away from it stubbornly.

"Speaking of which, you let me go visit Maris' mansion before this, didn't you? Thanks for the delicious tea."

"Well, no. Please be here again."

Maris, an aristocratic girl named dyes her cheeks red.

When the girls who saw it took out the handkerchief in unison of where they had it, they bit ahead and pulled 'Kie!' and began to speak remorsefully.

I admire what I've done. I've never seen anyone do that before since I got here.

I don't know about this to the general public, but there are a few funny places to look at it like this, so I enjoy it.

If I tell them, I won't tell them because they're going to eat sanctions.

"Nara, can I interrupt you if I go on vacation to your place, too?

"Wow, is that me?

Then, now the girl next door uplifts her cheeks.

"Zelta, we'll talk when we're close to vacation, too."

"Dear Alwes! Looking forward to it."

The kid who looked like a ghost when he saw a girl named Nara also brightened up pah.

You're changing so fast. Could that be magic, too?

When the boy said, "I'll see you later," they all took their seats.

It's like the hustle was just a lie, going back to being enchanted. Everyone feels like a coward.

Look at the boy next door.



Something's wrong, I still don't like it.

Not to say it looks like it, but no, maybe even the face you're pointing at me right now.

Where was the smile that was directed at Nico and the girls just now? What? And that face coming at me. I don't like it if it's faceless. The speed of switching is also horrible.

Nothing, even if Nico smiles all the way over here, that makes me sick.

"It's disgusting what you've been looking at over here. Then when you're on top of a Buddha like that, you're a skank."



Let's just ignore the blood vessels out of my head right now.

Koitz, it sure doesn't look bad. If you say it's not bad, or let me give you a general public opinion, I think it would be pretty cool.

To put it in general terms.

Same back, 12? It's so unnaturally expensive, and about two look older. I don't look much like a kid my age.

White skin with golden honey-colored finger streets looking good hair, red eyes, muscular nose, thin lips and faint pigments.

I think it's enough to say that fate depends on the placement of human beings, eyes, mouths and other facial parts. In the case of Koitsu, all the parts fit well as someone painted them, and they were like 'aesthetic shapes'. Enough to say that the woman god must have made it even for the man of his choice.

The clothes that were unifying her whole body in black also looked good on her, and she had a sweet face that the girl seemed to like. Even though he is a man, he has a shadow like a girl.

But most importantly, for me, he is.

"Chip, you just have to peel off your tempered skin now"

"A make-believe? Those things are so torn around, they come by knowing about this attitude. You don't have a choice, do you, stupid girl?"

"You fucking man"

My gaze bumped into me. Bite your teeth tight.

Alwes Rockman.

From the first glance at him, I've been struggling for some reason. I don't really know what makes me do that.

I can't help but sit next door. It was my teacher's decision, and I never thought he was this obnoxious at first. A boy with a beautiful face, as simple as I thought.

But still, how could I feel unbeatable about the presence of Kako, and I felt really weird myself?

Is instinct the one, this one?

Is there something to sniff apart the enemy or ally?

Besides, they're also opponents, the most open-minded against me with a seat next to them,

"Let's not."


'... what?

What the hell, I thought, but I honestly took it because I didn't have the courage to say this to the first person I met. Besides, the outfit was still a rich outfit, and I can't buy anger poorly.

And the result of that battle was that I was goo and my opponent was par, and I lost.

"I win."

So much so that I don't know when I bought the grudge, I can turn to a niggling black, niggling black grin. I mean, it was really black around my eyes.

This unusual sense of defeat even though you just lost in the junket. What is it?

Oh, I can't solve it very well. Quite impossible to solve.

Then for a while, when I got to my classroom seat, I was challenging Grandpa. I kept doing it because my opponent doesn't refuse either, but the win or loss is still lost by me with 53 wins and 54 losses.

In the first place, why has he challenged me by hand then?

But for me now, I don't care about that anymore. I just don't like to lose.

Now that I think about it, maybe the majority of the reasons that make me struggle are because of this battle.

Anyway, there is a growing hostility towards me that I don't want to lose anything or study to him.

Definitely something to lose.

"Ahhh, barbarity. It wouldn't have stopped if the prince had approached me at this rate. I don't mind."

"Which way!

Get any closer to the prince! and turn that way instead of shouting.

The third prince of Dolan also attends this classroom. His name is Zenon Bal Dolan. If Rockman is said to be a beautiful boy, the prince may feel like a man. Dark hair, dark eyes, and bright eyebrows. I'm pretty sure they both have good faces, but I prefer the prince, one way or the other. Cutty outfits like black military uniforms also look brave and look good.

And whether it's a golden age or something, they have all the leading families within the aristocracy this year, and all the girls were making career noises.

I'm not happy.

The prince at heart sits in front of this seat. The sons of these prince fans felt like they were watching far-flung compared to Rockman fans. Being a prince would also have the courage to come closer to it. And I don't know if the blonde is that escort, but I see him with me all the time.

We usually look like friends from a third-party point of view because we also see each other lightly, whether the seats are for next door or not.

Well, nothing, it doesn't matter.

"What's that girl? Talk to Master Alwes."

"She's the one I want you to talk to."

Fuck, I'm definitely gonna laugh at you!

Looking forward to it!