I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated (WN)

961 The tragedy of Brutoli

After defeating the giant antimagic, there was another anomaly before the francs could move.

Whatever the difference between strength and weakness, the sway runs on the ground again and again.

Then, I saw the dust rising from afar and the huge shadows standing in it.

Is it the same as here?

"Probably. Five or six of these shakes aren't enough." And the one closest to me. "


"Yes, I think it's close to Bultoli."

Fran recited Isario's words. I didn't think I could defeat the Giant Anti-Magic with Bultoli's might.

In fact, because of Isario's and Ignis' offensive power, it looked like an instant kill, but it would be too much trouble to fight normally.

"... what do we do?"

Usually, this is a place where you ask me for my opinion, but now I'm looking up at my neighbor, Isario. You're not jealous, are you?

It's not a bad idea for Franc to be able to rely on adults other than me. That's because the fringes and the sum of the franc's people are spreading.

It's just a little lonely. But more than that, I was glad that Franc was interacting well with people.

"Well, let's go back." We can't just abandon Bultoli. "

"All right."

Somehow, Izario, who has been fighting on this continent for years, thought he would never be able to abandon a lot of people.

Franc nodded happily to his words and would have no choice but to return here.

Well then, let's hurry up a bit.

"Nh! Urushi, cancer ba"


When Izario jumped onto the moving board, his magic poured in. Shortly thereafter, it began to accelerate at a tremendous speed. I suddenly started to move at a high speed from the stopped state, and the figure was a little toy-like.

It's just that the speed isn't funny. Rather than a toy, it would surpass the F1 car. I panicked and called out to Ursi, who was staring at Isario, who was quickly lost sight of her.

Urushi! Let's go!

Oh, off!

Izario's board slid to the ground as the flames burst out and the eagle desperately chased her. Ursi was serious, too. And yet, I can't keep up with Isario.

Using Enhanced Magic and applying Healing Magic, Urushi finally managed to reach behind it with all his power.

"Lady! Don't push yourself!"

Got it!


The Urushi are strong, but they must be quite impatient. Worst of all, should I let Isario go first?

Thinking so, Ursi tried his best. For Ursi, who takes charge of Fran's own legs, it would be unbearable to lose to a magic tool at the speed of movement.

Even if Fran and I had told us not to do anything nonsense, we wouldn't have slowed down.

I was so breathless that I thought I was going to spit blood, I swallowed the sour stuff and ran all the way to the end.

Once I stopped about 100 meters in front of Bultoli, I immediately collapsed. Irregular timing of chest up and down due to disturbed breathing.

”Ze... Ze... Goof...”

"The girl's servant is amazing!" I was serious, wasn't I? I didn't expect you to follow me to the end! "

"Ursi, good luck."


You don't have to speak up.

Urushi, rest until you calm down. It was amazing.


Ursi fell down and dived into the shadows to rest. He must have made it so hard that he didn't have the strength to stand up.

However, I was able to return to Bultoli before nightfall.

Beyond the city, I could see a giant anti-magic figure. It was still dressed like a fetus and stuck in a strange liquid.

It will be less than 300 meters away from the city. In the broad continent, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is close.

There aren't many soldiers on the walls.

A lot of anti-magic magic!

"The fact that the big bumpkin is not moving means that there is a swarm of anti-magic in here." Looks like you're still fighting at the other gate. Shall we hurry? "


They stopped once because the Urushi had reached their limit, but also to break through the city at once.

Isario's board can't move at high altitude, so he has to move on his own.

Isario bursts into flames from the soles of his feet and back, jumping up at once. Mia would have triggered several Vernian attacks.

A combination of instant acceleration and leapfrogging into the city at once. Izario ran through the roofs of the houses, and Fran leapt in the air.

"There's a lot of people sitting there."

"You must have sucked in magic power." And then, I guess I'm a little sinister. "

I could not resist the magic absorption ability of the giant anti-magic, and I lost my magic power all at once. Because of this, it seems to be causing symptoms like anemia. Moreover, the dense evil emitted by the giant anti-magic covered the city, and it was accompanied by evil drunkenness.

Perhaps because I lost a lot of magic power, my resistance to evil was also reduced.

However, with the depletion of magic power and insanity, we couldn't do anything either. Franco and Isario rushed to the giant anti-magic.

The closer they were near the gate, the more people sat down, and some fell down. The closer they were to the giant anti-magic, the more powerful they were at absorbing magic power.

When that power was spread throughout the city, I didn't know how much power was flowing into the giant anti-magic.

"Everyone is in danger if we stay like this."

"Yeah. I'm going to eat one of those big pigs in the city." If you don't kill Sassa, the whole town will die of debilitation eventually. "