1. Brave Party Exile

My name is Ariake. Ariake Mihama, an 18-year-old man.

I am an adventurer in this Grandheim kingdom.

No, I was being jerked off, I guess.

There may be differences of opinion. Phew, and I held up the edge of my lips.

This is the corner of the Adventurer Alliance. And there are so-called party members around. He always sees me as a parent's vendetta. This is what disagreement is all about. Now I've been banished from the party after being posted a lettel of uselessness.

But that doesn't make my heart fuss. Because

"Fool, that's my line"

I uttered it like a fool in the heart.

No, I made a real fool of myself, so I exposed my honest feelings, which is more correct.

I'm not good at lying, I am. Falsification.

But to the words that said the truth, the party... no, it would be more appropriate to say ex-party. Because I no longer recognize them as party members... Anyway, to my word of truth, they...

"Become ⁉"

In addition to being stunned, the next came a gaze that should also be called resentment.

I've got my lips up again.


I laughed slightly. 'Cause now you don't know which one was declared deported. It was the hilariousness that made me laugh.

"What are you laughing at! Ariake! Do you know what's going on? ⁉ Exile. You've banished this flourishing Vivian brave party! This me, by Vivia Halnor, the kingdom-nominated brave man!

That's what I shouted at, Vivia, the same guy I was when I was old. He is said to be the man closest to the Crusade of the Demon King because of his recognition by the Holy Sword Langris.

"Yes, yes! Apologize to Lady Vivia! Ariake! A shelved luggage hauling man left in spill simply because our childhood is tame!!

The next one to scream was the red-haired woman, Delia. Female fighter. He is renowned as an invincible fighter who strengthens his flesh with magic and also has the skills of an undefendable attack by a "Blessed Fist".

This guy is about the same age as me. I mean, there are three more parties, but they're all the same age. That's because we're all childhood friends in the same village.

The remaining three have said the same thing.

"Surely your presence has significantly undermined our party collaboration. Vivia the Brave is right."

Elgar as a shield. Fighter type that strengthens and fights hard flesh. Anyway, it is said to have an inexhaustible health value and steel defense, and that magic resistance does not allow other followers, and is also high with the shield of the kingdom.

"I don't care. Such an unusable guy. Let's just say goodbye here, shall we, brave man ♡"

Prala the Wizard. Features golden curly hair. I am good at magical arrangements and have a magic power of over 10,000. It is rumored that even the Demon King does not possess that much magic power and it is said that the trump card of mankind and so on.

And finally,

"Finally, the time has come for you to come. It was a long time... how much I've been waiting for this time... This is God's call, too."

"Ha, I didn't know Alicia would even tell me so far!

"That's what God's Proclamation is all about, okay, Ariake!

In the words of the Virgin, the brave Vivia and the fistfighter Delia shouted out loudly.

... the Grand Virgin Alicia.

Beautiful long blonde hair and blue eyes. It brings together from time to time an aura that cannot be held by ordinary people because of its beauty until divine and precisely because of the gospel brought about by God's blessing. In this era where most restorative magic has turned into a legend, she is said to be exactly the Epic Virgin, who even uses half resuscitation magic. A great presence that bears its name all over the world, not just in this country.

Even such a Virgin seems happy with my party exile. I'm even smiling slightly. I guess that means you're so happy to be able to banish me.

And as soon as I saw him, he turned off his grin and his gaze.

Oh, boy, that's something you hated. The attitude of Delia and Prala in particular is like Zoccon to Vivia, a brave man and hence a powerful man.

But, you know, yeah?

Hey, I leaned my neck. Hence, there was some subtle discomfort in Alicia's dialogue.

Somehow, only one person seemed to have a different color...

I don't care about that.

I sigh inside. Anyway, this great Virgin Alicia probably hates me the most.

For example, you don't even have eyes for me like you do now, and you try to cut the conversation right up. I blush when I'm talking, and I get angry right away, and when I try to act, you don't trust me, and I stop right there. And most importantly, it always turns its attention to the kind of surveillance that goes after me at all times and at all times. Even when you're private when you're not adventurous, you feel the eye of surveillance from time to time. I guess I'm not entirely trusted at all.

Oh, man, I don't know how to name one at all.

I don't see why they hate me so much. But this Alicia is definitely the one who hates me the most. Yes, this is completely unmistakable. 'Cause my guess is a good one.