What's your lunch today in the warm sunlight from the window? What an idea comes to mind.

"... that's why Kai is eating 'my lunch', so you can leave the Death King."

"...... Feito...... return...... to work"

The temperature feels particularly good today, and it feels good to take a nap. There's a lawn in Lilia's mansion garden, and I'd like to take a nap around it.

It might be better if there were pets. It's quite an admirable situation to take a nap with a cat on your lap.

"You can leave your work to the gods of space and time!" I don't even know if the Death King came to the world like this and made such a fuss. "

"... it's okay... Lilywood will... do something about it"

On a nice day like this, it may be good to eat dinner outside. Nan-san and Teaki-san were invited to have a picnic with a group of Summon Monsters.

"Well, the place will be the garden of the Mansion..."

Kai, are you listening to me?

"... kite... which lunch... do you want to eat?"


Yeah, let's stop running from reality. Looking at the two lunchboxes offered, I sighed heavily.

"... I mean, why are you in this situation in the first place..."

It certainly started about ten minutes ago. Isis-san, who had made a promise since yesterday, came to visit Lilia-san's mansion.

And when I came to visit Mr. Feito without an appointment, it was a composition that made me feel like I was going to play with him sometime.

"Look, you can grab a man's heart from his stomach bag, right?" So, as an upfront investment to get Kai to feed me in the future... it was a hassle, but it was very troublesome, but I worked hard to make lunch for Kai! "

"... yes, I see."

"... I... want Kite to eat something delicious... I've never cooked... but I've studied... and made it."

Ah, thank you.

What's the matter... honestly, I'd like to eat Isis-san nine to one at the moment. I feel pure favor from Isis compared to Feito who emphasizes that it was as troublesome as this, even though it was full of feelings.

At this point, there was a difference between an angel and a demon, but even though there was a subconscious, Mr. Fate who bothered to make lunch for me couldn't help it.

However, the lunchboxes offered were both quite large, about the size of a heavy box. Eating two cores is just as tough.

If so, I could eat half of it... but I can't wait to leave Isis's lunch anyway. "As if I were going to kick Fate-san's ass..."

"... hey, Kai-chan? I guess it's your imagination, right now, am I really being stunned in Kai-chan's heart?"

It's my imagination.

”Since such a beautiful girl has been cooking for Kai-chan, isn't this a place to weep with emotion?”

If you say so yourself, you won't have a table.

Isis spoke with a worried expression as she replied appropriately to Fate, who was unexpectedly sharp.

"... kite... are you okay?... if you're not hungry... do you want to eat later?"

"No, I was just going to have lunch, and I'm really glad that Isis-san cared."

"... it's weird. There's obviously a difference between me and the Death King, right?"

It's my imagination.

I'm dealing with a mess, but of course I'm glad that Mr. Fate cooked for me.

I'm also a man, and I'm grateful to Isis-san, Feito-san, and the two beautiful girls for cooking for me.

"... oh, yes! How about we eat together?" "...... if that's the case....."

That's fine ~. It's been quite a while since I've had a proper meal, anyway, for sweets and such ~

"... I'm... [For the first time in 4,000 years]..."

"... eh?"

Isis unintentionally leans his head at the words he used for the first time in four thousand years. Then, you figured out my question, and you opened your mouth like Mr. Fate explained.

"Ah ~ Kai-chan. Me and the Death King are a little different from humans. When it comes to eating and sleeping, it's not a necessity, it's a hobby."

"I see..."

"Well, leave that aside... I'll show you my lunch box first."

While talking somewhere loose, Fate placed a large lunchbox on the table and opened the lid.

The only vegetables and fruits that appeared from inside...

"... hey? Hey, hey, Fate-san? What is it?"

"It's a lunch box."

"... I can only see the peeled vegetables and fruits in the raw box..."

"...... Kai-chan"


"Even if I just peeled my skin... don't you think I should do my best?"


Where do I start? It doesn't seem to have any ingenuity or intention, it just seems to have thrown in the ingredients that were really peeled...

I don't know. I really don't know. "Why are you showing off your lunchbox, Fate-san?"

"... does it look delicious to Fate?"

"No, not at all! Shit, it only looks like animal bait!"

"Why did you bring it?"

"...... I wonder if I can handle it with momentum ~"

Guardian... where's Kronor? "Please, take this person home as soon as possible..."

"... fate... such a lunch... you can't let Kite eat it..."

"Honestly, I think I've lost too much of my hand, but I think I can cover it with love!"

"... I don't think I can..."

"Gu... well, what kind of lunch did the Death King make?"

"...... I've made...... Kite's favorite food properly......"

Animal bait... Originally, Mr. Fate's lunch box was removed by Mr. Isis. And now, in front of me is the lunchbox that Isis-san brought.

But my favorite food? Like hamburgers and shrimp fries? No, but have I ever taught Mr. Isis his favorite food?

With such a question in mind, I took off the lunchbox lid... and it contained a "large amount of baby castella" packed in a narrow place.

What, this, baby, Castella's lunch? This is my favorite food... no, no, it's different.

"... ah, Isis-san? What the hell is this..."

"... I asked Chrome Aina... about Kite's favorite food..."

I knew that baby Castella's spirit was the culprit! What are you tailoring to my favorite dish?

"... no, Isis-san, I don't really like baby Castella..."

"... is that so...?"... I'm sorry... I... "

"Oh no, I just remembered!" I liked Baby Castella more than three meals! I'm so happy, I've never seen such a nice lunch before. "

"... thank goodness... I'm glad Keitaro is happy..."

I tried to tell Isis that it was a mistake, but immediately after seeing Isis's sad expression, I stopped immediately.

Whether it's Baby Castella or Isis-san, it doesn't matter how hard she makes it... let's eat and think about how to correct the wrong information so that it doesn't harm Isis-san.

Yes, to see Isis-san's smile...... I'll eat the baby castella at your leisure.

After all, there's a difference between me and the Death King, right?

It's my imagination.

After briefly answering Fate, I challenged Baby Castella, which was full of heavy boxes.

That day, I got a new trauma about Baby Castella.