It was not an unusual sight, if not a sign that she was pregnant. To name just a few differences from normal, the extent to which I saw a man or woman in my alma mater uniform on my way home from college.

Two girls for two boys and four high school students walking right in front if they belong to the same club are having a fun conversation and it's a dazzling sight for me as an elite. Especially the two girls in high school looked adorable enough to say that they were beautiful girls at the top of their class, and they were also envious of two boys students walking with them. It's just a 1: 1 male/female ratio, and maybe it's two couples...... rear charging or whatever, I wish it exploded......

Yes, it was really such a nothin '. It was my way home. Behind the quartet stopping at the red light on the crosswalk, stopping for a few steps - until something like a weird magic formation appears at your feet -

What is it, here? The view in sight switches like noise before you feel it. The ground, which was supposed to be asphalt, was bright enough for stones to feel depressed, and the afternoon sun felt dim, lamps? to the light...... wait, I don't know what that means.

"Welcome aboard, Master Brave."

Before the confusion, when I heard a beautiful voice like a bell in my ear that I didn't even understand the situation and looked back, I saw two high school girls and one high school boy inside, dressed in a white dress with no even dirt shards, with long golden hair and beautiful blue eyes. Is that it? Not enough alone?

"It's sudden. - Huh?

The blonde saw us and opened her mouth with a smile that seemed to be accidentally spotted... stopping the words along the way.

And silence...... me and the three high school students who are eating abalone in the situation, of course, the beauty who was about to say something and the people in the anachronistic robes around them also stop as time has stopped, and the silence of time dominates the place.

"... Oh, you know, lady? Do I look like I have four?

"... that's an odd encounter, Luna, it looks like it to me too"

One in a robe speaks to a beautiful woman as if she had decided to, and the beautiful woman also returns the words in some confused way. Unfortunately, my thoughts still haven't caught up with the unusual beating like this Dempsey Roll. Computers would have changed icons on the hourglass mark right now. I should have let you in... No, no, what are you thinking, me?

Moving his gaze and shifting his gaze to the three high school students who would be in the same situation, he has a bewildered look at Chirali and this one, apparently in the same condition as me.

"Duh, duh, what are you going to do? Here!? Here, it's me, isn't it! Maybe the three of them got caught up in a 'summons' or something like that!?

"Oh, I was wondering if it would probably happen... what are you going to do, lady?

"I don't care what you do. 'I failed. I'm sorry, but first I have to explain the situation to everyone... but first I have to tell who the brave man is..."

"Heh..." said the lady. I was wondering if boulders were too young for your age... "

"Why a sober penetration there!?

I don't know, this unfortunate conversation. It's like a feeling of crisis for an unknown situation is being galloped...... both girls in high school look pompous, and boys in high school - why are you gutsposing? In this situation, Gatspaws?

Yeah? Wait... Master Brave? Summoning? Involved? I feel like some familiar word pops in. Think about it. Something similar lately.

"Kohon. Again, welcome to..."

"I'm sorry. I'm just thinking, will you be quiet?

"Ah, yes. I'm sorry."

I hear voices blocking my thoughts, so I ask them to wait and think. Oh, well, I remember. That's a light novel I read very recently!

It's not as public as I dare to say, but I have a taste for so-called geeks and all that. I like the game, Light Novell is there, I'm a halfway geek if I don't see the animation at all... but anyway, the current situation looks just like that Light Novell expansion. I remember seeing it in various novels when I thought about it again in the story of the King's Way of Coming to the Other World with a Brave Summon and Fighting the Demon King.

"... oh, the..."

Yeah, but I do feel like there have been all sorts of developments when I say alien world metastases in one bite. Some things are really brave and like fighting demon kings, the royalty who summoned them was actually worse, or the ordinary people who got caught up and branded incompetent were actually cheats...

"... uh, um..."

So what do we need now, information? No matter how many facts are said to be stranger than novels, there is no way to decide at this stage that this is a different world. But I know it's obviously an unusual situation, so I need to know what's going on anyway - that? Like you forgot something?

"... uh..."

"... Huh?

So finally, I see a blonde looking at this one with a mixed look of confusion and worry, and suddenly consciousness returns from thought to reality.

And as consciousness returns to reality, I remember myself blocking the words of the woman in front of me and immersing myself in thought, and the blood draws me.

"... If you can, it's time to move on... Are you sure?

"Shh, excuse me!? Hey, I have a habit of losing sight of my surroundings when I think about it for a long time..."

I get the bewildered word and I head down in a hurry. I did it...... this bad habit came out again. I've always had the habit of losing sight of myself when I'm passionate about one thing. To put it better, we can also say that we are more focused, but to put it worse, we can also say that we have a narrow horizon.

I did it anyway. Something about the eyes of the two high school girls looking at this one seems a little dazed, and the robe people around the beauty look bitterly smiling. The boys in high school... they're saying something downward and bumpy - oh, something about being friends with this kid.

"No, I can't help but get confused by the sudden. Again, people from different worlds. Welcome to the Kingdom of Symphonia."

Apologize After a soft smile against me, the beautiful woman gracefully bows her head to pick the hem of her skirt. And I've come to the other world to say what I expected or what I would say.

Was it noble that you were called a lady just now? Maybe a princess or something.

"My name is Lilia Alberto. First of all, a sudden summons, I'm sorry. I think you're confused by the sudden. I understand we should explain the situation thoroughly first...... but I'm afraid for your convenience on this side, may I ask your name before explaining it?

"... Ah, yes. I'm Miyama Hayato."

Beauty - I, the elderly for now, answer the question of the woman who named Lilia first. A novel or something where someone eats and hangs here, or screams in confusion... but when it actually happens, the confusion and confusion are too great to be answered calmly the other way around.

"... Nanqiao."

"... Yuzuki Hina"

"... Justice Mitsunaga (Minato blames too much)"

Three high school students are named to follow me. Boys high school, that's a cool name. You're the brave one. [M] Justice in the Eternal Light is the kind of name you were born to be a brave man already... it feels literal to say which way you look though.

"You're Miyama, Kusnoki, Yuzuki, Mitsunaga. Best wishes. Now if you'll excuse me, please wait a moment."

With that said, Lilia turns a blind eye to someone from a different robe, and the person from the robe takes something like a crystal ball. Even though I said that I was going to do something, my body is tense, but Lilia explained in a panic that "I will not harm you", so I don't think it's a good idea to move poorly and stay on the spot... I never have the courage to make a difference. It's not to say heckle.

"... Apparently, Lord Mitsunaga has been summoned as a brave man. Otherwise, it would be a tangled form."

"Is it still true"

Apparently, the brave man is Justice Mitsunaga. If I told you I hit the prediction, I hit it, but this, seriously, what happens? In a situation where I don't know the right or the left, Mitsunaga is suddenly in a small gutsy pose when he tells me he's a brave man or something. You're number one. Good luck and try something troublesome.

"So that's your explanation for the brave man?

"Yeah, let me do that. Dear Lilia, please explain to the three involved."

After hearing such a conversation, Lilia has told me that because the explanation of the circumstances to Mr. Mitsunaga - the brave man - differs from the explanation to this one, each will be divided and explained.

I objected to this on the boulder - Nan and Teakwood... Me? I'm full of heads for something else, not anywhere.

Honestly, I'm not a saint prince or anything, and there's no way I can afford to worry about the future of strange children in my abnormal time. The most important issue for me right now... is Lilia, who is fooling Nan and Teak Wood in front of me. To say what she is and what she intends to do with us.

The impression so far doesn't seem like a low back and bad person, but it still doesn't explain why she did the brave summons or whatever position she was in in in the first place.

Anything may be wrong in light of the light novel developments, but it is also a classic in this hand story to say that royalty or something is trying to use the brave like slaves with the bad guys, or treat other than the brave ones coldly.

In fact, Mitsunaga, who is still a brave man, says he will explain to us separately, and I wonder if there is anything in his belly.

But I'm sad. There's no basis to back it up, no hints to crack the situation ahead, no choice to disobey her intentions beyond what she holds.

"I know what it's like to be anxious. But I swear to you, I will never harm you. This is not an extreme response to this situation, please."

With Lilia saying that and bowing her head deeply, she didn't seem convinced yet, but Nan and Teakwood both stopped saying objections, and Mitsunaga snorted quietly too. Of course I snorted too.

The other three will know, but the resistance will probably be pointless. If you look at the number of people in robes more than twice as many as we do, and if you fully believe her story here, it's a mistake to have magical powers.

Of course, Mitsunaga, known as the Brave One, may have some special powers, but I don't even think I have that kind of thing just to get caught up in. If so, the option you choose here to protect yourself is to listen.

When Lilia leads you out of a dim basement, you reach the grand hall of luxurious interiors. Apparently, the explanation to you, Mitsunaga, the brave man, will take place here, with people dressed in white clothes somewhere reminiscent of the priesthood. He will remain in this room, and me and the two women will be guided to a separate room.

It was less than half the size of a room compared to the large hall earlier, but it was large enough, with large tables and chairs in medieval interiors - so far there is no otherworldly atmosphere, and not much of a real feeling.

"Please, feel free to call me. Luna, give the three of you something to drink..."

"I'm in awe"

Lilia sits directly across the street from us, giving instructions to the lady in maid's clothes who says she took off her robe at some point. I didn't know because I was wearing a hooded robe in a dim room earlier, but Luna was a woman with all the water hair cut around her shoulders... There was a sense of different worlds.

After seeing Luna leave the room in a courtesy, we sit in a dreaded seat too. First, I sit in a position slightly off the front of Mr. Lilia - to the right, and Nan and Teakwood take their seats about two seats free from me.

"First of all, I apologize again, and suddenly I call you to another world, and I'm really sorry that I took the time to explain it to you at this convenience."

"Oh, no..."

"Well, what the hell do we... what happens?

Nan was the one who mouthed the question that bothered me the most. Her expression looks somewhat calm compared to mine, as the words "Yamato stroke," a slender length on long, lustrous dark hair, seem to suit her. I'm sure she's a strong core woman, regardless of me being a heck of a bitch or something.

"First of all, let me swear by the name of my Duke of Alberto that we will not harm you four, including Mitsunaga."

"... Alberto... Duke's house?

"Excuse me. You should have explained my position first. Again, my name is Lilia Alberto. As for the Kingdom of Symphonia, it has the title of Duke… nobility."

"Lady Lilia is the belly sister of Her Majesty the current King and the one with the right to inherit the fourth throne with the title. So it's no problem for you to accept the first words that your daughter has been declared by betting her family name as the general intent of the country."

Duke!? Succession to the throne!? I had predicted it, but he was a disillusioned nobleman.

"By the way, you are 22 years old and you are a rare single duke in the kingdom of Symphonia where it is common to get married at 15-19"

"... Luna? Why would you add that information? That's totally unnecessary information here, isn't it?

"No, on the boulder. I thought it was time to call you 'lady' because I couldn't..."

"... hey, I need to talk to you later"

I wonder what this, this noble beauty who looks so noble and behaves and speaks politely... this unfortunate feeling of drifting... after that, Mr. Luna is quite a relentless person.

"... returns to that, right? I will continue to answer your questions earlier, but perhaps the most disturbing thing is whether or not you can go back to the original world, but don't worry about that."

"Or can you go home...?

Inquiring with a slightly frightened mixed voice is Teakwood, who feels a small animal cutie from her chestnut semi-short hair. Nan's gentle grip on Teakwood's frightening hand and his small height also seem to be in a senior junior relationship. But my breasts are a lot better with Mr. Teakwood - no, no, what are you thinking I am!?

"Yeah... just that..."

Lilia gives a slightly spicy look when she hears what Teak said. Is that it, after all? There's a demonic array out there, and if you don't defeat it, you can't go home or something.

When that happens, maybe we shouldn't trust Mr. Lilia after all.

"Until the Summoning Magic Team can reuse it... it will take a year."

"Yes, a year!?

Is that it? I feel a little different than I was expecting something. The two of you are probably surprised by the length you say a year, but I'm surprised in a different way, too. Yes, the conditions are slightly loose...

Normally with this kind of development, isn't it possible to go home until we defeat the Demon King or something? Oh, hey, Mitsunaga, maybe that's what you are. Maybe that's why only one person is being explained otherwise.

Even if it's loose on that, it's not a whole year of hiding, which is convincing to Assari given its impact on the original world.

"... that's before the tournament..."

"Yang Nai, that's not the problem..."

Is Mr. Teakwood natural? Rather, I'm impressed that you can worry about a club tournament in this situation.

"Oh, don't worry. The story of" Goddess "says that time flows differently between this world and your world, and when we make the repatriation, we return to the time immediately after we are summoned to this world. There is no problem with the body, etc. that grew up in a period of one year, as the goddess will send it back before the return."


If you think the anxiety has been resolved with some great momentum, there's a new element of uncertainty about the goddess.

Uh, I mean, it takes a year to get back to the original world. But you don't have to worry about the passage of time over there, even if you get fat suddenly in this world, the goddess and I will put you back...

"Of course, I guarantee your safety and clothing and accommodation while the three of you are here. I don't mean to be luxurious, but I'm responsible for preparing a life without disability."

"... haha..."

"Uh, oh, thank you"

Should I describe it as detoxifying, all the information in favour of this one keeps releasing, and Nan and Teakwood are confused too. To the extent that I accidentally thank you...

But I can't stay alert yet. Yes, because Mitsunaga hasn't solved your case. If a brave man is summoned to fight a demon king, then this world is such a dangerous place.

"... may I ask you a question?

"Of course it is. Dear Miyama."

"Uh, I'm listening in the separate room... Mitsunaga, was it? He was called a brave man. Are you sure there's a demon king out there who fights it?

I'll never ask. Perhaps this is the turning point. Mr. Lilia can be honest or deceitful, and the way I shake myself will harden the direction somewhat. Come on, how do you get out?

Inside I asked quite thrilled, both Lilia and Luna...... tilting their necks with a kyotoned face.

"Demon King, the first brave warrior defeated you about 1,000 years ago."

"... to? Uh, so the demons or something are hostile to humans?

"No, humans and demons have a very good relationship. Exchanges and deals flourish."

"... what about war or something?

"As far as I can tell, it hasn't happened in the last 800 years."

"... the demons are overflowing or something?

"Demons exist, but crusades are the work of the Adventurer Alliance and the Knights, so you don't have to fight them, including Mitsunaga."


Is that it? What is this conversation? Hey, wait, please just let me think!?

Uh, no demon king? You have a good relationship with the Demons? There hasn't been a war in 800 years? There are demons out there, but what do we have to do?

"... So what's a valiant summons for?

"The first brave men to defeat the Demon King 1,000 years ago, 1009 years ago to be precise, and to serve as a bridge between demons and humans. In recognition of its achievements and in the hope of future peace, we invite brave men from the same different worlds as the first brave men every decade for a great festival."

"... festival?

"Yes. Therefore, with regard to Mitsunaga, since she will be the star of the" Festival of the Brave "just a year later, we will be offering explanations and requests in separate rooms, including participation in ceremonies and visits to various countries. Respect your will, of course, so you can decline."

"Oh, there's also resignation"

"Yeah, there have been a few examples of valiant surrogates and valiant festivals in the past. If you accept it, you will be treated very highly as a national guest for the year leading up to the Brave Men's Festival. Even if you decline, you will be guaranteed a life, and you will return home after a year of sightseeing."

"... well, I mean... about our future..."

"Yes... I know you may be confused, but after enjoying this world, which can be described as intercultural... fully, interacting and touring, and experiencing a festival that gives you a world every 10 years... you will be safely returned to your original world without injury"


Dear Sir, Mother, Father - I have been caught up in a different world summons. But the world was - peaceful.