I was reborn as the oil tycoon

Chapter 1 Life is such a dog blood

A game of spinning!

He is full of cold sweat Liu Shangyu, sitting directly to the side of the road.

Just a gun sound, thick smoke, the fire, how to suddenly change the wind, become a quiet and peaceful?

Until a few minutes, he confirmed a thing from the information displayed by the Motorola L7 mobile phone you took out in jeans.

I reborn itself, from the desperation of death, I have just entering my college in 2006.

At this moment, the temporary silhouette of the time you have experienced is constantly flashing in your mind, just like a dream.

When he had a sweet, sad, no shortcomings.

His first love is a good girl in the school is super high, a nice girl in incomplete, excellent, and talent.

It may be because the gap between the two sides is indeed too big, and he takes the initiative to give up this feeling.

This is also a few years after more than ten years, let him don't know how many times of annoyance, regret, and a beautiful youth that is not much missing.

The university is valuable for four years, after graduation, he is admitted by a listed oil service company.

A few years later, because he was extremely efficient and accurate experimental efficiency, Liu Shang became the first assistant of Dr. Splande, the world's top petroleum experts.

After that, Liu Shang has been working in the world's top research center under the leadership of Dr. Sperde.

Until, they have a big problem in scientific and technological research that is sufficient to set off a new round of scientific revolution.

This also gave them a disaster of the top: Dr. Spunded is directly shot, the entire laboratory building is deliberate, and the nine death is free.

That is, before Liu Shang is reborn, the hell seemed to see.


Just then, one is familiar and strange, crisp, sweet voice interrupted his meditation.

"Sorry, it seems to be late ..."

On the direction of the sound, Liu Shang turned around.

White sneakers, nine-point jeans, fashion and decent casual tops, beautiful, cute face, is a deep arrogant in her memory.

Jiang Ruolin!

The university in Liu Shang is a quite famous oil-based college.

Liu Shang reads the oil and chemical major, the high English level, the elevated economic and trade management of oil direction.

It is said that her father's opinion is to be the direction of imported international crude oil trade, making up for the current domestic and shortage of talented shortages.

Although Jiang Ruolin has been very low in the school, because she is in the circle, there has been a legend about her family.

Even in their top circle, she is also like a star, dazzling person.

On the original trajectory, Liu Shang, Jiang Ruolin two people are already very familiar, the feelings are gradually warming, and they are very close to the fog to become a lovers.

They are each other's first love.

Liu Shang likes Jiang Ruolin's beautiful, pure, sweet, Jiang Ruolin is attracted by Liu Shang's sunshine, handsome, like a peak.

On the side of the poor, it is a rich woman, this bridge is a beautiful fairy tale in the film and television drama.

However, the real places in reality, most of them will evolve into a sudden drama.

A poor boy who just got into the university, almost unacceptable to the society, it is really difficult to face the spotlight full of murmur, eyes, and non-discipline.

Under that pressure, the paranoia in Liu Shang character and the strong self-esteem are unlimited.

Just like a horses full of hostile, it is tatched with Jiang Ruolin.

After Jiang Ruolin, I said that I said that Liu Shang is unforgettable when I was wronged. Before I met you, I have never crying so many times.

The door is correct, this kind of view is not a bit behind, even if it is not a little.

Finally, the shortcomings of their two people's shortcomings, at the end of Liu Shang's active abandonment.

"Hey! What is it?"

"I have never seen such a beautiful beauty?"

"But, look at the feelings you first, this girl chooses to forgive you!"

Obviously, today's Jiang Ruolin is very good.

Looking at her pure beauty, Liu Shang showed a smile, and then came to her in front of her. There was no hesitation, obeying the instinct, and deeply put her in his arms again.

The faint fragrance, the soft touch, let him speed up and let him feel peaceful, long-awaited ...

"Ju Lin, from now on, no one can take you from me."

"I will never let you suffer from a grilled, sad, tears."

Although I don't know why I have never been wronged, why is Liu Shang who cried with '' '' '' '' '', but Jiang Ruolin felt clearly, at this moment, Liu Shang is incapable, and it is extremely sincere. emotion.

And the thick sadness in which it is mixed.

If Jiang Ruolin's heart is a snowball, then Liu Shang is a burnt steel.

Just a moment, the snowball is melted.

In the next moment, Jiang Ruolin showed a smile, and then happily shifted his head on the chest of Liu Shang, and he also took the initiative to stand him.

"Liu Shang, maybe some people around me, classmates or friends in the future, they will bring you some troubles."

"You don't want to blame them, is it to solve it?"

Liu Shang smiled and shake his head, "Don't worry, don't."

"As long as you can be with you, even if the whole world is coming with me, I will also defeat them."

At this time, Jiang Ruolin left some Liu Shang's body and looked up and smiled at him.

"I know what to say!"

"And! When will you talk and ask a girl?"

At the same time, at this occasion, there are many people who have two people in Liu Shang and Jiang Ruolin, and many people are intended to pay attention to them.

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