I will finally be a partner in justice

I Will Be a Righteous Partner Chapter 1

I will eventually become a partner of justice: they talk about the story of the trumpet

brief introduction:

Shiro Weimiya, who was six years old, has not yet started four battles and his parents are still alive.

well!The next step is to stay away from the Four World Wars, refuse to be a partner of justice, rely on the grasp of the future direction, embrace huge wealth, and reach the peak of life.


Wipe out the evil of this world

Rescue the parallel world where Da Yuan is gradually disappearing

Smash the conspiracy of the Demon King

Save pan-human history

My path seems to be getting worse...

Chapter One I, Shirou, refuse to be a partner of justice!

After three full days, Shirou finally accepted the fact that he had traveled, and figured out where he had traveled.

——Fumu City.

It is divided into two urban areas, Shenshan Town and Xindu.

In this city, there are the Tosaka family, the Matsu family, and the temple church.Especially the Ryudong Temple, which is almost a symbol of the city, and the Dongmu Bridge.

As a Shiro of the Moon Cook, even if he couldn't believe it, he could only conclude that he had crossed into the city map of the Moon World where he was daily nuclear.

Moreover, crossing has become one of the protagonists, the second generation of a justice partner known as the bulldozer of Fuyuki City-Shiro Weigu!

It’s just that the time of this crossing seems a bit wrong...

In the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror.

It was a little boy about six years old, wearing a children's sweater painted with Doraemon.He has brownish-red hair and the shape of the eyebrows flickers. He is only six years old, but he looks very old.

"September 7, 1993...This was before the Fourth World War!" Shi Lang was frantic with a headache.

In addition to the point in time, it can be concluded that the Fourth Holy Grail War in Heping Winterwood City has not yet occurred, and there are several other factors that can be concluded.

Among them, the most intuitive and at the same time the most direct is that this body, or the little boy who was renamed "Imiya Shiro" ten years later, is now called "Fujimaru Shiro", and his parents are present!

This means that Shirou may encounter a series of cruel events written by the warrior of love, Lao Xu, in the Fourth World War.For example, when I wake up one night, I suddenly find a certain murderer lurking at home, or one day when I go home from school and accidentally get involved in the attacks of those ancient heroes.

The most important thing is that Shirou's home is near the Winterwood Theater, which is the place where the Fourth World War ended, the place where the black mud of the Holy Grail descended.

The Fuyuki fire caused by the black mud directly turned this area into a sea of ​​death!

In the original historical line, Shiro Wimiya was the only survivor of the fire, but now he has crossed it, how does he know if he might survive?

"No! Fuyuki City is too dangerous! Let's hurry up and encourage parents to move!"

Shi Lang decided secretly in his heart.

For the next five days, he entangled the parents of this body, namely Mrs. Fujimaru and Mr. Fujimaru, advocating them to move out of Fuyuki City.

However, it is clear that his efforts are of no use.

"Shirou, you are not allowed to be self-willed anymore! Do you know how much effort Dad has spent for this apartment? And moving? You are not allowed to talk about such self-willed things." Mr. Fujimaru's very strict instructions, let Te Shirou The plan fell through.

Of course, the neon economy in 1993 suffered successive blows, especially the real estate bubble and the international financial crisis in 1992, which have become very depressed.Many companies went bankrupt, and many people lost their jobs.

Fortunately, Mr. Fujimaru's job is relatively stable, so it is absolutely impossible to choose to move.Who knows if you will find a job in the next city after leaving your job and moving?

Moving, the most effective method was rejected, even if Shirou was unwilling, there was no way.He can't tell his parents directly that he is a traverser, knowing that a war of magicians will break out in Winterwood City soon, there will also be a big fire here, and eventually you will all be burned to death.

Not to mention whether Mr. Fujimaru and Mrs. Fujimaru will treat them as children with delusions and jokes constantly. Even if they believe it, it is estimated that the first thing is to send him to the church and pray that the gods will kill him, the "evil that occupies their children." Spirit" right?

The most effective method was rejected, but Shirou did not give up. He took out the general events of the Fourth Holy Grail War, and then began to think about survival strategies.

He finally formulated his own survival policy——

First, never get close to famous facilities such as the pier, Dongmu Bridge, international hotels, etc.

Second, never contact anyone connected with the Holy Grail War.

Third, go home after school.Don't go out at night, close the door when entering and leaving the house.Walk along the avenue, never in the alley.


Article 19: Never mind your own business and keep your life first.

Article 20: Pay attention to the movement of the Grand Theatre. If there is any change, quickly pull people away!

After writing twenty general policies for survival, Shi Langzi read it carefully and couldn't help but exclaim.

What a perfect survival policy, it can definitely survive!

As long as you live your life, and when you grow up, you will move to another city. Relying on your grasp of the future direction, even if you can’t become the world’s richest man like the protagonists in the urban web articles, how can you make Your own life in this life is richer than the previous life, right?

At least you won’t become a third-rate internet writer who relies on full-time and good food like in your previous life, right?

Just as Shirou was proud of his plan and looked forward to his bright future, the appearance of a man made his plan all bankrupt in an instant!

On September 15, 1993, at 5:32 in the evening, Mrs. Fujimaru, who went to the street to buy vegetables, carried a basket full of vegetables and meat, and by the way also brought a dusty face, smaller than Shiro. The little girl walked back home.

As soon as she entered the house, before she put down the food basket, she announced with full anger--

"Shilang, her name is Ying, and she will be your sister from now on."

"That...that...you, hello...brother."

The little girl was wearing a red dress, with short black hair, and emerald-green eyes.A delicate face was very embarrassed and scared because of some tension.

Shiro was expressionless.

It is a little different from the girl in the memory, but the hair color and the color of the eyes are changed to purple. There is no doubt that it looks exactly like that girl.

The girl called Tosaka Sakura, or Ma Kirisakura.

However, whether it's Tosaka Sakura or Ma Tong Sakura, shouldn't you be close to yourself at this time?Why was he suddenly kidnapped by his mother?

"Shirou, let me tell you that Sakura will be your sister from now on, and you are not allowed to bully her. Do you know?" said Mrs. Fujimaru.

"I see." Shi Lang nodded in response.

Obviously Mrs. Fujimaru wants to adopt Tosaka Sakura, but it is a pity that the so-called family is not alone.Especially with the background of this economic crisis, as a man, will Mr. Fujimaru accept it?

the answer is--

"What?! Sakura was abandoned by his parents? You found her in the trash? Abandon your child? What kind of parent is this? No matter what the reason, you should not abandon your child! Ok! I agree. , I will treat Sakura as my daughter in the future!" Mr. Fujimaru indignantly accepted the extra financial burden, causing Teshiro's mouth to twitch.