My eyes woke up in the cold. It's dark and cold. where is here? Open your eyes and move your eyes to see the spectacular sea of stars. It is my first time to see such a starry sky. Asteroids that appear surprisingly close to bright and dark stars, magnificently colored nebulae.

"What did you say?"

Asteroids, such as crushed rock masses, are visible. There must be no point where such a thing can be seen on the earth that is stupid. Such things should be normal in movies and games. There is no such thing in the position where it can be seen with the naked eye.

"A dream ...? No, this coldness"

This piercing cold is too real. The feeling that your head is blurry when you wake up, and this frustration is too real for a dream.

"In the first place ... where am I?"

The space I'm in seems never large. Are you sitting on something like a chair? It's like a seat belt and it's fastened to your seat ... no, what's this more fluffy feel? What kind of situation is it! ? He began to panic without understanding the situation, but gradually became accustomed to the darkness.


Familiar instruments came into my eyes. Yeah, this room ... no, the cockpit is familiar.

"The game ... Krishna's cockpit?

By all means, it was the cockpit of my favorite aircraft, a game spaceship I've been working on in recent years-Krishna. ella Onli The game I'm playing is an online game with a simple name, "Stone", a science fiction taste. Play as many players as you can with adventures in the vast universe, crawling across the battlefield as a mercenary, or becoming a container ship owner and trading, in a very flexible game It was a selling game that had a style. I was playing mercenary to Standard. No, I had to make money to buy a ship with a good fighting ability, so I could do anything to make money in the hauler. After getting a ship with a high level of combat ability, I was playing with the feeling that I made money in the mercenary business and switched to a new ship. Today's favorite machine, Krishna, is a state-of-the-art ship that was just acquired at an in-game event a few months ago. There is a proviso that the player can get it. The official model number is [ASX-08 Krisna]. Because it's a unique ship, I just call it Krishna. It's a yabe who combines the light mobility of a small ship with the power of a heavy cruiser. Depending on the conditions, you can destroy battleships.

"Even so ..."

Operate the touch panel console to activate the main generator and bring the life support device online. Then, warm air immediately came into the cockpit.

"Absolutely ... I guess I'm going to suffocate if I sleep as it is."

On the small screen displaying the temperature and oxygen concentration inside the ship, there was a trace that the oxygen concentration inside the ship had dropped steadily. It seems that the temperature inside the ship was slightly below -10 ° C. For the time being, the situation is still unknown, but the crisis of life seemed to be able to escape.

"What the hell is this?"

Thinking with your arms crossed while looking inside the bright cockpit. By any means, this space is in the cockpit of the spacecraft I love on Stella Online. To dream of a game you're doing is just like playing a game. Play a horror game and dream of being chased by a monster, or a sword and a magical RPG to dream yourself fighting a monster with a sword. That's a common story.

"But is this a lucid dream?"

A lucid dream is a dream that you see while realizing that it is a dream. However, I hear that I often wake up when I realize that it is a lucid dream ... I don't seem to be wake up. Moreover, the temperature in the cockpit, which gradually warms up, and the sense of the whole body that senses it, cannot be considered a dream at all.

"Hmm ...?"

I wonder what this situation is all about, but the answer is unlikely. I tried to pinch my cheeks to the solid and poke my head, but it usually hurt. Isn't it a dream? No, no?

"It's surprisingly easy to operate."

Once you have escaped from reality, try operating Krishna. Although I struggled a bit with operating the control stick and foot pedal that I was not used to, I thought it would be easier to handle the control stick if I thought about the keyboard and mouse, and how to handle the foot pedal like this. Was. The more intuitive operation was possible, the more delicate the operation became.

"No sign of waking up at all"

The driver repeatedly accelerated and decelerated many times, and enjoyed the feeling that the body was pressed against the seat by acceleration, and the feeling that the seatbelt bites into the body due to inertia. However, my spongy head doesn't seem to wake me up from my dreams.

"Okay, we're going to test daddy weapons too."

I'm half abandoned. Bring the weapon system online and activate the weapons. Then, a part of the hull was deformed, and four armed arms appeared. Armed from the hull, the arm is equipped with a powerful military heavy duty pulsed laser, the most powerful of which was known as a heavy laser in Stella Online. That's the four gates. Two gun barrels extend forward from both sides of the cockpit. It was armed as a large canister cannon, and was called a shotgun in the game. It is a weapon that scatters a lot of powerful bullets, and has the best firepower in close combat. Most small boats will explode four times if you hit them twice at close range. There is one more trump card, but it's not a pear to test it. Because the ammunition cost is high.

"Well, let's go."

Aim at an asteroid nearby and fire four heavy lasers.

"Uo !?"

The blue light of Shijo hit the target without misunderstanding, and caused the asteroid to explode and scatter with just one salvo. Fragments of the scattered asteroid make contact with the shield deployed around Krishna, causing the shield to flicker.

"It was more powerful than expected ..."

Is this the power of a heavy laser that melts the shield of a battleship in seconds and explodes the hull? And that's it. At this point, it's a limit to mislead yourself. Admit, reality.

Dream "This is not it."