We've been expecting you.

Oh, Lilium, it's been a long time.

When we got off from Krishna and arrived at the airport, we were greeted by Lilium, an elf woman from the Rosé family who accompanied us during our previous visit to Theta.

"Today... it looks like you're not being vigilant."

Lilium carefully observes my luggage and mutters.

Today I have only one bag to hold my baggage, and the contents are about a small change of clothes and a spare energy pack.It's not like a fucking big backpack full of survival kits and preserved food.

"When I said that, I suddenly wanted to be vigilant."

"Please don't. I was relocated to the left in that case, right?"

Lilium makes a batten in front of her chest.I'm not interested in the fact that you've been relocated to the left.But it's not our fault about the crash.I don't feel like I'm the one who crashed the passenger car, but I don't know anything about supernatural power that I can't control.

"If I punish you, the Rosé clan will admit their mischief."That would be a hold on the status quo. "

"Hey... it's about politics, right?"

With regard to the incident where we crashed into an airborne vehicle prepared by the Grades, the Rosé family questioned the safety of the airborne vehicle from the beginning and proposed that it be moved by regular small airliners, etc.Well, air passenger cars don't even have low-power shields, and communication capabilities are minimal.Moreover, to make it lighter, the body of the car was not as robust as it should have been when something happened.

Rescue activities after the crash were discovered were also attempted to quickly search and rescue by regular small craft.However, it was also thwarted by the fierce opposition of the Grades, who hated science and technology.Well, after all the twists and turns, May rushed to Krishna to rescue us.

Well, it seems that the unpleasantness of the response has become a problem.Well, that's true. We were on our way to the Grades for guest treatment.An airbus with us crashed, and we were in trouble.The rescue didn't slow down among the Elves' clans, and May finally rescued us.It is entirely a matter of responsibility.

Naturally, the Rosé family will pursue the Grads who caused the accident and the Minfa who supported it as a result of forcing transportation by airbus.On the other hand, the part where the Grades and Minfa clans poke each other is that Lilium, the guide from the Rosé clan, left the crash site with us in the lead vehicle.

Well, that's quite impossible.At that time, it was said that there was damage to the first vehicle, and in the first place it was driven by a male elf named Hissi from the Minfa clan.Even with him, I don't know how long I could fly. With the first vehicle alone, I could manage to reach the settlement of the Grads and tell them that the accident had happened.

Naturally, the Rosé family must have been tempted to pursue such an unbearable responsibility.I'm sure Lilium didn't say anything about it.As a Rosé family, you can't dispose of Lilium.As a result, her neck was connected by a single skin.

After that, how was the relationship between the clans?

"It's as cold as space."Especially when we're at the top of the Grad clan. "

"Come on, don't get into any trouble with your clan."

“It's all right, it's really just the top guys, even if it's a flash.If we face each other, we'll smile and curse each other, so that we can fight each other. "

"How about that...?"

It's better if we don't kill each other by sending a cannonball.

Tina's making some noise, isn't she?You're a cannonball... you're not a mafia or a gangster.

"For us, the Rosé family is probably the easiest person to get along with."Elma-sama's bloodline is there, and she'll match her attitude toward science and technology. "

The Rosé family is an advanced faction that emphasizes the active use of science and technology and space advancement among the three clans of the Elves.It could be a pro-imperial faction.

We have the most gold of the three factions because of our focus on external negotiations and defending the Reedfill system, which by its very nature leads us to deal with other systems and interact with the Empire.However, it is not compatible with the Grad family who value the connection with the spirits, traditions, magic and spiritualist ideas, and the middle Minfa family is not very well related because the top is now leaning on magic.

"Well, that's what will happen."I'm sure the Hiros will be surprised. It's too normal. "

”Too ordinary... well, I'm sure the Grades and Minfa were admiring and eccentric”

Mukimuki Ikemen Elves and the clear princess-like elves and magic-loving elves pass through the back of your head.It was just like Necto, the son of the Minfa clan elders I helped.

"I have my feet ready, so come here."It's a luxurious vehicle for VIPs. "

"Oh, yeah, man, do it VIP, VIP.I'm sure you'll come out with some expensive wine and knobs in the car. "

"Isn't it like watching a Hollywood movie or something too much?So now you're going to get drunk face to face with the top of the Rosé clan? "

“No problem. Most of our wines are just grape juice.”

"I wonder if that's the problem..."

It's not okay. It's a problem. Whiskers are also expecting a little while you're worried, right?I can't fool you with my eyes.The corner of your mouth is slightly raised.

"High-end snacks..."

Yeah, I think Mimi's been overpolishing his foodie character lately.There is a lot of happiness.Eat more and grow up.I'm not saying where.

“I'm not going to kneel. I can't let them wait, let's go.”

Yeah, let's go with Mei.

Yes, Master.

After the airport, try to push up the floating mimi and the mechanic sisters.Actually, I haven't traveled long distances on the surface by vehicle, so I'm also a little excited.In the Imperial Capital, it was basically like a Krishna or an ultra-fast train.

This is what a ground moving vehicle looks like, isn't it?

What we boarded was a so-called flying car. [M]It's about the size of a large truck, much smaller than Krishna.However, the interior is quite luxurious and feels like a luxury hotel lounge.There is a comfortable L-shaped seat for about three people to sit side by side, and there is even a bar counter with drinks, snacks, and fruits.Moreover, it seems that the operation is completely automated.

"We don't get a chance to ride very often, do we?"I want to see this in urban areas. "

"What's it like to be not in the city?"

"In places where autonomous driving systems are not widespread, you will be driving manually in vehicles with pilot seats, like Starfleet.Just like SV, there are mainly vehicles that can travel on the ground and in the air. "

I see.

Mimi is nodding to Lilium's explanation while eating a recommended treat.What, the mechanic sisters? I quickly started to open up the fine wines that had been prepared.Maybe we should just leave them alone.


What's the matter?

What are you going to do about it?

With that in mind, Mei's eyes were on a shiny, glowing, super-grade artifact, the seeds of Miki.

"I'll press you against the Rosés."

“I see. I think that would be the best way for you to judge that.”

"Does May have any thoughts?"

"No, because it seems to have the ability to amplify and strengthen your master's psychic power."It depends on whether you think it's an option.However, in that case, I was worried that there might be a serious rift with the Elves in the Leafil system. ”

I see? It is possible that my mysterious powers will grow stronger if I keep this in my possession.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.Collet presses against the Rosés. "

“It would be helpful if you could do that.”

Lilium muttered as she stroked her chest as she listened to the conversation between me and May.If I don't bring this extraordinary evil thing back outside of the Leafil system, it's going to be a big deal for the Elves in the Leafil system.Mainly in the spiritual faith.

It seems that the Rose clan does not attach great importance to spirit faith, but it is still one of the foundations. Above all, it is possible that the position of the Rose clan will be worse if the daughter of me and the sub-family of the Will Rose clan, which is under the Rose clan, who came from outside, takes away what can be said to be the principal dignity of the faith.This conversation must have been a real relief to her.

We'll be at the clan hall soon.

"Yes. Come on, you guys, it's time to stop swallowing."

Take the bottle of wine out of Tina's hand, and drive--a car?I'll be ready to get out of the vehicle anyway.

Now, what are the Rosés like?I think I talked to you a little bit before, but I'm not impressed.