"Ahahahaha! Well, from the night of last night to yesterday, it seemed like there was a lot of fuss."

The next day, when I visited Shoko's lab, Shoko-sensei was laughing openly.

"It's not a laughing matter... was Shoko-sensei okay?"

“I was running a prototype psychic wave eliminator (Psyonic Display Device) just then. Mr. Wells and I were immersed in research, completely ignorant of the fuss outside."

"It was good that the prototype proved to be good enough."

That's why Mr. Wells is shrugging his shoulders. I can't feel the unfortunate emotions at all, but isn't Mr. Wells a person who doesn't have such feelings for Dr. Shoko? I think Shoko-sensei is beautiful too.

When I was chatting with him, someone came into the lab. Yeah, Colonel Serena and Lieutenant Robitson, if you think of anyone. I see, this is what the two of you look like. I see. By the way, why is Colonel Serena making such a violent appearance? Not only is it emitting an atmosphere that seems to be cutting out the sword, but it is also floating up to the blue line on my forehead. Smile, smile, smile.

To put it extra, I'll stick a plasma grenade into your mouth and sew it together.

"Eye Imam"

If you joke, I'll lengthen my spine and salute you. Why is she angry? I have only one idea.

If there's any explanation, I'll ask.

“About what? If it's about the fuss from the night of the first day to the morning, we've already had a lot of trouble."

I'm not lying. From the night of the first night to the morning, I was dealing with Kugi, and after that, I was dealing with everyone except May.

"... aren't you the cause?"

You're not a delightful criminal, and you can't intentionally cause that kind of thing.

I said it with the utmost seriousness. I'm not lying to you. Just not telling the truth.

Colonel Serena looked at my face suspiciously, but she sighed as if she had finally given up.

”That's right, you don't even have a boulder... I'm sorry, I seem to have been distracted by too much fuss”

"... there was also a lot of Lestarius in the Independent Star Thief fleet."

"It's already... lucky that it was just a case of an 'accident'." I don't have a "case" or a "case" level... yes "

I don't know how to distinguish between accidents, incidents and incidents, but do you distinguish between the importance, the presence or absence of crime, and the strength? That's right. Whatever it takes, it's good.

And let's not say we're the cause. It's going to be the worst. Think of it like a little hypnoterrorist. You wouldn't have to worry if we were just talking about the inside of our ship, but if we were to get the whole Dornetres into chaos, it's going to be a fine.

"Oh? What's the matter, Kugi-kun?" I'm sweating so much. "

It's nothing, it's nothing.

His expression was pale and covered in cold sweat. Kugi-san? I want you to stop acting like you're going to find out too much.


Colonel Serena turns again to her suspicious gaze. No, no, no. We don't know anything, Sean.

"I'm sorry, Kugi. I've been talking to you since dawn... and I have no choice but to dispel my doubts."

Yes, my lord.

Send a gaze to Colonel Serena to avoid asking too much, as this is a delicate topic. That made me feel like I didn't like it, but even if I was in a "big deal" with Kugi and other crews, Colonel Serena wouldn't say anything. I don't know if it's okay.

Incidentally, the only person accompanying me today is Kugi. The mechanic sisters are exhausted to go down there yesterday. Mimi and Elma don't have to come in the first place, and Mae needs to stay out of the way.

"... well, that's fine." Somehow the commotion subsided, so I set sail in twelve hours. I will be accompanying Screech Owls as a guide. "

"Roger that. Then we'll be ready to leave." Kugi, let's get back to the ship. "

Yes, my lord.

I wanted to ask if my balls were under the influence of the pink poison radio waves dripping from me and Kugi, and if they were causing any abnormal behavior, but I missed the timing. Well, neither Shoko-sensei nor Mr. Wells said anything, and I don't see any peculiar changes. I will ask if there is an opportunity next time.

So you're finally out.

Elma murmured with a slightly lazy atmosphere, wondering if the tiredness of yesterday had not been relieved. Because the skin is good, it doesn't seem to be in poor health.

"Um, why is Kugi-chan getting smaller over there?"

Mimi looked worried as she sat triangularly around the terrarium in the corner of the break space.

"Ahh... look, the one from the day before yesterday"

Pink radio?

"Would you stop saying that? Well, that's it. Look, you drooled without any special measures, right?"

Son of a bitch.

"It must be a shameful act in the Holy Empire, but basically, there's no sin or anything because you can defend yourself at all costs."

"Ahh... I see."

Elma smiled bitterly as she understood the situation.

"That's what acts of terrorism are for here." I'm depressed to know today that I can get pulled if I don't think that deeply. "

"I see... that's definitely a little act of terrorism, isn't it?"

Whether you heard Whisker's words or not, the ears of the beast that was still lying still twitched.

"Kugi, it's okay." There is no proof, and even if the suspicion is directed at us, it is impossible to prove it. If you are interrogated like you can directly peek into the inside of your head, it's fine, but you can't do that much with suspicion. "

Unless you're a felon such as a cosmic bandit, you won't be interrogated by a brain hack who peeks directly into the contents of your brain. I'm not saying that Dawn Torres is equipped with equipment for the Psyonic Relationship, and I don't know if it's what we do - we don't know if it's what we do, but we don't know that it's what we do.

Tell me, if I did this everywhere I went, I might find out sooner or later.

"It's okay, maybe."

I'm sure you'll be able to control Kugi once he's trained. Since my [eyes] opened, the amount of psychic power dripping from me has also decreased considerably.

"Anyway, I'm going to sail without a lot of time, so please prepare yourself and adjust your physical condition."

"I understand that... but you're doing well."

Somehow my body is in good shape, right?

Elma, Mimi, Tina, and Whisker are all pretty tired from yesterday's Arecole, but I'm feeling a little better. I wonder, perhaps as a result of being able to more or less control the Psyonic Power, it was also able to raise the base of his health?

"I said I was ready to leave the port, so there was nothing because I had replenished my supplies and maintained my plane." If you have too much strength, you should comfort Kugi and let Mei go. We'll make sure we're in good shape. "


It may be a strange story in the world to take the mood of a maiden opponent, but it's been taken care of by May. I don't think I'm trying to scorn you. Whatever it was, let's start by sitting in the corner and sighing, and then go see how May was doing.

Recently, I didn't have much control over Mae either because she left me to be away or because I asked her to provide me with a gift for me. From the day before yesterday to yesterday, I had to leave the matter of Black Lotus to me.