The Magic Yun Guo has suburban, a wide range of forests, named thousand of illusions.

The edge of the mountain cliff, a girl who is unscrupulous, and a girl who is unscrupulous.

"Junku, the four emperors have been engaged with my big sister, you will die this heart!"

Su-woven champion waved a black nine whip and continued to pumping in a thin body.

"No, it is impossible, Yunyi brother said that will recover marriage with me."

Junku Huang was played back and retreat, she did not work, did not have the power of the hand.

I have to hold my body with my body, while the wolf is dodging, and it is weak and weak.

Su Dijin laughed, the whip in his hand was faster: "Hahaha, do you think you are the first day of the Magic Yunko, the fool will marry you a waste!"

"My big sister and the four emperors are born pair, this lady must not allow you to destroy them!"

The whip shadow is densely numb in the Junkko Phoenix. She has no strength to refute. After a few minutes, she has been dark.

"It's really not hit, this lady is not addicted."

After receiving the nine whip, Su Weaved Jinyi is still unable to do.

Oh, can you escape one robbery with a dizzy? The priest is still behind.

"Throw her, go to feed the jade angunt."

The jade hutter is a very special Warcraft, sex | sophistication, very happy, Yuan Yin, the human woman who broke into its territory will be tarnished, Junkko is no exception.

"Abide by Miss, San."

Two Sujia guarded the leader before, and the people were thrown down the cliff.


On the high cliffs of hundreds of feet, the cliff walls are smooth, and the vine plants with strong climbing ability cannot survive.

There is a stone platform in the cliff in the bottom of the cliff, and a huge crystal vague, vague can be seen in it.

The golden stripes are covered with golden stripes, and the iron chains created by nine ice black Xuan Tie will be firmly imprisoned, and each of the adult's arm is thick.

A giant python nearly a hundred meters is closed on the big stone on the bottom of the cliff, and the meaning of the guard is quite obvious.

There is a blanking wind, and the sound of "", the monk fell to the crystal, and the head was heavy to a chain.

The big blush blood spread quickly, and the warm blood touched the extremely ice black iron, immediately cracked hard Xuan iron into a black water.

In just a few seconds, the iron chain created by the nine-polent-ice-black Xuan Tie was completely corroded, and the golden stripes disappeared.

The eyelid is cast, the brain is groggy, the whole body muscle bones are weak ...

The Junkou Huang glanced and quickly understood his situation.

She crossed, became the monarchy. Seven years old became the first day of the Magic Yunko, suddenly talented at the age of 11, became a waste.

The four emperors of Qingmei bamboo horses returned to her, and they found a new joy. She is still silly, I believe that the slag man will marry her.

Cangyuan mainland is respected, a waste that cannot be cultivated, is destined to have a number of unsuccessful ridicule and bullying.

Among them, Su Jia San Miss Su Xijin and Junjia Six Miss Jun Xue fidilized her, and the two were more excessive, and even wanted to let the Junku Huoxue lost, completely ruined her reputation.

Looking at the middle scene of the middle of the brain, there is a cold light in the eye-catching eye.

The same name, the same appearance, different time and space, different fate.

At her 21st century, she is a solenerable, which makes all the special commissioners to kill the top of the wind.

She is a waste that cultivates the cultivation of the cultivation.

Since it comes through, she will personally rewrite the fate of this world, will be bullied by her people in the feet!