In a Different World with a Smartphone

# 575 Diablo Dragon and the sword and gun artifact.

Fire Piercing, Red Heat Giant Spear, Burning Lance !

My huge flaming spear is flying again in the face of the graphite.

However, the black Moya vortex that leaked from the king's [Scepter] again absorbed the flame.

"Waste is not waste. I can't do magic to you."

Taka Ashigan crabs and transformed graphite are kara kara and kara kara.

The magic doesn't work...? If you want to convert the same attribute magic as my attributeless magic [Absolute] into magic power and absorb it...!

No way!

In return.

Countless black arrows are fired from the swirling Moya.

Prison !

I used Prison to surround and defend everyone, including Elsie and the others. The black arrow did not pierce [Prison], but several of them remained stuck in the barrier. There was a crack in the [Prison] barrier.

I don't know...! That was close.

Hurting the [Prison] barrier meant that the arrow contained the spirit of the evil god. Damn, that's really troublesome.

That Moya absorbs magic power and uses it as her own. In other words, Magic Attacks are not effective, but instead, they absorb their magic power and stun them with counterattacks.

Probably the metallic black part of the crab is hardened by that Moya. It was a pseudo-freise.

If so, I had no choice but to attack with a physical attack.

"Everybody get away from that guy!"

Reacting quickly to my voice, Else, Yae, Hilda, and Amber distanced themselves from the graphite.

At a distance, I opened an oversized [gate] over the graphite.

Crush it.

A pile of rubble falls from the [Gate]. I dropped a bunch of fallen buildings all over the place.

Graphite and the skeletal knights around us are buried in tons of rain.

Soon all the rubble fell, and there was a big mountain.

"... did you do it?"

Akan, Yae. That's a bad time flag.

The moment I thought so, I said, "Correct! 'But as I said, the graphite of Taka Ashigan leaped out of the rubble pile.

"Kahaha! I can imitate the taste!" Then I won't hesitate to come too! "

Graphite is the arm of Taka Ashigani (?) Vigorously shake down the sickle that was there.

And from there, something like a shock wave jumped out and ran on the ground, attacking us. It was us who scattered it, but the building that was slashed by the shock wave was slashed in two.

Damn, that's pretty powerful.


A series of shockwave slashes followed suddenly. I can't, but I can't get close.

When I try to step in, a slashing blow flies in and breaks my nose.

"Perhaps you're trying to keep me away from melee battles..."

Do you want to use Shield and force it in? No, since they were using the spirit of the evil god, [Shield] might be destroyed. You can't bet on a dangerous game.

"When it comes to a physical attack at a distance..."

I pulled the Brunnhilde out of my waist and pulled the trigger on the graphite.

It did not hit the main unit, but it bounced back lightly. Well, the body that was buried in the rubble didn't crumble. This kind of attack won't work.

Then let's take a physical attack that I'm sorry for.

Speak up to the smartphone you left connected.

Sue, are you ready?


"Huh? What's all the mess..."


Graphite fell to the ground with the rubble.

Then, I transferred from there like a [teleport] chase.

Graphite was sent to the battlefield where Cyclops and Sue were fighting.

Graphite falling from the sky probably saw the golden giant swinging its giant fist.

[Cannon Knuckle Spiral]!


A fast-spinning golden right fist unleashed from the Ortolinde Overlord approaches the dazed graphite.

Graphite seems to have managed to avoid it, but it is already too late. Comma-seconds of death were killed, and the metallic black crab received a golden fist directly in front of it.


Screaming dirty, the locusts are crushed by the dust. It's our biggest physical attack. I don't have a clue.

"That said..."

"Oh my...! Hands on me...!"

Graphite stood up as he leaned against the metallic black king's scepter.

I don't think we'll be able to defeat them. The evil god's apostle seems to have a significantly higher regeneration ability due to the spirit of the evil god he lived in.

The butcher-knife man who had fought before had slashed off his arm and regenerated it immediately.

After all, the only way to stab someone with no curiosity is to attack them with artifacts...? "

What do you want me to do?

"Wait a little longer... no..."

The eternal voice that I heard, I gave a small reply. [M]

To tell the truth, Kuyu, who disappeared in [Invisible], was also at the scene with me. I am still next door.

The reason why he had disappeared was because if he fought the evil god's apostle, a diving helmet could appear as before, and he could escape with transfer magic.

If the messenger of the evil god of the submersible helmet appeared, I would have him use the artifact for a long time, seal the transfer magic in an unexpected manner, and conquer it warmly.

If you even defeat the shifting magician, you won't have to worry about escaping even if you get into the [Ark].

"I thought if I hurt this much, I'd see a submarine helmet..."

You still got room? Even if they do, isn't that enough to help them? Or is this diving helmet against you? Or... is there a reason I can't be here?

I didn't come to the rescue when I used the butcher knife and spear before. I came to help you before.

I was wondering if they had any sense of company before that.

... it would be a shame to miss the chance of being defeated.

I changed the plan. I wonder if I can ask you, Eternity.

Yes, I'm fine.

"Hugh. That's what I have to do." It's getting interesting!

Silver's voice returned with her. "I don't know, listening to his voice will make you feel more anxious..."

Solving the [Invisible], Eternity appears next to me.

In his hand, the silver blade, the [Silver] crown, and a metal sphere like a baseball, wrapped in platinum light, circled slowly around him like a satellite.

I put my right hand in front of Silver.

Divine Arms Armament

The platinum-colored sphere dissolves like silk thread and changes its shape to be woven into the eternal hand.

It was shaped like a single-edged sword. But the trigger, the cylinder, and the blade had a muzzle. It's the same gunblade as my Brunnhilde. It was a normal sword in its original configuration, but since Silver was still there, I tried to change it a bit.

Unlike my Brünhilde, it is a divine artifact and does not deform with its gun form or sword form.

From the beginning, it was shaped like a sword, and it felt like it had a gun feature.

The size is long-lasting, so it is only about the length of a short sword used by adults.

With the sword and gun artifact in his right hand, Silver and Jiuyue in his left hand, he held the sword in both hands.

What? Are you going to fight with a double sword?

I think I can fight with Yaemin, Yaemin, or Sister Various Blades, but are you all right...?

Very well. I'll be your backup, and I'll manage.

Tsk, cherry blossoms. Can you keep the Cyclops away?

I'll leave it to you!


Ortolinde Overlord and Los Weise confront the Cyclops.

Looking beyond, three planes were approaching from across town: Gerhilde, Schwertlite, and Siegelune. Elsie and the others would be fine.

"What is it, this kid?" In the meantime... Well, that's fine. Until I use my own hands. "

Graphite removed the big fang necklace that was hanging around her neck and the same bracelet that was attached to her wrist.

And when I threw it away, I slapped the ground with the king's [Scepter].

In an instant, he leaped out of the beaten Wang Zheng [Scepter], overflowing with black Moya, and clung to his fangs that had been thrown off the ground.

The black Moya enclosed the fangs gradually solidified their shape, and eventually a dragon's head with a sickle was made there.

Of course, it wasn't a flesh and blood, but the head of a bone dragon. The neck stretched from her head disappeared into the black Moya.

And a similar dragon's head jumped out from inside Moya. In addition, three or four dragons and a bone dragon's head grew.


"Above all, don't go with such a snake scum." Tiamat, King of Evil Dragons. Thou, restore the corpse of my compatriot [Hagara], [Shikabane], to the bed [Shikabane]. "


A bone dragon with five heads appeared from the midst of the black moya. "It's pretty big..."

Even so, the King of Dragons? Wasn't the king of the dragons a dragon named Ruri?

Ruri, have you finished?

Lord? Yes, most of the demons have burned down.

I contacted Ruri just in case, and she seemed to be almost done. Is it okay if I call you here?

I summoned Ruri and confronted her with Tiamato.

"Mh...! He's...!"

Goryu reacted by looking at the pentacle dragon [Tiamato].

Do you know that?

Yes. Diablo Dragon Tiamato. While belonging to the Demon Dragon, it was said to reach into the realm of the Divine Beast. Pathetic... Did you revive it as a [bone]? "

You mean the king of dragons? Reaching into the realm of the Divine Beast means that you're not as strong as Ruri?

"If you were empowered by the power of that evil god's apostle..."


Suddenly, Tiamato vomited a brace through his five mouths.

It's not just a bracelet. A dragon brace with five attributes: Fire, Water, Wind, Light, and Dark.

The brace went straight to Ruri, not to us.

That's clever!

Rigori spat out the dragonbreath from her mouth as well. Five braces and a large brace clash from the front.

Both of them kept spitting up braces for a few seconds, and the braces that were snuggled together in the center were gradually pushed back towards Tiamato.

Eventually, Tiamatou's brace was interrupted, and the pressed and won brace of Goryu attacked the opponent with only bones.

Tiamatou, who was exposed to the bracelet of Ruri, staggered slightly as she raised the smoke.

Showering yourself with a bracelet of glaze and not turning into bones... no, the bones are already turning into bones... and not turning them into extinguishing charcoal is quite a defense.

I'll deal with him. I'll give you the guidance again. "

"I asked for it."

Leaving Tiamato to Ruri, I pull out Brunnhilde and pull the trigger toward the graphite.

The graphite moves sideways using spider-like legs that appear from the back to avoid it.

[Light, wear it, shining holy spear, shining javelin]

I continued to emit the Spear of Light.

I told you that magic doesn't work!

The black Moya leaked from the Wang Xiao [Scepter] absorbed the spear of light.

I know that. I used magic to shoot him because I thought he'd stay there without running away.

"Hey, hey, can I keep watching you?"


When Graphite noticed, Eternity was already close at hand.

The panicked graphite tried to prevent it with the black Moya as its shield, but it disappeared like a breath of smoke.

What's the matter!?

Graphite received the artifact that Nagaya had swung down in the metallic black king's [Scepter].

Pisi, the cracks echoed around here, so clearly heard.

"Idiot!? You're missing a [Jet]!?"

Isn't it cheap?

Saying that, Koyoe waved the Silver in his left hand to the side. With Wang Zheng's [Scepter], he played the artifact and the graphite jumped backwards.

However, after a long pursuit, Eternity pulled the trigger of the artifact and fired a bullet towards the graphite.


The bullet lands on Graphite's leg. There was not a drop of blood coming out of the large hole, but there was no appearance of blockage. No regeneration has been performed.

That bullet is a magic bullet. I couldn't let the Evil God regenerate.

"Young man...! Who are you!?"

"Because I am educated not to name suspicious people who don't know what hate is. I can't answer that question.”

Eternal eyes shine red gold. It was the Magic Eye of [Corruption].

Ahhh! Unseal the first one!

Goggles as a glowing Silver touches the legs of a crab stretching from the back of a graphite! and made a flashy noise and blew into the dust.

I guess that was Sylver's ability to amplify the Eternal Demon Eye many times. Surprisingly usable, that guy.

"Come on, kid! Stay on your feet!"

Graphite shook the King's Scepter, but as before, there was no black Moya that was as powerful as before, and only a thin misty thing drifted around.

"Why!? Why can't the power of [Jet] be drawn out!?"

That's the attribute of my artifact, Magic Disabled . As long as Eternity is nearby, you can't use the King's Scepter anymore.


From the legs of the crab swinging like a sword, many shock waves are flying towards eternity. It was a magical attack that didn't use my spirits.

The shockwave released to keep me away from you will be painless for a long time to come.

The right eye had an orange-gold glow. It was a future prediction by the magic eye of [Vision]. You'll know where all the shockwaves will come from for a long time.

Eternity hunted down the graphite.

Graphite crab legs move to prevent the sword of the artifact wielded directly beside it.

But I couldn't stop a sword that had the same or even more sharpness than the Jing Jing Sword.

Cut off the legs of the crab easily and slash the graphite as it is.


Suddenly, Eternity retreated to the tornado of flames winding from the graphite.

The flames keep burning the graphite itself. Burned to death... I don't think so.

In the blazing flames, the glitter and graphite looked like they were smiling.

"I see, the boy who defeated Hazel and Orchid...?" There was an ambush. But we can't just end up like this. "

It wasn't long ago that I defeated the previous messenger of the evil god, but I didn't bother to explain.

As the body of graphite burned out, and its flesh completely ash, a skeleton with a goat's skull was born, with a metallic black glow.

That bastard, knowing that he can't use the spirit of the evil god, I switched to someone who condenses it inside his body...?

While he was battling, he must have put a faint spirit into his own bones. I'm totally undead.

That metallic black body is incredibly powerful because of the evil spirit──.



The Wang Zheng [Scepter], whose graphite was on the ground, slipped forward with a [Slip] from time immemorial.

At the same time, my feet slipped and the unbalanced graphite fell forward.

The Wang Xiao [Scepter], who had left Karankaran and Graphite's hands, was rolling to his feet.

Koryo stepped on the king's [Scepter] as he rolled on his left foot and waved his artifact sword.

"What!? Stop...!"


No matter how sturdy and hard my bones were, I didn't need to slash the body to defeat the Evil God's Apostle. All I had to do was destroy the evil artifact that was the source of that power.

The Eternal Sword swung down and smashed the Metal Black King's [Scepter] into pieces.

"Guu, ahhhhhhhh!?"

The skeleton of the goat's head that reached for eternity lost its metallic black color and turned gray, and it collapsed into sand.

The shattered Wang Yu [Scepter] also disappeared into a soggy black liquid.

You defeated them, didn't you?

And, the five-headed dragon [Tiamato] that was fighting Ruri, collapsed into a pile of bones. Probably because the supply of power from the graphite was interrupted.

The Cyclops were almost done with Elsie and the others joining them. The monsters in the town would eventually calm down with the Knights and Amber of the Gardio Empire.

It seems that the artifact can be used without any problems.

After all, the apostle in the diving helmet didn't come to the rescue.

I used to think about it when I used to use spears, but their sense of companion might be rather thin... hm?

Feeling a strange sign, I quickly pulled out of Brunnhilde and pulled the trigger toward the black shadow that appeared above.

After a while, a small machine fell from the sky onto the ground and shattered into pieces.

Is this... a golem? A bird-shaped golem?

I was watching our battles... no, were you watching? Since when?


Stores the wreckage of the Bird Golem in the [Storage]. We'll have the Doctors analyze it for us later.

A little bad? The presence of artifacts and eternity may have been revealed to the evil gods' apostles.

"Well, we've taken a lot of measures..."

"Father? What's wrong?"

"No, it's nothing." Good day, ma'am. "

I stroked my eternal head and went to support Elsie and the others fighting the Cyclops.