Fu Xixuan's passenger is very small, his time is precious, and a total of staying in the crew for about five days.

At the fifth day, he left, standing in the film, reading a play of Mu Yao.

Mi Yao took it, see the director did not say, immediately went to Fu Xiuyuan, and sent a gift box very seriously:

"This is my little bit, thank you all these days have always given me a drama, please accept it!"

Fu Xiuyuan did not refuse, sleepless finger a hook, hook that small gift bag in his hand.

He didn't open it, but he always looked at Mu Yao, the eyes were deep:

"You have a potential, come on."

Mu Yao's two eyes:

"Well! I will work hard!"

Fu Xiuyuan:

"If you don't understand anything, you can send me a message, when I am, I am very idle."

Mu Yao is coming out:

"That's great, I am so thankful!"

Assistant to Fu Xiuyuan:


I can't wait to sit on the super aerial feet of the three planes, which is also idle?

It is definitely the way you blink.

Fu Xiuhong turned his own babysitter, looked at Mu Yao waved, and closed the window.

Mu Yao still stood in the same place. Zhu Huan has already rushed up and surrounded her:

"Wow, how do you follow the shadow of the Emperor! He is really different from you!"

Mu Yao confused blink:

"Yes? Is there something different?"

Zhu Huan and the staff were simply speechless, but there was no way to Xiaofei Mu Yao. I had to say that Iron did not say steel.

"An anyway, he is very good to you, it is different from others, you must hurry up the opportunity!"

"To pair! Seize the opportunity, such a rare diamond Wang Lao Five!"

Mu Yao:

"Well! I will definitely hurry!"

Zhu Huan looked at her:

"Hey, little cute is finally open."

Mu Yao greeted boxes:

"He will play this, I must ask him to ask him, take him as an example, and excellence on this road!"



It seems that it is too high for little cute, she is just a child!

On the other side, I was completely ignored by everyone, I was so angry.

Since coming to the crew, she is not smooth, this is nothing, even destined to fall in love with her anti-Fu Xiuyuan, all around Muyao!

Fu Xiuyuan came for five days, the whole crew, only Mu Yao could have his babysitter.

Others, including her animal husbandry, it is necessary to close the babysitter, it will be blocked outside.

Mu Spring stared at the back of Mu Yao, whispered in the eyes.

This woman, starting to grab her things from the beginning, brothers, shares and heritage, play opportunities, crew people, movie emperor ...

Everything is stronger than her, it really makes her swallowed this!

There is a news from the Internet, saying that "Yue Wind City" is filmed into the end, and it is tensioned, and it can be broadcast soon.

Yue Wind City is the star drama, and the male protagonist is very famous, and the official Bo of the crew has hundreds of thousands of fans. There are also many people onlookers.

According to the propaganda plan, the official Bo started a wave of foreigners to release the lead material.

First of all, it is of course a makeup photo.

On a big poster, the male protagonist is a short, holding a long sword, sharp; the heroine fog is a goose yellow shirt, holding a bunch of mountains, including a smile looking at the mountain.

This photo came out, everyone's topic mainly surrounded white surroundings, not many people discuss the female owners.

But I don't know who, let it come out:

"This homework is to bring into group!"

Suddenly bombed.

"What? Useless to enter the group without a female star? I thought it was a golden owner. I thought I would be able to catch up with us?"

"To tell the truth, I have a prejudice, but this kind of female star who brings the group, it will really make people feel very poor ... If there is a strength why not interview, but to bring it, is it to give Does the crew are charitable? It should be very bad. "

"In fact, I don't matter if it is rotten, the key is that this kind of female star is not a boast of oil. I am afraid that she will take us whitish marketing, fried CP what ..."

"Yes, this kind of female star has a super heavy, and it is true and false, who knows how will it be? Who is poor, the first star drama encounters this kind of female star."

There are also some passers-by, saying that this is not proved to be true. Everyone is excited, but it is completely useless, and it has been wrapped in a lot of comments.

There is no way in the crew, this propaganda is a good plan, and can only pay attention to the plan.

There is not much money in this crew, but don't make a small game:

"If you cross the ancient times, become a mountain, what do you do?"

Simple text options are directed to different play characters, and they pushed the important rolers and protagonists of the entire crew to everyone.

Everyone is playing games, and even some people brushed the hidden role, the killer 'abandoned':

"My mom, see who this is! Is me a mistake or true? This crew is busy!"

"To the right, I also brush it out, who is this still? Just a side face, so familiar!"

"I am Fu Xiuyuan fan, I will first be respectful, ah, ah, ah, ah! My family is actually in this drama, ah!"

The crew said:

"Thank Fu Xixi Yuan, Mr. Friendship, Killer," Abandon 'One Corner! "

The expectations of the people are higher, temporarily forgetting the Yao from entering the group, and brush Fu Xiuyuan after the tops of Yao.

However, not long, a marketing number suddenly announced that there was an anonymous break.

In a "Yue" crew, a new actress who took the group was pursuable to the Macara, the drama staff broke the news, and the hammer with video!

The video made a blurry treatment, far from the far, but still see it, Yao Yao is repairing the babysitter car.

This time, netizens are bombed, instantly hot search first, explosive heat.

Who is Fu Xiuyuan? The world's popular shadow is very high!

Who is Mu Yao? Bringing into groups, checking in anyone!

Such a female star, rushed to Ba Juan Fu, this is not to die!

"Inlet lying trough lying in the trough, you must not house!"

"Golden Lord still falls, is this woman don't have a brain or a pig brain? Is it sick, ask for quick treatment?"

"What kind of garbage goddess used in the garbage crew, die to die!"

Fu Xiuyuan is not good, his fans are not a Buddha, all of which are a hot temper, and the ability to tear first.

They flocked to the official blogger, and they also flocked to the animal husbandry Weibo, and they were stunned in a glance.

Looking at this chaotic situation on the phone screen, the spring is slightly smile, calling up the page of the marketing number dialogue, deleting it directly, and does not leave evidence.

She just said the truth, and she provided some evidence. It is the truth. I am afraid that someone seems to be found out, and I can't blame her head.

Mu Yao, Mu Yao, you don't have to go with me, don't blame my heart.

Muyao, of course, I have already registered Weibo, but her account is basically no time to log in, and Zhu Huan is shocked.

See those vicious comments and private letters, Zhu Huan's first time deleted, excited to scare up to experience.

But she deleted and deleted, and the messy things were still spring breeze and born. I am so embarrassing that she is crying. I can only discuss countermeasures with other people in the crew.

The crew of the crew took the brain, and the machine was broken:

"Let's find a few marketing numbers, tell the truth!"

Netizens have eaten melon, and suddenly found, there is a marketing number, and it will play with the previous marketing.

@ has good materials:

Receive several real-name system for "Yue" draft staff, give you Kang Kang ~ It turned out to be our monster Mu Yao wow!

Long map .jpg

In the picture, the "Yue Wind City" drama group approximately eight employees, real name system, give you a statement:

"I am the makeup artist Zhang Qian in Yue Wind City. I prove that Mu Yao has been working very seriously, and there is no to bring into group! Another person who brought into the group!"

"I am the venue of Yue Feng City, Zhao Mingming, I want to say, all rumors against Mu Yao are fake! I will guarantee my own personality, she will definitely not bring it to the group, she eats every day in the crew!" (Bubble noodles, box rice pictures), drink these (tea bags, milk tea powder, mineral water pictures), poor into such a girl, can it be to bring into group? "

"I am the lighting teacher of Yue Feng City, I saw it. When Fu Xiuyuan came to work with Mu Yao, follow-up, Fu Xiuhong and Mu Yao said much, rushing to the stuck, all fake , Fake, fake! "

These evidence came out, all netizens were all squatted, and they were scared.

On the one side, there is no name, the face of the face, the face of the dog, and the marketing number of the ambiguous, two, and the marketing number undesired;

On the other hand, it is the real name to stand up, and the articles filled with poor love are self-explosion.

I really can't find it.

Netizens have fallen, and they have turned into helping.

"Since the crew is a real name to stop ... then may there be a misunderstanding?"

"Look at her daily drinking, it is really not like a female star with Golden Lord ... It is really a rumor in the group."

"The girl is very simple, I still feel very disappointed, it seems that I am disappointed too early, she is really a person, a little passerby turns powder!"

Have you keep paying attention to the development of the development:


How did she fails again?

The author has something to say: animal husbandry: black question mark, I bought marketing number? So big black, just in this, why are you free?

Mu Yao: Black question mark face, I and Fu Xiuyuan is a comrades! Tong! Brothers and sisters ... (towed away from the mouth)