After Mu Yao's shadow, the current view is very complicated.

On the one hand, she knows that this film is very strong, and the play is an immersive performance and has got a lot of prizes.

But on the other hand ... she remembers that Fu Xiuyuan told himself that there is something ... Emmmmm does not dare to look directly.

She wants to think, maybe the artist is so casual? It is probably the kind of artist category, which cannot be seen in the eyes of ordinary people.

So she let Zhu come in sitting down and smile:

"How come it is only two days to go?"

Zhu was laughing at it.

At this moment, the number of spectators who pay attention to the Mu Yao room rises, the barrage has also opened:

"Lying in the trough! Wow stimulation!"

"Hey, two love enemies, my family will not like you!"

"The words of these two people are obviously still Mu Yao, and it is far away ... Age is there."

"Yes, Zhu Yicheng is 32 years old, Fu Xiuyuan only twenty-five, Mu Yao is just twenty ... but the female big three hugs also make sense, bigger is not tasted."

"No, what are you talking about, people Fu Xiu have not done anything, you know the result?"

Zhu Yixian said clearly:

"Yesterday, Fu Xiuyuan should tell you something between us."

Mu Yao nodded.

Zhu Yixing:

"I hope you keep this matter."

Mu Yao continued to nod.

Zhu Yixing:

"Possible, the repair is nothing to do with me. But I will always like him, and you ..."

She got up and down on the line, and she turned a faint picky, so that Mu Yao was uncomfortable.

"I hope that when we will meet, you don't have to be too miserable."


"This !!! Do you want to go on the battle?

"No, what is she going to book? How is she going? This sister doesn't have a little bit of myself? People Fu Xiuyuan love who likes who likes, she doesn't work, what?"

"I am confused, fortunately, I don't like this woman, or I will be mad."

Mu Yao glared over:

"Why? I will control my life, I will not let myself have been huge."

Zhu Yizheng is a glimpse.

Mu Yao looked very seriously, and the eyes were clear:

"Zhu Jie, I think people have come out, you have passed the days, if you don't want yourself, then you have to fight, if you don't fight, then you have to reflect on the route and direction. Maybe I said that you don't think of it, but ... I still hope you. "

Zhu Yizhi's face is red, the eyes flashes, and suddenly, some don't dare to see Mu Yao's eyes.

To be honest, take the status of her now, I will not be angry, but it is a bizarre, psychedelic feel.

It turns out ... Is it such an image in the eyes of younger girl?

Zhu Yizheng has changed several times, and finally, finally squeezing a smile:

"it is good."

She finished this word, it seems that I don't want to talk more, I stand directly from the door, pick up the baggage box and go out, and I didn't say hello to Jin Mengman who cleaned the customer information in the front desk.

Instead, Jin Mengman, looked at Zhu Yizhang's back, I thought about this Zhu Yizhen, said that it is good to follow Mu Yao, however, it is not as good as it is, it will run.

After the stairs behind, Shizhe Station asked Fu Xiuyuan at Fu Xiuhong:

"Don't we send Zhu Jie? She has worked hard these two days."

Fu Xiuyuan faces a cold:

"Who wants to send yourself to send."

After that, Fu Xiuyuan took the lead in the building, went to the door of Mu Yao, and asked Mu Yao outside the door:

"She is not difficult for you?"

Mu Yao shook his head:

"No, she told me ... life experience, very good."

Fu Xiuyuan said that his expression was normal. Suddenly he took a lollipop from behind, handed it to Mu Yao:

"For you to eat."


"... where to get it, the bastard!"

"Are you a primary school student, how can you still chase girls with a lollipop, good naive!"

"But if it is far away from me a lollipop, then I still will feel."

After Zhu Yicheng, no guest came over, and the program group had already harvested a topic of the topic, fullness, and later did not interfere.

Everyone is in peace of mind, cleaning up the hygiene every day, opens the welcome, go back to cook, occasionally chatting with the guests, packing up, talking together, chatting, there is a bit of a few points The years are quiet.

However, they stayed in this year, but the barrage did not calm, and they called "24-hour buddhism" as "entertainment unknown mystery."

It is too difficult to explain from the unsolved mystery flowing from this program.

For example, what happened to Zhu Yicheng with Zhu Xiyuan?

For example, Fu Xiuyuan, Zhu Yicheng, Mu Yao three people, what happened in his room?

In other words, what kind of paper is Xu Yao stuffed?

From these mystery, there is still a lot of lines, such as Mu Yao and Fu Xiuyuan why there is a nickname of "Miss Pineapple"?

For example, how can Mu Yao wear three or four hundred clothes, but use seven-digit Hermes packaged?

For example, what is Mu Yao? Why is it sent to fly? If you will market, you will be a guest, and you will have a meal. Is it even wonderful? Is it also bargaining in the vegetable market?

All in all, this program is simply a puzzle transmitter, from the various mysters that have been circulated from this program until later, there is no crack.

When the show arrived at the end, Mu Yao had earned more than 30,000 yuan, and he saved the rent. The remaining money, they used the show group to eat the Qingfeng.

Kill the green feast, the director of the program group is particularly happy, and the wine glasses will be toasting.

The director is high, there are very many words, and the wine glass is a blow:

"The shepherd sister, you can be too powerful, your own power, hard work, pull our variety race rate, a few percentage points! I was still my eyes, pulling you ..."

I am saying, I suddenly have several people to walk into the house, and the middle-aged man leader is Jun.

The director saw Yun, immediately tied:

"Ah, you are yourself, you are coming ..."

He walked into and saw the director swayed to the Mu Yao, immediately shocked, rushing to pull the director to the side, and asked the Mu Yao:

"What happened, how did you? You are fine? This director doesn't understand things, I let him not come over, his wine can not rush to you. How, this environment is not very good, I am next door A table, let's talk about chatting alone? "

Mu Yao swayed, she has been tired, just want to sleep:

"I want to go back to rest, thank you, especially Mr. You."

Jun hurriedly followed the female secretary:

"Master wants to rest, the car is prepared?"

Mu Yao just received the phone, and smiled at the end of the phone:

"Nothing, Mr. I, my brother picks me."


"Then I will send you back with your car, the master, you can pay attention to safety, I still have a lot of things to ask you."

Mu Yao greeted everyone:

"Then I will go first, everyone will give you goodbye!"

Fu Xiuyuan puts down the wine glass, standing together:

"I see you off."

Xu Yongxi also got up:

"I also sent it."

The two people left one right, Yun immediately followed it, helping Mu Yao to make a lot of flowers and gifts, the draft is very large, and the momentum is grand.

Standing in the car, Xu Dynasty suddenly took out a box from the pocket, handed it to Mu Yao, still the opposite face:

"Mu Yao, don't lie to me, I heard it."

Mu Yao confused:

"Ah? What did you hear?"

Xu Chaoyue refers to Jun:

"He called you master!"

Mu Yao:

"... No, I am not a master."

I drank some wine in Xu Di, and I looked at Mu Yao in the eyes:

"But he called you master."

He raised his voice and shouted against Yun:

"Why are you calling her master?"

Jun Jun smashed haha:

"She can be generous, after I know her, I haven't broken it, I rely on her bless, this is not a master?"

Xu Youti:

"Mu Yao, you said that you said you, why don't you give me a feng shui?"

Mu Yao:

"... I can't see Feng Shui!"

Xu Youti:

"I don't care, you accept my gift, I will also be a master's disciple."

Mu Yao:

"... Ok, I accept it, but you are not a disciple."

Xu Youti:

"Why is I not a disciple, I am very pious!"

Mu Yao:


She simply believes:

"I don't discipline."

Xu Youti:

"The popular articles always have to receive it? I looked at the Taoist disciples, and the pro-disciples did not accept it."

Mu Yao:


She really doesn't know how the Taoist disciples.

She simply took a gift box from Xu Dynasty, and took two steps and took the door to sit.

Xu Yongxi didn't keep up, and said to the window:

"That, I will be devoted to practice, I will be eligible for me, you will receive my disciple."

Yusun has sitted to the front row and said a few words to the shepherd driver.

Mu Yao looked at Fu Xiuyuan on the other side of the whole process, but I saw Fu Xiuyuan laugh.

The night wind is loose, the Songyu is wide, Fu Xiuhong has sleek well, standing in a soft road light, grinning, but his eyes are warm and bright.

It's so good, Mu Yao looked at it, suddenly he leaked a shot.

Her Dynasty said:

"I have the opportunity to see you again, the pineapple!"

Fu Xiuyuan smiled even more, rushing her waved, did a big, rounded mouth: good.

All the way back to the villa, Jun said a few words to three brothers.

Mu Yao came in, three brothers stood up, showing her, and the expression is quite unnatural.

It is still the first to open, and he clear the throat, and asked Mu Yao:

"This variety show, how do you feel?"

Mu Yao nodded:

"Very good, I feel that the effect is very good. This is also a regret that I used, I have never taken a variety, I only have a speaker, I feel that the star is very good. Now I tried it, I really Like a holiday,

Muslim Jie listened to this, brows, but quickly recovered the calmless face:

"That's good. Then you ... Next, is there any plan?"

Mu Yao is:

"Next: I still want to shoot, I want to hone my own acting, I like to play."

The animal husbandry is tone, and the animal husbandry is eye-catching.

Move Jie:

"You have a good news in this area. We have a banquet for a while, there will be many guidance and production people. Do you want to participate?"

Mu Yao thought of the banquet, I remembered the scene of the shadow, and the scene of the dislocation, and some were somewhat difficult:

"But, I will not do anything, if someone invited me to dance? I won't."


"This doesn't matter, you can refuse any time, or I will teach you a few movements in these few days. It is sufficient to deal with it. Mainly see you I don't want to ... appear in our own social circles."

Mu Yao suddenly understood the meaning of my brother. They asked themselves gentle, do not join the placard's circle, becoming a shepherd true, and the sister approved by the friends.

She nodded:

"Well, I can participate."

Three brothers hidden, and they were relieved.

This way ... I hope that their plan can be smoothly launched.

The author has something to say: Master Yao is online, and the readers must have good luck in recent days!