After a dance, Mu Yao got a lot of breath and blush.

She doesn't know what is going on, I feel that my heart is so powerful, more expensive than usual.

"I didn't expect to dance so difficult."

She spits itself.

But listening to Fu Xiuyuan and laughing:

"Is it? That is my fault, I have not brought you."

Mu Yao quickly shook his head:

"I am not blame you ... I may still have a technology."

Fu Xiuyuan took her and walked out of the dance pool and sent her to sit down on the sofa.

"In the future, more jumps, technology is fine."

He stood next to help Mu Yao took a glass of golden drinks:

"pineapple juice."

Mu Yao Xiaokou sipped.

This two people sitting one stop, and people in the whole hall, all guess around the relationship between the two people.

"I have seen the" 24-hour bourch ", in the program, this Mu Yao is very familiar with Fu Xiuyuan ..."

"There is a rumor saying that Fu Xiuyuan is because Mu Yao went to the show. He won't be chasing Yao?"

"No matter what ... it seems that the shelf is really developed, and the big tree of Fu Xiuyuan."

The people who speaking are saying, and suddenly it feels cold behind.

When I look back, hermiel is staring at him, his face is dark.

The man was scared:

"Ah, haha, I am joking ..."

Hermance Jie Zhengzheng:

"There is no relationship with Fu Xiuyuan, my sister will not develop with Fu Xiuyuan. I hope you don't guess!"

On the side of Mujiarong, I have passed, listening to this, and said to everyone seriously:

"My sister is too good, anyone can't afford it, don't think."

After that, the two brothers didn't think there was anything wrong with the past.



So what you mean is, even Fujia's master and shadow, such a good top flow, you can't afford your own animal husbandry?

Ok, my sister is exposed.

Drink the pineapple juice, Mu Yao to the toilet makeup.

Arrive next to a liquid foundation:

"Ask, do you use this liquid foundation? Some eyes are familiar."

Mu Yao turned his face, see is a stylish pretty young girl, laughing, politeness.

She has never had any call to the girl, immediately answer:

"No, it is another brown bottle of powder."

The girl asked:

"Which one? Do you remember the name? It is really natural to look very delicate, I also want to buy the same paragraph."

Mu Yao:

"Is it? But I don't understand the makeup, I can't remember the name."

The girl smiled and shook his head:

"That maybe I have no fate. Your lip color is also very good, you can not be a red number? Right, my name is Zhang Wei, what about you?"

Mu Yao:

"Ah ... I am Mupao. My mouth is brought by makeup artists, I haven't seen it, but your lipstick is also very good."

Zhang Wei smiled:

"Yes, thank you for praising me."

The two talked, the place where the toilet is very easy to cultivate the friendship between the girls, and then the chapter will speak very much, people are very comfortable, Mu Yao is very happy to make a new friend.

After talking, Mu Yao packed up, I plan to leave, turn around, I suddenly heard it.

"Oh ... I suddenly became uncomfortable."

Zhang Yu squatted down, licking his stomach, face his face.

"Ah? What is this?"

Mu Yao is somewhat.

"I have been uncomfortable just now, it may be acute gastroenteritis, plus physiological period ... Can you find a place to let me take a break?"

"Well! I am talking to me ..."

"You wait! Don't trouble your brother, after all, I am a girl's physiology ..."

"That ... Well, you have to rest in my room."

Mu Yao helped the arms of the Zhang, took her to stand up and put her most of the weight on himself.

Her strength is not very powerful, but at the moment, he said very strong:

"You hold me!"

Then I strive to go forward, bite my lips, and my face is tired.

She is walking, while I am afraid that the chapter is too sad, talk to comfort her:

"Don't be afraid, I have passed the people who have suffered a bitter. I used to have an expiration cake, and I have acute gastro. This disease is very painful, but the next day is good, you take a break, earlier It's okay to go home! "

Zhang Yan is weak, "Well", quietly putting mobile phones that have just finished SMS, hiding into their own handbags.

In the lobby, no one can see the corner of the stairs, the anxious animal husbandry received the SMS:


Her eyes are bright, and they will be busy with the other person.

Muyu's own room is the best, largest, most gorgeous room in this villa, and ended at the end of the third floor.

She supported the chapter, I am panting all the way, even if there is a straight-air elevator, I have to support people to the elevator, and it is really tired.

Zhang Yu entered the room, he fell on the sofa, and he was very uncomfortable to cover his stomach.

Mu Yao helped her poured the water, and the cup warm water came over, put it on the table, and asked:

"Do you want me to find someone, help you take some medicine? Although this is on the hill, there is a family medicine box at home."

Zhang Yu rushed to pull her:

"No, don't walk ... I am fine, you are here to accompany me."

Mu Yao is sitting on the sofa.

Zhang Wei puts out the mobile phone, takes out the mobile phone, and send a text message to Mu Spring: Action.

There is no SMS reply opposite.

Mu Yao suddenly asked:

"Do you say your name is Zhang Wei? I remember to listen to the spring of the spring, she has a friend seems to have a chapter ..."

Zhang Wei scared a spirit, thinking that the object of the text message was seen by Mu Yao, and quickly throw the phone to the sofa:

"What, what animal husbandry? I am not familiar with her."

Mu Yao looked at her, and his eyes were clear and clean, and smiled:

"She ... I am still very envious."

Zhang Yu Don, only said:

"Her people are very powerful."

Mu Yao nodded:

"Yes, in fact, I don't envy her since there is such a good life condition. These are nothing ... but I envy, she can have a brother, live together from a child, witness the brothers from Childhood, teenagers to young people ... this, I am really envious. "

She said, watching the window, looking out the garden outside the window.

It seems to be in the garden playful scene in the garden.

The better your brother, the better them, the more you like them, and you can understand their lives and people.

She sometimes envious of the opportunity to witness these.

"Ah ... the pastor brothers are very excellent, especially the artist ..."

Zhang Wei's eyes flashed.

She has been secretly embarrassed, which is one of the reasons for she will help herm.

She hopes that Mu Spring can help you introduce yourself to Miki, and I hope that the shepherd, there will be no such a no-hole.

This Muyao has already sucked out of the herds and almost all of them, but also let the animal husbandry to see others, so that Zhang Wei is more likely to hopes.

Mi Shei, the more the martial arts, the more you put the dark attention to the chapter of the chapter, so she, in the clothing store, still invested in the camp of the animal husbandry, for the animal husbandry.

She hangs down eyelashes, and she is a little sad, and I am a bit fortunate.

In any case, the plan of the animal husbandry is still very perfect.

In the room of Mu Yao, there is no monitoring.

When you will, there will be a man that is disguised into a kitchen maid, taking the animal husbandry, brought out from the window, and sent it to the handkerchief overnight.

Anyway ... Where did she come, let her go back.

At that time, her Zhang is acute gastroenteritis, even if she wants to save her husband, or being dizzy in the sofa.

Zhang Wei will give the man to himself, swollen his face, which is easier to win the trust of Miki.

At that time ... you still see the benevolent benefactor, she does not believe in her husband and she will ignore her own.

The plan is unloraity, Mu Yao also has no doubt, Zhang Wei always pays attention, Mu Yao has not taken it out, it is impossible to communicate with people.

So she waited quietly.

Time passed by one minute, Mi Yao hurts, said to Zhang:

"Then I will sleep for a while."

Zhang Yu nodded, see Yao half lying on the sofa closed, pick up the phone, send a text message to Mu Spring: Faster!

This animal husbandry, how do you drag the hand?

Just when she was so heartless, the door of the room was finally opened by "".

Zhang immediately took a smile on the face, standing on the side and said:

"I am finally here, know how much I am waiting for? This is too slow ..."

Turning through the head, seeing clear people.

The voice of Zhang Wei is cut off in his throat.

The author has something to say: Everyone is good night ~

The mother will never let Yao Yao are worried, rest assured ~