Mu Yao's hand is a bit trembling. She did not have a long time, and she had never had this experience. Now the first reaction is fear.

She thought about it, first call Yao Haobo and said last night.

Yao Haobo is silent, just say:

"Mu Spring is your family. I suggest that we don't know this matter too clear. Your family is not to reveal, and the development of your future is not very good. I will contact Fu Xiuyuan, see He deals with this matter, and the two joint statements are clear. "

Mu Yao:

"Well. Fu Xiuyuan is very good, temper is also very good, you ask to see, I believe you."

Hanging up the phone, Yao Haobo went to contact Fu Xiuyuan's broker.

Mu Yao packed the breakfast soup, put it on the top of the tray, and the hearts did not eat breakfast with my brothers, and watch TV together.

Mu Jia went to the building, turned to Mu Yao down a box:

"Yaoyao, this is the gift I gave you, you don't have it."

Mu Yao is really a habit of

"Thank you, I haven't been sad."

Mu Jiarong smiled and saw his eyes. When he was a child, he likes to dress up the doll. Now it is difficult to have my sister. He likes to buy clothes for your sister, dress up your sister!

Seeing Mu Jiarong grabbed the first, the animal husbandry also coughed, and took a picture from the upstairs:

"Yaoyao, this is the sketch for you before, handled it, give it to you."

Mu Yao took the painting, more helplessly said to the shepherd:

"Two brother, my room really can't sleep ..."

Shepherd's laughter is unchanged:

"Then give you a bigger room."

Minghejie saw two younger brother, it was first, it was unhappy, I wanted to go, I took a box again:

"Yaoyao, this is the insurance I bought for you."

Mu Yao:


Send insurance? This is too hard,?

All in all, three brothers have used their own way, comforted the Mu Yao, for fear that Mu Yao will have any emotions because of the matters of Middle.

Mu Yao went back to see the five-flowers of the five-flowers sent by the online marketing numbers, the mentality has also a lot.

Many marketing numbers have recently stared at Mu Yao and Fu Xiuyuan's related news, this is normal, because "24-hour buddy" broadcast, the most red fire is these two people.

It will also catch a good temper and have a good temper, and there is a responsible, handsome, and a fair and fair, the head of the store. Fu Xiuyuan, and if there is no chemical reaction between these two people. Let the audience of the chase.

This variety has attracted countless network viewers when streaming. When the film was officially cut into the TV station, it suddenly attracted many mother's grandmother's faithful audience. It became a variety of explosive variety, which was completely phenomenon.

After the broadcast, Mu Yao is a million fans, and immediately ranam in red flowers.

And when the blood of the red flower is bloody, it is a hundred times more than the normal small flower before her.

"Stunning! When Red Little Flower Anno is in the bureau?"

Similar to this title, under the various moisteners, the spread of the water army and black powder, there is a whole network.

Mu Yao has a very high quality fan, is disciplined, but even if the fan group is constantly anti-black, there is still countless rumors to go online.

"Is Mu Yao sucking DU? I heard that the young female star will be like this, saying that it is beauty!"

"Don't say, I heard that she is involved in the kidnapping case, definitely she kidnapped others being caught!"

"No, you wait? She is so weak, how to kidnap others?"

"I haven't seen Fu Xi Emperor? It is definitely Fu Xi Di to kidnapped, she is looking at the wind!"

"So who she kidnapped in the end, this news is really crying."

Fu Xiuyuan's fans were crazy under the bottom of Mu Yao's fan.

"Please pay the little flower to walk independently, thank you! Every day, we can do what we have to do, can you eat how big a big bowl of rice?"

"Real vomiting, kidnap, my family is far from the kidnapping case, who does he need to kidnapped, he doesn't have any good kidnapping! Obviously your home Mu Yao is in a mess!"

"You are rolling, my family Yaoyao is dry, just driving to the policeman, maybe it is to help the investigation? Maybe it's a righteousness? The police notified did not come out, you all open it?"

"Oh, far away, obeying the law, good citizens, your family is awkward!"

However, when the two only powder is tearing, there is also a group of CP pink darkness in the sugar:

"My day does this may be true? I feel impossible not true? Who will accompany you to the policeman in the middle of the night? Of course, a boyfriend!"

"Really hammer 15555551, I am dead, this is true gods love, accompany you to the fire sea, accompany you! It is really true! Kswlkswl!"

"There is a statement, can be taken in the car in the middle of the night, go to the police station together, this is it is not an object, is it a good private friend? To tell the truth, it is absolutely true, what is the two? I really took my head as a ball. "

"Maybe I can look forward to having a wife who wrote a police thief Au? Think about it, I want to see!"

Toxicity can't see, when you run, when CP powder, the CP powder is straight to:

"You yell, I am married you, we are sleeping together. Even if you don't sleep, you can go to the policeman together!"



The scene is more chaotic, and there are several of the Mu Yao's propaganda Weibo. There is also the bottom of Fu Xiuyuan, all the madness, the whole comment area, the smoky, torn out of 10,000 comments.

After a while, the marketing number was again discharged:

"It is said that some people have been detained because of the relationship between Mu Xiaoyong and Fu Xiji."

This language is unknown, suggesting that the two people use unfair means to fall, and suddenly an uproar.

Netizens have been eating melon, and all kinds of guess are coming out:

"Lying in the trough, this is not a criminal plot? The two have the right to have a big star, framing a poor and weak female protagonist into prison? The next story is not a male boyfriend began to revenge?"

"No, this melon is really hard to understand, can you give more information, who is going to imprison? Why?"

"I heard that it is a little actor who has a little famous, and has worked with Mu Yao."

"Who is who is who? Jin Mengman? Or earlier? Zhu is not going to be attendant?"

"I found it, it is the animal husbandry of" Yue Feng City "crew! God, I didn't expect this Mu Yao so vicious!"

"Does she have to be trapped in the same crew? Still pull the Emperor together, this is too terrible! This kind of person rolls out the entertainment circle!"

Similar to this kind of speech, it will cause a lot of people to resonate when it occasionally appears. Everyone is deeply embarrassed to this kind of privilege.

The marketing number has rhythm, and has also got a variety of data, as long as you make some words unknown, you can earn a lot of money. Everyone is full of satisfaction.

When the netizen eats melon, I suddenly brushed into a police announcement.

@ :

"Notice about the online pass Fu Mou and Mu Mao to enter the police ..."

Notify the official language, straight down the local explanation, the sister of the herd is deliberately destroyed, and the family is broken by the family. Fu as a friend of the friends and the shepherd family. Began to be detention.

After the netizens have finished watching, they have fallen into meditation.

"So, Fu Mou is innocent? They are doing a record?"

"Just ... the police notice, there should be no fake ... and the sister of the herd is already detained. So is this sister is the animal husbandry?"

"No, why Mastu Spring will deliberately try to make Mu Yao? No wonder these two are surnamed pastis, it turned out to be a sister, my sister wants to make Mu Yao? What is it?"

"The victim has a guilty, it's here. Did you ask you to ask the police, the crime is the sister, what is the relationship with Mu Yao, Mu Yao pulled her hand to let her crime? Make victims All are stupid! "

"Ah, that is, this thing doesn't matter with Mu Yao or Fu Xiuyuan?"

"Only I can't pay attention to my friends, I am deeply accompanied by my friends, late in the night and the shepherd family, is it very well?"

"Hey, as a friend, ... friends have, will marry still!"

"No, can this also be ? This is the official announcement, smashing friends!"

The souvenir of the mountains is very small, which is flooded in the sea of ​​the people, found to find it.

In terms of advertisement, it is clear that the white white is written in the spring, and they want to deny that there is no way. I have to sell this criminal.

This wind wave is notified in invisible by the police.

Mu Yao and Fu Xiuhong's official support meeting, and issued the same announcement after the police issued the notice.

This announcement is very entertaining, lectone of the whole thing, said Fu Xiuyuan went to Mu Yaojia in the family, inadvertently involved in this family dispute, confidential. And both sides are retained for the pursuit right of the non-marketing number, I hope everyone should not believe in the rumor.

The announcement itself is not important. It is important that Fu Xixu Yuan Hao House will be tall, from any star, which is actually an announcement with Mu Yao!

Open the ground!

Fu Xixuan Hope will all over all the content, very few can find an interaction with other artists, not to mention female artists.

In other words, Mu Yao became the first female artist who appeared in Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan's fan was this time, it was completely shocked, and I didn't know what to say.

Some people screamed, some people have strong struggle to choose blessings, and some people have a complicated mood, and they have not seen this. More people have a slap in the ocean of "supporting" CP, starting to slap CP.

The whole thing is on the network, although the fermentation is very fast, but it is good to have a fast impact in the official announcement.

The only influence is probably, and the number of supporting CP powder is rapid, and there is another one in the sugar of the CP.

In the evening, Mu Yao took Yao Haobo phone and said the situation of this incident.

Yao Haobo said, start to say new work:

"Xia Yu director refers to a new director to you, he is a modern play in his hand, I want to find you an audition, I will send the script to you."

The Mu Yao line took an electronic script, opened a look, suddenly in the name of the invitation, saw a familiar name.

Male II: Xu Xi Xi.

The author has something to say: What?