"Jiang Big Brother, I call you a big brother, I really want to take you as a big brother, you must believe me this time. I will give you this candidate, absolutely you can meet you!"

Xia Yu is recommended to the person of the phone.

"Is it true, I don't believe this girl. She is too young, the role of the previous performance is also a niche, the young girl is getting angry, but she will play my character, that is too difficult. "

The phone is some impatient.

"Oh! You don't believe me, although she is a newcomer, but very aura, a little, the acting is also needed! Really, after I shoot her, my luck is good, this girl is really A Fuxing, you hurry, it's time to be happy! "

Xia Yu persuaded. He is really good for this director, but it is recommended to him, but the attitude of the other party will be suspicious, or let him be a bit uncomfortable.

"Oh, okay, I will inform her to the test mirror, I will come here, thank you."

Jiang Yuanzheng hangs.

Jiang Yuanzheng, the director of Xia Yu, who had just entered the director, and the two relationships were very iron.

Over the years, Jiang Yuanzheng has directed several explosive TV series, regarding a very good director in the TV drama industry, and there is also a fixed good class.

But he was this year, and he took a movie in the movie. However, there is no water flowers at all, but the box office is also very poor.

Available in your own excellent movie, it is a dream of all director. Jiang Yuan is preparing for many years in his dream, but it is lost, don't mention more decadent, these half years are not willing to go to the mountain.

Now he is not easy to hear, and the class re-kills the TV drama market, and it is necessary to select a script-type script. It is planning to start a starring.

His drama has not yet started shooting, there are several TV stations and websites, come over inquiry and communication, and the prospect is very good, it is obvious that it is a burst of fire drama, so he has taken a long time.

This drama is still a very rare pair of duplete dramas, and he can't choose from the two heroisms, but only one male second, Xu Xi Xi.

Jiang Yuanzheng is very headache. He is not lacking in the actor, and the actress can be too missing! Looking for all the nets, I can't find two women in his mind!

Finally, there is no way, he called the old friends, and he will recommend Mu Yao, recommend Mu Yao, and Xia Yu.

"Mu Yao ..."

Jiang Yuanzheng finally clapped, and all the actors recommended by these old friends will open a test mirror, and sieve it again.

The test mirror is on the same day.

An actress came in and came out later.

Jiang Yuanzheng's eyebrows, the more wrinkled, and the deputy director next to him did not dare to speak. I was afraid that he took the table in the next second.

Jiang Yuanzheng's drama has more explosive, and there is much sense of temper, and it is a famous artillery personality in the circle.

"Now these actresses, one of the basic skills is not good, run out to play ... I look at the class, graduated from the school, the acting play and the wood, what is going on?"

Jiang Yuanzheng turned over the resume of the actors, the more got it, and muttered.

"What about the next?"

Next to the deputy director carefully handed over the resume, while the hearts are: I have been brushed by the middle school, this talented high school, definitely is ending.

Jiang Yuanzheng took a resume and glanced at it.

Mu Yao, female, twenty years old, degree: high school.

"High School! High School? High School ..."

Jiang Yuanzheng whispered, changing these two words, as if to read any extra taste.

The Deputy Director peeked him to sweat, but he accidentally found that he didn't seem to be angry, but what was thinking.

Jiang Yuan is independent in his heart.

Now these so-called art universities, one more than one water, students are more impetuous, many people just started to play, just want to take the relationship, find resources, but do not want to study professional skills.

The university is getting water is on the one hand, on the other hand, Cob will always have a fixed play method, but may ban the actor's own thinking.

So, an actor who came out in a high school ...

Seeing the world, maybe there is unexpected feelings?

Jiang Yuanzheng fingers knocked on the resume, calmly:

"Let her come in."

Deputy Director Radio:

"Next, Mu Yao, please come!"

The door opened, I walked into a clear little girl.

The little girl faces green, the eyes are bright, and the lips come with a smile. It is a natural smile, which is only a light makeup, and the skin is full of ten trends.

She took the horsetail, wearing a shirt trousers, decently decent, but also unique body.

Jiang Yuanzheng is dark, and the conditions of appearance are passing, and it can even be said that one of the two women's owners in his imagination is very similar.

Mu Yao speaks:

"Teacher Jiang, other teachers are good afternoon, my name is Mu Yao, an actor, for half a year, representing the work is the costume martial arts TV drama" Yue Wind City ", thank you for giving me this test mirror opportunity."

Speaking in the rules, very polite, sound is also listening.

Jiang Yuanzheng continued to nod.

The Deputy Director handed the test mirror table to the hand of Mu Yao, refers to the role setting of the above:

"Choose a try, see your willingness."

Mu Yao said in a glance:

"I selection static."

The deputy director was surprised, and the process of repeatedly asked:

"Are you sure?"

Poster to nodded quietly:


Deputy Director looked at Jing Jiang Yuanzheng, found that the other party did not say, ongoing the process:

"Then you have five minutes of time thinking, you can start at any time."

Fang Jingcong's role setting, with Mu Yao himself a great contrast.

This test mirror station has two roles, one is a school flower Li, a school, and the other is a suncast girl.

The triad mirror has seen the script. There is a biased of his own role. No one knows that Li Yue is the biggest way, because Li Xue is good, you can get most of the audience.

The selection of the selection is very tricky, and the character is static. This role setting is too complicated. It is not good to be embarrassed, but the interpretation is good ... I will not be awkward.

It is necessary to pursue the audience, and the role is almost no longer dare to pick up this role, because this is a role of gambling.

The little girl in Yao Yao, actually choosted to calm, this is where the deputy director is surprised, but also the place where Jiang Yuanzheng is quickly filed.

This game, the performance is the scene that is static and suffering from the field, being spurped in the school corridor.

At this time, suddenly the assistant knocked in, and said a few words in the opponent's ear.

Deputy Director and Jiang Yuanzheng whispering:

"There is a time in the outside, I want to come in an interview, she also chooses the static capacity."

Jiang Yuanzheng thought, asked Mu Yao:

"Do you mind waiting?"

Mu Yao, of course, does not mind.

So she sat next to the chair and seeing the assistant collar.

Careful, this is an acquaintance.

Jin Mengman.

Jin Mengman first greeted the director, and expressed apologies, his attitude was full of ten places, and he greeted with Mu Yao.

Jin Mengman is really active. She has long been playing this idea, she is angry, and she has to take the Mu Yao in front of the director.

So she hit the Yao's election, and immediately asked the assistant to let himself come in, even if the compression preparation time can be.

So she said to Mu Yao:

"Can you wait for it? I am tight, let me come first?"

Mu Yao smiled:


Jin Mengman is not prepared and started directly.

This stage, the performance is that the square is compliant by the school's mixed toilet, and the scene of a night is a single-way show, and even the lines don't have a few words.

"Is there a person? Is anyone?"

Jin Mengmang pointed to tears, the weak and helpless patted air, as if it was really trapped in the toilet.

She went to see here, see where there, seems to find the way, but can't find it.

So she turned, half squatted, crying in the throat.

The tears, she took a chocolate candied from the pocket, looked at this sugar that had been caught by water, she cried even more, and her tears were more.

Later, she put a posture of the wall, gradually got eyes, before the eyes closed, the corner was still moving, whispered the sentence:

"Snow, I want to eat sugar."

Then, the test mirror ended, she stood up and wiped tears, and bowed to the director.

The people in front are silent.

Jin Mengman can't ask what. She looked at Jiang Yuanzheng's expression. I intuken that the other party may not be very satisfied, but I don't know why.

She feels very good! When you cry, you will cry at all, and when you cry, you will pay attention to your expression management, and there is no cry.

The lines also have those words, she reads thousands of turns, and she is not enough. Is this not enough?

She felt wondering.

Just listen to Mu Yao next to:

"Don't ... you leave, see my performance?"

Jin Mengman:


She turned her face to see Mu Yao, actually read a trace from the expression of Mu Yao ... couldn't bear to look at it, and the sympathy is poor.

Hello, what do you mean! She wanted to jump up to catch the collar of Mu Yao, and asked, but they did not dare.

Jiang Yuanzheng also said:

"She looked at your performance, you should also look at her, fair."

Jin Mengman squeezes a smile:

"Ah, that's good, my time should come back."

She said, looking to Mu Yao while biting her teeth.

I see what the pattern you can perform!

It is just a female student. Can you give her a queen's posture?

I do not believe!

Jin Mengman's confidence is full of arms, sitting on the chair who just sat.

Mu Yao came into the middle of the field, and the eyes changed.

She is no longer the little girl who has just been the sunshine.

She became that, "monster girl".

That is the alias that mixed to give square.

The author has something to say: Good night everyone?