From Jiang Yuanzheng, the whole draft staff, all the Mu Yao as a big baby, and I can't wait to grab the Mu Yao service every day.

Mu Yao loves taste, like things, love for skin care products and cosmetics, love drink ... The full crew tracks, make a shared memo, specializing in the group without Mu Yao, everyone shared in the group .

In the morning, the Mu Yao just came to the crew, and some people bought breakfast in accordance with her favorite taste, put on the table.

Every day gives Makeup Makeup, there is a breakfast of others, the makeup artist is good, and it is also more refined to Make Makeup.

When shooting, Mu Yao is active, and each play is almost two to three times.

And she will always sound a thunderous applause every time, the scene will always sound the thunderous applause, very exaggerated, and the Mu Yao is crying.

When she took the play, she was sitting next to watching the script, there was a constant person, giving her a to eat, taking a shoulder, chatting, chatting a happy music ...

All in all, Mu Yao completed the full crew of the whole crew.

Magic is that everyone exchanges in the group and finds that they have a small increase in luck after the Bayoni, and fry.

"I doubt that Mu Yao is koi! I broke the head at noon today, I got the opportunity to give her a box, I went to buy some meatballs and add it in her box, and I walked on the road this afternoon! Although it is five cents, this is a happy feeling! "

"Really burning, I bought a cup of milk tea today, and I didn't want her money. I still have a little disappointment in a afternoon. I don't guess how it is? I guess it next day, my mother! My face It's gone for a long time for half a month, the acne is gone! Acne marks are not stayed! "

"I love to die the master! I have a legend to demolish the first two days, but I can't determine that my parents have asked the street yesterday, saying that it is likely not to be dismantled to our home. I didn't have any hope? In order to help Mu Yao purchased a few thousand skin care products in Europe, no money, the result of the third day, my family is sure to demolish! My parents said that I resigned home and other demolitions, I I can't say it, I want to filialize her husband here! What is the decision? Master Master is my lighthouse! Where do she go? "

"Lying in the trough, it is really amazing, I feel that I have missed millions! I will go to Mu Yao now!"

"You wait until you are waiting for it. We have a royal sheet. It is necessary to buy rice in the middle of the morning and evening, buy snack fruit milk tea, you have to apply for an appointment, come, fill a table, in order Come, now there is a week later. "

The staff is too enthusiastic, and the afternoon in the afternoon, the thunder is not moving, and Mu Yao is so fat.

Jiang Yuanzheng looked at her round face:

"Cough ... You play this party quietly, it is very thin body ... you can be slightly fat after adult, but you still, slightly control it."

Mu Yao returned to all the news from the crew:

"I have recently grateful to me, but I can give me a variety of foods again, I have to control me again. I have to control my weight. Thank you, I will eat!"

She rarely speaks in the group, but as long as I talk, I am a hit. Staff has replied:

"Received! The goddess is controlled, but it is necessary to eat!"

"Good , give the goddess to buy Sala after god ~"

"My homemade candy cake can send you a goddess! My craft is very good!"

Another big group without Mu Yao, some people are urgently:

"@ , Mu Yao spoke! Emergency adjustment of the recruitment, in addition to the milk tea snacks, change to other gifts! Everyone is brainstorming, see what can be sent, write in the form in!"

So, the next day, Mu Yao found that the people of the drama have changed, no more high-calorie food, nor to send snack desserts, but ...

Changed to send various small gifts!

What kind of birthday crystal ball, embarrassing, warm hand, small hair card, portable makeup mirror, even what is automatically heated, sleeve, girlfriend receives all crying hot water cup ...

Mu Yao's hotel suites, soon they were full of stack of these messy things, completely become a huge globes.

The staff gave her something like this every day, and it also found that as long as she bought something to send it to Mu Yao, their luck will rise to the naked eye.

Perhaps this also has a psychological effect, but this kind of thing is a hundred passes, soon, everyone is very convinced:

Mu Yao, it is really a master!

Master Master will give you good luck as long as you receive a gift.

It is better to buy a gift to send a master, especially the bullish!

Legend has gradually popped up, all staff and actors have earned.

Han Le Shu started with this rumor, but later, witnessed that everyone sent things to Mu Yao every day, she also shaken.

Is this Mu Yao really amazing?

But no matter what, just a small actor, what is the good bacing?

Han Leshu is very uncomfortable.

Xu Chaoyi is also, talking to him is a cold face plus the tongue, and the Mu Yao is talking to the horse. It is said that there are two faces, Han Le Shu is a deep experience.

Anyway, she Han Le Shu, even if I jumped up from the upstairs, I won't be soft to Mu Yao, and I said a good words with Mu Yao. This is the principle problem!

Let her have an old elder generation for many years, take the initiative to talk to Mu Yao, how can it? It's just chaotic!

That is, Han Leshu is in the corner of the whole drama, or will pay attention to Mu Yao, see what she is doing.

So paying attention, she paid attention to a strange thing ...

The actor of this drama is Yu Tianlu. It is a very powerful new young actor. I have played a lot of burst of fire in TV series, but the recent luck is not very good, and it is some no nutritious drama. I don't have much time, so the fans are not much.

Usually in the film, Yu Tianlu is the kind of man, it is very polite to anyone, and there is no heart, the boring head acting, and it is not very related to others.

However, this day, Han Le Shujing saw that Yu Tianlu had picked up a lunch break of no one, and ran to the lounge of Mu Yao, staying for a while.

What is this?

In the Obvious Opera, Yu Tianlu's opponent's opponent's opponent's opponent is also the CP in the drama. Even if he is going to play, he should also come to you.

Han Le Shu's eyebrows, I feel that I may catch the big scales.

She secretly found the assistant, let them pay attention to Yu Tianlu's whereabouts these days, if there is an abnormality, I must take a picture and tell myself.

Sure enough, there is no abnormal situation for a few days.

"Yu Tianlu entered the hotel room in Mu Yao at 9:00!"

Han Le Shu received this news, immediately let his agent notify the nearby dog, hide in the land of Mu Yao, prepare to catch the door!

This time, if it is successful, then Han Le Shu can not hang up a week in hot search, this is how much merit is!

At the same time as stinking, she can also give her a label that "seeing the righteousness" "bravely revealing the chaos of the entertainment industry".

So she took a paparazzi with a high-precision camera, and he walked to the door of the Muyao room.

She issued a command to the dog:

"You keep the left, you keep the right, you will go to shoot, I can't give them the time to react, we have to have a fresh first-hand information, have you understood?"

The dog is bright, and the opportunity to make money is coming, and it nodded.

So Han Le Shu took a breath, and he nodded from the next to the cleaning mom.

The cleaning mother took the thousand cards to brush the door, everyone slammed into it, a group of dogs with a big shot of the flash, rubbed, a madness!

In the whole room, it is glare that the shine is glaring, and there is no sound in the house.

Han Leshu laughs:

"I didn't expect it! Hahahaha!"

Then, the flash was scattered, and the dog was stopped.

There is a dog whisper:

"Han, this ... it seems is not awesome ..."

Han Leula also hangs on his face and looks at it.

Just see the living room sofa, Yu Tianlu and Mu Yao are sitting on face to face, and look at her at this moment.

Two people sitting on the couch, on the table with chicken claws, peanut mango, and script.

Yu Tianlu shirt button is buckled to the top, and the Mu Yao T-shirt is still wearing a long coat, and even the socks are not trip.

Is it good to engage in PY trading in the room?

Say good to catch?

we agreed……

Han Leshu felt that the eyes were black, and he had a cold hair.

She asked her:

"You ... are doing ..."

Mu Yao did not speak, Yu Tianlu frowned, not Yue:

"I bought snacks, please Miyao to help me smoothly, you? What about you? What is this, with a group of dogs ran into the house, private house?"

Han Le Shu:

"... this is 9 o'clock, who knows that you are ordered, and there is no matter in the room!"

She ran out of her face.

The dog is facing each other, I don't know what to do, I have to collectively apologize with the Mu Yao Road, and I will go out again.

The last dog, I also helped them to close the door.

Mu Yao looked at the empty rush, as if there was a room that happened, I feel that the whole world is a magical.

Yu Tianlu frowned, angry and angry:

"I thought Han Le Shu is good, now I found out that her is a dirty thing in my mind? I will have to play with her in the future. How is it?"

Mu Yao didn't know what to say, I had to eat snacks silently, and my pills gave him:

"This, very delicious."

Yu Tianlu looked at Mu Yao, and his eyes admired:

"Miss Mu is so good, the function is analyzed by the character, and the mysterious master of Wuhan."

Mu Yao Zhang wants to refute:

"... I ... forget it ..."

She is tired, she is really tired.

The author has something to say: What? , three should be more!