"Hilarious news! An artist fan self-explosion artifact private room!"

"Stunning! Han Le Shu actually privately private room, I still want to catch rape!"

"Why Han Leshu is so happy to the same crew? Star competition coffee level is very cruel!"

Various marketing numbers, I started to eat melon, the title is equipped with a photo at noon, and I will send a small video in the next array.

# # ## ## # etc.

Netizens have seen the cause, they are laughing and laughing:

"Ha ha ha ha sorted, so it was the animal and Yu Tianlu to eat snacks in the hotel room, and Han Lehu knows that it took a dog to catch rape, did not catch the photo, turned the paparapy Just sell the photo high price to Han Le Shu fans, lying this is about Mu Yao's big barb, fans throw photos in the place of being stinky in people! "

"No, I am laughing, hahahahahahahahahahahaha or red fire is awkward"

"Best year! I will take a look at this news in this month! Hahahahaha, thank you Han Leshu and her batch fans, bring me at least one month, laugh, hahahahaha!"

"Really, in fact, the dog is not wrong! It is indeed about Mu Yao, in the hotel, and the male protagonist Yu Tianlu, big broke the news! Dog is really integrity, doing business, weird, Korean Le Shu powder is too greedy, think , The real queen people sell to magazines and marketing, selling it to you. "

"Hahahaha, anyway, I found out that people who want to harm Mu Yao finally gave themselves, and Mu Yao is the real powerful role, and the deareries and names."

"You are wrong, people who are really powerful are Yu Tianlu! He didn't do anything, take a few hot search, hahahahaha, I am really, I will go to him overturder, now he is full of fans in the brush ' Grateful heart, thanks to Mu Yao, I hope that Mu Yao took Tianlu to take off ', it is very harmonious! "

"Yu Tianlu is really a winner, who doesn't want to follow the Mu Yao in the middle of the night! Let me go out of ten boxes!"

"What is the acting of Mu Yao? It is a good play with her. Yu Tianlu has always been a play."

"Hahahahaha, I don't care, Han Le Shu is not active, but the expression is really very good! Now the whole network is her expression bag hahahaha!"

"Han Le Shu is afraid that I don't want to play the powder, this ugly, I'm going to put it out, I am explosive in the whole network, or burst out in front of the fans of the home ... She is simply a nightmare."

"I feel Han Le Shu to be cold, for a female star, there can be stains, but there is no such type of stains, and after her career will definitely pill."

"Yeah, someone else mentioned Han Le Shu, I think, the female star that can't be sturred, it is hilarious!"

At the end of the microblog, everyone laughed in a joy. Han Le Shu has been a laughter, almost everyone knows her deeds, and she also laughs.

"", The rest room, Han Leshu gently fell the mobile phone toward the wall, yelled:

"Roll! Give me!"

She brokerage quickly gave other people, asked others to go out, talk to Han Le Shu:

"Don't be too sad, see if you are now very good now ... not all bad things ..."

Han Leshu is really crying, and evil.

"I would rather be exploded from other news. Now I am laughing by everyone. How do I do things in the future? Do I want to transform to be a comedian?"


"Ah ... that has not tasted it, now the comedian, the actress is less ..."

Han Leulang my own agent.

The voice of the broker is getting smaller and smaller, and then shuts it, and I don't dare to talk again.

Han Leula buried his face between the arms. I didn't want to look up at all, and I was listening to the sound of the door:

"Oh, now I know is wrong? I am very kind, give you a map."

She looked up, saw outside the door, was a lot of survings every day.

But at this moment, Xu Xi Xi's face has become a sense, her life-saving straw, nothing else, just because of the whole drama group, only Xu Di is willing to care about her.

Everyone else saw Han Le Shu, and immediately flew down, as if I saw something discussed, I also said that Jiang Yuanzheng also said to re-consider the drama of Li Xue.

So now, Han Le Shu saw Xu Dynasty, there was a touch of comfort.

"You said ... What is it?"

She asked seriously.

What happened at noon, I didn't have any effect on Mu Yao. She also had some inexplicable sympathy for Han Le Shu, compared with it, felt that her fans were more cute.

So she made a big hand, looking for her own assistant and Yao Haobo to go to the hotel to carry out a trip, giving someone to the fans.

The fans are moving, thousands of thank you, each holding something that is opened:

"Wow, my doll!"

"My actually is skin care! Good expensive!"

"I see my, wow, blind box! I am so cute!"

"God, I am actually a book hahaha, on the self-cultivation of actors?"

"My Jia Yao Yao is really a wide interest. How can I send us so many cute little things, this is a gift from Yaoyao, and I have to love her for a lifetime! She is too intimate. ! "

In the face of the fans, the Mu Yao did not dare to respond, and I went into the drama.

Because ... these things are all the aquons, give yourself a gift! She really can't use it, and I don't want to waste, simply give fans.

When Mu Yao returned to the crew, walked to the rest room, suddenly found three familiar figures in the house, talking with Yao Haobo.

"Yaoyao came back!"

I heard the familiar voice, Mu Yao surprised over:

"Ah! My brother, how come you come!"

Mu Mingjie was pleased to reach out of the animal husbandry, the animal husbandry and Mujiarong rushed behind him, and they also extended a arm to take the shoulders of Mu Yao, but it was unable to catch, three people dark Squeeze each other and squeeze, there is no president, artist or the style of the rider.

I have been accustomed to Yao Haobo of three brothers to compete for pets, silently pushing glasses, turning around, thinking about the door.

Three brothers let go of Mu Yao, and ask her for a short, talking about it for a while, and asked Mu Yao:

"No one is bullying here? If there is, be sure to tell my brother, my brother will help you play him!"

Mu Yao nodded:

"No one is bullying me, if there is really, I must tell you. Everyone is too good to me, there are too many gifts, I have used it, I have to do anything, I have to do anything, the whole crew is special it is good."

The brothers are relieved, and they take a gift box from their respective pockets:

"We haven't seen you for a long time, afraid that you are not used to it here, bring you a gift."

Mu Yao:

"... I really can't let it go, the gift is too much."

My brothers don't think about it:

"We sent it, you can send it with your colleagues, can you be the same? You will definitely not put the gift we send in the corner of the room, right?"

Mu Yao:


She is still intended, and the gift sent by her brother also threw it to the top of the bunch of debris ...

My brother looked at Mu Yao, it's really left to see it, how to look good.

What is Mujiarong remembered what, suddenly said:

"I just listened to Yao Haobo, I have been to the end of the year, and various awards have begun to issue, there are a lot of red carols to go, I will help you contact the big-name designer!"

Mu Yao, I have long known that Mu Jiarong has a hobby who dresses his own, so he nodded.

Mu Jiarong began to imagine in joining:

"I heard that you have to go to the red carpet of the golder in a few days, since the name is Jin Lu, it is better to give you a golden dress?"

Shepherd laughed:

"Golden clothes are very high, I like it, than I will help you make a brooch again."

Move Jie:


Every time I go, he doesn't know why, there is no way, it can only be serious:

"I will help you find a few bodyguards, if you have a red carpet, you don't have a male companion, then I can go."

When he finished this, he immediately hid, and experienced experience.

Sure enough, he just fell, and the animal husbandry and herbs were rushed to play him, and the mouth was shout:

"Hello is insidious! How can you do a man alone!"

Three brothers usually have a good relationship, everyday play, Yao Yao has been used to it, this will only laugh and look at them.

The atmosphere is warm and harmonious, there is a relatives, no matter how they play, they will not hurt each other, they are only absolutely trusted. Regardless of the bone between the boy, the little sister of Mu Yao, they are all kind in love.

However, in group two months, my brothers had already thought about it, I would rather furnish into a fan, and I don't care about my own image ... This is because they really love Mu Yao.

I really want to do my best, send all the good things all over the world to Mu Yao, make up for the regret in the past 20 years ...

Thinking of this, Mu Yao sighed and called:


Three brothers paused, turning back, looking at Mu Yao.

Mu Yao took a deep breath and smiled and said:

"Thank you, I really thank you. I know that you are particularly good for me, I also do you as my loved ones, my back shield. Thank you for your love, I love you very much."

My brothers listened, they were ashamed. The animal husbandry panel, hard work, do not let your mouth rise; the shepherd is gentle, and the eyes are flashing; the eyes of the herbs have begun to red, he wiped his eyes and wanted to cry.

The house is silent for a while. My brother is already a man. I rarely have this kind of truth, and I don't know what to do.

In the end, still Mu Yao, the eyes of the eyes with a glitter star, laugh on my brother:

"Then, I didn't play in the afternoon, let's go to dinner together!"

My brother immediately had an excuse to cover an embarrassment, and they lived over:

"I invite customers! What do you want to eat, is it a meal?"

"Snack Street! You don't understand at all, our Yao Yao has not went to the snack street for a long time, and he will definitely want to eat barbecue fried potatoes!"

"I support the local small restaurant, the taste is a good private house, Yao Yao feels?"

I was saying, I suddenly knocked on the door.

Mu Yao went to open the door and shocked:

"? Han Le Shu? Do you have anything?"

Han Le Shu looked at the three faces of the housing, although it was a bit unclear, but it still rose red face, and said to Mu Yao:

"I, I am here to apologize, if you have done you, I apologize. This is my apology gift."

She hugged a high gift box of a half-man and handed it to Mu Yao.

Mu Yao:


I will send it out, can you leave a sleeping corner in your room?

The author has something to say: Han Le Shu: Zhexiang!

Check the true fragrance of "Wow Fan" in the commentary:

THEORY OF SO DELICIOUS: It asserts that people refuse to do something, and the declaration even if the nutrients do not take nutrients, or cause physical deaths from a certain height fall, it is absolutely not to do this. He will definitely issue the following sound because of some causes of fruit: "True". Proposed by Chinese famous scientists and philosopher Wang Kitinze. China's first major law has not yet broken the law so far.

Hahahaha is really laughing at me!