"Fu Xiuyuan ah ~! Is he not a pressure shaft? How did you come?"

"Oh, I am started at the moment!"

"CP powder is invited to leave, our family Fu Xiuyuan is just a job arrangement. He has a good temper, but it has become a big man!"

"I said CP, I laughed, thinking that everyone loves your home to Mu Yao? Is it true when you are a joke? What is your joke? The bundle of blood is bundled every day, be careful to give back!"

"But, tell the truth, today, Mu Yao's dress is really good! And I saw a fashion blogger, saying that the set of Mu Yao is worn on a house of the five rings of Beijing!"

"Is it impossible? This is too exaggerated, she just didn't have a lot of time, have you earned so much this year? I haven't passed the news of the gold owner ..."

"No, even if there is gold owner, there is no Golden Lord to give her a clothes ... I joked this!"

"Anyway, I have been conquered by her beautiful appearance, and I have already submitted to the BOT, and passers-by is amazing."

"It is really that no one has seen her. Suddenly, it is impressive. I didn't expect her body a little short, but the proportion is really perfect, and the pure is a sexy, which is full of delusion ... "

"I can !!!! I can ah ah, I am too! Who can't you! What is the sexy little girl! There is also the sapphire too good!"

The number of netizens is as exaggerated, divergent, and it is all in discussing the Mu Yao, and the Jin Mengman who is slowly swallowed on the red carpet, no one pays attention to it.

Now, Mu Yao has passed a big bobbin person to hunch, Fu Xiuyuan is coming on the road, Jin Mengman is in the middle, very embarrassing.

She also wants to finish this red carpet quickly. Unfortunately, she is too small, she has been freezing, this will have been frozen to be stiff, every step, you have to fight the stiff knee And the ankle, you can't walk at all!

She has a smile that is strong on her face, she can't keep it. I turned around to look at the line. The surrounding media is not a shooting, or it is either either to go forward.

She is full of pain and shame.

At this time, she suddenly wanted these so-called shirts that were hanged, all took off, and quickly find a big cotton jacket to put it on my own, it's really white for so long!

I think about it, she walked a few steps forward, and the end of victory is getting closer and closer ...

Suddenly, she was a feet, swaying and fell down on the red carpet!

With my early men with a boring, a male with a helpless, but still did not help, because her skin was too much, the male companion didn't know where the hand was, it is meaningful. Her elbow, it is useless.

Jin Mengman exclaimed that the high heel is unstable, directly fell to the ground, and the truthfully fell a big horse!


"Ah! What's wrong with this!"

The media next to it is afraid of being misunderstood, hurry to the side, only a few female reporters, reach the gold dreamman to help.

Jin Mengman struggled to stand up and stood up and dragged the huge red pouch, and his face is ugly.

And next to see all the audiences, and on the barrage, it is full of voices:

"Wow, I just saw that she was going over half an hour on the red carpet. I thought this was the limit of being shameful. I didn't expect that she can be more lost!"

"Is this her plan? I will fall on the red carpet, there is a topic, I will have to earn traffic! You see if she wrestled, how can the live shot?"

"No matter what to say ... she is so cool today, high heels are so high, not wrestling is also difficult ... I was in winter, people are very easy to freeze."

"The passerby said a bit distressed, I want to know that her fans will see this scene will not be distressed?"

"Thank you, the front Jin Mengman fans, now have been removed, this love bean is too unhappy, powder, her is very tired."

"Although I am a fan, I also think that she can really do this with her character ... If you fall, you can also remove powder, but you can't help you a group of small partners you know here. "

Jin Mengman heard that a large audience in the scene was "" she, and some people shouted "Jin Mengman quickly rolled!".

She bites her teeth, she lifted her tears, she stood up, put her back half skirt, and didn't take care of it, and quickly escaped.

Before the signature board, she finished her name with unprecedented speed, quickly escaped, and did not give the host question, just wanted to go to the lobby, and wipe the face to make up in the place where no one pays attention.

The host, of course, I can't take care of Jin Mengman.

The two hosts have been talking to Mu Yao, Bai Sheng and Xia Yu, which is just a short interview. It will not be too complicated. There are only a few sentences, it is finished.

I haven't sent Mu Yao yet, Fu Xiuyuan has come over.

"Ah, ah, far brother is so handsome! Farm mother loves you! Far super handsome!"

"The freshness of the distance is far, ah, I am dead! How do he look so good, this is the beauty of the world, I have already upgraded to heaven!"

"Repair is far from this side, ah, you look at this angle, this face is a sculpture!"

"I want to slide on the far nose! I want to sign far!"

"Heaven, it is shocked, how can you be so handsome? The real person is more than one hundred times more than the TV!"

When Fu Xiuyuan walked from the red carpet, no matter who's fans, he was shocked by his beauty, and he joined the army.

Fu Xiuyuan wears a set of high-definitions today. It is very constructed. This suit material is the blue satin of the sea, with a similar material light blue shirt, flashing with low-key luxury light.

The senior movie face, the top of the handsome handsome, and it is also a little and evil, and the temperament of the unfair, the mysterious evoke of the mouth is obliquely, and the eyes are obliquely.

It's a people who can't live, don't say that it is a female fan, some male fans screamed, and the sound is particularly obvious.

But Fu Xiuyuan's red carpet today is a bit anxious.

He is faster, biggest meteor, and it has been stopped several times, in order to shoot a photo that is not arrogant.

The media screams, next to him with him all the way, and some people shouted to let him slow down.

But Fu Xiuyuan can obey, that is not Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan ignored the sound of everyone around, and quickly finished the red carpet and came to the interview area.

He should sign first, but he didn't take a pen, but he walked over the past.

The CP powders in the scene and the bar are instantly cracking:

"! ! ! I didn't expect it, this can also be sugar! I thought it was a peak! He is going to find her!"

"No, I am a mountain fog CP powder. Why is it so excited about seeing the shake sugar at this moment, I can't hate Fu Xiuyuan to immediately publish a relationship!"

"Hold the CP head to the sky, I am excited to sweat again, I cute for more than ten years, CP doesn't have such a direct, red carpet to chase people! Ah, I am dead!"

Mu Yao also saw Fu Xiuyuan, and I was talking about it. I turned to Fu Xiuyuan smiled, and my eyes were bright.

The host immediately converted the problem, and asked Fu Xiuyuan, which was sharply.

"Will Fu Mr. Fu, is the interview with Miss Mu?"

Fu Xiuyuan took place with Mu Yao, and immediately coughing a road:

"The fact is in front of you."

The host stunned, I didn't expect him to admit such a fantasy, but some did not know what to pick up.

Fu Xiuyuan continued to look at the eyes, suddenly reached out and took off his suitcase.

Then, he slowly screamed and uniformly, put the suit to Mu Yao.

said laughingly:

"Isn't it cold? Just look at you have been shaking."

Fans and barrage:

"Ah, ah, ah, ah !!!!!"

"I died, I died, I turned it down, I was blown into fireworks! Today, I am the most beautiful fireworks in the horizon!"

"What is the top of the melancholy! I am really, I like far 10,000 years! Repair is always the most best!"

"He is also too treasure? I am crazy, at this moment, I am in the soul!"

The host also smiled:

"It seems that you are really gentleman, then you are the judges of this award ceremony, what is your prediction for this award?"

Fu Xiuyuan only had a shirt left, it seems to have highly highlight good body, wide shoulder waist, vague muscle profile in shirts.

This picture is faithfully recorded by a live shift and the bar is completely crazy.

And the Mu Yao, the heart of Fu Xiuyuan's suit, the cheek is red.

She gathered together to Fu Xiuyuan's suit jacket, and smashed down, turning around, did not dare to see Fu Xiuyuan, only staring at a sponsorship advertisement next to it, and seems to have suddenly produced a strong interest in advertising.

Fu Xiuyuan answered the question of the host, the sound line gorgeous and elegant:

"These movies nominated today are excellent, but I want to say that victory is definitely ..."

He deliberately paused, and his badly struck the stage.

The sound of screaming, and the emotions were driven by him, and some people shouted various names.

But listening to Fu Xiuyuan continued:

"A excellent TV series," Yue Wind City "."

He also suddenly meed, because the screams of the fans next to the fans have not been able to cover the microphone, and the speech is pressed.

He raised his hand and screwed everyone.

When the voice finally sailed, he said:

"Of course, this TV series is mainly because I have the same episode."



Fu Xiuyuan:

"I personally, I hope to be alive."

He said, turned around, said to Mu Yao:

" ..."

In this moment, Mu Yao is in front of him, but still wears a night, carrying a long knife, and the killer abandoned.

No one knows more about her Mu Yao, because each of the eyes, every little change is that she has worked carefully.

The eyes are getting cold, but the eyes are hidden, and the mouth is cold, this seems to be, and they are suddenly resurrected in front of her.

Mu Yao is somewhat embarrassed.

In the winter afternoon of the moment, Fu Xiuyuan discarded the way, said to her:

"I can ... Hug you?"