At three o'clock in the morning, the Yao is half-sleep and half awake, and it feels that the phone is shaking.

She grabbed her mobile phone and looked at her eyes, she got her eyes, got up, did not turn on, and her hand frotted in the dark, set on thick sweater and coat jacket.

She lives in the hotel's high-end suites, the suite is two rooms, and they live in the next room.

It's too late to participate in the almost, three brothers have not returned, and the big brothers open rooms in their rooms, and second brothers live in her suite.

Mu Yao cleaned up a lot of snacks into their own bags, turned to go outside, gently kicking the door, gently, and the door lock sounded slowly "", together.

The house is quiet, very dark. Mu Yao looked at the next door full of vigilance, walking like a cat, there is no sound.

She put a pair of sports shoes in the hand until I went out, and she was softly put on the shoes and took carefully.

There is no sound in the corridor, and the lighting is only dim, and there is a safe exit green light.

When she walked through the herd and herbs, the bag of the bag, touched the wall, issued an unspeakable voice.

She seems to have a movement in the room, scared her to stand in the same place, and did not dare to move.

Half, nothing, she posted the ear on the door, and I can't hear anything in half.

This released the tone and carefully wrapped around the corridor, entered the elevator downstairs.

Downstairs, a huge off-road vehicle parked in front of the hotel, driving the door of the driver.

Mu Yao wrapped the entire face with a scarf mask, wearing a thick wool hat, the flowers of flowers, only revealing a pair of black eyes, turning around, like a alert little haouse.

She tried to avoid the visual line of the hotel, back to the front desk, flying away from the hotel gate, sitting into the luxury car, and closing the door.

The glass of the car is cautiously attached to the shading film, the speed is fast, and I will start it quickly.

On the streets at four o'clock in the morning, I was still in the street. I quickly got a high-speed, Mu Yao took the wool hat on my head. I took my head and pulled my long hair.

"Before 6 o'clock, I must send me back."

The contour of the side is clear and deep, and he has turned his head, and the mouth is slightly evoked, nodded:


That is just that I am just praised "Yue Feng City" on the judges, and I will have a quiet wine party, and the Fu Xiuyuan who has quietly spoke of others.

Fu Xiuyuan opened a cross-board car while moving, while laughing:

"Do you have never been so early?"

Mu Yao shakes his head:

"It's not awkward, it's time to shoot, sometimes it is so early, do special effect makeup. And when I play, I will go to the crew of the crew. Do you know? Some dramas are really very bad, they will specifically The group is called over, I can't finish it over and over again. I have been going to the afternoon from the morning, and I don't have any way to decide how to go ... "

Fu Xiu hangs a smile, listening to Mu Yao, and talking about his experience from time to time.

They are all filming, the two are very polite, and Mu Yao, please teach him some technical problems on the play, Fu Xiuyuan also answered one by one.

Speaking of the end, there was no car, there was no car, and Mu Yao suddenly stopped. I didn't want to talk again, enjoy the freedom and peace of this moment.

"You didn't come to the Haicheng before?"

Fu Xiuyuan's voice seems to be quietly flowing in the velvet, which makes people hear intoxicate.

"Nor, I have been ahead of advertisements, but I have never come to around, and I don't know anything."

"Unfortunately, I can only take you to see the sunrise of the sea, others can't come."

"Nothing, there must be many opportunities in the future."

Fu Xiuhong turned his face, glanced at the side faces of the eyes of the eyes:

"I will take you to see the best sea city," said. "

Mu Yao turned his face and smiled toward him:


The mottled road lights shot photos of Mu Yao's smile, very nice, so I have to let Fu Xiuyuan is a bit awkward.

"Actually ... I have been doing a dream from the first two years."

Fu Xiuyuan suddenly opened, not controlled by the secrets of this buried heart.

"What dream?"

Mu Yao asked.

"It's a ... I'm talking to you."

Fu Xiuyuan said here, and closed it again.

Mu Yao waited for a long time, I didn't see him to talk, I am anxious to ask him:

"What is the dream? You said."

I took a spoiled meaning when she was talking, Fu Xiu felly laughed:

"When the time is mature, I will tell you again."

Mu Yao stayed:

"That, when is the opportunity mature?"

Fu Xiuyuan smiled more

"When I tell you the content of the dream, the time is mature."

Mu Yao was distorted for a while, and I was confused after I came over.

"This is not that, is there a problem with eggs first?"

Fu Xiuyuan laughed, I feel so happy for a long time, simply taking a hand touching the hair:

"It's a small ghost."

The off-road vehicle is parked on the ring road. Here is an unwanted Gobi Beach, the beach is not delicate enough, but there is very open vision.

Mu Yao wanted to get off, and Fu Xiuyuan holds his arm:

"Don't, the sea is very big, you put this first."

He took out a special windshield from the lattice, and he wore the Mu Yao outside the coat, let her pull the zipper, and wear the hat to her eyes.

Then, he let the Mu Yao put the mask, Mu Yao, the smart face is buried in the hat, and only reveals a pair of black eyes.

Fu Xiuyuan also dressed as well, two people were red, opened the door, jumping off the off-road car, walking on the beach.

The seaside, the big and small black å stone is scattered, and it is silent in the morning light.

The wind is extremely large, the wind is also large, and the people of Mu Yao, I feel that I am blown away, she reached out, pulled Fu Xiuyuan's clothing.

Fu Xiuyuan walked in front, I don't know if she felt her little action, turned it, reached out, shouting the Mu Yao:


Mu Yao near Fu Xiuyuan, was reached by the other party, and took a waist and brought to his arms.

Fu Xiuyuan is like this, all the way to the rock between the rocks, and let go of a three-sided hole under the rock to cover her.


Fu Xiuyuan took out the Cushion of the Cushion from his pocket, two and discharged on the ground.

Mu Yao sat on it, Fu Xiuyuan sat next to her, the distance between the two is not far, but it is not close.

There is a fish belly in the sky, which looks out, vast and vast, the whole sea is in front of your eyes, making people feel uncomfortable.

In front of the huge and mysterious nature, human beings are unbearable.

Mu Yao stared at the horizon that slowly started discoloration, and he couldn't say it. It was really shocked by nature.

After half of it, wait for a small half of the orange red, when she born the general sun, she took the cloud, and she said:

"So lovely."

She didn't pay attention, Fu Xiuyuan has always stared at her face, and the line of sight is obsessed with obsessed.

She only heard that Fu Xixuan's good voice slowly with magnetic, in the sea breeze:

"So lovely."

After reading the sunrise, Fu Xiuyuan abide by the promise, sending the Mu Yao back, still a little late, I will panic in the hotel for about 6:30, hurry up, brush the room, I use clothes, I am afraid to make a sound.

She quietly entered the house, saw that there was no change in the house, this was relieved, and quickly opened his door, drilling into the house, took off his clothes and replaced pajamas, and slept again.

However, this is not practical.

Muyao has always had a lot of pictures, this day is too excited, let her sleep at all.

At this moment, she feels happiness and satisfying, the end of the first year, I got the best newcomer, I am really happy.

Just at the seaside, watching such a good-looking sun, she quietly got a wish at the first rising Chaoyang: I hope that people with my love can be happy.

She swear, saw the sun flashed in the clouds, that is, the sun answers her.

Certainly possible.

Three brothers, mom and dad in heaven, there are ... all friends.

Including, I took her to see the sunrise.

She has never had this experience, quietly concealing her family, she goes out to do a very rebellious, there is a dangerous thing, really super excitement!

However, this kind of thing experience is enough, Mu Yao does not want to have a delay with his brother, she thinks if there is a next time, she will report to her brother.

Suddenly, Fu Xiuyuan in front of the sea is in the sea breeze, and I will take the moment.

Fu Xiuyuan's arm is so powerful, and the male hormones on the body are in front of them, mixing the sea water vapor, there is a slash, and some intoxication.

When Miyao fell asleep, his mouth also took a smile.

Outside the house, three brothers gathered in the shepherous room, and one face was dignified.

When Miyao just opened the door, I am alarmed the shepherd, waiting for her to go, the animal husbandry is called another two people to discuss the countermeasures.

"I didn't expect that she will hit us ... maybe still trust us."

"Is it clear? Is Fu Xiuyuan? That's good, Fu Xiuyuan is an anti-party, but he never has done the kind of current."

"Oh, so hard, is Yaoyao to run like him?"

"But what can we do, the young men and women are not very normal, we can't make the role of the evil mother-in-law."

"It's too difficult, and you can teach such a good young sister, it is really difficult."

The brothers looked at each other, and then sighed, decided to make this unclear, and did not let the animal husbandry.

But ... may have to chat with Fu Xiuyuan.

Mu Yao returned to the capital in the afternoon, and returned to the drama in the plucking group. My brothers returned to their work and life. Everything is safe.

Mu Yao just returned to the crew, and he received warm welcome to all members of the crew, Xu Xi, Jiang Yuanzheng took the lead, almost mobilized the whole drama group, and gave the mother to the dust.

"Welcome Jin Defei's best newcomers, return to the crew, you have worked hard!"

The staff Qi Qi stands into a row, everyone holds things in hand, or the snack dessert is either a daily necessities, smile, as if selling.

Everyone is really used to use the hardship of the milk, celebrate the Mu Yao, this is how good gift chance! Rived, a gift to Mu Yao hard plug.

Mu Yao:

"... Thank you, my room really can't get it!"

Jiang Yuanzheng smiled slightly, and his chest is bamboo:

"We helped you open a room, specially stacking a gift, you are slowly useful! We can also send you back to your home with you!"

Mu Yao:


At this time, Han Leshu suddenly came out, came to Mu Yao, raised his hand and wipe his eyes.

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