Mu Yao looked at her surprised:

"How did you cry?"

Han Leshu put his hand, and the eyes were sang, and a look was crying.

She swallowed:

"Congratulations, get the best newcomer ... I, I really miss you too much, only crying ..."

In these two days of Miyao left, the good luck of Han Le Shu was so good that Han Le Shu's good luck was disappeared. On the Internet, her old black material was placed.

Mainly this black material is a bit too much. Han Le Shu is a video of a large producer in the hotel ...

This makes Han Le Shu's "brave justice and honest" image, completely collapse, only "".

Many passers-by insulted her while eating melon, fans also went to her, before the gentle passers-by as if they were illusion, and they lost one.

Han Leshu was laughing at the marketing number every day, and he was cursed by netizens. He did not dare to send Weibo.

Even if there is still a strange in the crew, she also feels that all staff look at their eyes, it seems like a colored glasses, let her have a good time.

"This is not yet ..."

Mu Yao couldn't cry, she still didn't know what Han Leshu happened, but the situation is definitely serious.

Han Leshu shook his head and took a thing from his pocket:

"Really, I just miss you, this is my gift, don't occupy the place, you must accept it."

These two days, when she turned on the opposite side, she always remembered Mu Yao.

I remembered everyone in the crew, and the animal husbandry belt good luck, as long as the gift can bring good luck to others ...

Think about it, she sent her Mamao gift. The public opinion immediately in the afternoon was short-lived. It has been going on for a few days.

However, this good luck seems to be sometimes effectively, and it lasted for three days. On the fourth day, some people released a larger black material, and she started Han Le Shu's old things.

When did you have a few wrong things when you are young? Can't afford it at all!

Han Le Shu is really unprecedented in these two days. I have prepared a gift early. I saw Mu Yao today. I suddenly saw the hope of turning over, so excited tears flow.

Mu Yao took her gift, seeing her is too pitiful, open the gift package on the spot, take it out of a small ring inside, and wear it on my own finger.

Han Le Lipi Ma broke his smile, cheering loudly:

"Good, great, Mu Yao, you are really living!"

Her sound seems to open a switch, and everyone onlookers on the crew immediately followed:

"Live Bodhisattva, live Bodhisattva!"

Mu Yao:


Isn't this the crew? Is it a MLM organization? Is it still coming now?

"She and her star" shooting is close to the end, and the Mu Yao came back for less than half a month, it was completely killed.

Her role, Jiang Yuanzheng deliberately left the final to kill, and left her in the crew of the crew, so they can participate in the final kills.

Kill the Green Banquet, Xu Xi, Jiang Yuanzheng, Yu Tianlu, Han Le Shu, these people, pulling Mu Yao, Mu Yao, did not drink, they have tried to drink, while drinking all kinds of excitement:

Yu Tianlu:

"Mu Yao, I will not be too much!"

Jiang Yuanzheng:

"Master Master, Otherwise, I will give you a female main play, single female owner!"

Xu Youti:

"Mu Yao Mu Yao, I am your chief disciple, you can't get over me, what is the big thing must tell me?"

Han Le Shu:

"Then I am a second disciple! Master! One day is a father, after the father, after the Master, what do you want to do, the disciples are not good, I can go to the fire in the mountain!"

Mu Yao:

"... I need you don't drink, do you have a normal line?"


"That's not good, happy today, drink more!"

Mu Yappies look face:

"You still don't listen to Master, let go!"

She is serious, Xu Xi Xi is immediately scared to have a spirit and put the wine glass down. Jiang Yuanzheng believes that he is not a disciple, no need to obey, and smiles, drinking the wine glass.

Mu Yao waved:

"Disciples, put these two people who don't listen to ... pilgrims, give me out!"

Xu Xi Xi Han Le Shu's eyes will solemn, Chao Jiang Yuanzheng, Yu Tianlu gradually approached, and rolled up the sleeve.

Jiang Yuanzheng took a look at Yu Tianlu and ran at the wine glass.

Xu Xi Xi Han Leshu is chasing it, and the whole scene suddenly broum jumped, a lively.

Mu Yao is exhausted in the chair, I really don't understand.

Why do you have to participate twice a day of killing a banquet, is so abnormal twice? I am too difficult!

There are many people in the Internet, and they are concerned about "she and her star". This is the drama of Jiang Yuanzheng's director to violate two years, according to the previous achievements of Jiang Yuanzheng, must take a certain quality.

Moreover, this is also the urban youth type drama that Jiang Yuanzheng has never been touched. It is also a big fire, but it is also easy to do. Everyone is hard to imagine the middle-aged and elderly people who have been shooting forward.

The news of the killing of the news, Xuanfeng will keep up with intensive, this drama has been tangled with orange platform before shooting, and can broadcast after shearing the trial, before this, they will Constantly release the tidbits and some promo.

Tip 1:

Xu Xi Xi was chasing behind the animal husbandry ass, and sent to the trunk who sent it. Mu Yao was not annoyed to drill into the lounge, Xu Xi Xi looked back later.


"Diao CP powder collection! Diao is true! Dynasty is really delicious!"

"The dog is really awkward! The ball drama group put more the tip of the DPRK!"

"If I think I can't meet Mu Yao (small sound)

Tip 2:

In the lounge, Yu Tianlu took out an apple, personally cut into a small piece of plastic box, all sent it to the past, smile and looked at Mu Yao.


"This is this, what is the combination?"

"Ah, I am Yu Tianlu five years old fans. He finally opened it, I am dead! Just ask Yu Tian Ge plus hard to take Mu Yao!"

"The expression of Tiange makes me fall, is too sweet? I announced that this is true!"

Tip 3:

Jiang Yuanzheng just finished the eyebrows, turned around, turned to see the body, and immediately smiled and said with her, and just wished the actor, looked at the director, and had a helpless booth.


"Hahahahaha, oh, oh, I laughed out of the goose, how Jiang Yuanzheng is also so good to Mu Yao, is some people die X women? This is what should be called, the log combination?"

"Extended actors: I am not your favorite person? Why don't you talk?"

"If there is any other actor, I have already opened it, but I look at Mu Yao, why is everything really reasonable?"

Tip 4:

Han Le Shu left a vegetable salad, right hand, a red pig's foot, end to the lounge, look around, put the pig's foot in the cotton coat, open the vegetable salad, eat.

After a while, Mu Yao came in, Han Le Shujim sent the pig's foot to the past, and a smile and smiled.


"????? This crew has a lily CP? Is this spent not a peeled shoot?"

"Han Le Shu's kind of person, isn't it to say that she is very temper, can you wait for a female star?"

"Lying in the trough, this is true love! Han Mu is true! The sameness is true!"

Under the entire official, it became the party CP melee scene, and countless fans were quarreling. Mu Yao is the most matching.

However, as the briefing is more and more tips, netizens and fans have discovered that this debate has no results.

Because ... all the famous people with a name, all the names! do not! it is good!

Including scene teachers, camera teachers, makeup teachers, industry guidance teachers ...

Including assistants, cleaning aunt, serving meals ...

Including men with 1 to n, women with 1 to N, group performance 1 to N ...

Including staff of other cres of film and television city ...

All in all, as long as people with relationships with the crew, there is no pumping.

Some people can't grab the opportunity to give Mu Yao, I am anger.

Some people want to see the Mu Yao, whoever guards outside the door for a few hours;

Someone prepares the table stool in advance to let Mu Yao relieved the script;

Some people have time, run fast, give Mu Yao to the most fresh milk tea;


A variety of highlights, no matter what is related to Mu Yao, or there is a lot of Mu Yao with Mu Yao but the background, all is the Pomeway is being favored, sent gifts, take care ...

After reading the test, I have all begun to doubt.

This Muyao ... What day is it?

"Is it that she is a real fairy. The mortal saw her only a copy of it?"

"I have never seen this phenomenon, a few hundred people in a drama, are so good to her, this is a magic?"

"The cat has a cat mint, people are mint, maybe Mu Yao is a human mint?"

"It seems that she seems to have nothing, just give the entire crew, this is afraid that the fox of the Liao Zhai legend is still the type of Millennium?"

This comment triggered anger, not only the Mu Yau fans angry, Xu Chao Xi, Yu Tianlu's fans rushed out, and began education against bloggers:

"Don't the group pet? The mouth is put on the upstairs, says who is fox, is there any kind of Yaoyao?"

"How can we like a fox, and I don't agree with a native brother!"

"Mu Yao is very good and loves to be characterful. It is also very good for the crew of the crew. It is always working hard to work, and it is also playing with the sky. This fox gives me a fight!"

Even the official Bo basically only replied to the front comment, and ran to the comment of the Mu Yao fox, carefully replied:

"Please don't contaminate the reputation of Miss Mu Yao!"

The official Bo is here to be happy, but very fast, all kinds of blacks began to sit.

Mu Yao took the best newcomer. It was a nail in the eyes of many newcomers. How can she serene powder? The water army blacks organized by the fans and various companies have been disciplined.

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