The black child is ready to end, there will be three moves:

One is to dig the artist from all social accounts from birth to the present, and they will dig out what swear words, Breaks classmates, have a boy-up of the old things like several boyfriend, and become a big black spot, blacks Yaowu Yangwei, took the mistake (some or even mistaken only experience), to punish the present person, very convenient and concise.

The second is to publish the war speech under the relevant microblogging of the star, irritate the star fans, let the other fans insult to overcome the unique stars, and two, the two sides are mixed, and this star's passerby is destroyed. Can deduct a big hat of "".

The third is that in the star's friend, the colleague goes to buy people, there is always a huge interest to temptation, and it is said that the black material of the star is exaggerated, this star is immediately finished. Not only in the eyes of the passers-by, "not unite colleagues" "Bulbs" "shelf", and in the circle will have a reputation, throwing a lot of opportunities, can be described as a stone two bird.

If you don't have any more ... that can also make a fond, the more you hear, the more you are amazed, "how will there be this thing", the better.

What stars are urinating, the star is a transient man, the star has a mess, ...

That's right, the more impossible, the more you go, the more you will occupy a high point in the mass impression.

In the future, I will put this star. Everyone's debate will be placed on this black material. I will not pay attention to her works. I will only care. "Is there a street?" "She didn't go there." Thailand? "" She is really white with her father? "

In fact, in these black sizes, there is a major part of the Shu Army sent by other stars, and the water troops will make this career, naturally study countless black people, and is also proficient in communication. Psychological smart people.

Xiao Yuhui is such a so-called "public relations company" leader, leading a project group, recently received a large company's list, requiring them to black and animal.

Xiao Yuyi knows why the company should do this, mainly because of the recent female star of this big company, is with the same type of Mu Yao, and the deer Meng, a small and cute route.

Lu Meng is shooting a youth drama in the crew, but also immediately, calculates the schedule, just in the "she and her star".

The company has bought a lot of public relations package. It is essential to the "she and her star", the fight between the heroine is essential.

Xiao Yu Hui put the list, first glanced at the microblogging homepage of Mu Yao, brushing her beauty map.

Well, people are very beautiful, but there is no beauty to make people's eyes, the color of the color is four-star, the color powder is probably not too much.

Weibo homepage seems to be in addition to the content of the propaganda is the daily card, but also back words, send some books, Selfie, very ordinary one, nor is very interesting, the fans of the talents are probably not much .

The work is even very little, only two, a variety of fires.

Xiao Yuhui is full of confidence, such a female star, he can black three! Today, I don't die this Mushu.

The project team immediately took action, first buy hundreds of advanced water army spare, then start looking for the previous social account before, and can always find it according to her resume.

Xiao Yuhui is a lot of live, and it is easy to find it very easy. It quickly found the school in Junior High School, high school in Mu Yao, and then found it according to her school.

Let's take a lot of posts, there are many posts.

"A new student in the first day of A. There is a small girl with a temperament! It's so good, you look at her photo!"

The photo is the reduced version of Mu Yao, the childishness is not off, very cute.

There are not many replies below, they are boasting her cute, no other.

"Mu Yao, a high school class, I like you very much!"

At the end, the reply is mostly ridiculed by the landlord, but I actually like the goddess in the minds of the school.

Some people bet, if the goddess replys this post, I will go to the homework, I am bored.

There is a lot of related posts, but there is no one in Mu Yao, or even, Mu Yao doesn't have these accounts at all, and I have never replied.

Xiao Yuhui commanded his hand to transfer the route and started to contact Mu Yao's early high school students, I would like to know the specific situation.

Junior high school classmate:

"She is now a big star, I am very happy for her! She is very hard to study hard in junior high school, has been the first few schools, the senior high school entrance examination is the third! People are very smart, temper is also very good!"

High school classmates:

"Hey ... her grades are particularly good, it is good, the goddess of the students, but the high school next semester, I heard that she is doing in her home, suddenly dropped out of school ... You ask me? How do I know how I know, she said Not much friend, now I have lost contact. "

Xiao Yuhui is doing Misu, which is very dissatisfied with the collection of information, and the opponent is fired:

"Our mission is to black, not to praise her, how to collect things is boasting, you are unfavorable, hurry to find a black spot!"

Holding a photo:

"Well ... Is this calculated?"

Xiao Yuhui, I saw it, I was shooting at the perspective of others, probably only 178 years old Mu Yao squatted on the side of the road and was feeding a small stray cat.

Mu Yao's mouth smiles, kitten soft cute, although the whole photo is poor, but still can see her beauty and gentle.

Xiao Yuhui: Worse, a little heart is going!

He immediately walked loudly:

"Calculate a fart! Will you work, what is the black point, hurry to continue to find it!"

After a few days, I suddenly contacted Xiao Yuhui in my hand:

"Boss, find a key person! It turned out that Mu Yao did a group of groups, and was also opened by the head of the performance!"

Xiao Yuhui immediately followed up, and he was taken with the head of the group.

Qian Si is now wearing broken, the whole person is fat and wretched, the hair is falling, full of face, holding a wine bottle and shake, sitting in the KFC must fall.

The man said:

"I found him on the garbage border ... he is now in garbage."

Xiao Yuhui thought that there was progress, go up and ask him:

"Mr. Qian, do you know a Mupao?"

Money nodded.

Xiao Yuhui is excited:

"Then why do you want to expel her, can you tell me?"

Qian Shi is shaking, the arrogant expression is immediately fearful:

"I, I don't expel her, I don't! You, don't ask, she is very good, she didn't do anything wrong, it is my fault, my fault ..."

This sounds very door! Is it what Mu Yao put money into this?

Xiao Yuhui is very excited:

"Mr. Qian, you talk about the scene when you talk to us."

Qian Shu is afraid of shrinking:

"I don't know, don't ask, she is very good, my last regret is bullying her, really, if it is bullying her, I will not turn this ..."

Said, Qian Shi's head is next to it, directly planted on the table, and played a snoring.

Xiao Yuhui:


He can only let the subordinates archive money, and then come over again. This person is unconscious. It doesn't matter if you are in the art.

Since the first method does not work, Xiao Yu will start with the second method.

More than 500 senior water troops lay down, under the microblogs related to all kinds of "she and her star":

"This drama is clearly a double-owner, why only see Mu Yao propaganda, do not see Han Le Shu? Can Han Le Shu's fans endure? This is too eccentric!"

"There is another female supporting role in the drama, how can I not see them? Again, I think the acting of Mu Yao is like that?"

"Yeah, Yao Yao is really general, all aspects are general."

"Vomiting, now Mu Yao's propaganda is too much, I really see my physiological vomiting, can her disappear from my eyes?"

Hundreds of comments go down, then buy brush praise machine to brush to the top, Xiao Yu Hui is waiting to come over to tear.

I didn't expect things that don't follow the direction he think ...

First of all, a part of the Mu Yau fans found it, come over and replied under the review:

"Thank you from the blogger's point! You are right, our Yao Yao does have a lot of progress in the acting skills, welcome to continue to pay attention!"

"Mu Yao is only a general crew staff, and the promotion of all aspects of the crew is her obligation. As for other stars, you can click on official Bo, to see other videos it publish, such as XXXX ..."

"Thank you, although I am a fan, but I also think that Mu Yao is in a fragment in the fragment, I hope she will continue to come!"

Xiao Yuhui:


This is still a fan? How is it all "" You said "" My Jia Yao Yao is very bad "?

Mu Yao's fans can be said to be one of the highest quality groups in today's entertainment circles.

They were strictly controlled by Yao Haobo, formulated the iron, not to pull the stars, not allowed to sell Amway, not allowed to comment, no group did not attack the uncontrolled evaluation, so the existence is very low, Z Xiaohui Negligible.

This is not there.

Next, I don't know why, Xu Xi Xi fans and Yu Tianlu fans, there are some Fu Xiuyuan fans, run over and start to reply:

"Blogger is the Pacific Police? Why is it so wide? Why do you want to arrange a group of people, how to promote it, Han Le Shu is not talking about it, Han Le Shu is not talking about it?"

"No, this person is obviously the water army, I believe me, I will help the Numerous Water Army, I agree."

"How can I be said to be general? Mu Yao is the goddess of my brother, that is my goddess, come on the line! Beat!"

"Wait a minute, is it to speak, how is it, how is your native brother's future wife? She is my family!"

"Helping the CP is true! You all give me away!"

These people are basically CP powder. As a result, the CP powder is started between the trip, the Mu Yao fans is in the middle, the helpless shout "" You don't quarrel again ", the scene has become very ... Psychedelic.

Xiao Yuhui:


It's really a brain, what is this Mu Yao? Who is the fans who can volunteer to ran over for her?

Xiao Yuhui has a deep suspicion of experience in she has experienced her years.

However, there are still many other tricks, never give this.

He turned on the computer, clicking on the home page of someone, looked at the blogger of the temper, slight smile.

No one is perfect, the perfection is only a table, but he caught a little vulnerability, he can destroy a star.

No exception, wait.

The author has something to say: cherish life, reason to chase stars ~ What?