Xiao Yuhui turned over the entire "she and his star" crew, and finally found the goal of his focus.

Changyang, just 23 years old, graduates, in the crew, is an assistant, an indispensable, but most of the time will be bullied.

Such a boys are very easy to be tempted by the outside world. As long as they pay attention to a few words, he will pour it out like everything in the crew.

He has a trick to send a private letter, and there is no more written, only written self-introduction, saying that the introduction is given to him, please add WeChat xxx.

In a day, Xiao Yuhui prepared a good public relation to WeChat, plus Changyang.

"Hello, I am Changyang."

"Hello, I am Xiao Yuhui, which is the XX public relations, I want to have a few questions, this is the deposit in advance."

, several red envelopes.

Red envelopes are not transferred, this is also psychological skills. The red envelope does not know the amount in advance, even if it is curious, as long as you open, you will receive a personal account. The average person will definitely panic at this time, and a little stew, will feel that the loss owed to each other.

Changyang really opened a red envelope.

Xiao Yuhui immediately followed:

"We are doing public relations, often meet the seating in the crew, especially between the female stars, have a lot of tear, have you encountered this situation in the crew?"

Changyang quickly replied, but it is unexpected three words:


Xiao Yuhui:

"Is it impossible? Do you think about it again?"


"I really thought about it, I really didn't ... we have super harmonious, more than that of my classmates, and we have a little more than a little more than one thing, and there is nothing. I am classmate. That crew is too terrible. He has witnessed several goddess to tear the scene. The whole person is disilled. If you have to ask, then I really have nothing to say, we are really no! Let's return money? "

Xiao Yuhui:

"... Is there any gossip about Mu Yao?"


"It's really good! Mu Yao is very good! I gave her a meal before giving her meals. She took two meals in the afternoon! I looked at her! Her people are really good! There is no left in a mouth, you can't move it, you can't move, and comfort us! "

Xiao Yuhui:


He did so many years of public relations, or the first time I encountered such a situation, but I had a few words after a few words, and I went to find another goal.

The strange thing is that he doesn't matter how many people looking for it, everyone is similar.

"Where is our drama group to tear an incident? Even if there is a little bit in the previous period, it is particularly harmonious."

"It's really love our crew, too love to animal, or because of her, my family will not be demolished!"

"Mu Yao is my lucky goddess, I put her photos on the bedside every day, I feel that I am cute!"

"I am really luck to burst into such a good crew. I learned a lot of things, the whole person was sublimated! I also got a lot of good friends. Everyone is a family!"

Xiao Yuhui:


The black question mark is unlimited.

I didn't find any black material of Yao Yao in the whole crew ... but I lost a few thousand dollars into it. What happened to those people, and I didn't take it again!

Xiao Yu Hui should be bald, simply make a trick, and go directly to Han Le Shu.

When communicating with Han Le Shu, Han Leyi started the guest gas, there is a question, the attitude is very good, but also hint he wants to cooperate with him.

However, when Xiao Yuhui entered the focus and started to dig the black material of Mu Yao, Han Leshu attitude suddenly changed.

"What do you want to ask? Black material of Mu Yao? Have she torn with me? Do you want to ask me to sell?"

Xiao Yuhui:

"Nor, just want you to describe the specific situation ..."

Han Leshu is in general angry:

"I think you have a black material! What is your person? Where is the public relations company will do it like you, run, ask me to dig the black material of our Mu Yao? You don't know Mu Yao What kind of fairy? I see you is coming to picking things, don't be white enough, I have a good relationship with Mu Yao! I am the three apprentice under the animal husbandry! I don't thank you! "

Xiao Yuhui is full of question marks and found that he has been pulled black.

Not ... What is this?

He has never seen between the female stars of the same crew, and the relationship is so harmonious. The other person is like a honey, so that this is true and realized that Mu Yao!

What kind of wonderful work is in this crew!

Finally, Xiao Yuhui gave up this line of the crew.

Finally, Xiao Yuhui simply compiled several black materials, and sent it to the Internet together, find the water army and marketing.

"Major news! Mu Yao high school boyfriend photos flow out!"

"Shocked, Mu Yao has been with wine in the nightclub, there is a photo!"

"Heaven, Mu Yao actually has such a dress, which is too light!"

He found a time in the evening traffic, and arranged the marketing number to release the market, while observing the public opinion reaction, preparing more content while preparing to add more content.

In fact, the best way to make black materials is semi-halving. But if you can't find the black material of Mu Yao, he will not go directly to the pavilion now!

However, now, the netizens only want to eat melon. If the fans are generally very low, as long as this melon is noticed, it will gradually ferment, no one will take care of its true and false.

Therefore, the most important thing is to quickly spread out, after the heat explosion, the other party is not used again.

Who knows, the news of the marketing number has just been sent out, less than ten minutes, it will be limited to the limit, shielded, report three even, many Weibo is directly.

Xiao Yuhui:


Can have such a fast action, usually the fans have a connection with the priority team, but even if there is a connection, the middle of the intermediate will experience the process of communication with the platform, and it is impossible to be so fast!

Unless, the people behind this Muyao are really can't afford it. The platform does not use communication at all, directly ordered.

Xiao Yu Hui is afraid.

He opened the microblogging comment, looked at it, found that the comments of eating melon passers-by also different from him.

"Oh, what is M. Yao actually is so wild? Love your love! How did she make this non-mainstream dressing, is it so good?"

"This is her high school boyfriend? I don't believe! Mu Yao's petistive, it is impossible to be so bad!"

"What can be accompanying in the nightclub? How can I, I have this biased for the nightclub? And I think that Mu Yao can't go to the wine, she also loves to buy dishes, she is necessary?"

"Just, hahaha, I laughed, she bought Herm├Ęs who bought the money earned to accompany the wine, then she is much more creating this package to buy food!"

All in all, the road people are generally unbelievable to these news attitudes.

Xiao Yu, sent a mouth, and a kind of ominous premonition.

He waited for a while, and the clarity of the fans was brushed to the first one.

Clarify the long picture, clearly dismantled the pictures of them P., or even guess what is the original map. In addition to the picture, it also won the coincidence and data abnormality released by the marketing number, so that many water army accounts came.

The entire long map is clear, theoretical is detailed, the tone is not eager, and the horizontal is very high.

Xiao Yuhui has been shocked, this level is almost the top of the industry!

He sat on the chair and looked at the marketing number to send your news. What should I do if I do myself?

He doesn't know what to do!

This Mu Yao, as well as the fans of Mu Yao, and passers-by onlookers ... are amazing!

At all, it is not developed in his years of experience, is these people been caught? Mu Yao guy is definitely a goblin, definitely! Otherwise, how can I be so god?

The phone rang, and it is a call to the big company.

Xiao Yuhui looked at the mobile phone, at this moment, I just want to put the next list of himself on the ground.

The refund is small, the industry's name is bigger, and it is now, but he can't do it, I have to recognize it.

Since then, the public relations circle flows a legend: Do you know? Just pick up the homes of the monster's star, no matter how you work hard, it will only refund, there is no other way, this is the mysterious power from the East ...

Mu Yao is at home during this time, and it took a break.

At the end of the year, I just finished a drama, she intended to accompany her family and live together.

Buy new year, lay at home, homemade food, she is full and calm every day.

This day, she was pouring flowers when I received a call from Yao Haobo.

"Well? Someone is black, who?"

"I don't know you ... I'm ending, you say that there is a doubt, what doubts?"

"Is it too fast? It seems that someone is helping?"

"Well, I ask my friends to see if it is."

Hanging Yao Haobo's phone, Mu Yao pensive and half, took out the mobile phone, first to Xu Xi Xi newspaper:

"Is it you?"

Xu Youti:

"Master! You finally remembered me, I will prepare gifts for you at home! But what is marketing, don't know."

Mu Yao left thought to think, in the person she knew, in addition to Xu Xi Xi coffee level, there is abilities, it is ... Fu Xiuyuan.

Since then, I don't know why, I don't want to send news with Fu Xiu from the Fu Xiu, there is always a strange feeling. Every time I reply to Fu Xianyuan's news, it is also very short.

But now I have to send it, and her fingers are gently pressing the avatar of Fu Xiuyuan.

I don't know when, Fu Xixi left the avatar from a stabbed cactus, replaced a big pineapple that was a stab.

Although it is a cartoon comics, it is a thorn, but the pineapple is yellow, which is much smaller than the causal ball.

Mu Yao has finished working with Xu Chao, waiting for a reply.

Half, Fu Xiuyuan really reply:

"It's my team."

really. Mu Yao spit a breath, hit the word:

"Thank you, please dinner next time"

Fu Xiuyuan said:

"Okay. I will go to your home for New Year, as a friend, eat your own meals, can you?"

Mu Yao's mouth, the cheek is slightly hot, typing:

"of course can."

She put down her mobile phone, looked at the pot, and now I have begun to think about it, the menu.

I don't know what Fu Xiuyuan is ... The pineapple will be a bit, and then think slowly after other things ... I have to do it very well!

Want to make Mr. Pineapple have a good time.

The author has something to say: I also want you to have fun.