Mu Mingjie and Mujiarong looked at the eyes, and she was laughing:

"Yaoyao, you are still young, don't say this early ..."

Mu Yao puts down the chopsticks, just:

"I am not just talking. In fact, even if I met the true love, I went to get married, I didn't mean that I would live in other places with people I love. This is not contradictory. And, this era, there is no existence Marrying chicken with chicken, married dogs, I am an independent individual. I don't affect you, I will continue to cook for you, chat with you. "

The pastor brothers first stunned, then detailed, they laughed:

"Our Yaoyao is very thoughtful! This is right, we are relieved."

My brothers were originally worried that Mu Yao would run with others, but Mu Yao said, it is equivalent to ate a deputy pill for her brother.

She will not run with others, and she will become an accessory of others because of love or marriage. She will always be with her brothers, as always.

This is fine.

On this day of the New Year, my brothers finally didn't work, and I have been with Mu Yao to do various preparations.

Each door of the entire villa was posted on the Spring Festival and the blessing. Every window was also posted on the window, and the servants put the false, leaving only Mu Yao and my brothers climbed up, together I have made a New Year's atmosphere.

Mu Yao also bought a lot of flowers and green colorful strips, hanging in the room horizontally, hung up the whole room like a birthday party scene.

My brothers not only went to play by her, but also took the initiative to help go, one meter, one-mite big handsome guys, a big red color strip, the top of the head is full, the scene is a bit funny.

In the afternoon, everyone drilled in the kitchen, preparing for new dinner and dumplings.

Tonight, the soup, Mu Yao hosted, his brother took the hand, the menu was very rich, from chicken and duck, to seafood, all kinds of style, no matter only four people did not eat.

According to Mujiarong:

"Do it! Don't eat it again, don't eat it, eat three days left!"

Shepherd and laughed immediately:

"Eating Yao Yao's rice, even if we are also happy."

Mu Yao helplessly, in order not to let everyone eat leftovers, they have taken the initiative to reduce the amount of meals.

She just picked up a sea urchin and prepared to open, and the animal husband rose ::

"Give me, this thorns, how to do it!"

Mu Yao put the sea urchin and prepared to put his thick glove to the , and didn't take the glove. I saw that Mu Jiarong took the sea urchin.


He screamed, but he still bite his teeth, took out the knife, and prepared to open the sea urchil.

Mu Yao:

"Tri brother, wait, first put the glove!"

On the other hand, Mikiyi is cutting various vegetables.

Take a short-range strip of the oil wheat. He put the dishes in a piece, contrast the length of the front and rear, half an hour, finally finished a small dish oil.

Next, cut small vegetables, he picked up small vegetables, stupid, and asked Mu Yao:

"How do this dish cut?"

Mu Yao:

"Just cut it, don't be too big!"



When he is more than cutting each piece, it has passed half an hour.

Mu Yao came to see, suddenly full of speechless.

"How is it so small!"

One pot is the small green cuisine of the rice grain, which is really a soup.

In front, the animal husbandry that is riding ribs is full of minced meat on your apron.

He is very speechless to spit:

"When I usually play golf, I feel very hands with my hands. How can I not have a way?"

Mu Yao looked at the kitchen that was already caught, just started from the animal husbandry, pushing a person one by one:

"Okay, I know that you have no cooking talents at all. You will take it next to you, here I can be alone!"

Several brothers who helped pouringly smile, no temper was driven out, all gathered outside the kitchen.

Mu Jiarong moved a small speaker and facing the kitchen.

Shepherd barely began to connect speakers and put classical music.

Mumerionje took out the camera, all kinds of photo of Mu Yao, as a presence:

"Take a look, you can shoot a lot of feelings in this place! I am amazing?"

Shepherd, she disadped:

"All our Yao Yao is very good, good!"

Mu Jiarong squat:

"Come, let's put any classic music, put rock!"

Three brothers were in the back, Mu Yao handled ingredients while hooking their mouths, and smiled very happy.

When my parents walked, she was only seventeen years old. After dropping out of school, she could only have a cold home in the past, and they will eat a bowl of meat and add meat.

At that time, the family was cold and clear, there is no popularity, she also lives like a walking dead, there is no dream, no dreams, I have to find meals.

She once prayed that God returned her father and mother. She is willing to use any cost.

Fortunately, my parents didn't come back, she had three brothers.

Three good brothers who have to protect their own use of their own.

Mu Yao smiled and laughed, and the tears of the eyes slipped down.

She is ready for her, saying to my brother:

"Come, make dumplings together!"

The brothers cheered, like three large dogs, squeezed into the kitchen.

Three big men immediately stuffed the entire kitchen, and the light didn't seem to be bright enough.

Mu Yao and his brothers put the equipment of the package dumplings on the big dinner table, sitting in a piece, and started the dumplings again and lively.

"Big brother, your stuffing is too much, don't pinify, break!"

"Second brother, don't eat! That is a meat, it is born, can't eat!"

"Three brothers, you have flour on your face ... Hey, don't rub it, the more wipe, I will help you take a paper."

Three brothers are doing a lot of money in this thing, and four people do it, and the speed is not as fast as Mu Yao.

However, Mu Yao is very satisfied, my brothers are very happy.

A family is happy together, everything is happy.

In the evening, everyone is hot and eating the New Year's Eve, and the TV will look at the Spring Festival Evening, while spitting, and go to all kinds of red envelopes while joy.

The shepherd brothers never grab the red envelope. They all gave their own team of red envelopes. I was happy tonight. It was more extra extraordinarily, and all kinds of groups have a cheers congratulations.

Mu Yao looked at his mobile phone.

In the Yue Wind Town Craft Group, Xia Yu is sending a red envelope, and I'm finished Aite is white, and Bai Sheng also sent it. Mu Yao hurriedly seized the opportunity, and he also sent a 10,000 big red envelope.

"Wow! Most still is Yaoyao!"

"Wait a minute, Yao Yao now earns money, eat boxes, don't eat so sincerity! The female star is still a good job!"

"Yaoyao we eat more, spend more money, know? Yaoyao mother will always love you!"

"The biggest gain this year is to know the cutest Yaoyao, remember what we collectively help to clarify? At that time, it was really blood and also rushed.

"Hahaha, I still remember, I still feel Yao Yao, but Yaoyao just entered the group, it is really a bit poor, but also drinking the powder of the milk tea, who has seen the female star drink That kind of thing? Hahaha, at the time, you can lie to us! "

Mu Yao said a few words with everyone, turned out, looked at the "her and her star" crew group.

Jiang Yuanzheng:

"On the occasion of this new year, I bless all the staff of" her "crew, happy New Year, all the best! I wish" her "commented on the annual ratio of 3 rushed 5, hot global! [Red envelope]"

Xu Youti:

"+1 [red envelope]"

Han Le Shu:

"Okay, I have to ask us to eat! I am waiting! There is Mu Yao, this drama is impossible! [Red envelope]"

She mentioned Mu Yao, Mi Yao quickly entered, and sent a red envelope.

This is good, the entire crew is alarmed, and the news is fast.

"Ah, ah, I grabbed the red envelope of the Master! I will definitely be smooth next year, and the ten sets of home demolition is not a dream!"

"I also grab it, ah, this is a big red envelope, my luck will definitely explode! Thanks to the Master of the Master, , I will give the Master, I am doing it!"

"Hahahaha, Master Master see here! [Red envelope]"

"Lying in the trough, you are smart, let Mu Yao directly grab your red envelope, don't buy a gift to send her, directly to the luck, Master Master to grab! [Red envelope]"

Mu Yao was very speechless. Why did this draft of this crew always look like a group of feudal superstitions.

She didn't grab someone else, grabbed Jiang Yuanzheng, Xu Xi Xi's red envelopes, talked to everyone, sent a few blessings, and left.

She went to the "24-hour variety" group, and I have finished the routine blessings and red envelopes. I have nothing to do.

Just when she was ready to put her mobile phone, when she watched TV, I suddenly had a message came in.

"I don't want to see the first sunrise next year?"

The news comes from, Fu Xiuyuan.

When Mu Yao went, I laughed and looked at my favorite my brothers. I couldn't help but take my mobile phone away. This is typing back:

"Don't, you have to stay with my brothers tonight."

Fu Xiuyuan's news is so fast:

"Then I will accompany you."

Mu Yao is very curious:

"where is your family?"

Fu Xiuyuan:

"I have no family."

Mu Yao:


Fu Xiuyuan:

"But I hope there will be later."

Mu Yao looked at it, it was very sad. Fu Xiuyuan is a person who overcomes how much suffering, how many loneliness is experienced, can you train yourself so cloud?

She also understands, but it is very poor.

It's ridiculous, a small person such a small man, actually in the poor emperor, Fu Jia's master Fu Xiuyuan, such as a man who has almost everything.

But ... he didn't have a family.

Mu Yao wants to think, bite the lips:

"Otherwise, after zero point in the evening, I am going to find you?"

Fu Xiuyuan quickly replied:

"Don't, not safe."

Mu Yao is instantly disappointed, and the mouth is falling.

Fu Xiuyuan is still following the news:

"I am looking for you."

Mu Yao hit the lips and laughed.

I opened a spring flower in my heart.