Women who have a thick makeup stand in place, and I can't believe that I have heard it.

She is angry, she muttered, muttered:

"you you……"

However, no one cares about her, the staff is a smile, it is too obvious, but can't help but laugh, it is like a hot kettle that is just boiled.

"Ha ha ha ha ... I didn't expect her so much. Do you know her?"

"Don't know you, but look at the age, probably a temporary worker?"

"It's so good to see it. Oops, I am stupid, how can the star can come to the box."

"This product is a wife, , really a card! This face,, , ,, ... ...,,,

The woman's ear is such a discussion, heard her and shame, a face is afraid to wipe the powder, can't hide her blue face.

She reached out and touched her cheeks. Where did you have wrinkles? Obviously, the foundation is also very obvious. These people are watching their own jokes!

She found that the young girl has been far away, suddenly the feet, pick out the phone and start calling:

"Hey? Husband ..."

Mu Yao moved to the box, comforted tone, saw the director called people, hurriedly passed.

The director looked at her dressed and sighed:

"You can come to the clothes, this clothing group is prepared, but not enough."

Mu Yao said, this kind of thing, often appears in a busy film, this time the actor, the big and small is a star, there is a coffee position, the clothing is not enough.

She walked next to a huge hat, she saw a long time, picked up a suit and reached out and was looking.

Next to it, someone suddenly smiled:

"This set is good, give me a look!"

Then, the person gave the suit from her hands, and left to right.

When Mu Yao, it was a star dressed in a star, young and beautiful, long-haired shawl, but there was a pair of tick eyes, watching very delicate little princess.

Mu Yao Zhang mouth:

"Hey ... this is me first ..."

The girl has been in a suit, drilling into the sexy room next to it, "" sounds the door.

Mu Yao looked at the door and felt a bit funny.

What is this luck today? When I met two best products, I didn't see the yellow calendar.

She had to go back on the clothes, and I have been overdown for a long time, and I barely find a strap dress, who is going to go back to another.

I didn't expect it, I was hit by a man.

"You, the little girl in the skirt, right, it is you."

Mu Yao came back and saw a man with faces, and the suit couldn't help but fatches on the belly. He came over to himself and his face was not good.

After the man, the gorgeous woman who followed the silk dress, smiled full of face, staring at Mu Yao.

Mu Yao knows that this big belly man is probably that the so-called producer, the woman's husband.

"You are not a come to work, dare to bully my wife? Who is your group, the boss is? I am a production, I am removing you, hurry."

The big belly man is contrasting, saying to waive, think this is a small thing that is not worth mentioning, turning to his wife:

"I have something else, specializing in me to expel my little girl, you are really ..."

The wife is very envoy, squeezing, and welcomes her husband's arm:

"Okay, my husband is best, I know that you are best for people ..."

She will take a big man.

Yao is behind, calling them, say seriously:


The big belly is impatient, and I ask:

"Excerab over to personnel report, what is it?"

Mu Yao is somewhat speechless:

"But I am not a staff member, there is no boss."

Big belly man is bruising:

"Not a staff member, do you have, what are you, what you are, the dog is illegally illegal? If you are illegal, I am alarm to catch your belief?"

His wife also laughed at the side:

"Don't make anything chaotic, don't think you have a good look, you can't afford it, ask you to roll, hurry, don't stay here, is you want to see the star?"

Mu Yao's lips, I also want to talk.

The lounge door is open, come in one person.

The big belly man is still ridiculed two sentences, and people who come in, suddenly converge:

"Ah, how come you? Is there anything?"

Mu Yao turned his head. It came, suddenly laughed, called:

"You Shu, how come you?"

The same question, the big belly man asked, respectful, Mu Yao asked easily and free, fools can listen, Mu Yao is closer to this utensil relationship.

The big belly man suddenly tied his belly, his wife stayed, did not dare to talk, hidden from the old man.

Youshu, that is, Jun, wearing the latest Rolex in his hand, the tie clip is the seven-digit number, which is a big man in the entertainment industry.

"I am actor" this show, it is also his investment and promoted, and the producer is also what he came.

For the big belly man, he is his head boss, but also the golden master, Party A father, a variety of identities, he can't respect Jun.

However, at this moment, Yun's face is very unrest.

At the door, he has heard what happened in the house, especially unhappy.

"Yaoyao, I can't do it, it is unstrial under the uncle, let you be wronged."

Yun turned to the big belly:

"I am removing you, hurry!"

He used the same sentence as the big belly, I didn't change it.

The big belly man heard himself, the face changed a few changes, still accompanied:

"Mr. Yusi, I don't know that this little girl is yours ... You see this is good, I apologize to the little girl, we apologize, you don't speculate me, you are not very good to the crew ... "

Yu Jun is cold and cold:

"You don't respect her, it is not respected, and in the management capabilities of you, I don't believe you can do this important project, I will immediately contact new producers immediately, now you roll from the crew now. "

The big belly man is grayish, standing in the same place, constantly apology, Yusun is in the face of nice, and there is no room at all.

The big belly man apologizes in the back, but Yu Jun turned and said to Mu Yao very carefully:

"I just started working today, the experience of the program group was insufficient, you were wronged, I was really embarrassed!"

He is his wife, suddenly realized what, crying:

"Especially always! You can't speculate on my husband, we have the old and small, he has no work, how can we support us ... You don't do this, I am not right, everything is my fault, I give small The girl hung! I got his head! "

She said that she came to Mu Yao, "", the face of Mu Yao, who raised makeup, prayed to Mu Yao:

"Sorry, little girl, I don't know Taishan ... all my words are not good, you talk to Yong, let him don't speculate my husband, my husband is also called me ..."

Mu Yao was still staying, and the degree of drama of this family was sighing.

But she is not a person who is the Madrich, and she only faintly uses the other party to say that she has said:

"Untrusted people, you must also understand, pay the price for your own mistakes."

Women are desperately climbed forward, and they are very exaggerated, and Mu Yao is straight.

Yu Jun came over, a woman opened a woman, a big belly:

"With your wife, I can't get your family here, please don't try it, don't force me to use more tricks."

The big belly man also realized the seriousness of things.

Ejun, if you really want to engage in him, you can completely let him have no job in this line, this is the rule in the circle, he can't shake.

The big belly man quickly pulled his wife, helping his wife left.

When I passed Miyao, he glanced over and finally realized what:

"You ... you are not that ..."

Mu Yao has the opportunity to introduce yourself:

"Yes, I said it several times, I am not a staff member, an actor guest, I am called Mupao."

The big belly man is surprised, then the head is lost:

"It turned out to be you ... I have seen your photo, if you just come in, you will get it ..."

His wife hated:

"You, are you a star? Then you move any box! Is there a problem?"

Mu Yao sighs:

"Is it a problem with you here?"

You Jun listened to his face, just felt that these bad subordinates were playing his face and quickly pushed the two.

He is in the room and earnestly apologizes with Mu Yao, and Yao Yao said nothing.

I saw a mess in the eyes, he immediately said:

"Yaoyao, I will give you a good clothes, it is a defective, don't wear, wait, you wait!"

Yun opened the door out, Mu Yao re-picked up the dress on the cloak frame, looked at the eyes, it did quite.

She had to sit down and waited for Yun jun.

However, at this time, a door in the changing room was "click".

Mu Yao looked up and saw young hanging eye girl wearing a suit.

The girl has been changing between the clothes from the beginning, listening to a full set, now the mouth is a strange smile, and the Mu Yao came over.

She grabbed the clothes of Mu Yao, Mu Yao did not feel good for her, seeing her came over.

Just listen to the girl:

"I know, my name is Li Nina, and it is also the same batch of actors with you."

Mu Yao's simple reach, no smile:

"I am Mu Yao."

Li Na smiled:

"Just now I am in the dressing room, but I have heard anything ~"

Mu Yao is not available.

Li Nina turned around Mu Yao, many places:

"I don't know why that producers want to expel you, he doesn't know that you are actor guests, but in fact, can produce people can also expel the actor? I don't know what to use, take especially Called. You also know it, but he has never been so good to you, but also intend to give you clothes. "

Mu Yao has nothing to say, I think this person is really noise.

Li Nina smiled and put his face near Mu Yao:

"About your online rumors, I know it, I heard that you like to fried with the male artist, we can't take the best newcomers for a year.

However, now it seems that you are not just that the man is not clear, and the father is also related to the golden master. "

Mu Yao frown:

"Ah? What are you talking about?"

She simply doubts her ear, is it wrong.

Lienna said a word:

"Are you invested in Yichang? I can grab your handle."

The author has something to say: Yes: Exquisite, please shut up! How do I dare!

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"Burden is heavy and rich"

After the shadow, Yue Bai was married to Zheng Yugawa, Zheng Yichuan, who was a divorce agreement, and was repeatedly covered by four big embarrassments. The new life did not start, and the cliff was lost.

After death, she found that this world is a dog's blood behind the palace, Zheng Yuchuan and four big , is the hometown of the future of the female main forest, they are the morning and moon mappie.

She is reborn five years later.

Lin Qiuqiu is burst, and Yue Bai's movie has been recovered, and Yue Bai's name is full of nets.

Four big men are around Lin Qiuqiu, no one still remembers her.

I used to be gentle, laughing, elegant, generous Yue Bai:

"Hey, I will climb!"

She turned back, she inherited the huge heritage left by Grandpa.

A few months later ...

Lin Qiuqiu walked out of the entertainment circle, and Yue Bai took the double identity of investors and actors.

Four big memoritors: I am wrong, ask for forgive!

Zheng Yuchuan: Decry, the sky is picking up?

Lost Yue Bai's Day Night, Zheng Yugawa is committed to violent, the world is shadowing, and it is not bright.

Until she came back, Zheng Yuchuan understood.

She is an eternal source.

Mad, chasing the wife crematorium, male, × decisive spicy, career first-class female