"Blessing" The story of this movie is a tragic story that has gradually collapsed in modern female life.

The heroine has experienced work, native family, different torture, and finally in the New Year blessings played in the street, in the New Year blessings played in the street.

This movie shooting time has been high early, pays tribute to a classic work of a country's writer. I have went to a famous film festival in overseas, as a higher national honor achievement.

This small paragraph selected, is the heroine of Ni Weiyu, Ning Xue, who is playing in the end of the unemployment, after the first step of urgently occupying her house, etc. clear.

So, the actress collapsed.

The focus of this play is of course on the female lead.

And the heroine is selected by the big director Chen Hongguang, personally specified.

Ning Xue, player Li Nina.


Boyfriend Feichen, player Zhou Tan Qi.

In the show, the audience listened to the whispering, other actors, and even several director judges, are also surprised.

The only female director, the temperature asked Chen Hongguang:

"Chen Guah, you are a noise ... Is there anything that is deep?"

Chen Hongguang, the face is cold:

"These children in my hand, I want them all to break through themselves, don't take the old way, eat the old one will only be eliminated by me!"

The program group renders a variety of fires. The effects of the medicinal flavor are very nervous.

This role is configured unexpectedly, but let the chicken soup are very excited:

"I said, the name of the Mu Yao again, what is the use? Isn't it necessary to be in the nature of the big director, assign an unimportant little role? Oh! Or, Nina,!"

The barrage is also a ridicule of Mu Yao, saying her:

"Don't just want the scenery of the star, I want to advertise my own active", when you want to settle! "

"Hahahaha, this summary is good! But I still want to watch the emergency underwear, or leave so lost expectations."

"Hey, I want to say, the anchor is not the courage, only this bet. Anyway, this bet is impossible."

Soon, the scene was opened on the stage, and the original drama was perfectly restored.

Ning Xue came to the stage, step by step, full of face, and took the key to open the door.

And she opened the door, the bed, two people jumped quickly, and started the clothes.

Ning Xue opened the door, and he said weakly:

"I am back."

At this time, the body of the house is only wearing a woman in the sleeping, and the bedside table is put down.

"" "sound, the porcelain broke into a few pieces.

Ning Xue loubled, slowly looked up, look toward the bedroom, slowly walked into the house.

Fei Chen is angry, and she is angry to hold the bed to the wardrobe, but she can't open the wardrobe in the air. I have to stay quiet.

Ning Xue did not give them time, asked outside the door:

"Chen Chen? Why don't you come back in the house?"

She asked two times and simply went to the door.

The door is not open, she is thinking about it, picking up a key from the pocket, accurately take one of them, plug into the lock hole, slowly open the door.

The scene of the house, but she stayed at the door, and he didn't say it.

Her dearest girlfriends and colleagues, Miao Yi, is wearing a sleeping skirt, sitting on the bed, a party looks like a party.

And her dearest boyfriend, Feichen, is covered with a shirt, sitting on the bedroom foot stool, nesting into her back to her.

The back of Feichen is slightly shaking.

Miao Yiji is just a wall next to it.

I am quiet, and I can say it.

Half, Ning Xue sent a whimper, and he lived.

This seems to open a switch, she quickly puff it, such as a fatier, first pouncefully pocked the Feichen, completely squatting:

"What is going on! Ah! What is going on! You are with her, what do you do!"

Fei Chen lowered his head, was shaken by Ning Xue, whispered, and did not return.

Ning Xue also looked at the seedlings.

When the seedlings were sitting in bed, wearing a silk sleeper on the brilliant red lace, sitting on the beige sheet of Ningxiao, and smiled and laughed, glanced at Ning Xue.

That one, beautiful, compared with Ning Xue, there is a kind of natural style.

Her mouth is inclined, and the hand is picking up a chocolate rod:

"What else can you go, you have seen it."

It is easy to speak, as if it is saying spring to the outing, soft to melt listener's ears.

Ning Xue is very angry, and it is going to hit her:

"You are a monk! You are a monk! Are you not my good friend, don't you say that you want to protect me ?! Ah?"

Miao Yi was under a slap in her.

But when Ning Xiaoyued again, she reached a hand and pinned her wrist.

It is precise, it is obviously the emotion is no up, and it doesn't take this matter. The hand is gradually harder, gripping, and if the Buddha is in love, Ningxia.

Ning Xue screamed, struggled, there is no chapter.

When the seedlings hit her wrist quietly, seeing her body struggling, look at the moment, as if there is a kind of bodhisattvic.

There is another moment, she seems to have been separated from this scene, the soul floats to the sky, overlooking Ning Xue, looking down such a poor insect, the kind of indifference and sad feelings, hidden in her eyes.

Ning Xue is desperately crying, it is really crying, tears flow.

Miao Yihe continued to look at her, at this time, but it is like a unique organism that is observed, with a little interested.

Miao Yihuan took the kind of curious, asked:

"What are you crying? You can get rid of the slag male, and you can recognize what you are girlfriend, how good."

Ning Xue screamed:

"You don't want your face! You seduce my man, I want to tell the manager! Tell your husband!"

Miao Yi was released from Ning Xue's wrist, and encouraged her to smile:

"Go, I want to tell you, you will tell you. Tell them that your man is sleeping, admitted to them, you can't stay the blood, just a man, I was covered."

The seedlings have changed a posture, put down the sexy Erlang legs, stand up, leaned over to the land on the ground.

She picked up a lingerie and took the underwear strap and turned to her head and looked at me.

Fei Chen also looked at her, surprised:

"Why are you, ask her to say this? Do you have sick?"

When Miao Yi, at this time, Chaoyi was close to the past, deliberately twisted with fine waist, eye obscener seamless, lips, it is a clear style and seduce.

She looked up a long leg, shelled in Feixian shouldered, slowly.

The nightdrop couldn't cover this white and delicate, the perfect legs, and Feichen did not blurred his own blur, and couldn't help but reach it.

But the seedlings did not let him touch, suddenly put down the legs, carrying their own clothes, turning toward Ning Xue:

"I just like to take some boyfriend, you tell, go to take a speaker, you should shout everywhere."

After that, she took her clothes and turned to the outside of the living room, sitting on the couch, holding the apples in the table, first smelling, and biting the small mouth.

She listened to Ning Xue and Feichen, fighting in the house, quarrel, things, crying, a bite, slowly Apple, I don't know when I will go.

Like a glamorous ghost.

The curtain is falling.

This game ends.

The audience is quiet for a few seconds, and the program group is also unfair to cut off this silence, just silently present the curtain.

Then, it was suddenly sounded, and the ambitious water is generally applause, cheers and whistle.

Several judges have exposed a surprised and satisfied smile.

During the live broadcast, the chicken soup suspended the show, facing the lens, full face, and did not send.

On the barrage, it is also a meaningless exclamation mark, the omitted number, no one comment.

at last.

Someone sent a barcation:

"Underwear hanging ... Arrange?"

The sight of the chicken soup seems to be stimulated by this sentence, and the body is a radiant, and the chair will hold the face.


"The anchor is what it is, is it a blow?"

"Only I think this is very ... how to say, is it very ... That?"

"Look at you, you can't help but say, let me! This is better than the original version! The sound is exhausted, loud BB is better! Every person is more full, the original version of the seedlings are a tool, Fecai is also Everyone is awesome! "

"The actor of Feichen, the general. But the script did not give him a place, but Li Nina is really good."

"There is a saying, Li Na has no Mu Yao's performance."

"Lying in the trough, your mother is really true, I am full of my mind after reading, I am afraid of being embarrassed by you."

Chicken soup lifted his eyes and looked at the camera. He said very heavy:

"I am Li Nina's passerby powder, really. You often look at my live broadcast, I always like her, I think her acting is not flat, not that simple, moderate acting, I think she is very have a future."

He said, the heavy tone suddenly fell, turned into a big scream:

"But I am wrong! Do you know! My mother is wrong! The acting of Mom Mu Yao smashed her a few streets! This paragraph is a lot of different adaptation, but the most successful woman is not a woman. Lord! Miao Yiji is set to! Do you have more difficulties in this kind of demon? No! You don't know! Because your fuck is not a demon! "

He opened this, and he fell to the chair.

The barrage is:

"??????? Born to male, I am sorry?"

"The anchor is confused? Say your good underwear? Knock down, etc.!"

Chicken Soup continues to open a big mouth, to the camera, spray your own feelings:

"Nima, I really only describe my current mood. I thought I hate this kind of beautiful woman, I also thought I hate the young girl of Mu Yao, I didn't start the speculation of acting skills. Now I Acknowledging, I am really wrong! I am very wrong! "

"You know that Miao Yi is a kind of person, is there more difficult? She get it, the seedlings will jump out, depending on her little action, eyes, body language, completely simple The lines are full of full! Is this awkward? This is a fairy play! "

"Really, I am going to steal my mother's underwear now. You are waiting, today is not performed, I am, I am, you are waiting!"

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