"Shocked, the Mu Yao team is in" I am actor "and red!"

"Too cow, the Mu Yao team rewrites the classics!"

"Reverse the original" blessing ", adapt to the new taste!"

After the first time broadcast, major media and marketing numbers have released a variety of content, almost all of them praised this group of performances.

Netizens have naturally joined the discussion:

"When I first saw the original movie, my attention was all on the female owner. I didn't expect this time that I have been watching the seedlings."

"Said, I think Ning Xue has not been a good fortune!"

"I am just a passerby of watching the show, there is no powder, from my experience, Miao Yi is really breaking through the horizon this time!"

"Yes, people like a seedlings, the slag, the slag, clearly, there is a kind of magic that does not open your eyes!"

"Ha ha ha ha ha, I am clear white white seedlings, hysterical Xia Ningxue!"

"I really didn't think of it, I usually look like a well-known gentle Mu Yao, playing the slag girls to have this! Too much, such a slag, please call me, I can!!!"

"My sister can, my sister can also!"

Many marketing numbers also quoted the show scene, Chen Hongguang Dado director's evaluation of this drama.

"I think, to test the actual ability of an actor, let her get away from the model of his habits, jump out of the gossip, achieve a new role with the past. Just, the three newcomers have ideas, performance Circle can point. But I think the most breakthrough, it is a Mu Yao. "

After publishing such a comment, Chen Hongguang director will set the Mu Yao as the "new show", and have the direct advancement privilege.

Li Nina and Zhou Tan Qi, in the in-region, to work with other members, PK, and strive for advancement qualifications.

In the game, Mu Yao accepted the interview of the field directors.

Director asked her:

"When you play a seedlings, what do you think about this role? How do you locate her?"

Mu Yao sits in place, gentle, long hair, long hair.

She recovered the simple and simple appearance, and she was playing with her, although the same wearing a red dress, it is very different.

She smiled and said:

"When I got this role, I also have related thinking. I think that Miao Yi is not a typical slag woman who wants to imagine. On the contrary, she is in the way of conquering men to conquer Ning Xue himself."

Director Q:

"This idea is very interesting, then how do you prepare when you design a plot for Miao?"

Mu Yao smiled softly:

"I looked at the original movie of" Blessing ". I found that in the movie, Miao Yiji is running throughout, as the resistance of Ning Xue himself. If the entire movie is more than a whole, Ning Xue It is a good side of goodness and order, and the seedlings are the side of evil and chaos. The two complement each other, and the theme of the whole film is shared. My role setting will be expanded. "

This paragraph is self-contained in the whole section of the show, and the presentation of the director group is appreciated.

The most prominent person in the first phase, there is no doubt that Mu Yao.

Among the audiences of "I am actress", most people don't know Mu Yao, which is a relatively high-end, older circle.

This group of people passed the first programs, thoroughly met Mu Yao, seeing her little old and clear vision, is amazing.

Mu Yao's fans continued to grow, and the program only broadcasts, and her fans have risen more than 20 million, and it has been self-searching several times.

Li Na returned to his own lounge, biting his teeth, and taking a table.


hand pain!

She rushed to her hand, her mind was full of resentment.

She felt that she seems to be slapped by Mu Yao, and she had vowed to the show. I have to shine the show and become the focus of all actors.

At first, the development of things is like she is willing, she has joined the team's team's team's team, won the first stage opportunity, even got the role of the heroine.

She also saw the original blessing, for this heroine, she is more thanks to sleep, research the script, character setting, role movement, etc., and strive to have a certain difference with the classics while performing the essence of the original version, with her own Personal symbol.

However, I don't know why, the slag girl played by Mu Yao, won the hearts of everyone.

It is the role that the audience should love!

She is not willing, these people who don't have a taste, why do you like the morally corrupt woman, is it for her □□?

The show is recorded on the scene, and the peak idle time is still holding the book.

The book on your hand suddenly took away, she looked up, Li Nina.

Li Na's face is ugly, turned over the book of Tummear, disdain:

"What is this? I can't understand at all."

Mu Yao did not be angry, took the book from her hand, dropped the next sentence:

"If you don't understand, then you should find your own question."

Li Nina looked at her for a while, suddenly reached out, grab the book, throw it on the ground.

"Oh, what are you doing?"

Mu Yao quickly leaned over, cherish the book and patted the dust above.

Li Nina snorted:

"This time I just lost. I know that the audience will like the role of the meat. This time you will win, because you wear the skirt is short enough, the thigh is enough, but what is the benefit of you? After others mention you, you will only say that you are the star! "

Mu Yao opened his eyes and was surprised. I didn't know how it was good, and I looked at her.

Li Na thought that he said, pokeed the heart of Mu Yao, and he became more and more.

"I tell you, you are young, just run, just use this three abuse of means, you are a man who is discontinued in the future! I still have a word, I always want to be friends with you, but you don't have it.

You don't have a feeling, I have to do my friends, I want to tell you, selling meat, it is never a good thing, don't be stunned by a moment! Next, I will win, and you will be eliminated! "

Li Na said these words, half a vent, half is wanting to sell the Mu Yao.

She is afraid that Mu Yao doesn't understand, but also add a few words:

"Good medicine is suffering from sick, you don't think I am not very good, in fact, I am talking about these, for your own future, it is best to listen to people, know?"

Mu Yao was really shocked. She never thought that a person clicked on the role, it could so be so shallow, and they can talk so much.

She wants to persuade Li Nina, but I don't know what kind of person, what should I urge, I can only stay in place in a time, see Li Nina.

On the side of Li Nna, he crossed his hands and gave himself.

She felt that she was bright, and she challenged Mupao.

When she said, she also noticed that many staff members were secretly listening.

This, the staff of the whole drama will know that Mu Yao can win, just because of selling meat, her purpose is also achieved!

Li Na has not yet leaving, Chen Hongguang comes out from the corner of nobody, nodded to her.

The big director often didn't have a ghost in the film, and the staff was used to it. Seeing that he called Li Nina, he quietly wcted.

Li Na saw the teacher of his judges, hurry to stand in place, respectfully.

Chen Hongguang expression is cold, talking to Li Nina:

"You think that the last game, I let Mu Yao directly advanced, is it because she is much meat?"

In front of the big director, Li Na, certainly did not dare to say it directly, only the low head of the only Nord.

Chen Hongguang is strict:

"I thought you were a material that made it, at least you had your own opinion and understanding. But now, I think you are more than one tenth of Mu Yao!"

This is too heavy, and Li Nina shakes, and the tears are now brewing in the eyes.

Even the staff next to it also began to whisper:

"How do you say this? Is it a bit too heavy?"

"In fact, when I looked at that play, I think two of them seem to be very good?"

"Yes, although Mu Yao's role is more attractive, Li Na is not so bad ..."

Chen Hongguang did no matter what everyone said, he only continued to stare at Li Nina, and the tone was strict:

"Now there are some young actors, don't learn, don't accumulate, just want to perform good works, good people, this is the aerial pavilion! Do not study without surgery, the light is eating talent, but even the excellent work is excellent, I don't understand, really Is over! "

Didn't wait for Li Nina to return, Chen Hongguang continued to bring a sinking angry:

"What kind of person is your Ning Xue? I ask you now, are you coming out? You really show anger, grievance, sad, impulsive ... But these is emotion, not emotion, is a flat mode, Not three-dimensional, there is no background story, and there is no complexity I want to see.

In contrast, what is Miao Yi Huan? She is style, decan, saying the wind, but she hates, sad, extremely proud, full of wild beauty and tragic wildness. These are emotions, it is a three-dimensional man with a connotation, not an arbitrary tool! "

Chen Hongguang is a saying, so that everyone is staying.

They don't understand those complex vocabulary, but they see Chen Hongguang's excitement, but also see Li Nina's expression.

Li Nina was confused, then he lowered his head and was trained.


"Why is it so excited? It sounds high-end look!"

"The meaning of Chen Jia is concluded that it is in Zaumao! I finally understood this, I will give others such as Mamao."

"Just, is the play is so complicated? I always thought it was good, and the emotions were emotional, too hard!"

Chen Hongguang said this, it is indeed thorough. Li Nna was very embarrassed at the scene, but afterwards, I thought it was right.

She has been in the traffic star, and maybe I can't understand myself, thinking that I really don't have to act.

In fact, in front of the real professional big man, she is two, not enough.

Later, when the daily recording, Li Nina was arranged with Mu Yao, and the host also specially called them:

"You interact more, you will take the reaction of you to see others' actuating."

Mu Yao looked at Li Nina with a very wonderful look, and the line of sight was full of words.

Li Na looked at Mu Yao, think of herself two days, and criticized people in front of others were "selling meat stars", I can't wait to put the floor to the floor, I drilled in, and I didn't appear in front of Mu Yao.

However, this is a studio, she didn't hide, I had to rush to Mu Yao in the cheeks:

"Please, please advise."

Mu Yao:

"??? You seem to have said, let me listen to your seniors?"

Li Na's cheek seems to be fooled several slants:

"Don't mention those ... are all I am not good! Sorry, don't you do it!"

Mu Yao did not know at all. Chen Hongguang was in public to reprimand Li Nina, and surprised that Li Nina's attitude change, she had to whispered:

"You didn't do anything wrong ..."

It is a little wonderful, from the beginning of the recognition, this Li Nina, all kinds of behaviors are wonderful.

The second phase of the record officially begins, and the first round of the first round of the first round of the first round of the first phase has been prevailing, and each person has been directly advanced, the rest of the people are determined.

Next, there will be the first round of the first round of the first round of directors, which will produce people who have been eliminated.

In this group of people, there is a boys and is the acquaintance of Mu Yao.

Previously, I took a variety of fresh meat younger brother, Shi Yao in the "24-hour B & B".

Shizhe chooses to join the female director team, and this show is also very expensive. After the performance, he immediately waved in the direction of Mi Yao, and his eyes were rounded.

Mu Yao quickly waved toward him, and smiled and said:

"I think his acting has to be improved."

This scene was later cut into the second program, and Mu Yao got the title of "smile tiger".

After the three groups of players were exhed, three direct accessers were selected.

The pending players start freely combining, from all director, select different topics to perform PK.

Other people who are directly advanced, see all people in a lounge, just two men.

This is the most handsome boys in the middle, called Huang Ming Yao, a dynamic part of the traffic transition, playing a schizophrenia patient on the stage, which is extremely amazing.

Mu Yao has been eye-catching for this boult. I want to find a chance to talk to him, but this boy seems to be more silent, and I have been sitting, no one ignive.

In addition to Mu Yao, there is also a girl called Lu Meng, and it seems that Huang Ming Yao is frequently peeking. It seems that I want to find a chance to contact him.

Lu Meng's camera shot, sat on Huang Ming Yao, carefully pulled out a piece of chocolate from the pocket, smile sweetly:

"That, do you want to eat something?"

Huang Ming Yao glanced at her and shook his head in silence.

Lu Meng is very cute vomiting tongue, collecting chocolate to his pocket, do not talk temporarily.

Everyone is sitting here, seeing others through the screen, actually is quite boring.

Another girl has been chatting with another boys, and Lu Meng is in a pair with Huang Ming Yao.

Mu Yao just sat in these two pairs of exact, there was no object, a bit embarrassed, so I had to look at the performance of everyone in the screen.

Lu Meng son asked Huang Ming Yao:

"The role you just played was so scary, can you teach me how to put a horrible expression?"

Huang Ming Yao shook his head, still not saying a word, staring at the screen tightly.

Lu Meng continued to ask:

"I feel that you are on the stage and the style of the stage, the difference is quite big. Is it used to shape all enthusiasm?"

Huang Ming Yao finally turned to look at her, calmly spit out:

"Is it quiet?"

Deer Meng:


She touched the nose and didn't talk.

At this time, the performance on the screen has a small climax. Mu Yao fell up with the actor's emotions and suddenly shouted:

"Wow, beautiful!"

The quiet rest room, she called so much, everyone saw it.

Deer Meng wrinkled, very dissatisfied:

"Is it quiet? Don't disturb others."

Mu Yao had to show her apologetic smile, but he saw that Lu Meng did not scream, turned his head and did not take care of her.

After a while, Huang Ming Yao slowly shot, suddenly said:

"It's ok."

Lu Mengxin is happy, thinking that Huang Ming Yao is talking to himself, busy smiling and turning his face:

"Is it talking about me?"

Who thought, Huang Ming Yao shook his head, the line of sight, the end of the game, and see the mountains.

Then there was no talk, and there was no expression of Huang Ming Yao, and suddenly smiled in Mu Yao.

It seems that the glaciers suddenly melted, others are very handsome, laughing, and the power of the infection is very powerful.

Lu Meng is watching.

why? Why didn't Ming Yao have not said that Huang Ming Yao has not been said, but it has been favored by Huang Ming Yao?

Is this in the middle, have you not know what is the link?

Mu Yao was obviously frightened, and I was busy and smiled in Huang Ming. I nodded, I thought this was fine.

However, Huang Ming Yao seems to have not finished.

He simply stood up and walked to Mu Yao, sitting on the chair next to her.

Deer Meng in the same place:


She is still a little unwilling to call:

"Hey ... Huang Ming Yao ..."

Can Huang Ming Yao seems to compare a rib, completely ignore her, just sitting next to Mu Yao, trying to chat with her:

"Do you also think that the performance of his moment is very touched?"

Mu Yao nodded:

"Although there is a little change in the details, the atmosphere of the entire play is completely different, and it is an actor who is rich in performance."

Huang Ming Yao nodded and said to Mu Yao:

"I have seen your performance before, you have similar abilities, just need time to grind. You have a potential."

Mu Yao is favored:

"Ah, is it? Thank you so much. I also like your performance, very tension, now I can't do it, I am very envious of you."

Huang Ming Yao said coldly:

"The previous play, I am going to work, there is a flaw, there is a place that doesn't match the characters. Time is too tight, I don't have the same time as before, I have a very rough, so it is very rough. Let you laugh. "

Mu Yawei laughed:

"How? I think your performance is some flaws, but that is the moment of vitality, very nice!"

These two people sitting together, come and go, talk about hot.

The deer sitting alone is sitting alone, the depth of light is deep, and it is turning back between Huang Ming Yao and Mu Yao.

It turned out that her company boss reminded her, be careful of this Mu Yao, saying that this person has a means of financial resources, and she has failed to find a public relations company.

At that time, there were still some things in Lu Meng in the heart, I feel that it is only a problem of public relations company.

But now, she began to believe the boss, this Mu Yao is indeed very none, I need to pay attention.

At the end of this program recording, Mu Yao and Huang Ming Yao have contacted the contact information, and the two people study together, exchange reading notes and experience.

Mu Yao recently had to prepare the relevant textbooks for college entrance examination, and they did not work.

In addition to recording a program, she also took a few big brands of advertisements, waiting for the clearance of makeup and debugging equipment, she finds a corner to read the book.

This scene is also taken by the people, sent to the web.

"Heaven, what is the guy of Mu Yao, isn't it in the show? Why do you have a book?"

"It's a bit of something. Such a diligent star, now I am not very seen. I heard that she is not a class, really?"

"No, someone passed, said that she graduated from the middle play?"

"Don't be right, that is an interview, which is the ideal school of Mu Yao? She said that it is a trick."

"It will be said to be an ideal school, it is definitely not a grand graduate, so which school is graduated?"

Many netizens have doubtful, specializing in entries, and found that the history of her beforehand is blank.

Everyone runs to ask Mu Yao's fan, the fans are also very difficult.

"We really don't know her academic qualifications, and the past experience, I have asked him before, the broker said that her family pays attention to privacy, I don't want everyone to pay attention to her private life."

"Yeah, I have been chasing the stars for many years, I have never found the experience before Mu Yao. But I guess she is definitely a good school graduated, otherwise the acting will not be so aura!"

"No matter whether it is a class, anyway, she is very much like learning now! I have to work hard as she!"

However, there is no non-winding wall at the end of the day.

Previously, some public relations companies have been found, Mu Yao once dropped out of school, did not participate in the college entrance examination, this is now being smashed out of people.

Everyone is awkward, will be suspicious.

Soon there is a technology big cattle, restore the book in the animal husbandry, and found that it is a book that everyone didn't think of.

Five-year college entrance examination three years simulation!

"Lying, so she is watching the college entrance examination related books?"

"Wait a minute, don't he have to prepare a college entrance examination? Is it too late to have a high school? Is it too bad?"

"I can't think that she is too young. It turned out that I haven't graduated in high school. Is this kind of educated big coffee?"

The major marketing numbers are ready to prepare new notices, and the whole network is released.

"Shocked, when the red actuatics sent a small flower pastoral, even the high school did not finish?"

"You call the goddess, the degree is lower than you! Experts appeal to the entertainment industry should set the degree threshold!"

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