Mu Yao is now the character on the tips. Before every day, I will look back in the face. Plus it in "I am actor", it is good, I have long triggered other star fans.

However, the fans of other stars were very red, but they didn't catch the black spots, and they didn't start with it.

This time, I didn't expect to eat the melon people to pick up such a big black point. The fans of each family immediately touched the fish together, and finally creating the national black scene in an instant.

The passion of the blacks is hitting the keyboard, under various related occasions, starting angry spray Yao:

"I have long thought that she will behave! It is really unlike that kind of person who has learned!"

"Run the car scene hahaha, let her grab the search everywhere, go to play the acting big coffee! How is it in front of it, now there is much pain now!"

"There is no such thing as the star's degree, but Mu Yao has covered this high school education, not to see everyone, this shows that she has a ghost!"

"Oh, I will try to have a lot of effort every day, I think is because I've studying is too bad. I found that I am really bad, maybe the script is not recognized, hahaha!"

"To be honest, now there are still few people haven't graduated. Do she still want to re-college entrance examination? This picture, thinking is a bit funny."

Mu Yao's fan, some degenerate, but most of the fans still stay.

The fans go everywhere and black child theory, under all kinds of large size, strive to help passengers clarify the impression:

"We Mu Yao, no matter how the education, at least her efforts and acting, everyone is obvious, everyone should not look at it because of this!"

The blacks are immediately countered:

"Who is taking a diploma, we are angry, the mismattery is, she has covered her academic cost, and even the fans are not revealed. Such a deep people, I really don't want you why you have to powder her. Let's run away early! "

The fans are sad:

"What is the truth now, I haven't contained it now. Anyway, we trust her. We believe that she is usually unprotive!"

The blacks be buoked:

"Things are like this, you still choose not to believe it is a brain walker! What is Mu Yao? What is the soul? You will not be her bought water army?"

Muyao fans can be said that it is true that a small number of people, treating these blacks, can't say, or have to take advantage of powerful evidence.

After the east window, Yao Haobo contacted Mu Yao in the first time, told her to prepare for processing options:

"First of all, we have to put your academic integrity to go online."

For this, Mu Yao didn't have questions, but he still nodded:

"If this, I have to ask my brothers, I don't know if my brothers will agree."

When she did her profile, my brothers were very unwilling to expose her previous privacy, always saying, they have passed.

Yao Haobo said second point:

"Secondly, when you have time, we need to make an interview on the media, tell you about the things you have dropped out of school, can you do it?"

Mu Yao's lips and thought about it carefully.

Before the mind, Mom and Dad looked at their own picture.

In fact, she didn't want to reveal her pain to the public, but she now understands that since she chooses to do actors, this special career must bear the corresponding rules, even if this will bring pain to themselves.

She can only sigh, answer:

"I have no problem."

Yao Haobo is quiet, then:

"Also, since you have been photographed in reading the college entrance examination, do you have to participate in the college entrance examination this year?"

Pastoral is also silent for a while, solemnly noddate:

"Yes, I have this idea."

Yao Haobo is serious:

"In this case, then you have to play enough to play enough to make everyone impress you. Where is your target school?"

Mu Yao didn't think about it, out of mouth:


That is what she has been working hard when she is doing a masses, and she is still her dream.

That night, Mu Yao called his brother and discussed this matter.

My brothers were initially silent.

Shepherd Robust said:

"Would you like you, don't be a star, you are really annoying!"

When he said, he was said to be a picture.

Finally, the herd is squeezed out of a smile, saying to Meng Yao:

"Of course we fully support your decision. Just Yaoyao, are you ready to take your wound, tear open it to everyone?"

The Yue Yue lips with a smile, but the eyes are full of sadness:

"I will be ready."

Let her have some unexpectedly, that night, she also received a video call from Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan is now working abroad. He is still in the morning, it is wrapped in a bathrobe, sitting on a bench in front of a hot spring pool, the water droplets from his neck, and fill the flow.

Mu Yao is beating, and the lips don't consciously overflow smile:

"Your side, it looks like it."

Fu Xiuhong smiled:

"Let you play with you next time, is it good?"

Mu Yao felt that he had to blush, and he quickly moved his eyes towards elsewhere, forciting the vase of the corner, so that you calm down.

Fu Xiuyuan also said:

"I see those things on Weibo, do I need me to help?"

Mu Yao didn't expect that Fu Xiuzhen also knew it, and there was a little panic in the moment.

"No, no need. I have thought of solving the way."

Fu Xiuzhong nodded and grinned his eyes on the other side of the screen.

"Nothing, little guy, everything will pass."

Mu Yao retired, and asked carefully:

"I know that you are studying in the vines in foreign countries ... you will not ..."

Didn't wait for him to finish, Fu Xiuyuan suddenly righted:

"will not!"

Mu Yao stunned.

Fu Xiuyuan smiled and said softly:

"I don't care what you have, I see you, is a clear person in a crystal, there is a diamond made, invaluable heart."

Mu Yao only felt this moment, before hesitation, all smoking.

Some people can see through themselves, can be sure they at the expense of this, what kind of warmth is this.

Mu Yao smiled quietly:

"thank you."

Fu Xiuyuan has been chatting with her, talking about her sleepy, I have to go to sleep, and I hang up the phone.

Mu Yao didn't know, after hanging the phone, Fu Xiuyuan went to the phone and ticking a smile of extremely pet.

"Thank you, come to my life."

There is a saying that the good things don't go out, and the bad things have thousands of miles.

The next day, when Mu Yao got to participate in the recording, I found out that everyone saw their eyes.

Most people are careful, not to take care of her.

There are also small some actors, the light is big bypass or ignore her, when she is air.

Most of these deliberately ignored Mu Yao, most of them are very academically qualifications, and they are not prhering those who have graduated from the scene of the scene.

They think that they have not graduated from the high school of Mu Yao, and they don't say it.

Mu Yao saw this situation, he also understood, continued to sit on the small bench, simply took out the high test questions to start brushing.

Li Nina stood one side and quietly looked at Mu Yao to be ignored by others, and I didn't know anything.

Suddenly, she came to a pleasant voice next to her:

"Are you and Mu Yao?"

Li Na looked back, it was the direct level of Deer Meng.

Lu Meng is very active, the young actors graduated by professional colleges, can directly pass the advancement, indicating that her strength is extraordinary, and now there is a landation with Mu Yao.

Lu Meng revealed the smile of human animals:

"I heard that you have some of her situation here, can you tell me? She is our common enemy, isn't it?"

Li Na hesitated.

Before she had hostile to Mu Yao, but now she has gradually improved.

Lu Meng saw her hesitation and continued to laugh:

"My company, recently prepared a new drama, just need to choose the female owner, the first choice is me, but I can say the scheduled conflict, come to recommend you."

Li Na bite his lips, finally, gently greeted the head.

She really needs good resources.

Mu Yao sat on a small stool and felt the eyes of people around him, and even heard everyone whispered.

"I really haven't graduated in high school? Generally, the practice of dancing from small, will there be this situation?"

"Are you stupid? Now people live in dancing, while you have to get your qualifications, you will take it out, where is it!"

"Really, is our program not an advertisement? Why do you have any graduation in this high school?"

"There is no way, Chen Gui is like it."

Mu Yao calmly turned over a page.

Suddenly, the sound of men came from:

"Mu Yao, a few days ago, I have said good reading notes, have you done?"

Mu Yao turned back, see Is Huang Ming Yao, I took a small book from the bag of hand:

"Already done, where is it discussed?"

Just then, Shizhe came out next to him, and he called:

"What are you discussing? Are you more fun to hit me, hurry to take me!"

Zhou Tan Qi, who has worked with Mu Yao, is also afraid of shrinking, coming out of the corner:

"Mu Yao, I don't quite understand this script, can you tell me?"

Three handsome guys, surrounded by Mu Yao, faintly rendering the gesture.

People who look at the eyes of the eyes have turned their faces and don't dare to discuss anything.

These handsome guys are very popular. I didn't expect that they did not have to find Mamao exchange, but threw the actors of the high education.

This makes people dare to speak Mamao's bad things.

Mu Yao looked at these people in front of him, it was also very satisfied, she closed myself, smiled and stood up:

"Since people are more, let's find a lounge, discuss it!"

Shizhe first responded:

"Okay! I love to learn from Yaoyao, you are so good, more than a lot of tartar!"

Huang Ming Yao also exposed a smile:

"Yes, Mu Yao is very powerful."

Zhou Tan Qixin Wing:

"That time I am talking about, I have learned new ideas, even the teachers have not taught me, thank you."

Mu Yao is full of touched.

She certainly knows why these boys are, be sure to say these for everyone, this is their approval, simple protection.

She nodded and smiled brightly:

"It is what I want to thank you."

in the corner.

Lu Meng and Li Nna finished, fixed to the back of Mu Yao, flashing in the eyes of the mountains.