Lu Meng returned, see is the idol of the male group, looking at himself with a face.

Lu Meng's consciousness raised his signature smile:

"Nothing, I am here to take a break, waiting for the last show. It's a pity, this time you can't go up with us."

The men's idols smiled, didn't talk again, looked at Deer.

The next day, the day of public exhibitions came as scheduled, and the audience in the crush under the stage. This performance is the judges to score and the audience's score, so many people have also been related to the relevant industries, and the requirements are also high.

The audience is also discussing each other:

"The theme of this issue actually called ultra-developed realism, it feels good to see, but there will be no more unimagical performances, if it is not good, it can be completely ignorant."

"Which group are you more than you? I think Lu Meng this group is very good, maybe it will win."

"I still look at Jiang Weima, and their people choose very clever, all aged actors, should all have experience."

"What about Muping? She is not known as the low degree, but he loves the play. Do you like to learn? The previous performance is also good."

"My point of view, Muyao acting, many of the instances of the school, she can't pay attention, there are many skills that she will not use, is a pure natural and pure active play, it is impossible to go."

"My point is just the opposite, acting this kind of thing, I have a great sense that can be called the experience sent, I am already standing on the starting line of most people. I am strong, such a pearl, now the performance There are not many people in the circle. "

"Deer Meng and Mu Yao were very similar, and the long-term phase is also a bit similar. These two people are more interesting, and hope the program group will arrange them together!"

After reading the performances of the two groups, the Deer Meng was started to perform.

The theme of their group is the script to the judges directed, called "Dance Dance", telling a dancer girl, meets a lonely girl in the theater, two girls help each other, and fight against the opposition It has established a good friendship and helping girls have been eligible for international competitions.

However, the girl's girl has been eager for the extremely desire to dance, and the girls have to be posted, and the two friendship will fall into the closure. They quickly transformed into you to kill my life. dissipate.

Finally, the girl is sitting on a dim, sleeping, dreaming, said:

"Dream is so good, can be what, like a knife ..."


In this play, Lu Meng played a ghost.

She has a full-time walking through the whole process, and the upper body is completely unlike, the legs seem to be dragged in the ground, and the face is always pale, and the tone is always hori.

She screams when she dissipates, and the stage is resounded.

After the performance, the more enthusiastic applause than the first two games.

"It's so powerful! I haven't seen the actors like that, I have seen my chicken skin, I feel really hard!"

"End ghosts, the hardest thing is that there is no way to see ghosts, go to see, no reference, can only rely on their own imagination, how to make human beings, the scalp, just this, she really did it. ! "

"The story is very ups and downs, it's good! The rhythm is good, always stand the breathing, 10 minutes of the drama look like an hour, so much information, really great! The role is also very bright!"

"These supporters are still just transformed into an actor, and they did not expect that they were actually so stunning! Some even deer became more than!"

The audience has been whispering, exchanges each other, waiting for the stage scheduling.

The lights played to the judges, even the harsh Chen Hongguang has exposed a smile, praise them:

"The overall cooperation is very good, I can see it, I will continue to come!"

Other judges also said some scenes, and continue.

The theme of this group of Miyao is called "back", sounds moderate, no one can guess the development of the plot.

The heroine is naturally Mu Yao, she sits up from the gorgeous bed of decoration, suddenly discovers that sheeps sleep, fall out of a flower green egg.

Look at that place, that place is true that she is born!

The heroine is amazing, and in the house in the house, I don't know how to do this, I want to think, take it to wash it again.

At this time, someone knocked on the door and was a boyfriend who was played by Huang Ming Yao.

The door opened, Huang Ming Yao wanted to hold her intimate, calling "sugar sugar, miss you", but was pushed away by the heroine, panicked to take the other party into the bedroom, give him this egg.

"What is this? Halloween eggs? There are still half a year to Halloween, baby."

"No ... is not! This, this may be my life! I found it in the morning, I found it from my skirt!"

"Really? Since you are born, do you have to hatch it in bed? Today's advertisement still doesn't shoot? Fast, the assistant is reminded, my big star, the egg does not throw it. it's here……"

Sugar sugar hesitated, took the bag and changed the clothes and went out, and put the egg in front of the door.

I didn't expect to shoot at the advertisement. I even had something to steal, and the sugar sugar actually righteous words, and the public was unveiled, and the place to remove him, got everyone praised.

The illegal people were twisted to send the police station, and the sugar candy also went to make a transcript, but I couldn't say it.

Her performance has attracted the attention of a young internship police (Shizhe). When other policemen don't care, Shizhe has made a lot of intersection in the survey, and found that sugar sugar has super power. You can know the bad things that many others have made, and gradually produce a different feelings.

The super ability of sugar sugar has no doubt that I have given her egg, she has a subtle connection, and the egg begins to give her all the intelligence she wants, even in order to protect her, and tell her boyfriend. she was.

Sugar candy was derailed and the boyfriend was exhausted, but when he communicated with the egg, he was discovered at the door.

Shi Zhe wants to take an egg, sugar, and hysterically go to grab, the result is broken on the ground, broken.

The scene is silent, the eggs like the goose, actually, no, empty, egg shells are scattered.

Sugar, squat, kneeling next to the egg, hands with hands over the eggshell, whispering:

"It's dead."

Shi Zhe said that he did not speak, and he shaked his hand and standing aside, looking nervously,

I am afraid of the problem of sugar sugar.

But see the sugar candy to close the eggshell, with the most baby of the most baby, put it on the side.

She was on the ground, carefully wing the slot in the slot, and said whispered while calming:

"I also expected it to hatch it for a child. It speaks like a child, I will call me ... call me ... Mom ..."

She can't say it again, and the tears are big.


On the auditorium, a quiet, and the chop was silent.

Everyone turned into tears and looked at the stage, and also lifted the mystery in the expectation of the mystery.

Until one minute, I started to talk about people's consciousness:

"Rather ... then?"

"No, what is the ending? How is this end?"

"Is there anything in the egg?"

"Shi Zhe? Have he have sugar sugar?"

"Is there any punishment? I really want to know the follow-up, digging pit!"

"Sugar sugar to the egg, finally really treat it as his own child, you see her eyes ..."

"When the egg was broken, I was so shameful, I cried ... I am very strange, although this egg is not dubbing, I don't talk, I only have exchanges with sugar sugar, but I'm looking at sugar. The same thing in egg exchange? "

"555, who doesn't want such an egg?"

"Wait a minute, is there anyone noticed Huang Ming Yao? His audience is dumb, is this a role? It is a bit strange, but it does not affect the overall effect."

Next to Lu Meng in the backstay, looked at it, he had already cleared his fist, and it was almost mad.

She gave the chicken chop, why didn't you play! Mu Yao's performance is still perfect, even she can cry!

It seems that the chicken chops are probably eaten by Huang Ming Yao ... The audience has only his voice is very dumb, and the state is not right.

Lu Meng is a bit unfortunately, she likes Huang Ming Yao. But this is the other party to refuse your own price. The next medicine is under medicine, she does not regret.

Now, what will be seen when the judges will say, the opinions of the judges can determine the number of votes in the whole ... Lu Meng looks to the young man who is related to himself, and can't help but give up the other person.

However, there is no way to do a good relationship with this young director. It is already the result of him. The most heavy Chen Hongguang is the same as the river. It is completely unknown!

At this moment, the stage is below the stage, Chen Hongguang is serious.

On the stage, Yao Yao is a face, and I looked at Huang Ming Yao next to the eyes. Some worried.

Huang Ming Yao rebounded to her a smile, meaning is not worried, he is very good.

Mi Yao smashed his hair, a ten-minute big drama, she has already sweating.

This drama is very difficult, almost every minute, her brain is constantly thinking, not to be loose.

The stage art and playing TV dramas are different. The stage drama is completely from the head to the end, and the actor's physical strength is particularly high. When the end, the most important part, but most likely to distress.

Chen Hongguang suddenly asked:

"Mu Yao, do you think you have made your best?"

Mu Yao's heart is gure, the heart is almost stopped.

But after she thought, she said:

"I think I am do full, even if I come once again, I can't do it better."

Chen Honggui nodded and still speaks seriously:

"So, your full force, I am amazed. I didn't expect you to put yourself to this level. In such a short time, you have such a big progress! Now you are already a mature youth actor. , I applauded you! "

He lifted his hands seriously, "" "" slowly applauded.

He seems to open a switch, and immediately applause thunder.

In the applause of spring thunderous, Mu Yao looked at the audience under the stage, and suddenly found a familiar and handsome face.

Fu Xiuyuan! Have he always look at your performance? This will also take a smile and stare at yourself!

Mu Yao's cheeks instantly red.

Since Fu Xixuan is publicly missed, Mu Yao excuses to work, just contact him or oriented.

Now that day, two people met the first time.

The author has something to say: All the dramas in this article are all in my own code words. It should be impossible to have a similar, if there is a minority of the thunder.