The third phase of the public recording, the second phase has been edited, broadcast on major video websites and TV that night.

The various watermasters bought by Deer Meng immediately followed:

"Wow, congratulations to win the championship, the real thing is true, she is my goddess!"

"The performance of Lu Meng, really let me see my heart, I feel too touching! I've seen my tears!"

"Lu Meng is really excellent, bringing so good team in a short time, making such a good performance for everyone, let us applaud for her! I will always support her in the future, she is the driving force I am looking at this show. ! "

However, in a jubilant of the water army, there are also many normal passers-by to say confusion:

"How is this result? My God, I can't believe my eyes!"

"Mu Yao and Lu Meng are very good, it is very prominent, but is you eliminated that Huang Ming Yao is not a little inexplicable?"

"To tell the truth, I didn't see what the performance of these two groups had a gap, but according to the script, I personally prefer the script of Mu Yao, especially comedy and absurd feelings, mainly what I think I think Huang Ming Yao is very good? "

"Don't name it, the program team judge is thinking, why do you eliminate such a good person? Just because he is dumb, he eliminated him? Do not speak?"

"I looked at the performance of Lu Meng. The actors of them were almost the same as Huang Ming Yao, where who would make people a little show, I have to eliminate it, I've eliminated him?"

The water troops saw the comments, and the soldiers were brushed. Deer Meng's own fans also came over to control, all kinds of fancy beautiful pictures, instantly filled the official Bo, completely masked the meaningful comments.

However, the wisdom of the people is endless. The official blog did not send a comment. They went to launch a large V, starting to discuss this under the big microblog of many vocals.

Most people don't understand, the public does not have the director so keen acting gay, just because the actor has a good sense, I feel that his acting is very good, and it is not willing to be eliminated.

"I looked at Huang Ming Yao's eyes, I also followed my heart, I have seen it for so long, Huang Ming Yao is still passing through the promotion, and now it is so eliminated, it is a child."

"Really, if you eliminate people so casual, where is the authority of the program group? Nor did it give a reason for persuasiveness, the voice of the actor is really important, but it can't be dumb because the sound is dumb, there are a few words say no Come out, eliminate people directly? "

"Strongly require the program group to re-audit the results of this issue, increase the resurrection! Increase the resurrection!"

"Not I pulled step on, Lu Meng's group has several people, and it is a bit boring. As a result, the group has passed the past, no matter what professional is still? The acting program? The group is packaged in the end of the top programs! "

The scene of the audience criticized is more harmonious, gradually overlooking the water army and fans, and began to attract the attention of officials.

However, there is no way, the ending has been fixed, they can only release some text, appease the audience, and put it out of Huang Ming Yao, give everyone a look.

In these highlights, there is just that Huang Ming Yao took a piece of chicken chops and a gentle smile from Mu Yao one night before the show.


"What? What is this two people?"

"I feel that Huang Ming Yao is not right, he seems to have not laughing with others?"

"Wait a minute, I remember that Huang Mingyao said in an interview a long time ago, in addition to the dinner, he never eats someone to give him something, now how is this? Dinner?"

"Emmmm should not, this time is late. So is because of the night from night, did he get the scorpion? Comrades knock on the blackboard, eat the nightfaster, people are eliminated!"

"Scared I stopped the hand of fried chicken."

However, there is also a netizen flavored gold eye, find an interesting picture in the video:

"You look, on the window glass, is there anyone is watching this? It seems to be Lu Meng?"

"Hahaha, it's really her, this is dry, the trifle love is ready, entangled, the end of the world!"

"Lu Meng like Huang Ming Yao, so I am concerned about these two people, wow, I believe, the triangle is true!"

Netizens don't know the mind, hip hoping, but when she rehearsed, the Marseille brushed the brush, and suddenly saw this highlight, and I saw the comments of netizens.

He wrinkled, carefully turned to overclocking and saw it, suddenly jumped, shouting:

"Mu Yao! You come to see this!"

Muyao is drinking water, heard he suddenly scream, scared to spit it out, hurry up and walk in:

"what happened?"

The Marseille looked at the people around, and the ghosts took the mobile phone, and she took her away. She has been going to a small corner of no one, only handed her mobile phone:

"This chicken chop is not sent to you when Deer Meng."

Mu Yao looked at the tidth, nodded, and asked questions:

"Yes, but I think it is a bit greasy, just like Huang Ming Yao, I will take it to him, what happened?"

Marseille face iron, refers to the referring to the video, the reflection of the window:

"Before the last game, this evening, I saw Lu Meng standing outside, staring at you for a long time, I can't stand it, I am very suspicious! And now think about it, the night, Huang Ming Yao still Ok, after eating the chicken chops, it's dumb, this you have to say that it is coincident, then I don't believe it! "

Mu Yao opened his eyes, and his face became pale, but the voice was as calm, and the speed accelerated a lot:

"You don't say this, I will go find someone to help solve it, thank you for telling me this, go back and continue to rehearse."

Marseille clenched his fist and resentd:

"I really didn't think that the deer was so vicious, I thought she was just more severe ... I really mad at me! Fortunately, I didn't work with her, or this is not the stain of my life!"

Hassing the Marseille, Miyao Station in the same place, first call Yao Haobo, Yao Haobo is extremely shocked, and take measures immediately.

I thought about it, Mu Yao still thinks that such a big thing can't homoted his family, and call it with my brother.

My brothers really had to explode more than ten times, and the animal husbandry is directly in the phone:

"Where is the 18th line of garbage, actually want to give you poison! You wait, I immediately get into the prison, don't want to come out for a lifetime!"

Mu Yao was afraid that his brother made an inexpected thing too angry, saying:

"Now just guess, I need evidence, don't worry first ..."

Muskie took the phone and said seriously:

"Yaoyao, you don't participate too deeply, we solve it with Yao Haobo, you can care about your game. You can rest assured, we will make the wicked price!"

Speaking of the last few words, consistently and calm herbs, starting to bite to teeth.

After the phone with my brothers, Muyao thoughtfully thought that now the top priority is to find evidence, and call Huang Ming Yao and say that the consequences are asked, ask him:

"Do you have anything left?"

Huang Ming Yao is hesitant:

"Ah, I was eaten at the scene ..."

Miyao disappointed sigh:

"Then let's think about it from other places."

Huang Mingyao:

"But ... may still have something ..."

Mu Yao:

"Well, what else?"

Huang Mingyao:

"I sent you the chicken box, I received it ..."

Mu Yao:


Huang Ming Yao:

"Because it is your first time, I want to leave a commemorative ..."

The atmosphere suddenly became awkward, and the two sides did not dare to speak again. Mu Yao hurriedly said, "Then you have taken things".

This Huang Ming Yao is really ... so strange! Why keep that thing!

Mu Yao thought that the relevant investigation of this thing would not be so fast, but it didn't expect it. She told Yao Hao Bo only an hour, 9 o'clock in the evening, a row of police directly broke into the recording site, from the rehearsal room, put the deer Meng took away.

When Lu Meng was blocked by the police, the extreme shock of the face, the pupil was scared and enlarged:

"You, what are you doing, why should I take me, what do I am?"

The police boarded the face, meticulous, and wanted to talk about the deputy director who wanted to speak:

"Someone accuses you give medicine to the colleague, suspected of intentionally hurt, now the incident is under investigation, please cooperate with our investigation, take us!"

Lu Meng was shocked, she said:

"That, is that? I have been ..."

When she said, she realized what, slammed his mouth.

She rescued the show leader behind the police:

"I beg you, I still have a performance tomorrow. You help me explain, help me?"

If a deputy director wanted to talk, he was smashed by the total director Zhang Shuo, and he glared at him and scared him and returned.

Deer Meng also helps to look at his own member:

"You know who I am, I, I really don't do bad things, please go with me, help me do a testimony ..."

However, her team members are all temporary groups, and they don't want to pay their future for her. When she sweeps through her, they have moved their eyes, and they see the sky, they don't look at Deer Meng.

Deer Meng finally looked at Li Nina:

"Nina, you will go with me, don't forget, we are people on a boat. You know, you have to help me talk to the police ..."

Li Na will not disappear in place, only have to squeeze out the smile:

"What are you talking about? I don't know if your business, the police uncle, I am not familiar with her, really unfamiliar, this thing doesn't have any relationship with me ..."

However, the police are not vegetarian, and when I look at Li Na's expression gesture, I know that she must have a ghost, and finally take the Deer to Li Na all taken away.

The two people were surrounded by the police, see the Mu Yao standing at the door of the next door rehearsal room.

Lu Meng suddenly called:

"How to bring us without her, she is also the same! She gave the things to Huang Ming Yao! She is the same!"

Mu Yao:

"... you are awake, it is the police I report, please frankly, thank you."

The author has something to say: Practic everyone ~ give each bowl of cool skin, eat well.